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Ref. – No.: 261 - Ruston Gas Turbine Power Generation Packages -


Technical Data & Scope of Supply Unit 1 Alstom/Siemens TA1750 1980 1.1 MW 17.6% Dual Fuel Unit 2 Alstom/Siemens TA1750 1980 1.1 MW 17.6% Dual Fuel Unit 3 Alstom/Siemens TA1750 1980 1.1 MW 17.6% Dual Fuel

Turbine Manufacturer Turbine Type Date of Manufacture Power Rating ISO Efficiency Fuel Configuration Mounting Acoustics Start System Emissions Primary Steam/Water Injection Secondary Steam/Water Injection Operating Hours

N/A Electrical N/A N/A N/A 49,810

N/A Electrical N/A N/A N/A 54,901

N/A Electrical N/A N/A N/A 51,339 1

generator.339 Alternator Manufacturer Date of Manufacture Power Output kVA RPM Hertz Insulation Class Power Factor kW Amps Volts GEC GEC 1980 1.500 54.339 550 Main Gearbox Manufacturer Date of Manufacture Type RPM Running Hours ALLEN-STOECK 1980 ALLEN-STOECK 1980 ALLEN-STOECK 1980 EPICICLYC EPICICLYC EPICICLYC 1.300 1. Compared to original-build TA machines a typical refurbished TA has the following enhancements: Gas Turbine • Fully refurbished rated core 2 261RustonTA .8LAG GEC 1980 1.040 68 .901 461 51.8LAG 1. Building on our experience as RUSTON GAS TURBINES we now offer these units with the following enhancements and typical scopes of supply: TA1750 The refurbished TA1750 offers the established customer complete on-going fleet compatibility with their existing installations.Technical description TA1750 Refurbished Gas Turbine Packages We offer the well respected TA1750 gas turbines within a range of refurbished gas turbine packages to suit most customers' current needs.000 1.810 654 54.040 68 11. the TA1750 can generally be completely refurbished in less than 16 weeks from order placement for a standard style package. The TA1750 in it's refurbished form benefits strongly from re-engineering of the on-package systems. or compressor packages.500 50 F 0.901 51.8LAG 1980 1.000 1.810 49.(Package) Operating Hours (Gas Generator) Operating Hours (Power Turbine) Number Starts 49.810 1.339 51. pump. Offered as driver only.000 11.300 1.300 F 0.500 50 50 F 0.040 68 11.901 54.500 49.500 1.500 1.

and unacceptable blades replaced as necessary New Bearings • • • Combustion chamber & hot elbow linings replaced Certified performance-tested gas generator Engine LP duct & exhaust elbow insulation replaced with new improved non-asbestos type Gearbox • • Refurbished gearcase All new internals. engine-driven lube oil pump Refurbished auxiliary lube oil pump & DC flameproof motor Lube Oil system design to the proven TA standard with additionally. lube oil pressure & lube oil temperature Lube Oil System • • • • • • Refurbished. reducing risk of oil leakage & improving engine access cleanliness Gas Start System • • Refurbished motor All new supply & vent piping 261RustonTA 3 . tested & certified demister to existing design All new STAR fuel valves mounted within a new purpose-designed Fuel Valve Module. with double ferrule fittings where possible Fuel valve module incorporates fitted gauges of 100mm diameter.. conveniently located on the turbine underbase Pressure monitoring by transmitters & differential transmitter direct to control suite New solenoid-operated safety shut-off valves fitted to system All new stainless steel 316L piping throughout. or new. or fully refurbished Gas Fuel System • • • • • • Refurbished.• • Refurbished or New hot path blading Cold path blading being sampled. gearbox top now has better access Load & start limiters redundant Servo operated fuel shut-off valves replaced by new solenoid-operated type Instrument cabinet removed & replaced by new fuel valve module assembly Servo piping removed.. for fuel pressure. New Duplex filters & cartridges Stainless steel piping downstream of filters to bearings All new piping connections Servo system removed ( no longer required ) • • • • • • • • Not required with a STAR fuel system from new Engine management now via PLC Controls More accurate fuel & speed monitoring Mechanical governor redundant.

