My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors
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How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors

I have been wanting some sliding barn doors in my kitchen for a long, long time. When I searched online for hardware, I found that it is way out of my price range. Then I saw The Accent Piece used hardware from Tractor Supply. I decided even though it was very expensive, it was worth a splurge. This post will explain how I built my doors.

When I decided to build my doors, I bought the hardware (more on that in another post). This is the bracket. I wasn’t sure if using 1x’s would make a thick enough door for the brackets. I laid out some boards to try to get a feel for what I wanted.



This is in the bed of a pickup truck.Rachelle @ Adventures in Creating M Y NE W BE ST F RI E ND S www. I did some ciphering and concluded that I could make them slightly wider than originally planned. I played around with different configurations. therefore being less narrow.. .7/29/12 My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors L O O KI NG F O R SO M E THI NG O N M RL ? Search Search Custom Search Because my doors were going to be narrow.Shabby French Country Cottage Basement Thanks again for the opportunity to win! . (this decision was made while talking on the phone with Rose) I was having a difficult time trying to find a place to work on them. I put it away. K ENT UC K Y V I E W M Y C O M PL E TE PRO F I L E Q UE STI O N S? THO UGHTS? SHARE THE M W I TH M E ! I decided to work on a drop cloth in the carport. I thought I would prefer two doors that resembled ONE door when closed. During the few days off.net RE C E NT C O M M E NTS Congratulations to all of the winners! I looked a. gail@MyRepurposedLife. After getting very frustrated and not being sure what I want. I googled and googled and I found these doors at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar.html 2/11 .. Yipppeeee! Fast forward to a few day's later… GAI L LO UIS V ILLE.myrepurposedlife.net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors.

Gallery Year 1 Gallery Year 2 Gallery Year 3 L I JI T Popular Searches jenny lin crib bench bench My Content More dry fit before I start attaching all the pieces. with 1x6 pieces going horizontally on the top.html 3/11 . www. This is a dry fit. 1x6. bottom and middle.net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors. and I didn’t want to rip any of the boards. I used the wider boards on the left and the right to be more supportive of the frame. I went with this configuration because I wanted them to appear “pieced” together. The door consists of (from left to right) 1x10.myrepurposedlife.7/29/12 My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors Join this site w ith Google Friend Connect Members (4201) More » Already a member? Sign in PAST PRO JE C TS AT A GL AN C E This is what I decided on. The frame consists of 1x4 on each side. 1x4. 1x10.

I clamped the boards in several spots all the way down the door to make sure they were pulled together. I h...myrepurposedlife.net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors. and I didn’t get it..7/29/12 My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors I used my Gorilla Wood Glue to secure all the pieces. It wasn’t real sturdy. I always wear them when I’m sawing and nailing) www. Repurposed Shutter (magazine rack) I love quick and easy repurposing projects! I also love shutter and/or bifold doors. Everything glued and nailed.... Headboard Bench tutorial Edited July 2011 I have a new way to attach the sides to the headboard. After I applied the glue.... . Desk repurposed into a chest A desk can be repurposed into many new pieces. fantabulous printer... let me tell you that I do NOT recommend that you put fabric through your high dollar. (note the safety glasses by the nail gun.. PO PUL AR PO STS How to paint oak cabinets Because my kitchen makeover was so drawn out. I used my nail gun to hold the frame pieces temporarily. I have an old printer t... Vintage Coffee Pot Lamp (repurposed) Do you remember this coffee pot I just had to have? If you’re new around here. I am writing a new post with my tips and tidbits for painting kitchen cabinets/cupboards. DIY Kids Corner Bench (banquette) I had a headboard and foot board in my storage shed for quite a while now. This particular project is 1/2 of a bifold door. and 2 drawer fronts. You can see my latest Bench Tutorials in my post Twin Headboard Ben... It had one drawer. My favorite had been the desk I repurposed into a kitchen island .html 4/11 .. Maybe even a couple of years. The top to it had already been removed. I saw this at a local Peddler’s Mall. Old dresser into bench I found this old dresser by the curb. Printing on fabric First.. I used that for a w. But now I have a new fav.

