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Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines

Reduce noise emissions without increasing project costs Hear about best practice legal approval procedures to ensure a time-efficient project delivery

2nd International conference

With dedicated focus on floating concepts

IQPC Series

02 05 July 2012 | Swisstel Bremen | Germany

Compare floating foundations to fixed ones in terms of costs and environmental impact

Explore grouted joint connection and evaluate material properties, processing and quality control Learn about driven pile foundations and their response to loading/ ageing and evaluate underwater pile driving monitoring

Learn from our expert speaker panel:

Principle Power Inc. Statoil ASA IDEOL Mainstream Renewable Power REpower Systems SE Universal Foundation A/S OWT Offshore Wind Technologie GmbH SPT Offshore University of Oxford Technical University of Braunschweig Imperial College London Site visit Cathie Associates SA/NV University of Kassel RWE Offshore Logistics Company GmbH WeserWind GmbH Offshore Construction Georgsmarienhtte wpd offshore solutions GmbH Leibniz University Hannover Helacol Consulting Partners HEXICON AB GICON GmbH GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH

Interactive Workshop Day | Wednesday, 05 July 2012

| Tour de Wind Bremerhaven: Visit the German centre of wind power excellence

Workshop B | Assessing technical uncertainties in foundation design for offshore wind turbines

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Workshop C | Improving cost and time efficiency of offshore foundations for wind turbines
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Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines

SPECIAL FOCUS DAY: Floating concepts for offshore foundations | Monday, 2 July 2012
09:25 Registration & coffee 09:55 Chairmans welcome & opening address 10:00 WindFloat a floating support structure Overview of WindFloat Advantages & challenges Lessons learnt from the pilot installation in Portugal Joshua Weinstein, Business Development, Principle Power Inc., USA Innovation in the offshore wind power sector: the GICON SOF Floating Offshore Foundation 1 : 25 wave and tow tests surpass expectations Development/construction of a full-scale GICON SOF pilot by 2013 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Gromann, Chief Executive Officer GICON GmbH, Germany 12:50 Networking lunch 14:25 Introducing Hexicons floating platform Platform key facts Technology overview Key advantages & challenges Percy UH Sundquist, Director Business Development, Sr. VP HEXICON AB, Sweden

2nd International conference

10:35 The Hywind concept experience and further development Main features of the Hywind floating wind turbine concept Experience from 2 years of operation of the first full-scale prototype Verification of analysis tools with full-scale measurements Further technical development of the Hywind concept Eirik Byklum, Technology Manager Floating Wind, RE WPR WCC, Statoil ASA, Norway 11:10 Refreshment break & networking 11:40 Could floating foundations be competitive against fixed ones for UK round 3 and German projects? Advantages of a floating foundation Cost comparison between various floating solutions and jacket solution Industrialisation, mass production and supply chain structure of a floating solution Comparison of the environmental impact of a floating foundation vs a fixed one Paul de la Gueriviere, President, IDEOL, France 12:15 Offshore foundations learn to swim: the GICON SOF Floating Offshore Foundation Analysis of the current offshore situation

15:00 Interactive roundtables on floating concepts Join Joshua Weinstein to discuss WindFloat Join Eirik Byklum to discuss Hywind Join Paul de la Gueriviere to discuss IDEOL s concept Join Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Gromann to discuss GICON SOF Floating Offshore Foundation Join Percy UH Sundquist to discuss Hexicons concept

16:00 Refreshment break & networking 16:30 Summary of the roundtable discussions 17:00 End of the focus day and closing remarks from the chairman

Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

With a record growth of 51% for EU offshore wind power in 2010 with 308 new wind turbines installed, the market for offshore foundations is expected to continue for the next few years. Become part of this community as they discuss the issues, opportunities and difficulties of the next round of installations, and position your company as one which can help them overcome their challenges.
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Cathie Associates SA/NV 22 Mommaertslaan 1831 Diegem Belgium Phone: +32 2712 95 30 Phone: +32 2712 95 31 Email: GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH Dudenstrae 78 10965 Berlin Germany Phone: +49 (0)30 78 90 89 0 Fax: +49 (0)30 78 90 89 89 For over 30 years GuD Consult GmbH with its subsidiaries has offered groundbreaking solutions in civil engineering and geo sciences. GuD Consult GmbH with its headquarters in Berlin operates from branches in Leipzig, Potsdam, Hamburg, Mainz, Kln, Athens and New Delhi. Our consulting and planning services for offshore wind farms cover the whole field of civil engineering with special focus on geotechnical engineering, soil mechanics and foundation design, steel and concrete structures, site supervision and dynamic pile testing. Due to our participation in public funded research GuD Consult GmbH plays a significant role in the development of new design approaches for offshore foundations under cyclic loading.

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APE Holland P .O. Box 34 7990 AA Dwingeloo The Netherlands Phone: +31 593 540 891 Fax: +31 593 542 784 Email: GICON GmbH Tiergartenstrae 48 01219 Dresden Germany Phone: +49 351 4 8 78-15/-972 Fax: +49 351 478 78-78 Email:

Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines

CONFERENCE DAY one | Tuesday, 3 July 2012
08:30 Registration & coffee 08:55 Chairmans welcome & opening address Ole Stobbe, Offshore Engineering, Mainstream Renewable Power, Germany In-service experiences: maintenance, inspections, accessibility, scour Stefan Drfeldt, Senior Engineer Offshore, OWT Offshore Wind Technologie GmbH, Germany 12:05 Networking lunch Offshore foundation: New trends and case studies 09:00 Putting the energy transition onto the right foundations Whats new in the offshore wind foundation sector? Innovations, developments, demonstrators The devil is in the details: cable guide and protection systems, scour protection systems, coating, corrosion protection, anti-fouling Underwater noise around the North Sea UK, the Netherlands, Germany: development concerns, noise limits and mitigation systems Consenting headaches Ole Stobbe, Offshore Engineering, Mainstream Renewable Power, Germany Innovative foundation design and installation strategies for offshore wind turbines 09:35 10:10 10:55 Current trends for jacket substructures Market view on jacket substructures Jacket designs for large turbines Fulfilling BSH requirements for structural design Dr.-Ing. Marc Seidel, Leading Expert, Offshore Engineering, REpower Systems SE, Germany Refreshment break & networking Cards on the Table Take 10 mins to discuss your learning objectives with your table. Find out who has the same challenges as you and who has over come the challenges you have. Put your cards on the table and get your questions answered. The Bucket Foundation update on on-going activities The Bucket Foundation in the Fred. Olsen United supply chain Demonstration projects, Carbon Trust - Forewind Seagren Dynamic loading during installation using DP2 vessel The way ahead Sren A. Nielsen, Technology Director, Universal Foundation A/S, Denmark 13:30 Discussing pros and cons of floating concepts versus fixed ones

2nd International conference


Panel Selected speakers of the day 14:15 Self-installing wind turbine (SIWT): Foundation on suction piles, hence no noise Installation of foundation and WTG in ONE piece by flat top barge No special jack-up vessels required Mark Riemers, Managing Director, SPT Offshore, The Netherlands 14:50 Refreshment break & networking Best practice in pile driving foundations 15:20 Cyclic loading of monopiles for offshore wind turbines Design issues for monopiles Static and cyclic loading of monopiles A design framework for lateral cyclic loading of monopiles The need for full scale test data and field monitoring data Dr. Byron Byrne, University Lecturer, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK

15:55 Some recent developments regarding driven pile foundations for offshore structures The research background behind new methods being applied in practice Potential prizes and problems New issues being addressed: pile response to cyclic loading and ageing New research The need to monitor behaviour in the field Prof. Richard Jardine, Professor of Geomechanics, Deputy Head of Department, Imperial College London, UK 16:30 End of day one and closing remarks from Ole Stobbe

11:30 The Tripod - established substructure for deep water locations Overall experiences from projects so far Variations postpiled, prepiled and suction bucket


