5/8-1.1a BPAK - A Binary Input/Output Package for the PDP-5 5/8-2.

1a OPAK - An On-Line Debugging Package 5-4 Octal Typeout of Memory Area with Format Option 5-5 Expanded Adding Machine 5/8-7 Decimal to Binary Conversion by Radix 5/8-9 Analysis of Variance - PDP-5/8 5-10 Paper Tape Reader Tester 5/8-14 Dice Game for the PDP-5/8 5/8-15 ATEPO (Auto Test in Elementary Programming and Operation of a PDP-5 Computer) 5/8-18A BIN Tape Disassembly Program for PDP-5/8 5/8-18C Disassembler with Symbol 8-19a DDT-UP Octal-Symbolic Debugging Program 5/8-20 Remote Operated FORTRAN System 5/8-21 Triple Precision Arithmetic Package 5/8-23A PDP-5/8 Oscilloscope Symbol Generator (4x6 Matrix) 5/8-23B PDP-5/8 Oscilloscope Symbol Generator (5x7 Matrix) 5-25 A Pseudo Random Number Generator for the PDP-5 Computer 8-26A Compressed Binary Loader 8-26B.1 BN2CBL and CBL2BN BIN to CBL Format Tape Converter 8-26C Extended Compressed Binary Loader 8-26D XCBL Punch Program 5/8-27 Bootstrap Loader and Absolute Memory Clear 5/8-27a Bootstrap Loader and Absolute Memory Clear 5/8-28a Phoenix Assembler D PAL III Modification 5-30 GENPLOT - General Plotting Subroutine 5-31a FORPLOT 5/8-32a A Program to Relocate and Pack Programs in Binary Forma 5/8-33 Tape to Memory Comparator 5/8-35 BCD to Binary Conversion Subroutine and Binary to BCD Conversion Subroutine (Double Precision) 5D37 Transfer II 5/8-38 FType - Fractional Type 5/8-39 DSdprint, DDtype - Double Precision Signed Decimal Input - Output 5-41 Break Point 5/8-43 Unsigned Octal - Decimal Fraction Conversion 8-44 Modifications to the Fixed Point Output in the PDP-8 Floating Point Package (Digital 8D5DS) 5/8-45 PDP-5/8 Remote and Time Shared II System 8-46b The Utility Program 8-47 ALBIN - a PDP-8 Loader for Relocatable Binary Programs 5/8-48 Modified Binary Loader MK IV 8-49 Relativistic Dynamic 5/8-51 Character Packing and Unpacking Routine 8-52 Tiny Tape Editor 5/8-54 TIC-TAC-TOE Learning Program - T3 5/8-55 PALEX - An On-Line Debugging Program for PDP-5 and PDP-8 Computer 8-56a Fixed Point Trace No. 1 8-57 Fixed Point Trace No. 2 8-58 One-Page DECtape Routine 8-60 Square Root Function by Subtraction Reduction (Uses EAE) 8-61 Improvement to Digital 8-9-F Square Roo 8-64a 4K and 8K DECtape Programming System 8-65 A Programmed Associative Multichannel Analyser 8-66 Editor Modified for DECtape (552 Control) 8-67 PAL Modified for DECtape Input (Uses EAE) 8-68a LABEL Program

5/8-69 LESQ29 and LESQil 8-70 EAE Routines for FORTRAN Operating System (DECD08DCFA3) 8-71 Perpetual Calendar 8-72 Matrix Inversion - Real Number 8-73 Matrix Inversion - Complex Number 8-74 Solution of System of Linear Equations: AX=B, by Inverting Matrix A, then Multiplying the Inverse by Vector B 8-75 Matrix Multiplication - Including Conforming Rectangular Matrice 8-77 PDP-8 Dual Process System 8-78 DIAGNOSE: A Versatile Trace Routine for PDP-8 and EAE 8-79 TIC-TAC-TOE (Trinity College) 8-80 Determination of Real Eigenvalues of a Real Matrix 8-81 A BIN or RIM Format Data or Program Tape Generator 8-82 Library System for 580 Magnetic Tape (Preliminary Version) 5/8-83 A&B Octal Debugging Program (With or without Floating Point) 8-84 One Pass PAL III 8-85 Set Memory Equal to Anything 8-87 XMAP 8-89 XOD - Extended Octal Debugging Program 8-90 Histogram on Teletype Subroutine 8-91 MICRO-8: An On-Line Assembler 8-92 Analysis of Pulse-Height Analyzer Test Data with a Small Computer 8-93 CHEW - Convert Any BCD to Binary, Double Precision 8-94A BLACKJACK 8-94B BLACKJACK "Overlays" 8-95 TRACE for EAE 8-96 J Bessel Function (FORTRAN) 8-97 GOOF 8-98 3D Draw for 338 Display 8-99A Kaleidoscope 8-99B Kaleidoscope D 338 Display 8-100 8-102a 8-103A 8-103B 8-103C 8-103D 8-104 8-105 8-106 8-107 8-108 8-109 8-110 8-111 8-112 8-114a 8-115a 8-117 8-118 8-119 8-120 8-121 8-122A 8-122B 8-123 8-124a Double Precision BCD Arithmetic Package (Incomplte) A LISP Interpreter for the PDP-8 Four Word Floating Point Routines - Functions Package Four Word Floating Point Routines - Rudimentary Calculator Four Word Floating Point Output Controller with Rounding Additional Instructions for use with Four Word Floating Point Package Card Reader Subroutines for the PDP-8 FORTRAN Compiler D-BUG Readable Punch CHESSBOARD Increment Mode Compiler (INCMOD) SEETXT Subroutine Directory Print (DIREC) for the DEC PDP-8 Disk System DISKLOOK Sentence Generator Decimal Output Routine for PDP-8 FORTRAN Double Precision Interpretive Package A PDP-8 Interface for a Charged Particle Nuclear Physics Experiment General Linear Regression Off-Line TIC-TAC-TOE Program for the PDP-8 Computer DISK/DECtape FAILSAFE DECtape Handler SNAP (Simplified Numerical Analysis) Without EAE SNAP (Simplified Numerical Analysis) With EAE UNIDEC Assembler PDP-8 Assembler for IBM 360/SO and above