4 hours ago T he T hrifty Groove A Little Blue Lunch For One .. I did the same for the board on the right hand side. To get the angle alongside the inside frame I laid a board on top of the frame and drew a line on the 1x4. This was a solid and very heavy door..Stacie from Stars for Streetlights lov es for her storage to double as décor.As a Lowes creator we are giv en a fun challenge each month to makeov er a space. she decid... SO M E O F M Y F AV O RI TE PL AC E S TO GE T I N SPI RATI O N : Life T hrough My Eyes The End of the Deck .Click HERE for the Full Size Printable PDF This is another Kid's Printable from a V intage Coloring Book. RoadKill Rescue V intage Suitcase Table . 5 hours ago I then turned the board over. 2 hours ago A girl and a glue gun shout outs (kid bedroom sty le) .[image: Pin It] I am the first person to tell y ou that the Magic Eraser is indeed magic.. I used my jigsaw to cut this angle.. Jonathan. We got a small sprinkling and then nothing.. Over the summer I picked up . 4 hours ago T he DIY Show Off DIY Linky Party .Hi ev ery one! We started out today with hope of rain. Oh how we need a good *pouring all day * kind of rain! I.. impossible to . this www. Last night. *T he Graphics Fairy* Kids Printable .... 7 hours ago I ♥ naptime Soap boat races + $1 00 Lowes giv eaway ..7/29/12 My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors Pink Toddler/Doll Bench In this post I'll show you how to make this cute child's (or doll) bench from a thrifted headboard. 6 hours ago Beneath My Heart A Sunday Song {from jonathan} . 1 hour ago The cross pieces are 1x4’s.Many of y ou hav e been asking to hear another song from my son. Howev er.. I was so ex cited to find another use for this handy cleaning dev . The wood glue and the nail gun made it easy to do this.... source source source source source source source source source.myrepurposedlife...This is what the far end of my deck just 30 minutes ago. I hav e shar..i thought it would be a fun to do a rundown of my most fav orite kids rooms... Hung by a chain.. I angled the top board to fit across the top of the frame. Door Repurposed (Bookshelf) Featured on: I ripped this old door on my table saw with the help of a neighbor.. After receiv ing a DIY suitcase table from her parents for Christmas..Seahorse Coloring Page .html 5/11 .net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors. This is that same end of the deck now. so I v ideo taped it for y ou. he sang at a local church.. It's a Printable Color Page of a cute Seahorse pull.[image: DIY project Parade linky party button] [image: [V alid RSS]] It’s that fav orite time of the week – time to share what y ou’v e been working on and al.... Took an old window and repainted it. 6 hours ago Someday Crafts How to Clean an Iron . drilled pilot holes and inserted screws for a permanent hold.

That is a sheet hanging up.41 ea) 45.html 6/11 ..39 Screws and nails (1 1/4”) Gorilla Wood Glue Sandpaper Paint Each door is 27 3/4 x 84” Tools: Tape Measure Compound Miter Saw (you could have Home Depot make your cuts or use a hand saw) jigsaw Drill bits (small for pilot hole. because I don’t heat/cool that room. Materials I used: (4) 1 x 10x 8 (11.. I absolutely LOV E the quality of the knobs and pulls from Rockler.. It’s the last room in the house that needs a makeover.78 ea) 31. I didn’t like the finish.net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors. and phillips bit for screws) www.12 (7) 1 x 4x 8 (4. so I used Mythic Paint (Bright White) in a Semi-gloss. ARC HI V E S Archives F RI E ND L Y F O L KS 35 Friendly Folks Currently Visiting F E E D JI T L I V E TRAF F I C F E E D This is where the doors are going to be installed. It’s a wide doorway from the kitchen to another room that is hard to describe. in a satin finish.77 ea) 33..myrepurposedlife.65 (4) 1 x 6x 8 (7. 1 1 hours ago Sh ow A ll Ana White (knock off wood) C ATE GO RI E S Select a label After sanding.7/29/12 My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors month Lowes challenged us to create something fun for the b. 1 1 hours ago the DIY Club Rockler Knobs and Pulls for Master Makeov er Simple. so you won’t be seeing any pictures right now. Black pulls with a simple braided knob is …simply beautiful. I painted the doors. It’s Sweetened White (almost white). I just had to share. with the paint that matches the walls in the kitchen.

