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Spring 2013

Thumbelina: A Production Like No Other!


The WJHS Spring Musical was Thumbelina, and again this year, students performed to packed houses! The play was based on the story of Thumbelina, a girl born from a flower. In the play, she is captured, sold, and passed on to other people. Thumbelina tries to discover what her purpose is in life, and along the way, she hopes to find her one true love. Throughout her journey, Thumbelina meets many different characters who help her find out her own fate. This year’s play also had a new director, local theater expert, Ronda Verges who helped students put on a great show. Mrs. Verges dedication was greatly appreciated by the students. “I enjoyed watching this play come together, and I want to say thank you for everything our director had done for us,” stated Kylie Belanger.

The play showed a range of emotions including great humor and attitude. We have heard many good things coming from the cast of Thumbelina including the side benefit of getting to know students from other grades. “I hardly knew anyone who I was surrounded with while we were practicing, but I enjoyed getting to know them!” said Katie Reidy. “This was an experience that I will never forget. Thank you,” said Kayla Looper. This year’s musical allowed the cast to create many lines throughout the play (this is called a five man chorus) They had to improvise something to say that fit the character, scene, and the setting of the play. It wasn’t easy, but they got the job done and every line went together (like a puzzle) like glue. Good Job! By: Sydney Foss

Table of Contents: Cover: Thumbelina: A Production Like No Other! by Sydney Foss Page 1: A Chilling Book Review by Page 2: Valentine’s Day Carnations & other WJHS Fundraisers Page 3: Valentine’s Day Carnations & other WJHS Fundraisers Cont. Page 4: Play Ball! by Isaac Michaud Page 5: Winterguard Article by Gabby Remillard, Olivia Ramini,Gracie Campanella Page 6: National Poetry Month! Poems and More Poems Page 7: Poems, Cont. Page 8: Newspaper Help! Staff: Sydney Foss, Danielle Jarosz, Olivia Ramini, Gabby Remillard, Grace Campanella, Isaac Michaud, Kim Towne, Allison Jarvas, and Emiley Javas.

A chilling book review; Text Message, by Willima Malmborg:
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be locked in a mall? What if you were trapped there against your will? Do you wonder about things like performing crazy tasks through text, or your little sister getting kidnapped? Well, if these things are intriguing to you, run out and buy Text Message by William Malmborg. The week before Christmas, there is a predicted snowstorm in Chicago. Mallory and Jenna are trying to finish all of their Christmas shopping as soon as possible. Mallory, a rebellious teenager, sent her little sister, Jenna, to gift wrap some of the things that they bought some things for her boyfriend. A few minutes later, Mallory got a threatening text message coming from Jenna’s phone. At first, Mallory thinks nothing of this text message until she gets one saying not to call the police. Then she really starts to worry where Jenna is. She frantically starts looking around for Jenna, until she gets another text from her little sister’s phone. It says, Buy a short, red dress and put it on. Walk around the mall for 30 minutes. That’s just the beginning of the ridiculous tasks that Mallory refuses to do. Some of these tasks don’t even make sense to her. It works like this: Jerry, the kidnapper, texts Mallory an insane text. If Mallory refuses to do it, he hurts Jenna who he is keeping hostage in the back hallways of the mall. The main character, Mallory, is telling the story from her own perspective. I think this was the best way to tell the story. Mallory basically wants what she wants, when she wants it. She rebels against anything that isn’t her own idea. In a way, Mallory is kind of like me, because I’m the same way! At first she didn’t want to believe that Jenna was kidnapped, but her worst nightmares materialized and become as true as they can be. Mallory hates to think about the idea that she won’t make it out alive.... I would definitely rate this book five stars. This book has everything I like: horror, suspense, and pure excitement. The author knows how to create horrific scenes through his writing. He uses hairraising details and gruesome verbs! By: Kim Towne

Valentine’s Carnations!
This past Valentine’s Day, you probably noticed colorful carnations being hurriedly passed out near you at lunch. You might have been handed one yourself. Looking at the tag, you could’ve seen a friend of yours waving in excitement that you received their flower. You looked over your shoulder and watched as your crush read the anonymous note and pink carnation you sent them. The day is bright and busy. The flowers are handed out to each lucky person. The carnations cost a dollar a piece, so not everyone received one from their friends. It was a special treat from the Newspaper Club, as a fundraising project (one of many in the school.) Valentine’s Day was filled with chatter and anyone could feel the love in the air, even teachers, secretaries, and administrators! The beautiful carnations each represented something different. The stunning red flowers meant that someone loved you. The gorgeous pink ones meant someone had a crush on you. The orange flowers that were supposed to be green meant you are funny. The yellows meant that you are great friend to somebody. The beautiful By: Danielle Jarosz white carnations represented someones respect for you. The flowers were hand delivered to each individual during the lunch periods. Every note was rewritten by hand by a Newspaper Club staffmember. Every tag was stapled specifically to each carnation to which it belonged to. The Carnation Selling was a work in progress, but every student in Newspaper Club worked hard, making sure every carnation would be given to the right recipient. Yes, some people didn’t receive carnations when they were supposed to, but there were 350 carnations to rewrite, tag, and give to every specific individual. It was grueling work, but it all came together in the end. And the best part of all, was that we raised over $100 dollars to benefit the Berwick Animal Shelter! What a great fund raising effort for this worthy cause. The Newspaper Club hopes to team up with Student Council to make the contribution. Congratulations to all who participated. So happy belated Valentine’s Day, and see you next issue!