8-125 5/8-126 8-127 8-128 8-129 8-130A 8-130B 8-131 8-132 8-133 8-134 8-135 8-136 8-137a DECtape 8-141 8-142 8-143 8-144 8-145 8-146 8-147 8-148 8-149 8-15O 8-151 8-152a 8-153 8-154 8-155 8-156 8-157 8-158 8-159 8-160 8-161 8-162 8-166 8-167 8-168 8-169 8-169A 8-169B 8-169C 8-169D 8-169E 8-169F 8-169G 8-169H 8-169I 8-169J 8-169K 8-170 8-171 8-172 5/8-173 5/8-174 8-175

PDP-8 Relocatable Assembler for IBM 360/SO and above Cumulative Gaussian Distribution Curve Fitting XDDT Extended Octal - Symbolic Debugging Program PDP-8 Oscilloscope Display of Mathematical Functions Magnetic Tape Program Library System REBIL8 - Relocating Binary Loader RELCON - Binary to Relocatable Binary Tape Converter SRCD, Software Rapid Character Display STRIP, A Data Display and Analysis Program for the PDP-8, 8/I First Order Kinetics LSO (Least Squares Subroutine) DNHELP, A Directory Assistor Program Fourier Transform Program Programs for Storage, Manipulation and Calculation of Data Using SYSLUK Binary Punch - Extended Memory FFTS-R - A Fast Fourier Transform Subroutine for Real Valued Functions FFTS-C - A Fast Fourier Transform Subroutine for Complex Data Time-of-Flight Analyzer High Speed Executive for the PDP-8, 8/I Incremental Plotter Printout Subroutine Plotter System Core Window PTOD8 High and PTOD8 Low On-Line TIC-TAC-TOE PDP-8 Music Programs Tape/Disk Transfer Programs SWAP HEP HEPTRACE Square Root Patch AXD08 Symbol Generator CINET BASIC FASTLOAD EXPO - A Flexible PDP-8 Data Acquisition Program Demonstration Programs for the PDP-8 Interim Technical Report, The PDPMAP Assembly System CIRCUITS CalComp Plotting Package Physical Oceanography Data Reduction Programs for the PDP-8 Temperature Formatting Pack Thermometer Calibration Thermometer Correction Pressure Curve Fit Final Pass PNUM PLOPRM Distance and Bearing Formatting of Chemistry Department PLOTCO Additions to Floating Point Package FORTRAN Source Conversion Program Real-Time System for Behavioral Science Experiments Octal Systems Edit TIC 5/8 MEDIUM Post Stimulus Interval Histogram for AXD08

8-176 8-177 8-178 8-179 8-180 8-181 8-182 8-183 8-184 8-185 8-186 8-187 8-188 FMHA-8B) 8-189 8-190 8-191 8-192 8-193 8-194 8-195 8-196 8-197 8-198 8-199

PAL CHOP COPY Reverse Assembler EAE Modifications for Binary Disassembler with Symbols Editor and Assembler for 57A Magnetic Tape System (UCRLD50534) Automatic Binary Loader and Duplicator- Coder for Auto Bin Memory Compare The WANG Loader Page Routine Modifications to Symbolic Editor and Symbolic Tape Format Generator EAE FORTRAN Patch for the PDP-8 Keyboard Controlled Binary Punch Extended Memory Patch for 4 Word Float- ing Point Package (DEC-08LKDN: Look into the Directory Name Block PATCH Utility Program Fields T.A.L.C.: Taylor's Algebraic Linear Calculator DISP NMR Simulator POLY BASIC DET - Detect Key Words Overlay for Standard Editor and PAL III Assembler SYSHLP - Monitor Systems Utility Program Accessing Data Arrays and Teletype Text Input/Output