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Conference advisors:
Ole Stobbe is a trained mechanical engineer and worked in a number of (offshore) wind consultancy positions before becoming the Head of Engineering for the Butendiek offshore wind farm for Airtricity. He joined Mainstream in 2009 to progress the engineering of the Horizont projects in the German North Sea. Ole Stobbe, Offshore Engineering, Mainstream Renewable Power, Germany Dr. Sigurd Weise is mechanical engineer with a PhD on Solidification cracking during laser welding of structural steel from University Bremen. He was a research engineer in laser welding of structural steels at BIAS, Bremen and worked as Production Manager in Tailored Blank manufacturing for automotive industry from 1998-2009. In 2010 he joined the wind power industry as Head of Research and development at WeserWind GmbH. Sigurd Weise, Head of Research & Development,WeserWind GmbH Offshore Construction Georgsmarienhtte
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Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines

CONFERENCE DAY TWO | Wednesday, 4 July 2012
09:00 Registration & coffee 09:25 Chairmans welcome Best practice in pile driving foundations 09:30 Pile design for cyclic loading according to EA Pfhle Behavior of cyclically loaded piles Design requirements of BSH and EA Pfhle Methods to determine displacement accumulation and capacity degradation Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Achmus, Institut fr Geotechnik, Leibniz University Hannover, Germany 10:05 Experience with underwater pile driving monitoring (PDM) in Germany Why perform PDM for offshore piles? What can be measured? Using dynamic resistance for pile verification Operational experience case histories Martin Hammann, Manager, Cathie Associates SA/NV, Belgium 10:40 Refreshment break & networking 11:10 Verifying pile design according to EC7 using dynamic pile testing data Review of EC7 approach to pile capacity verification Interpretation of dynamic pile testing results Integration of pile testing results and pile driving records David Cathie, Principal, Cathie Associates SA/NV, Belgium 11:30 Multiple pile foundations for Offshore Windturbines: From design and testing to long-term monitoring Design aspects - cyclic degradation and accumulation of displacements Installation monitoring and capacity evaluation - examples and results Concepts for long-term monitoring Requirements for approval Dr.-Ing. Fabian Kirsch, Partner, GuD Geotechnik und Dynamik Consult GmbH Reducing hydro sound emission 12:05 Reduction of underwater piling noise using novel hydro sound dampers (HSD) Air is ideal to reduce hydro sound not steel! Novel noise mitigation method of HSD uses: Only small gas filled balloons and foam-elements Tuned to resonant frequencies: very effective noise reduction Fixed to a pile surrounding fishing net No supply with compressed air needed Easily adaptable to different applications Results from offshore tests in the North- and Baltic sea Dr.-Ing. Jrg Gattermann, Senior Engineer, Vice Head of Department, Institute for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany

2nd International conference

12:40 Networking lunch 14:00 Meeting the challenge to reduce hydro sound emissions National and international noise emission limits Available systems Techniques and their current potential Implementation in large scale offshore logistics Fabian Wilke, Senior Manager Engineering Technology, RWE Offshore Logistics Company GmbH, Germany

Exploring grouted connections 14:35 Lessons from previous research for the design of grouted connections for offshore foundations a new interpretation Overview of 900 tests carried out for oil & gas structures Design approaches for ULS and FLS Effect of early age cycling S-N curves for reversing cyclic loads for connections with shear keys Dr. Colin Billington, Director, Helacol Consulting Partners, UK 15:10 Refreshment break & networking 15:40 Grouted connections Materials and Design 15:40 Part One: Grouted concrete: material properties, processing and quality control Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Michael Schmidt, Director Institute of Strutural Engineering, University of Kassel, Fehling & Jungmann GmbH, Kassel, Germany 16:10 Part two: Design models Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ekkehard Fehling, Head of Solid Structure, Construction Engineering, Director Institute of Strutural Engineering, University of Kassel, Fehling & Jungmann GmbH, Kassel, Germany 16:40 Closing remarks from Ole Stobbe and end of conference

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Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines

