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Badminton Quiz 1. British officers brought a game like badminton back from..

A B C China India Greece

5. The game begins with an..serve A B C underhand overhead backhand

6. Hitting the shuttlecock into the net is. A a drop shot a net shot a fault

2. The word "badminton" was originally the name of.. A B C an Indian bird a British Officer an English house


7. To win, the margin in the score must be at least. A one point two points three points

3. The world's first major badminton competition was held in England in.. A B C 1863 1899 1903


8. Before 1986, players could only win a point if they had. A served received aced

4. A badminton net ishigh in the centre A B C 5 feet 6 feet 7 feet


9. Badminton was first introduced at the..Olympics


Sydney Seoul Barcelona

Answer: 14. Suppose you are playing on an indoor court, just rallying with a partner. You get the shuttle popped up to you high in the air. When you go to return it, it soars high, hits the roof, and lands on your partners side. In a real badminton game, would this play be legal? A Yes B No 15. You are playing a game of doubles with another team. You started off the game serving. Let's say that the score is at 8-5, in favor of you. From your field of vision, where on the court will you serve from and to? A Serve from your left court across to the right B Serve from your right court across to the left C Serve from your right court straight across to the right D Serve your left court straight across to the left 16. You are playing another game of singles. Your opponent recovers a smash by popping it up high in the air, but close to the net. As you go to smash it down his throat, your racket accidentally hits the net. What play is called? A B C D The play is stopped The violator loss a point The play continues as if nothing happened Your opponent gains a point

10. Fu Haifeng's 2005 speed record for hitting the shuttlecock was. A B C 332 km/h 233 km/h 356 km/h

11. A B C D

What are the service lines in a singles court? Long and narrow Long and wide Short and narrow Short and wide

12. What is the legal height you are allowed to serve from? A Anywhere below your waist B Anywhere from your shoulder down C Between your waist and shoulder D You can serve from any area you choose 13. Let's say you are playing another person in a singles match. He sets you up, and you start to smash from mid-court. The shuttle goes through his court, bounces off him, and lands outside the boundaries. Is the play called in or out?

17. You are set up for a nice smash opportunity. As you put all your energy into it, you watch as it flies down across your opponents court. The

shuttle looks like it has gone out, but a fraction of the head has touched the line. Afterwards, the shuttle bounces completely clear of the court. Is this considered in or out? Answer:. 18. You are playing yet another game of singles. Your opponent smashes, and you return the shuttle with a drop shot. Your opponent returns the shuttle by popping it high up beside the net. As you go for the greatest smash of all-time, your racket goes over the net a bit into your opponents court. What is the common name for this foul? A Block B Over C Reach D Stretch 19. What type of game is a male partnered with a female vs. a female partnered with a male called? Answer: .. 20. what A B C allowed D If a player on the court trips and falls down, play is called? The play is stopped The play continues as it normally would The play is stopped and a time out is A re-serve is allowed Answer 1. Indian 2. An English house 3. 1899 4. Five feet 5. underhand 6. A fault 7. Two points 8. Served 9. Baercelona 10. 332 km/h

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Long and narrow Anywhere below your waist In No Serve from your right court across to the left Your opponent gains a point In Reach Mixed double The play continues as it normally would