West Virginia viewed "My Repurposed Life™: DIY Homemade Chalk Paint (kids table and chairs)" 2 mins ago A visitor from Dunn. 20 1 2 8:25 A M Pine Tree Home said.. Illinois viewed "My Repurposed Life™: A dresser re-do by Rose" 2 mins ago A visitor from Roseburg... I know building these can be such a pain. 20 1 2 7 :5 3 A M Sue said. glue.com said.. Kentucky viewed "My Repurposed Life™" 2 mins ago A visitor from Des Plaines.myrepurposedlife. I didn’t know how much it totaled until now. Live Traffic Feed See how I installed the doors in the post Tractor Supply Barn Door Hardware (how to) gail find more great ideas here: 15 Tw eet Check out these great projects: A Free Makeover for My House? aarp... Wisconsin viewed "My Repurposed Life™: Tractor Supply Barn Door Hardware" 1 min ago A visitor from Bowling Green.00. I'm still holding out for a handle Hom e & Garden di rectory 1 2 3 4 PAGE V I E W S L AST M O N TH 250. it looks awesome! Sue MA Y 30 . nails. 20 1 2 8:0 0 A M Jamie@OwlReally. North Best Bl ogs 2 5 C L I C K HE R E T O L E A V E A C O M M E N T : Cassie @ Primitive &amp. Proper said.net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors. and paint on hand. and bought some. aarp. 17" 2 secs ago A visitor from Rowlett.. very nice! MA Y 30 .org Can you help out a design challenged DIY’er Tough Tim es Drive 2011 in Review the Sandw ich Generation Back .org Modified Logan Media Center Base Catch as Catch Can 73 See your visitors in RealTime! Get the Free Live Traffic Feed Get Feedjit Now! A visitor from Fort Worth. Oregon viewed "My Repurposed Life™" 2 mins ago A visitor from Pence Springs. yikes! I had some.. Texas viewed "My Repurposed Life™: Blogapalooza Winners" 1 min ago A visitor from Brookfield. Texas viewed "My Repurposed Life™: Guest Post DIY Egg Shaped Soap by Rook No. I had the screws. These are beautifully done.270 7/11 www.html . gorgeous! i love that style! i can't wait to see them in action! :) MA Y 30 . Thanks Gail for the great tutorial! Love it. I built one out of a standard luan door and tons of trim for my bathroom.7/29/12 My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors Nail gun (safety glasses) Clamps The lumber for these doors cost about 115...

Thank you Gail! I am so excited about these doors. 20 1 2 9:29 A M Anne said. 20 1 2 9:5 9 A M Suzanne@Meridian Road said. MA Y 30 .myrepurposedlife.html 8/11 . love.... 2 hours ago 10 My Repurposed Life Wow! It's been a great week over at the blog! TODAY is the LAST day to enter ALL of the giveaways. 20 1 2 9:1 8 A M Terri said. Not likely to happen anytime soon though.. emails have been sent to those that I could reach. 20 1 2 9:4 5 A M Korrie Bastian said.592 people like My Repurposed Life . Kitty says: "If you haven't already entered...lol I especially love your awesome tip to use the nail gun to hold it all together.. love them. what are 11 7..ly/MUNg8G Did YOU win in the big Blogapalooza event? the post is up..... 20 1 2 1 1 :0 2 A M 8 Find us on Facebook My Repurposed Life Like 9 My Repurposed Life http://bit. I wish I had a gun when I did the shutters it would have made things so much easier.7/29/12 that I want to use.. It's looking good so far! Can't wait for the rest.. and can't wait to see the rest! MA Y 30 ... makes me wish I had someplace to put some! MA Y 30 ...amazing! I cannot wait to see them hung! These are so fun. Hugs.. I am madly in love with those doors. The owner of this site cannot be held liable for damage. WOW! Love it so far.. 6 L I NKY 102 friends are following me! :: Follow Me :: VIEW ALL 7 F AC E BO O K Pam said.. your timing is perfect... They look great! MA Y 30 . 20 1 2 9:0 1 A M Peggy said. Gail. Deb MA Y 30 . so far I am safe unless I want to remove 2 french doors.... 12 H abme Kev in C onnie Laura C amilla S herri Rebecca C arol A ngel Rebecca F acebook social plugin 13 www.I know it will look great. Nice job! What a great look! MA Y 30 .. They are truly stunning and exactly what I've wanted for years. 20 1 2 8:30 A M Paige @ Little Nostalgia said. Holding my breath to see how this turns out. Love. My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors L E GAL D I SC L AI M E R Great job. I walk around my house lately trying to figure out where they could work. by following the instructions laid out within this site or on any of the sites linked to this site. Can you keep us updated on how well the track holds up with wear? We are going to do this for the house in NY in a few years. Please seek the assistance of a professional if you have any queries before undertaking your DIY task... Thanks! Have a wonderful week!! MA Y 30 . 20 1 2 9:32 A M Full Circle Creations said. You did an amazing job yet again Gail. Wow... MA Y 30 . My husband and I are trying to figure out where we can put one of these in the new house! MA Y 30 . 20 1 2 9:1 4 A M By accessing this site you agree to the following: The information provided on this site is of a general 5 nature and may not be applicable to your particular circumstances.. Holly MA Y 30 . Thanks so much for sharing your tute..net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors. such perfection.. 20 1 2 9:0 8 A M Proper Prim said.