able to operate over a wide range of ambient temperatures Long life. welded polypropylene cases Battery Charger • • • New compact. with resistance to high temperature ageing Resistance to electrical abuse Resistance to mechanical shock & vibration Simple maintenance Low installation cost & life cycle cost Strong. more robust than original type Wired via safety barriers to be intrinsically safe Earthing • All electrical devices & junction boxes are now individually earthed for added safety Control System • • • • • • • • • • • • • • New PLC or RUSTRONIC MKII control system Compact single bay cabinet Fully integrated controls for all gas turbine functions & driven unit Control System New PLC or RUSTRONIC MKII control system Compact single bay cabinet Fully integrated controls for all gas turbine functions & driven unit batteries NiCd type. typically 25 years Good performance at low temperatures. or simple manual fluid wash system with combustion chamber auto drain valve Junction Boxes • • • • New Klippon TB range To current safety standards. IP66 All junction boxes located in one area for ease of access & cabling Cables • • • Modern EPR/CSP rubber shipwiring cables Steel wire braided for mechanical strength & flexibility Heat & oil resistant. BASEEFA certified.Compressor cleaning system • Optional conventional TA dry wash system. specifically matched to suit the installation conditions 4 261RustonTA . flame retardant Thermocouples • • Current standard. Eexe High ingress protection. & reliable unit Provides AC power to TCM & includes controller for lube oil pump motor Separate DC contactor box no longert required Combustion Air inlet system • New Combustion Air Filter incorporating modern filter technology and design. efficient.

for pre. tested and warranted complete with: Air inlet casing phased vertically upwards Air inlet flexible joint Gas generator assembly.• • • All new ducting throughout.000 Btu/hr heat dissipation Supplied with sun canopy (if required) Lube Oil Tank Breather system • • All new latest standard 4 stainless steel piping Stainless steel enhanced design Flame Trap General • The turbine undergoes a full & thorough clean & repaint to as-new condition A refurbished TA1750 packaged set will typically comprise the following: Core Engine • • • • • • • The model RUSTON TA1750 twin shaft heavy duty industrial gas turbine. High ambient 240. including water wash compressor cleaning Combustor assembly incorporating one single combustion chamber Power turbine assembly Exhaust outlet casings phased vertically upwards Lube Oil System • • • • • • • • • Refurbished Lube oil system serving the gas turbine.and post-lubrication Lube oil supply piping in stainless steel downstream of the filters Duplex filters with indicator. dp transmitter and manual changeover valve New Lube oil pressure gauge and transmitter New Oil tank temperature transmitter Oil tank level gauge 261RustonTA 5 . gearbox and driven unit Lube oil tank in carbon steel New Main pump. DC electric motor driven. refurbished. gearbox driven Auxiliary pump. based on the existing design New silencer with improved attenuation All new fasteners & joints Combustion Exhaust system • • • • All new ducting based on the existing layout New silencer with improved attenuation ( if required ) Non-asbestos insulation applied to diffuser section All new fasteners & joint Air Blast Lube Oil Cooler • • • • New cooler manufactured by Specialist Heat Exchangers to well-proven long life design All new high specification copper/copper matrix.