8-200A BOSS 8-200B DECtape BOSS for PDP-8 Computers 8-201 DECSW 8-202 PLOT 8-203 ALPHA 8-204a PATCH - A PDP-8 Binary Paper Tape Patch Program 8-205 MTSAFE 8-206 DUMP 8-207 Cube Root Subroutine 8-208 Evaluating Determinants (from 2-17) 8-209 EditorDWithDView 8-210 A Real-Time Multiple Task Executive Program with Built-In Console Utility Package for PDP-8/S and PDP-8 Computers 8-211 Matrix Manipulation System (MMS) for Real Numbers 8-212b PALH (Modified) 8-213 4K ALGOL 8-214 DECI: A Subroutine to Type Outputs in Decimal 8-215 Hexapawn 8-216 PALDD Patch 8-217A PALR 8-217B PALM 8-217C UTIL 8-218 Interpreter of Constitution of Coding Tables 8-219 LISS 8-220 FRACPT and TRANS 8-221 IFIX/FLOAT 8-222 Disk Memory Retention Test 8-223 Power Spectrum 8-224 PALT: Patch for Improved Text Handling for PAL-D 8-225 CR8/I Overlay for PAL III Assembler 8-226 FAILSAFE for DECtape Library System 8-227 PDP-10/8 D Loader

8-228 A One-Pass Paper Tape Loader for PDP-8 Disk System (OPLOAD) 8-229 Card III Overlay 8-230 Foreground/Background/8 Now 8-231 Data Processing on the PDP-8/S 8-232 TPIO 8-233 An Octal Housekeeping and Debugging Package for PDP-8(PDP-8/I) with EAE and Disk 8-234 SYS/LOAD PUNCH 8-235 Octal Tape Dump for PDP-8/9/10 DECtapes 8-236 System and User Files Read and Punch Program (LEES) 8-237 MADCAP IV, A Multiplex ADC and Analog Plotting Program 8-238 EPRSIM, An Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Simulator 8-239 PAL III/Editor 8K Link Patch 8-240 END 8-241 BUZZTAPE READER/WRITER 8-242 DATAC I 8-243 Amplitude Distribution 8-244 BINSAVE 8-245 Dynamic Octal Disk Debugger 8-246 DF32 Disk Routines 8-247 HELP: A Disk/DECtape Dialogue Program 8-248 SABR - Coded Fast Fourier Transform Subroutine 8-249 Oscilloscope Vector Generator 8-250 Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) 8-251 A System for Production of Problem Sets with Individualized Data 8-252 PEEP- A Directory Search Program 8-253 Disk Dump on Scope 8-254 Vector Algebra Package 8-255 SCED: Scope Editor for the AXO8 8-256 Binary to RIM Format Converter 8-257 UCONN-EAP, Editor-Assembler 8-258 NMRCATD29: A Simplified Signal Averager Program 8-259 Symbolic from Pass 3 8-260 TOFAST - Fast Direct and Inverse Discrete Fourier Transform Routines 8-261 QUBIC 8-262 Character Overflow Change to PDP-8 PAL 3 8-263 XYPLOT - A Versatile Plot Routine for the D/A Converter 8-264 CLOK - AXO8 RC Clock or External Clock Frequency or Period Measurement 8-265 Teletype Parity Conversion Program 8-266 IBM Editor 8-267 DARIC - Data Reduction in Columns 8-268 Miniloader and Miniloader Punch 8-269 Morse Code Trainer 8-270a Disk-DECtape Utility Program 8-271 LIP, LOGICAL "If" Package 8-272 IOPACK - A Message and Number 1-0 Utility Package 8-273 Algonquin Assembler 8-274 Card Reader Patch to Phoenix Assembler 8-275 Grade Compiler 8-276 Core Editor 5-277 ICBM 8-278 Single Length Floating Point Package 8-279 Bar Chart Plotting Subroutine 8-280 General Sorting Program 8-281a Binary Tape Splicer ASR 33/75A 8-282 C528: Paper Tape Conversion 5 Track (SIRIUS) to 8 Track (A.S.C.I.I.) 8-283 A.V.S.C. (Analysis of Variance, Single Classification) 8-284 ASCO - Numerical Sort in Ascending Order

8-285 8-286 8-287 8-288 8-289 8-290 8-291 8-292 8-293 8-294 8-295 8-296 8-297 8-298 8-299

Teletype Input-Output Package Two Patches for Disassembler with Symbols A PDP-8 Program to Provide Teletype Entry into the IBM JET System GRAYCONV (Gray Code to Binary Code Converter) "ULKA" - The Ultimate Kaleidoscope Skinny BIN Loader Tape to Memory Comparator (6-channel) Fast Fourier Transform and Fast Walsh- Fourier Transform Atomic Coordinate Program Lettering Program COMBIN Edit Routine TRACE OCTMON - An Octal Monitor for the PDP-8 Latency Histogram and Calculation

