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Modifications (CRM, Quality and Sales) The access provided to the Inbound User is fair but Data Search

h is not working in the Inbound View. Done Search is working only if we search with full name. It should also work with Phone Number and First or Last Name or Email address. Data Mining in CRM View is still not working. While doing Search, CRM is getting logged off automatically. Done Inbound user should be able to transfer cases to the Technical and CRM Team according to the customers request and requirement of the case. Done Not Happening. There is no option to transfer cases. Only View option is available. Inter-Departmental Transfer of cases working fine in the following cases. Sales to Technical: Working Fine Sales to CRM: Working Fine Sales to Quality: Working Fine Technical to Sales: Working Fine Technical to Quality: Working Fine Technical to CRM: Working Fine CRM to Technical: Working Fine CRM to Quality: Working Fine There should be option to transfer cases from INBOUND to Technical, CRM and Quality. The customers details should be viewable only to the Team Leader in the Sales View. Agents should not be given the view of all the customers. Any particular Team Leader will be able to view the sales details of only those customers who have been sold by agents of his team. For Ex, A Team Leader Mr. X, having 5 members A,B,C,D,E will not be able to view the sales details of agent F as he is not belonging to his team. Done. Will be able to check once the CRM goes live. Pending Feedback option to be removed from the CRM View. There should be only one option for Feedback Calls and all the pending feedback calls will be available in it. Cases will get updated on daily basis and cases pending from previous days should be carried forwarded. Done Option still exists but cases are not getting updated. Option for Pending Feedback Call to be removed.

Errors in the CRM Under CRM View Order, the case history included is the Technical Case history which is not required. Data mining not working. Support Scheduler still not working. Cases are getting updated but not getting stored in a common location. Under Quality View, cases are not showing up. Customer list is empty. Data Search not working in Quality View.

Technical Department: After writing case history for any customer it will not shown from agents crm account. When Tech Tls assign any case to his agents that case is not visible in Tls Account. After completeing case history it is still shown in Agents support viewer list In Hardware Info portion there is no need for Processor, DVD ROM, DVD RW, Mouse, Keyboard, Primary HDD, CD ROM, CD RW There is no need for Software Info, Network Info and Peripheral Info in Hardware info section Frequest error While browsing Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter headers already sent (output started at /home/www24sev/public_html/crm/admin/includes_pages/header.php:16) in /home/www24sev/public_html/crm/admin/view_customers.php on line 3 User has to provide both first and last name to search a record while the requirement was to provide first, last, Account ID, telephone number and email address search parameters to add more flexibility. Manu designs are poorly constructed and is not per as the requirement which we have submitted before. Please check the previous CRM model attachment for more referance. Three tab should be visible to a technician after login which is scarch customer,case queue and my account There should be a visible case history while searching by the customers name