Crossover Duct Thermocouples and Interduct Thermocouples Refurbished Compressor Turbine speed pick-up New Power Turbine speed pick-up New Accelerometer mounted on gas generator 6 261RustonTA .Gas Fuel System • • • • • • • • • • New Gas fuel piping in 316L stainless steel New Gas fuel pressure gauge New STAR Gas fuel valve. automatic solenoid operated New Fuel Valve module for mounting the above New Block and Thermal Relief Valves supplied loose for off-package mounting New Air Purge System Starting System • • • New/refurbished Gas Starter Motor New/refurbished Gas Start Piping system New Block and Vent Valves supplied loose for off-package mounting Gearbox • • Refurbishment of the turbine output gearcase Refurbished/new reduction gear assembly Coupling • • New Flexible element type output shaft coupling New Coupling Guard ( Industrial grade brass ) Underbase • Refurbishment of the TA standard design underbase of fabricated carbon steel construction with integral lube oil tank and designed for mounting of the gas turbine Instrumentation • • • • New Air Inlet Temperature Thermocouples. automatic solenoid-operated New Fuel Valve module for mounting the above Refurbished Gas fuel demister New Gas fuel Pressure Regulator/Relief Valve ( if required ) New Block and Vent Valves supplied loose for off-package mounting Liquid Fuel System (if required) • • • • • • • • • • • New Liquid fuel piping in 316L stainless steel New/Refurbished AC Motor-driven Liquid Fuel Pump New/Refurbished Duplex Liquid Fuel Filters New Liquid fuel pressure gauge New STAR Liquid fuel valve. actuator operated New Liquid fuel pressure transmitters New Liquid fuel differential pressure transmitter New Liquid shutoff valve. actuator-operated New Gas fuel pressure transmitters New Gas fuel differential pressure transmitter New Gas shutoff valves.

Driven Unit • New or Refurbished driven unit to suit client's requirements Acoustic Enclosure • • • • • • • • New Acoustic Enclosure to reduce overall package noise to a level of 85dB(A) New Ventilation Air Inlet Screen New Ventilation Air Fan New Ventilation Air Inlet and Outlet Dampers New Ventilation Air Inlet and Outlet Silencers for an overall 85dB(A) rating New Ventilation Air Inlet/Outlet Ducting New Fire Protection and Gas Detection System New twin shot CO2 fire suppression system Alternative Turbine/Driven Unit Canopy • New open-sided canopy over turbine &/or driven unit. suitable for maximum site ambient temperature. remote-mounted 7 261RustonTA .• New Accelerometer mounted on gearbox New Control System • • • • • • • • New PLC or MKII based Control System including: Starting and stopping sequencing Fault monitoring Status annunciation Speed governing module Temperature monitoring for turbine All necessary controls for normal operation and emergency protection Vibration monitoring for turbine & gearbox using Entek .IRD 3100 series English language annunciation on the control system VDU Electrical Accessories • • • • • • • New on-package AC & DC cabling New Integral earth protection bonding New Battery charger/inverter New Battery Cabinet New 24V Ni-Cd batteries New Junction Boxes located at non-drive end of turbine New Emergency Stop button on each side of package All on package electrical equipment to Zone 2 area classification Turbine/Generator Skid • New fabricated carbon steel skid for the Gas Turbine/AC Generator Package forming a single lift for transport and installation. designed to support ancillary equipment Lub Oil Cooler • New Air Blast Radiator type Lubricating Oil Cooler with AC electric motor-driven cooling fan.

Standard set of Drawings and Documentation 3 copies .Operating and Maintenance Instruction Manuals 3 copies . Flame Trap and stainless steel piping Combustion Air Inlet System • • • New 3-stage Combustion Air Inlet Filter with housing New Industrial grade Combustion Air Inlet Silencer for an overall 85dBA rating New Air Inlet Ducting / Transition duct Exhaust Outlet System (Twin Stack) • • • • New/Refurbished Twin Exhaust Diffuser New Exhaust Ducting Stack (to elevation of approx.Lube Oil Tank Breather System • New off-package Breather System including Sand Trap. 6m above grade) New Exhaust Silencer(s) for an overall 85dB(A) rating New Exhaust Drain Piping Miscellaneous • • • Our standard industrial quality paint finish Our standard Quality Assurance Programme Standard Works Performance Test of Gas Generator Tools and Installation Materials • • One Set of commissioning tools and equipment (per site) One Set of consumable commissioning spare parts (per site) Drawings and Documentation • • • 3 copies .Spare Parts Lists 261RustonTA 8 .

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