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Head of PRI : ‘Abdul Hakim bin Kamarul Bahrin Asst. Head of PRI : Nor Amira Yusoff Editors : Mohd Zulmadi Bin Sani Anis Syazana binti Ahmad ‘Asri Graphic Team : Nur Atiqah binti Mohd Hafni Muhammad Syafiq bin Abdul Ghafar Norfarahim binti Ibrahim Nur Husna binti Dzulkafli Aisyah binti Zainal Abidin Video Team : Adini Qisthi Arifah Nurul Fikri Risan Reporter : Fatin Lyana binti Azman Shah Syarafina binti Sabri Proofreader : Mohamad Farid bin Mat Jamial Technical : Rahmah binti Mohd Lokoman

In the name of ALLAH, the most gracious, most merciful . . .


Assalamualaikum to all readers. We are happy to announce that the 2nd volume of The New Erudition is now officially released and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and supporters for anticipating this edition. As you all notice that the name of this magazine is The New Erudition which differs from the previous Erudition. My apologies to all that we didn’t have the chance to explain further about The New Erudition on our first edition. Actually we intended to make this bulletin quite different from the previous bulletin. . The New Erudition should displays rather stimulating column with pictures and short sentences. Our team tries to create a fun to see environment rather than heavy reading type of bulletin. We also try to attract more participation from all the students so that the bulletin would include everyone. That’s where the TweetUp Erudition column was born. We try to make this bulletin full of Sciencess student’s faces. In relation to the advance technology nowadays, The New Erudition also comes in virtual world which comprises videos from interviews and surveys. For this 2nd edition, we received many requests to work on the topic PRU13 and we are happy to announce that we did. With the General Election is going on, we’re sure that many of us are really excited and can’t wait to see which parties would succeed. A word of advice from my humble opinion, regardless which parties we support, what cause did we stand for, whose leadership we longing to follow, don’t forget. We are Malaysians. In the end, we are the same. Don’t hate each other and being too obsess with PRU13 until we forget the most important part of all, the unity amongst us. What’s the meaning of new reformation if we are still not united towards one purpose, making Malaysia a better country to live. Enough words from me. Unravel this piece and I hope you will be mesmerized by our piece.

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PRU 13
Whats our vice presiden of SRC got to say about the coming General Election



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When Pen Meets The Pad
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Words With Alyaa
An interview with one of our SRC on General Election the !3th



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Voting for DUMMIES
Simple step by step guide to voting

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dawned with a growing anticipation for the General Election. Since the year 2011, the dissolution of parliament has been a big question for the people.

lhamdulillah, on 3rd of April all are revealed by an official announcement from The 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia. Campaigns by all contesting parties are intensifying with time as future candidates are spreading their manifestos from one place to another throughout the entire country. This also opens doors and provides more issues for certain media personal interests in creating attacks against the contesting parties. In general, the field of democratic elections is a solid platform for the people to choose a competent leader through the voting process. It


is a democratic mechanism where one selects a suitable candidate to fill positions such as legislators, policy makers and executives, representing the people efficiently. In the context of Malaysia today, being part of the election is an obligation for eligible individuals. According to the Federal Constitution, the clause 119 (1), a citizen who has reached the age of 21, residing in a constituency and is registered is eligible to vote. It is a Fiqh method in accordance with the claim: "a must do is not perfect but with it, then it becomes mandatory."