8-300 Noise Generator 8-301 STOR: A Store Instruction for the PDP-8 Disk Monitor 8-302 Overlay Modifications to the Floating- Point System Packages, DEC-08YQYA 8-303 Alterations of the Basic Floating-Point Package and Additional Subroutines 8-304 PseudoDNoise (PDN) Sequence Test 8-305 PAL III Assembler Overlay for Card Reader Input 8-306 LDR - A One Pass Transparent Loader 8-308 PDP-8 Morse Code Sender 8-309 Patches and a Utility Program for LAB-8 8-310 BIN Punch for Extended Memory 8-311 Card to Tape Conversion with Ziagnostics 8-312 DECtape Emulator 8-314 8K FORTRAN Library CR8/I Card Reader Input Routine 8-315 BlockDModify 8-316 CORR (Compute Correlation Matrix) 8-317 EIG (Compute Eigenvalues and Eigen- vectors) 8-318 PART (Partitioning of Treatment Sums of Squares) 8-319 RAND (Computation of Randon Fractions) 8-320 MMMS (Calculation of Minimum, Mean, Maximum and Standard Deviation) 8-321 REGD2 (Curvilinear Regression) REG-4 (Linear Regression) 8-322 CCMP (Correlation of Components) and CVAL (Computes Values of Principal Components) 8-323 CRC (Convert Peak Heights on an Auto- Analyzer Chart to PPM and Percentage) 8-324 TSP - Trend Surface Plotting 8-325 SBSM - Calculation of Duplicate Sub- Samples from Prinary Data 8-326 MLWI - Malawi Land Use Survey Analysis 8-327 CLAN (Cluster Analysis) and GRMN (Calculate Group Means) 8-328 NNAN (Nearest Neighbor Analysis) - OREG (Orthogonalized Regression Analysis) - OREH (Additional Orthogonal Regression Coefficients) 8-329a FOCARL, Version 14 8-330 TSS/8 ALGOL 8-331 Roulette 8-332 The Civil War Game 8-333 8K PALDD Assembler for 4K Disk Monitor System 8-334 KVEDIT 8-335 COLPAC 8-336 DECtape Library System Modifications 8-338 BIN and CBL Loader 8-339A PST (Post Stimulus Time) and Latency Histogram for the LAB-8

8-339B Time Interval Histogram Program 8-340 The Auto and Cross-Correlation Program for the LAB-8 8-341 LISP-8 8-342 STAP-8; Spike Train Analysis Program 8-343 Radial Interface Including Interrupt Mask for the PDP-8 or LINC-8 8-344 Toledo Extended Memory Binary Punch 8-345 EDITDPAL 8-346 Pollution Game 8-347 DUBAVO 8-348 Mini Binary Punch 8-349 Octal Debugging Technique with View 8-350 Wilcoxon-White Two Sample Rank Test 8-351 ComBIN Loader 8-352 Parity Hi-Lo Loader 8-353 Disk Monitor Patch for BLACKJACK 8-354 Pass 3 ASR 33 Format Overlay 8-355 PAL III.75 8-356 Page Printer 8-357 ISOMER - Interactive Study of Organic Molecules by Educational Reinforcement 8-358 Card Reader Patch 8-359 Hi-Q Game Playing Program 8-360 ASCII to Friden (EIA) 8-361 Game of Chance 8-362 IOFMAG 8-363 DATOUT: A Simple Routine for Printing Sequential Data as an Array 8-364 Extended Memory Patch to the 3-Word Floating Point Arithmetic Interpreter 8-365 CARD 8-366 Modified Readable Punch 8-367 Digital 8D12DU Modified 8-368 Tri-Data CartriFile PAL III Assembler 8-369 Tri-Data CartriFile DEC Editor 8-370A&B FBUILD/DISK 8-371 Teletype Control of ND 50/50 Memory Unit (TYPED) 8-372 ML Editor (Machine Language Editor) 8-373 LISP Disk Array 8-374 Binary or RIM Consolidator 8-375A 3 Page Floating Point Package 8-375B 3 Page Floating Point Package with Floating Output 8-376A Field 1 Symbol Table Storage for PALD 8-376B PALD 8-377 One Pass Assembler 8-378 Map Directory Information on KV8/I 8-379a Double Precision and Floating Point Interchanger 8-380 WATSNU 8-381 Cardreader Subroutine for Disk Editor 8-382 Readable High Speed Punch Copier 8-383A Scan and Analysis Program 8-383B Core Display Program 8-383C Drawing Applications Program 8-384 BLOK 8-385 Mixed ASCII Formatting and Outputting Technique 8-386 Multiple Field Loader 8-387 Grade Point Correlation 8-388 CALENDAR 8-389 Mini-Monitor, A Secondary Disk Monitor for the PDP-8 8-390 PALEDCO (PAL Assembler and Editor Combined)

8-391a 8-392 8-393 8-394 8-395 8-396 8-397 8-398 8-399 8-400a 8-401 8-402 8-403 8-404 8-405 8-406 8-407 8-408 8-409 8-410 8-411 8-412 8-413 8-414 8-415 8-416b 8-417 8-418A&B 8-419 8-420 8-421 8-422 8-423 8-424 8-425 8-426 8-428A 8-428B 8-429 8-430 8-431 8-432 8-433 8-434.1 8-434.2 8-434.3 8-434.4 8-434.5 8-434.6 8-434.7 8-435 8-436 8-437 8-438 8-439 8-440 8-441