Hey there baseball players! Mr. Peloquin, WJHS baseball coach, is looking forward to tryouts coming up April 1st for 7th and 8th graders. You must have a current physical and you're all set to play. All games and practices will be held outback at the baseball field, and the first game is the last week of April. Last year, the team beat York twice, and had a record of 7-5 overall. Do you want to know why York is our rival? Well in high school sports, Wells' biggest rivalry is with York, so the teams are getting ready to continue this rivalry at the junior high level. The coach, Mr. Peloquin, who has 20 years of experience coaching baseball, notes that York is usually a strong team to face. Many of last year's team have moved onto high school, so the new crop of 8th graders will need to step it up, along with the 7th graders. “The pitching also needs some work with throwing strikes, and the catchers need to prevent runs from happening,” said Mr. Peloquin. He wants to make sure his team never gives up, and that they try their hardest to stay together as a team. So you future baseball players get into shape, oil those baseball gloves, and start to warm up and practice. Run your sprints and practice throwing. Batter up!! We are looking forward to a great season! By: Isaac Michaud

Winter Guard
A SUCCESSFUL 1st Season of WJHS Winter Guard ! Audiences have been blown away by the newly formed WJHS Winter Guard in their first season of competition. The team has been performing to the music of the popular 80's band, Journey, allowing the girls to design costumes and choreograph their moves in a way that transports them back to a time of big hair and fun costumes. The Winter Guard students are scored on these four elements: 1. Group movement. 2. Equipment usage. 3. Ensemble. ( synchronization) 4. General effect. The students get star ratings from 1-5. When they get a 1, that means that they could do much better and they have a lot of room for improvement. We bet that our teams never score a 1, based upon what we’ve seen and heard!

There are 24 kids performing from grades 6th through 8th and they practice every Monday from 6-8 pm in the Junior High gym. They By: Olivia Ramini, Gabby Remillard & compete at local area high schools Grace Campanella on Sundays in the hope of getting great scores. The girls dance to the music called Any Way You Want It: the Glee version. We interviewed Mallory Cashman, whose mom is one of the coaches, who said: “ Mrs. Bailey is the best coach; she connects with us, and she knows what she is doing. She’s a really great role model with an awesome attitude. She picked a really good upbeat song for us to dance to.”

My Bright Sight
Walking down a narrow dirt path, after my sister takes a long bubble bath. Taking time from here and there, we wonder what is over there. Dark and gloomy lights I see, hoping I will find where I have to be. A house appears with light in May, my sister and I are on our way. Green doors open out wide, both my sister and I walk in with pride. Two people stand with me, while the air gets filled with chicken and peas. When we all sit down to talk and feast, we don’t have to put on layers of fleece. Ice cold water we drink, that comes from under the kitchen sink. Love and joy my family brings, as the big black bird spreads out its wings. Summer days so bright with light, children love to swim at night. Morning comes and goes with dismay, but soon there will be nothing to say. Love will fill the room, just before the stars surround the moon. Back to where I began, once I clean the big metal pan. Than I go walking down a narrow dirt path, after my sister takes a long bubble bath. By: Sydney Foss

Way Beyond the Bay
Moon so blue at night, stars twinkle and sparkle bright with light. When morning reaches dawn and day, the water is blue in the big shallow bay. Way beyond the liquid of sight, you may not understand the creatures at fight. For the fish that swim day after day, enjoy to look and hunt for their prey. Pain rushing through a fin, just like a cut going deep into a human’s skin. A current of liquid rushing away, hoping to find a sting ray. From the Arctic to Antarctic oceans to the tropical seas, I may come across a killer whale in a deep winter chilly breeze. Throughout the wintery joy that people bring, there will always be something for you to sing. Trouble comes and goes, like the position of your nose. Drips of liquid hitting a hard surface, from the tent in the circus. I am slightly packed, in a clear plastic bag, “Help me! I’m trapped.” I see other fish, I think that I heard a swish. I am turing around, I think I am upside down. Hanging on tight, with all my might. The branch begins to crack, and I land on my back. Back to where I began, without my best man. The experience of the life of a fish, is something beyond my wish. From here on out we are suppose to say, “Many things happen way beyond the bay.” By: Sydney Foss

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