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ADVANCED COURSES Taking DUTCH Further Other titles in this series: TAKING FRENCH FURTHER Hugo’s Advanced Courses Taking DUTCH Further Jane Fenoulhet & Julian Ross Hugo’s Language Books Limited © 1993 Jane Fenoulhet and Julian Ross All rights reserved Contents ISBN 0 85285 213 4 ‘Taking Dutch Further’ is also available in a pack with four cassettes, ISBN 0 85285 214 2 Introduction 7 Les 1/Lesson 1: _ Reizen/Travel 11 Les 2/Lesson 2: _ Eten/Food 29 Les 3/Lesson 3: Wonen/Living 46 Written by Les 4/Lesson 4: Werken/Work 64 Jane Fenoulhet M.PiiL(Duteh), MALL. Les 5/Lesson 5: Kopen en verkopen/Buying and Senior Lecturer in Dutch at selling 80 University College, London Les 6/Lesson 6: Gezondheid/Health 96 and Les 7/Lesson 7: Ontspanning/Relaxation 116 Les 8/Lesson 8: | Mensen en hun verhoudingen/ People and their relationships 133 Les 9/Lesson 9: Het milieu/The environment 151 Les 10/Lesson 10: Antwerpen en Amsterdam/ Julian Ross B.A., M.LL., A.L.T.L., Dip.Trans. Antwerp and Amsterdam 169 Key to Exercises 186 Index to grammar and key Dutch words 202 Cover photo (Robert Harding): Singel Canal, Amsterdam Set in 10/12 Plantin by Keyset Composition, Colchester, Essex Printed and bound by Page Brothers, Norwich, Norfolk