7 or 9-Track MTA for PS-8 with TC58/TU20 Vector-8 Queing TC01/TU55 DECtape Routines BASIC Space War MTSD6/70 (Millisecond Time Sharing System) 8K Editor IMAGE 8K FORTRAN Bit Manipulation Subroutines Execute Slow Dice Game and TIC-TAC-TOE Resequence Stereo - A 2 Channel Music Program Octal MEM Dump - Extended Memory SOOT STATPAC Revisions for PDP-8/I and TSS/8 Patch to Editor (DISK) DEC-D8-ESAD-PB Disk Utility Program Card Loader Pseudo-Random Number Generator, EAE Version Mongoose Display System MRS X GROPE III/A and BINLOC LIST Multiple Unit DECtape Copier Bibliographical Handling XCORE VEKSEL and PAPT Nmr-Pulse for the Lab-8/I LOGSIMD8 Chain Load Binary Punch - Extended Memory II Disk Editor with View for LAB-8 Morse Code BlockDModify for PS/8 Prime Number Generator EAE - Modification to DECUS NO. 8-143, FFTS-R EAE - Modification to DECUS NO. 8-144, FFTS-C Intercorrelation 37 DECK: A Random Deck of Cards 8/I LAB Data System Triple Precision Integer Package Extensions to "LIBRA-FOCAL" SCAN STD COW TIC TAB HIST TUNE RECOVER EAE - Simulator Computer Dating Game DFD32/Sykes Swap MOVE PIPL DELETE

8-442 "The BYU Boob Tube" 8-443 Keyboard Test Tape for Hot metal Linecaster with TTS 8-444 COREMAP 8-445 FYLHLP - P5/8 File Utility Program 8-446 A Patch to FFTS-R for Use Without the EAE 8-447 Roots of a Polynomial by Muller's Method 8-448 CORDMP - Formatted Octal Dump 8-449A A Magtape Handler for the PDP-8/TU2O 8-449B LPTQUE - A PT08 to A. B. Dick Line DECtape; Printer Utility Program (DECsystem-l0 Format) 8-449C TALK10 - A PDP-8/PDP-l0 Utility-Loader 8-449D Buffered I/O Subroutines for the PDP-8 8-450 PS/8 Editor With Display for KV8/I (Overlay) 8-451 PS/8 Handler for KV/8 Vector Display 8-452 ANSAM (Analog Sampling) 8-453 Rapid Alert Program (RAP) 8-454 Radio Teletype to ASCII 8-455 CRTPAC 8-456A PIP "AH" 8-456B BUILD "AH" 8-457 DTFIX 8-458 VW - Field Independent I/O Handler for Disk and TTY 8-459 TAYEX - Taylor Expansion Equation Solver 8-460 TT89 - Tape Transfer PDP-8 to PDP-9 8-461 COPY10 - PDP-lO DECtape Program for the PDP-8 8-462 INSTIN 8-463 Perpetual Calendar (BASIC Version) 8-464b MTA: TR02 Magnetic Tape Handler 8-465 The SKED Software System 8-466A RL Monitor System (WCFMPG Version) P?SD08D1. lA 8-466B RL Monitor Subsystems - P?SD08-1.lB 8-466C Listing Utility Programs - P?S-08-l.1C 8-466D RL Monitor System Utilities P?SD08D1. lD 8-466E DECtape Utility Programs - P?S-08-1.1E 8-466F PAL III Modified for RL Monitor 8-466G POLY SNOBOL - P?S-08-l.lG 8-466H POLY LISP D P?SD08Dl.1H 8-466I FOCAL Modified for RL Monitor 8-466U0 Sources and systems for all the above programs, on an RL Monitor System DECtape, may be ordered under this number 8-467a BINREAD (Revised Version) 8-468 DIPDUB, A Dual-Independent Parameter, Double-Precision Pulse-Height Analysi 8-469 Top Secret 8-470 ODTD11 (high) Modified 8-471 Verify Paper Tape (12K) 8-472 PS8IN, PS8OUT 8-473 Three Utility Routines for PS/8 8-474 EXIT PS/8 8-475 PIPQ 8-477 RIBIER - A Program for the PDP-8/I Enabling the Transition from the PS/8 System to the Paper Tape System 8-479 PDP-8/E Instruction Simulators for other PDP-8s 8-480a Two Subroutines for 8K FORTRAN 8-481a MERGE 8-482 Patch to High ODT (DEC-08-COC2-PB) 8-483 GRFIT, A Simple Least Squares Routine 8-484 RESTore for the RK08

8-485 8-486 8-487 8-488 8-489 8-490 8-491 8-492 8-493 8-494 8-495 8-496 8-497A 8-497B 8-498 8-499

Geometric Data Truncation for Fourier Transform Programs SEGAR 7: A Seven Segment Array for Alphanumeric Character Generation Revised Octal Memory Dump NEWPAGE SUBSET, Integer Compiler and Operating System Tape Alteration Program Indexed Floating Point Math Subroutines for PDP-8/E BINLOAD, BINTAPE and SEARCH Line to Block Conversion Translate Arabic Into Roman Numerals CORRELATION ANALYSIS UTR7: A 7-track Magnetic Tape Reading Utility 8BAL - PDP-8 Macro Language 8BAL Source Documentation Unencoded Incremental Plotter Subroutine High-Speed Reader Patch for Lo-Speed Macro-8

