aces Academy March 2012 Senec, Slovak Republic

Field of Experience: „Civil Courage”
Date, Time: Wednesday, 28.03.2012, 10:30 – 12:30 Trainer: Katrin Lüth, free lance facilitator of learning, trainer for personal and group development,
intercultural learning, works in national and international teams and projects, believes we are the ones we have been waiting for.

Workshop content/theme:

Aims: to develop a deeper understanding of the aces fields of achievement in a fun and interactive way, before the jury assesses the projects, to give participants space to grow their understanding of the core issues of aces, to support developing positive group dynamics in the group, experimenting with one form of expression, in this field writing, to create a "show element" to be presented at the ceremony. Method(s)/Approach
1. Welcome and introduction to facilitator, topic and morning activities. Warm up: Crossword COURAGE – Think of words that relate to yourself and courage. Write into the “crossword”. 2. Defining Civil Courage for yourself and with others Speed Dating: Two circles of chairs, an inside and an outside circle facing each other. Two people sit across from each other. They get the chance to meet for 2 minutes and talk about a given topic, one minute each. Timing is supported by the facilitator by ringing a bell. After both partners have spoken, the inner circle moves one seat in a clockwise direction. After the next round the outer circle moves in

Each person gets to vote for his / her top five (by sticking sticky dots on the cards)." which remains a common metaphor for inner strength): What is close to your heart / really important to you? * What helps to be courageous? * Martin Luther King: I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed (belief): … that all men are created equal. who makes this world a place that is more fair and just. * Dream . Writing about Civil Courage.What is not right in your school? Where can you see injustice and abuse of power? What needs to be changed? Write a letter to your (imaginary) school newspaper. temper. free choice of style of writing. * Share a story of somebody you know. Tell the story of when somebody was treated unfairly or excluded and you helped them." from the Latin word cor "heart. Write a short story. Questions: * Share the story of your name * Share your Crossword on COURAGE * Courage (derives from the Old French word corage "heart. Plenary discussion: Share some of your understanding of what Civil Courage is. write in your own language. * My story . innermost feelings. What does it look like? Describe it. Slovak Republic a counter-clockwise direction and so on. * Text Message / SMS . Dream of your world and life without injustice.Read through the definitions and texts about Civil Courage. Write a poem about it. What is civil courage for you? Write down three main words or phrases on papers. a topic. Top Ten Aspects of Civil Courage: Group work: Share parts of your texts. stories. 3.aces Academy March 2012 Senec. * Poetry . * Fairy Tale ." * Where can you see in-equality in your school? * Where can you see in-equality in your town / city? * Mahatma Ghandi: You must be the change you want to see in the world. a person. Choose one. .Tell the story of when you were treated unfairly or excluded and somebody helped you.Look at the cards on the table. Aha Moments. * Letter to the editor .Poetry tries to put into words the essence of a thing. His speech „I have a dream“ reached millions and changed the world.Suggest what you and the people in your surrounding can do to make this world a better and more fair place. when you are back home! 4. that tells you a story of Civil Courage. Present to plenary. describe the situation and suggest what you and others could do to change it. Choose one aspect of Civil Courage. Try to write your own definition of what Civil Courage means for you. You can even send the message.Martin Luther King made history as a non-violent fighter for equal rights of black people. Write them a (virtual) text message. * Definition .

The Ceremony Act: At the aces ceremony on the next evening. empathy and compassion. All participants are asked to bring their texts and read them out for one minute. Stand & speak & act 3.aces Academy March 2012 Senec. as described by this group: 1. Enjoy being yourself 7. Freedom of speech 6. be strong. Decide who does what and practice twice. deserve respect from other people. every Best Practice Award will be introduced by a short activity / outcome of the fields of experience. Slovak Republic 5. never underestimate your powers. not just yourself 8. you have to make the first step!. stand by your ideas. you don't have time to love them 5. Love and empathy 4. 7. Good bye and thank you! . 6. Be supportive 9. Don't be afraid of failing 2. make the world a better place. Top Ten Aspects of Civil Courage. Stand for others. If you judge people. resolving a problem. 10 participants stand up on their chairs and show cards with the Top Ten Aspects of Civil Courage to the others in the room. Change the way people think 10. Broaden your horizons of thinking Other aspects mentioned were: free will.

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