Based on the statistics issued sters should show interest in the poby the GE 2012 electoral commislitical climate of our country. sion, over 2 million people have regHopefully, with the attitude istered to vote in the general electhat we portray, the candidates will tion but not all really did vote when realize how the power and trust givthe elections came. It is unfortunate en to them is a responsibility. for us when there are individuals In Surah al-Qasas verse 26; who choose to not join in the One of the women said, "O my elections and disregard father, hire him. Indeed, the According its importance. Every best one you can hire is to the Federal vote counts in deter- Constitution, the clause the strong and the mining the future of trustworthy." 119 (1), a citizen who has the country. Should The meaning of "alreached the age of 21, residing the reins of leaderAmin" (trust) and "alin a constituency and is ship falls into the Qawiyy" (strong) in the registered is eligible hands of responsible contemporary context to vote candidates, it would refers to factors such as not be an issue. However, integrity, transparency and if it falls into the hands of the wrong other mahmudah characteristics people, what should we expect? namely knowledgeable, competent According to the study by and the ability to communicate well. political researchers in Malaysia, the These are some of the guidelines percentage of voters under the age that God has given us to select the of 40 has increased to 52 percent right leader. Let's ensure that our compared to 48 percent last year. candidates will be elected in accordThe study also found that 30 percent ance with the guidance from the of all registered voters have yet to Qur'an and hadith. decide which party should they supEach of us has to know the port in the election. Interestingly, importance of participating in the almost all of them are young voters. elections. What a good thing it is Roughly, from the 52 young when we practice what we know. voters, nearly 30 of whom are fence- Use this opportunity as best as possisitters. What can be concluded is, ble. Each vote counts. Cast your there are still many among us young- votes for the candidates who understers who prefer to be ignorant tostand the true essence of leadership. wards what is happening in our InsyaAllah, a better future for this country. The decision we make tocountry is within our reach. day, shape our lives tomorrow. Towards a prosperous future, young-

Ahmad Fathi

When Pen Meets The Pad

Selective prosecution; which is making choices without weighthe fact that we are being definitely selective, I mean an absolutely definitely fixed selective of a selection. So what comes next is the prosecution of the unselected. ing the pros and cons of each option. Each option has its good side and its bad side, and we have to choose between; 1) what choice where its good side is “ we tend to more than its bad We do not unmake mistake by side, derstand the thinking that 2) what part of the choosing is makchoice has the freedom of ing the options to best good side choice is literalbe only an option between the oply the FREEDOM tions, of making choices. I 3) and what choice emphasised the word has the least bad side be'freedom' to express its total libtween the options. erty. Come on, it is not making These three factors should be choices if it were not for its reciprocally and mutually conchoices. I used 'choices' with an sidered at the same time with'S', which is a plural form of out having them separated in choice, as everybody knows making a wise decision. Here that, means that there are mul- may come the confusing part; tiple options to begin with. But we tend to make mistake by the most common mistake that people make is

thinking that choosing is making the options to be only an option. It is not choosing if you make it to be only an option, right? Choosing should be making the other options choose-able, means leaving rooms for them to be reconsidered depending on the variables required at later times. Choosing is supposed to be making all the other options to be still a choice. An option may not be forever valid and plausible. Sometimes you do have to change your decision and stand, as from time to time, the factors mentioned above will fluctuate irregularly between those options. When the situation is needed and right, you will need to re-choose what is then best for you. How is it really like in making an absolutely definitely fixed selection? Let’s read on a few examples: In football game, people selectively chose a football

club and hold on to it like forever. They continue to support the club even when the clubs are statistically or performancewise, or any other indicators set by the fans are no longer relevant. They then prosecute the clubs beside theirs, giving criticism alike, saying the others have made the wrong choice. I would say that people that changes their support to a club for every seasons really knows what they want on that game in that particular time. Just like how football players are bought and sold every season to suit what the club or the manager really wants on that particular season. The fans should know too what they want from their own jurisdiction.

“An option may not be forever valid and plausible.”

How about in politics that ernance with the situational there is the government or the conditions of a given time. opposition that surfaces as po- And the same goes with how litical parties. The party may it is a party's strength and cahas sufficed our needs at the pabilities to govern, it is all past, but do we have given a subjected to change. And last thought about whether it still but not least, is in deciding for could be at later times? what course to take in a uniSome of us are being so selec- versity or a college. tively obsessive and fanatic to Some people sceptically claim a party or a side by always that some courses are better support and agree with what- than the other or denounces ever steps and dethat some cisions made by “ Some of us are being courses are them, even if so selectively obsessive worse than they are logically and fanatic to a party the other. or a side by always supcould be irrelemarket deport and agree with vant, and prosemands of whatever steps and decute the opposite the post or cisions made by them.” party or side in the posisaying that they tion, or how are wrong, even if they do one proactively handle and take the necessary and right manage his We usually see steps and decisions. and hear this kind of condiJust like how policies and tion when people compare beprinciples that are continuous- tween science-based courses ly made up and reformed and and arts-based courses. They just like how the acts and laws have heartlessly put a standard which are constantly being in one and thus putting the legislated and revised; These other on a downfall. are all means to suit the gov-