8-500 DUMP8 8-501 Galactic Coordinates 8-502 Interrupt Duplicator for Binary Object Tapes 8-503 MACRO-8X: 8K Extended MACRO-8 Assembler 8-504A ESI (Engineering and Scientific Interpreter) 8-504B ESIX - Extended ESI 8-504C ESI Demonstration Programs 8-505 BIN - CBL Extended Memory Loader 8-506 Load Areas 8-507 EEPP (Editor Even Parity Punch) 8-508a TSUTIL - A Utility-Diagnostic Program for TSS 8 8-509 INTERRUPT - TEST 8-510 P8COR - Overlay for 8K PAL-D Assembler for 4K Disk Monitor System (DECUS NO. 8-333) 8-511 FPAK-4 Interrupting Floating Point PACKAGE 8-512a Modified Binary Loader 8-513 DEBUG 8 8-514 Alpha-Numeric Display Program 8-515 Program to Mate PAL III With Symbolic Editor 8-516 Self Starting PS/8 Loader 8-517 Bowling League Results, Standings and Averages Program 8-518 PS/8 FORTRAN Alphabetical Sort 8-519 MACRO-8 Pass 3 Output Format Patch 8-520 PEST/WALD/PINIT: Adaptive Psychophysics Testing Package 8-521 A Clock 8-522 PAGEIT 8-523 MDT - A Mini Debugging Technique 8-524 GRNDYE 1970 - A Program to Estimate Cardiac Output Off-Line from an Indicator Dilution Curve 8-525 DAFFT/PAFFT/DAQUAN (EAE) 8-526 PROCOL 10/71 8-527 XDDT8E 8-528 TIC-TAC-TOE: Modifications to TIC 5/8, DECUS NO. 8-173 8-529 OSCAR: An Operating System for Computerized Animal Research 8-530 8BALIB - 8BAL Macro Library Generator 8-531A&B TRIPLE - 36 Bit PDP-8/E Simulator and `TRIPLE' 8BAL Macros 8-532 OPDDT (One Page DDT) 8-533 "WHERE" 8-534 DUAL BINARY LOADER 8-535 BINARY PUNCH FOR PDP-8/E with 2 TTY's (or with high speed punch) 8-536 Advanced Averager Improvement

8-537 8-538 8-539 8-540A 8-54GB 8-541 8-542 8-543 8-544 8-545 8-546 8-547 8-548 8-549 8-550 8-551 8-552 8-553 8-554 8-555 8-556 8-557 8-558 8-559 Signals 8-560 8-561 8-562 8-563 8-564 8-565 8-566 8-567 8-568 8-569 8-570 8-571 8-572 8-573 8-574 8-575 8-576 8-577a 8-578 8-579 8-580 8-582 8-583 8-584 8-586 8-587 8-588 8-589a 8-590 8-591 8-592 8-593 8-594

Talking Eights Integer IOH for FORTRAN Library TD8E 4K Loader BRAILLE-8 BPRINT Cassette Utility Program and PALC Radioactive Decay TS8REV - Reverse Assembler for TSS/8 CHECK and CHANGE-D PIF (Program Interrupt Facility for 3 TTY's DETEF - DECtape File-Handling System Advanced Averager Program (Rotterdam Version) Links to Page Routine Polynomial Least Squares Fit Modified Matrix Inversion - Real Numbers COMBO Storage Display Device Handler Big Brother II ANOVA and DUNCAN MULTC Multiple Correlation Program CHISQ Chi Square Program CLUSTR Cluster Analysis Program CORREL Correlation Program and PCOMP- VARMX Factor Analysis Program CUBIC - A Digital Program for On-Line Differentiation of Sample Analog SAMDi Revised HELP Loader for High-Speed Reader and New BIN Loader DISORT TAPE A Statistical System in PS/8 RENUM - Renumbering Program for BASIC Tapes PARTL EXPO CFI - Continued Fraction Inversion FLIT Assembler BIN4SV INPUT, OS/8 Version Combination Lettering and Duplicator - Coder Program EDITS - A PS/8 Editor for Non-storage Scope Display TD8E System Handler for 8K PS/8 EAE Overlay for Four-Word Floating Point Package Multiply LOCAL PAL8: LPAL8.SV Paper Tape Duplicator (P.D.T.) Chromaticity Diagram LISTIT Decimal to Floating Point Conversion Random Number Generator Adapted for 8K FORTRAN/SABR BASOVR - 8K BASIC Overlay for PDP-8/S PRECIS, A Program to Scan a Binary Tape XDIREC, OS/8-PS/8 Selective Directory Listing FORTRAN-D 4K Overlayings to Chain Programs PEEK, A User Program to Look at the TSS/8 Monitor BOOTST, Universal OS/8 (PS/8) Bootstrap Matrix Inversion Pulmonary Resistance Printer Test Program Tri-Data Paper Tape PAL III Assembler FP8 - Floating Point Arithmetic Software for DEC PDP-8 Series