Interactive Workshop Day | Thursday, 5 July 2012 Site Visit Tour de Wind Bremerhaven: Visit the German centre of wind power excellence 07:45 16:00 Interactive Workshop Day | Thursday, 5 July 2012
Important players of the wind power industry have settled in Bremerhaven, where science, construction and shipping takes place side by side. Being one of the largest ports of the North Sea, this location is the perfect base for the growing offshore wind industry. The Tour de Wind will visit about 20 stations with wind power competency and our knowledgeable guide will give facts and figures about the industry and a future vision of clean energy. 07:45 Meet at the Swisstel reception bus shuttle to Bremerhaven 09:00 3 hours guided Tour de Wind by coach: Visit all major wind power locations en route including the REpower Offshore prototype (5M), AREVA Multibrid Offshore test centre I and II, PowerWind, the IWES competence centre and WeserWinds full-size, running tripod and jacket foundation prototypes including turbines.We will have an exclusive visit at WeserWinds production site with an introduction by the Head of Research and Development, Dr. Sigurd Weise. 12:00 Luncheon 13:30 AWI/ IMARE Welcome 13:45 Talk ELiSE-procedure (focus offshore foundations) ELiSE is a bionic method to generate lightweight solution, which can significantly differ from conventional methods (topology optimisation). It uses the large variety of existing lightweight solutions of planktonic organisms to find new designs for optimised structures. 14:15 Diatom collection / Research centre/ exhibition lightweight solutions The Hustedt research centre is one of the worlds most extensive and best organised collections of natural lightweight structures. Based on these, several lightweight solutions have been developed and will be presented. 15:00 Confocal laser scanning microscopy The CLSM permits precise 3D-analyses of highly complex, minute lightweight shells of planktonic organisms. 15:45 Parametric modelling / Evolutionary strategic optimisation The combination of parametric models and evolutionary strategic optimisation permits the fast creation of very efficient structural solutions 16:00 Discussion 16:30 End of Tour 17:30 Expected arrival at Swisstel Bremen Organised in cooperation with the BIS Bremerhaven investment support and urban development ltd. Bremerhaven Tourist Board

2nd International conference

Workshop B 09:00 12:00

08:30 Registration & coffee 10:30 Refreshment break & networking 12:00 Networking lunch

Assessing technical uncertainties in foundation design for offshore wind turbines

Foundation design for offshore wind turbines is an evolving specialty in which many new technical issues must be addressed. For example wind turbine monopile foundations experience substantial cyclic loading over a wind farm lifetime, and it is critical that any change in foundation stiffness due to cyclic loading is assessed, as this will affect the fatigue design. This issue applies to other traditional mono-structure foundations such as gravity base foundations. How is this being addressed, and what is the evidence base against which design can be benchmarked? Alternative foundations, such as suction installed foundations, whilst feasible for the offshore wind turbine application, are yet to be adopted by the industry. They offer potential economies for installation, when compared to driven pile installation, so what is holding up their implementation? This workshop intends to explore a number of technical issues and consider how they might best be resolved. The following topics are amongst those that will be considered: Cyclic loading of piled foundations Cyclic loading of shallow foundations Installation of suction installed foundations Capacity of suction installed foundations Instrumentation and monitoring to address design uncertainties Dr. Byron Byrne, University Lecturer, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, UK

Workshop C 13:00 16:00

14:30 Refreshment break & networking

Improving cost and time efficiency of offshore foundations for wind turbines
The economic success of offshore wind energy projects depends on the development of efficient solutions to a number of technical issues, one of these being the foundations for the offshore turbines. The structure itself as well as the installation of the foundation is a considerable cost factor in offshore wind projects. Design concept, installation processes, timelines and weather dependencies and expensive specialised equipment create a number of scenarios and opportunities for improving cost efficiency with regards to the turbine foundation. Join this workshop to discuss the following issues: What components and processes make up the immense cost factor? How are cost and time savings possible? What pitfalls and hurdles need to be considered? Learning from practical experiences Alexander Klemt, Head of Contracting, wpd offshore solutions GmbH

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Offshore Foundations for Wind Turbines

2 5 July 2012 | Swisstel Bremen | Germany
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2nd International conference

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