Total Quality Culture (TQC


What steps should manager take to change the TQC of any Organization?

What is Total Quality Culture?
“It is the sum of norms, beliefs and values that regulate the behavior of individual and group within an organization”

Objectives of TQC
1. How to Achieve Quality? 2. How to maintain Quality? 3. How to improve quality on continuous basis?

3 Approaches to achieve TQC Objectives

1. Procedural Approach 2. Behavioral Approach 3. Attitude Approach

How to Achieve Quality? How to maintain Quality? How to improve quality on continuous basis?

Pillars of TOQ
1. Building Quality Policy 2. Quality System 3. Quality Management

Assignment # 2, Total Quality Culture (TQC)

Page 1

Implementation a. Then he assesses the process that which types of change an organization want to adopt. Assignment # 2. After that manager wants that his ROLE & COMMITMENT should be defined by the CEO & then communicated in the organization. Procedural Change Procedurals Change means that the process of the organization has to be change according to the quality management culture which the organization want to adopt. Procedural Change 2. Behavior Change 3. Assessment Manager first should ask for a COMMITMENT OF TOP MANAGEMENT and conducting a face to face meeting in which manager ask for a support (regarding decision making) from the top management.3 Stages of Change 1. Attitude Change 1. b. Assessment 2. Total Quality Culture (TQC) Page 2 . What type of Resources Company has to attain for the completion of the process. This change can be taken by applying three steps: 1. the company has to re-design its process of the quality management & evaluate that the process can be implemented in the organization or not. Process Re-design After the assessment. Process Re-design 3.

there are 3 growing stages: 1. Behavior Change This is the 2nd Stage to proceed with the re-designing. b. Understanding The Behavior change should helps in developing the understanding of the employees towards the organization. Understanding 2. Acceptance 3. the employees can easily accept the change c. Total Quality Culture (TQC) Page 3 .c. When the change develops in the organization. In this stage. Sustainability The behavior change helps in the understanding & acceptance of the employees which results in the organizational sustainability Assignment # 2. Acceptance The behavior change would also help for the acceptance of change in the organization for the employees. Sustainability a. Implementation And finally the company has to implement the re-design process which the company changes for the sake of Implementation of total quality culture to implement TQM in the organization 2.

if any gaps or milestones occur. The carrying capacity should be there to keep running the process of TQC Change process. then these types of organizations do not survive in near future. Total Quality Culture (TQC) Page 4 . the process starts from redesigning. Attitude Change It only includes: a. At this point. This attitude change will help the employees to improve their performance at the workplace & as a result. organizational performance will also improve.3. If any of the organization does not look towards further improvement. After the whole procedure of TQC Change. Improved Performance It is the 3rd stage of growth. there is only continuous improvement and support takes place. Graphical Representation of Total Quality Culture Assignment # 2.

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