Computers 8-595 UPDATE, A Program to Make Corrections to a File Containing Records of Variable Length 8-596 Multilength Routines 8-597 N.I.H. OS/8 Package 8-598 CRT: An OS/8 Handler for Tektronix 611 Storage Scope 8-599 DIBILD.; Directory Rebuilder for PS/8 or OS/8 8-600c EXPIP (Extensions PIP) 8-601 OASIS 8-602A&B The PDP-8 Cookbook, Volume 1 & 2 8-603 PATPST: Patch for DEC-LAB-8/E Post- Stimulus-Time-Histogram Program 8-604 'GET' Command for the Disk/DECtape Monitor System 8-605 ADUMP8 8-606b PIPli 8-607 CALCUl 8-608 FUTIL - OS/8 File Utility 8-609 OCOMP - Octal Compare and Dump DECtape; Includes FOCAL8-269 8-610 INVENT-8 8-611 SLED - Source and Listing Editor 8-612 ELAN - Elementary Linguistic Analysis 8-613 Interconversion Between A/D Floating Point and D/A Formats 8-614 Clock Calibration 8-615 EAE Multiplication for BK FORTRAN 8-616 Octal Character Equivalent 8-617 V. A. PKS.-1 and V. A. PKS.-2 Real Time G. C. Data Integrator and G. C. Data Manipulator 8-618 Two OS/8 Device Handlers for the 57A Magnetic Tape Control 8-619 FORTRAN-Callable Scope Subroutines for the KV8/VT01 Graphic System 8-620 The PHA-B Data Acquisition System 8-620A SINGS D Single Parameter, Single Precision 1024 Channel, PHA Data Acquisition 8-620B SINGDP - Single Parameter, Double Precision 1024 Channel, PHA Data Acquisition and Display 8-620C PK8L - 1024 Channel Off-Line Peak Location and Listing 8-620D SING8K - Single Parameter, Precision and One-Half, 4096 Channel, PHA Data Acquisition and Display 8-620E PK8K - 4096 Channel Off-Line Peak Location and Listing 8-621 Gray Code Conversion Package 8-622 KV8/I - VTO1 Device Handler 8-623 PAGER 8-624 DUMP and LOAD, TSS/8 8-625 Floating Integer Function for use with BK FORTRAN 8-626 Automated Electrooculography 8-627 TEXPAK - Program to Convert a Line of Text to Packed Octal Forma 8-628 LISP 1.5 Interpreter for PDP-8 with OS/8 (PS/B) 8-629 Graphing Subroutines for BK FORTRAN Program 8-630 Pulmonary Function Laboratory Program 8-630A (Spirometry Only) 8-630B 8K Paper Tape System 8-630C (For non-ROM systems request binary paper tape loader in addition to DTA) 8-630D BK TC08/TU56 8-630E (Contains binaries and sources for 4K and BK paper tape systems) 8-631 MINT - Multiple Precision Integer Arithmetic Subroutine 8-632 RWDF32 8-633 MACB, BK MACRO ASSEMBLER 8-634 MOVE

8-635 PAL12D 8-636 BEST - Binary to Symbolic Traductor 8-637 A Flexible Data Buffer Display Routine for LAB-8 Systems 8-638 GEOMAS 8-639 OS/8 DISASM 8-640 OS/8 EDIT PLUS 8-641 OS/8 FORMAT 8-642 AUTOCO - Autocorrelation for Poor People (Without EAE) 8-643 LIFE 8-644 MINMON - TD8E DECtape Minimonitor 8-645 Interfacing the PDP-8 to the Printec-100 Line Printer 8-646 DECsystemD8 8-647 FULMIX - Complete Permutation Program 8-648 LOGMIN - Logic Minimization Program 8-649 QPIP - OS/8 Directory Editing Program 8-650 AMIPED- Automated Medical Interview With Pediatric Data Files 8-651 SOLMT (Sort Overlay Listings Using Magnetic Tape) 8-652 Regression Analysis Package (Test Tapes Included) 8-653 MTAPER - BK Magtape Monitor (TR05-A Interface) and BK FORTRAN I/O 8-654 Cabrillo Test Grader 8-655 Patches to CINET-BASIC (DECUS NO. 8-159) 8-656 SELFDRILL - The Sloan Selfdrill Program 8-657A INPUT, A Neurophysiological Data Collecting Program 8-657B DSKFIL, A File Structured Disk Writing Routine and Helpers 8-657C TR, Binary to ASCII Translator 8-658 Extended Double Precision Interpretive Package 8-659 VTO5 8-660 STAT 8-661 LESQ, General Non-Linear Least Squares 8-662 UNDEFSYBLIST - Undefined Symbol List 8-663 REPROD - Read, Punch and Verify Product 8-664 FREQHS - A Subroutine to Generate a Frequency Histogram from Stored Interval Measurements 8-665 INTVAL - A Subroutine to Measure Inter- Event Intervals 8-666 NORDER - A Subroutine to Generate nth Order Histograms from InterEvent Intervals 8-667 LABLDP - A TSS/8 Tape Labeling Program 8-668 RAW - A Reverse Assembler of Windsor 8-669 BIOLSD - Antibiotic Assay Using Latin Square Design 8-670 Basic Plotting Package for OS/8 FORTRAN IV 8-671 Restoring Symbolprin 8-672 XCBL and XBIN Loader 8-673 Random Number Generators for Use With FORTRAN or SABR Programs 8-674 External - Or RC - Clock (AXOB) Calibration 8-675 INDUMP - Input Dump 8-676 MOVE DELETE 8-677 STAR PIP 8-678 Routine to Expand and Modify the DEC Floating-Point Package 8-679 MAPPER 8-680 WLSHTR - A Fast Walsh Transform Subroutine for Real Valued Functions 8-681 CASE - Carleton Symbolic Editor 8-682 SCPSYS (Scope System) 8-683 BNLOAD, TSS/8 Binary Loader 8-684 Injection Patcher - IJPA 8-685 DPSQRT - Double Precision Square Root for PDP-8 8-686 Bowling League Results, Standings and Averages 8-687 GOLF 8-688 FOOTBALL

