Intelligent Clout Launches a New Website Announces Move to Los Angeles Intelligent Clout, a boutique web development company

and online marketing agenc y, is pleased to announce the launch of their re-designed logo, website, and an upcoming relocation to Los Angeles. Chicago, IL, April 18, 2013 -- Intelligent Clout, a boutique web development com pany and online marketing agency, is pleased to announce the launch of their redesigned logo, website and blog. “The cobbler’s children have no shoes” is a jaded, ov erused saying, however, we realize that we are the modern day embodiment of the old day adage”, jokingly said Vladas Krivickas, Founder and President of the compa ny. For almost a year Intelligent Clout had no functioning website, since the old on e was shut down and designing a new one was constantly put on hold to accommodat e clients’ projects. The new website introduces a completely redesigned logo and r e-branded company image. “We’re true believers in values and principles laid out in the brilliant book by Jas on Fried and David Hansson of 37Signals”, said Vladas Krivickas. “Our titles are arb itrary, our office is just a street address provided by UPS, and our employees d on’t even live in the same city. This doesn’t make everyone at Intelligent Clout les s passionate about their tasks and projects. Just the opposite, our renegade cul ture fuels our creativity and makes us feel more responsible and committed to ou r clients and our work.” The new identity is built around three core slogans that summarize Intelligent C lout’s culture. Sensible web development. Applications that solve problems. Support for humans by humans. Most team members of Intelligent Clout are also involved in other projects and e ndeavors. Vladas Krivickas serves as a Marketing Director of RealtyProx, a real estate transaction management platform and short sale processing service. Our we b design and development consultant Simon Dau is a founder of Kartogram, an Oxfo rd, United Kingdom, based web application and design and development company. Co -Founder Monika Bonckute is a journalist, currently exploring new business ideas in San Francisco. The launch of the new website coincides with a new chapter for Intelligent Clout . Created in the historic Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago, the company will re located to Los Angeles this summer. Despite chancing the official location from the Midwest to the West Coast, Intelligent Clout will continue serving clients i n Chicago and around the world. Intelligent Clout is a boutique web development company and online marketing age ncy. It specializes in web development, custom web design, application developme nt, print identity, online marketing solutions, online visibility, and search en gine optimization (SEO). Its business model can be best described as web service s brokerage. Intelligent Clout works with talented, creative and driven partners in United Kingdom, Lithuania, Norway, and other European countries so it can de liver the most advanced yet competitively priced services to their clients in th e United States and around the world. Contact : Vladas Krivickas Intelligent Clout Inc. 1507 E 53rd St. 508

Chicago, IL 60515 312 646 0295

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