20 1 2 3:22 P M kelly@refresheddesigns.net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors. 20 1 2 8:33 P M Sharon @ Elizabeth &amp. 20 1 2 2:0 6 P M Bliss said. Gail!! I can't wait to see them hung in place... 20 1 2 1 0 :0 3 P M freddyandpetunia said. 23 Those doors are AMAZING! I love that barn door look and you totally captured it :-) I have a brand new link party going on right now and I'd be thrilled if you'd share this over there so everyone can see how you did it! http://practicallyfunctional. 20 1 2 4 :0 8 P M Erin Spain said. said. Co. 20 1 2 1 1 :5 0 P M Kristin said... They are going to look great! -Erin @ DIY On the Cheap MA Y 30 ... You really worked hard on these doors... Great job on the tutorial too! MA Y 31 . 20 1 2 1 0 :1 3 P M Stephanie said. So awesome! I love reading your thought process! So what's in that room I'm dying to know .myrepurposedlife. Love how these turned out! Beautiful =) MA Y 31 ... The tutorial makes it look easy! Lol. 20 1 2 1 1 :24 P M Mimi@blueroofcabin said.net/2012/05/the-fun-in-functional-link-party-1/ MA Y 31 . 20 1 2 1 2:0 4 P M Jessi said. they are awesome! MA Y 30 . 20 1 2 8:36 A M Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said.good to have a picture of it... Really nice job! They look great! Catherine MA Y 30 .. This is a dynamite project and thanks so much for the tutorial.html . Gail! Can't wait to see them after you install them... they are worth every ounce of back breaking sweat and tears. Awesome.) MA Y 30 .. 24 9/11 www.. MA Y 30 .. This would be a fun idea for my pantry when/if we ever give it a country kitchen makeover! MA Y 30 .. I know how hard you worked on these and I tell ya. said.. I was having trouble visualizing the entry. 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 So THAT's the secret room..7/29/12 Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} said. Awesome Gail! MA Y 30 . If you had bought new doors off the shelf(not even barn doors) it would have cost you way more than this.... Oh you rocked this project. but they came out amazing and in comparison they really aren't as expensive as you think they were.. My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors 14 These are fantastic.

. Ta-Da Tuesday :) check it out here ! JU NE 5 . . 20 1 2 1 0 :1 6 P M Misty McFadden said. Com m ent as: Google Account Publish Preview Newer Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Home Older Post AD SE N SE handsof f rally . just include NRN (no reply necessary) I don't want to clog up your inbox.7/29/12 Awesome and pinned! ~Bliss~ JU NE 4 .com AdChoices PO PUL AR PO STS HOW T O P A I NT OA K CA BI NET S OLD DRESSER I NT O BENCH REP U RP OSED SHU T T ER (MA GA ZI NE RA CK) HEA DBOA RD BENCH T U T ORI A L DI Y KI DS CORNER BENCH (BA NQU ET T E) P RI NT I NG ON FA BRI C DESK REP U RP OSED I NT O A CHEST www.html 10/11 .myrepurposedlife. I read each and every one! If you prefer for me NOT to answer your comment via email.net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors. 20 1 2 1 2:26 P M PO S T A C O M M E N T thanks for your comments. :) If you are entering a giveaway. I actually went to Tractor to price out hardware for my very own :) My hubby thinks I'm nuts! I'd love for you to link up to my first ever linky party. . My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors 25 I absolutely LOVE this! Great project.ev entbrite. you MUST leave an email address in your comment (unless I can reach you through your blogger profile) E n t e ry o u rc o m m e n t ..

7/29/12 My Repurposed Life™: How to: DIY Faux Barn Doors V I NT A GE COFFEE P OT LA MP (REP U RP OSED) P I NK T ODDLER/ DOLL BENCH DOOR REP U RP OSED (BOOKSHELF) V I EW MY ST A T S www.html 11/11 .net/2012/05/how-to-diy-faux-barn-doors.myrepurposedlife.

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