When Pen Meets The Pad
Even some parents promised us of a good life and future when we undertake a certain course when it is really the and future. undertakings of any courses that can sustain oneself of a good life Every

courses and career can be as rewarding as one another. Oneself just has to persevere in taking and even creating the chances of success through whatever courses that one takes. Even what is deemed as the most rewarding and profiting course is nevertheless can be the most damaging and detrimental choice that one has ever take if one fails to contemplate the necessary actions required. The market demands are, on the other hand, subjected to a series of changes.

"And remember! Your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): "If you are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you; but if you show ingratitude, truly My punishment is terrible indeed."
(Surah Ibrahim: 7)

Think again if we are deciding or are we been decided. Think again if you are selectively prosecuting or you are being selectively prosecuted.


POLITICAL STATE What do you think about Malaysia political state right now ? Our political state is not that dirty and due to this we don’t want to be involved in the political issue. If we have correct understanding of Islam, politics and Islam cannot be separated, as it is part of Islam. It’s not that the politic that’s dirty but the people involved in this issue that makes it dirty DEMONSTRATION It is suitable for students to be involved in demonstrations? As we all know, AUKU has been amended and it has been said by our campus director that it is alright for students to be involved in these activities as long as it is outside of the campus and they should not ignore their academic performance while doing these things

Words with
21, Currently one of IIUM Student’s Representative Council. Co– chairperson Spirituality and Islamic Secretariat. Bachelor of Biotechnology concentration in Food Biotech.


s... X y a Es

Extremist is never a good
thing. Don’t be too obsessed with something until you lose sight of everything else. Those who are eligible to vote please do so as the future of our country depends on us. make a wise decision HAKIM BAHRIN

http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=B9Ktgbd44oI
LEADER What do you think is the best choice between A corrupted Muslim leader and a non-corrupted nonMuslim one ? I will choose the second to lead our country, as corrupted Muslim leaders can bring more harm to us. It was also said by Ustaz Zaharudin Abdul Rahman, if there is a situation like above, we should choose the person that will bring less harm. PASSIVE What do you think about students being passive towards the PRU like not participating in the voting process ? As I said before, politics is part of Islam. It is about our country, related to many important aspects In our lives like education, so it will impact us in some ways or another SOURCE What do you think are the sources reliable to help students in this matter ? If it is a newspaper, I would like to recommend Sinar Harian. Many sources are available to help us such as from blogs and talks posted on Youtube. EXTREMIST what is your opinion regarding people who are too obsessed with certain party? In all aspects of life we have different opinions and if we don’t agree with them, we should not downgrade them and we should respect everyone around us, regardless of their perceptions


has the AMANAH for their country, and our 'amanah' as a citizen in our democratic country is VOTING IN ELECTION. Choose the person that you trust can uphold the amanah from Allah and really implement Islamic leadership. I just hope that Islam will be a comprehensive religion in Malaysia one day later. 1 vote for Islam, can save 28 million Malaysian citizen!


You’re the one
who define yourself, your path, and your future. It is good to be neutral, much better to be supportive. But the best is to have justification behind everything. The moment you cast your vote, there’ll be a HAKIMI change. But the question is “how big is the change? How it will affect us?” The answer is: “It’s in your hand”.


Alyaa Zahraa

“I choose to vote ! “

eed—f s yo u n t c a f e Find th




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Voters enter and proceed to polling  STEP 1 : Verify your name and NRIC serial number

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STEP 2 : Mark your fingers with indelible ink.
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STEP 3 : Get your ballot paper

Proceed to the polling both and mark your ballot paper. Place ballot paper in the respective (parliamentary and state) ballot boxes
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