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Unit 6: Hitler & the Nazi State Power & Control 1933-45

Questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. Who supported the Nazi Party? How revolutionary was Nazism? Define Nazism To what extent did Hitler provide strong leadership & stable government to Germany? 5. How important was terror in establishing Nazi control over Germany? 6. Which social groups supported the Nazis? 7. Examine the role of Josef Goebbels in Nazi Germany 1933-45. 8. How successful were the Nazis in establishing a totalitarian regime in Germany? 9. To what extent was German society transformed by Gleichschaltung? 10. How much opposition to Nazism was there 1933-45? 11. Examine the role of the SA and SS in establishing Nazism in Germany. 12. Why was there so little opposition to Hitler 1933 45? 13. To what extent was the Nazi consolidation of power the result of terror and intimidation? 14. How effective was opposition to Hitler? 15. Assess the role of Himmler in Nazi Germany. 16. Examine the use of terror in Nazi Germany. 17. To what extent did Big Business and conservative elites influence Nazi Policy 1933-45? 18. How popular was Hitler and the Nazis to the German people? 19. What motivated some groups to oppose Nazism? 20. Why was there no successful opposition to Nazism 1933-45? 21. To what extent was Germany Nazified between 1933-45? 22. How successful was Gleichschaltung? 23. To what extent was Hitler a weak dictator? 24. How did Hitler increase his power over the German state in the 1930s? 25. How successful were the Nazis in bring all political institutions under the control of the Party? 26. How successful were the Nazis in denying freedom of expression in Germany? 27. How effective was the use of propaganda in Nazi Germany? 28. To what extent did Hitler and the Nazis ignore public opinion? 29. To what extent did disagreements and competition between Hitlers lieutenants cause inefficiency in the government of Nazi Germany? 30. To what extent was Hitler involved in policy-making in Nazi Germany? 31. Account for the radicalization of Nazi policy. 32. To what extent was Hitler an opportunist? 33. Nazi policy was confused, muddled and contradictory to what extent do you agree with this statement. 34. Examine the role of Goering in the Nazification of the German Economy. 35. A state within a state to what extent is this a fair assessment of the power of the SS in Nazi Germany? 36. Analyse the role, the organisation and political power of the SS 1933-45.

37. To what extent was the German economy geared for war 1933-39? 38. How successful were Nazi policies in making the German economy ready for war? 39. Assess the relative contribution that re-armament made to the German economy by 1939. 40. Had the Nazis established a strong economy by 1939? 41. How valid is the claim that the Nazi regime achieved an economic miracle by 1939? 42. Did the Second World War make the final solution inevitable? 43. Assess the impact of the Second World War on the changing relationship between Party and state in Nazi Germany. 44. To what extent was Hitler master in the Third Reich? 45. To what extent was Nazi Germany a polycratic rather than a monolithic state?