8-689 UFDSPY - A TSS/8 Line-Printer UFD Dump Program 8-690 RANDU 8-691 ACCK Timeshare Accounting System (DECtape available from author) 8-692 OLEVX and OLEVAX, 4-Channel Averager and Analysis System 8-693 A Programmed Learning Course in Boolean Algebra 8-694 Teletype Line Printer Emulator Handler for OS/8 8-695 Real Time Display Processor for a KV8 Graphic System and KWB Clock 8-696 DECTYP, One-Word Signed Decimal Print 8-697 DDTSS8, DECtape Dump for Time Shared System 8 (TSS/8 - Edusystem50) 8-698 TEKLIB, A Series of OS/8 FORTRAN II Callable Subroutines for the Tektronix 4010 8-699 MPS External Event Common Routine 8-700 8-701 8-702 8-703 8-704 8-705 8-706 8-707 8-708 8-709 8-710 8-711 8-712 Transform 8-713 8-714 8-715 8-716 8-717 8-718 8-719 8-720 8-721 8-722 8-723 8-724 8-725 8-726 8-727 8-728 8-729 8-730 8-731 8-732 8-733A 8-733B 8-734 8-735 8-736 8-737A 8-737B 8-737C 8-738 8-739 8-740 JET AMBUSH TEXT: Readable Punch Handler for OS/8 COGOD8 AMORT: Incremental Amortization Schedule ANOV1: Analysis of Variance, Unequal ARNORM: Area Under Normal Curve BITSET CRSTAB: Cross Tabulation Program EMLP: Emory Linear Programming Package FINCA: A Computer Program for Financial Statement Analysis MULTS: Multiple Regression Program Microprocessor Cross Reference Program for OS/8 IRSPEC: Calculation "On-Line" of Far Infrared Spectra by Fourier FORTRAN Plotting Subroutines PDPLST: PDP-8 IBM 360/370 Cross Listing Program F4 GRAPHICS Exponential Functions F4EAE - EAE OVERLAY FOR FRTS NSD - Nominal Standard Dose OS/8 Software for a TC58 Magtape Control LSTDMP: Binary Tape Dump/Lister LISP-8K Mini-Copy Function Comp.FT Computer Catalog System The Pipe Stress Problem on a PDP-B/F An OS/8 Handler for the Varian Statos 21 Line Printer Disassembler MEND DS340 DEMO Package CORVU: A Display and Teletype Input/ Output Program MEMO IV BAVIRF - A Virtual File UDEF for OS/8 BASIC PDP-8/E RJE System (IBM 2780 Emulator) Software Support Manual for PDP-8/E RJE System Microprocessor Language Assembler for OS/8 DSP8: Diagnostic Support Package for the PDP-8 Paper Tape Reader-Printer Four Word Floating Point Package for MPS Four Word Floating Point Functions for MPS Rudimentary Calculator for MPS Four Word Floating Point Routines The Business Management Laboratory COPY.PA Theorem Prover for the Propositional Calculus

8-741 SD8SY and SD8X - Two Handlers for the TD8E Simple DECtape 8-742 CLOCK - A Real-Time Clock/Calendar Routine 8-743a FILFIX - TSS/8 File Structure Repairing and Restructuring Program 8-744 TSTCDR - TSS/8 Card Reader Diagnostic 8-745 LEP, Linear, Exponential and Power Function Curve Fit 8-746 Device Handler for Tektronix 611 Storage Scope 8-747 STAGE2 MACRO Processor 8-748 SM04 - OS/8 to Disk-Monitor ASCII File Converter 8-749 UFAX08 - A LAB-8 (AX08) Set of User-Defined Functions for OS/8 BASIC 8-750 Paper Tape Display 8-751 FORTRAN IV for OS/8 FORTRAN II Users 8-752 MIG8E2 - Monitor of Interruptions Which Are Generated by the PDP-8/E Peripherals 8-753 OS/8 System Output Handlers 8-754 NUMBER and REDATE - OS/8 File Utility tape 8-755 OCTYPE - Octal Memory Dump 8-756 ASCON - ASCII File Converter 8-757 OS/8 Utility Package 8-758 Super Hardware Bootstrap Code for the TC08/TC01 on a MI8E 8-759 USLIBA D FORTRAN II Subroutines for Binary Data Transfer 8-760 FASTAD - User Oriented Data Collection on One A/DC Channel 8-761 WDATA - Subroutine to Write Absolute Binary Data on SYS-Device 8-762 TTYIO - I/O Routines for Teletype or Similar Terminal 8-763 KL8TST - KL8/E, KL8/J Diagnostic 8-764 LIST 8-765 DUMPOS D Dumps OS/8 ASCII File 8-766 SIMBA - A PDP-8/E Oscilloscope Symbol Generator 8-767 Critical Path Method of Scheduling 8-768 EDAS D Editing and Assembling System 8-769 SELFDR - The Selfdrill Program, BK Version 8-770 MOSS - 4K TD8E DECtape System 8-771 PRGSCH - TSS/8 Program Searcher 8-772 OS/8 Compatible VC8-E Handler for Mass Storage Systems 8-773 Graphics Package for the Tektronix 4010 Under OS/8 8-774 Simple ASCII Editor and Tape Reproducer 8-775 COPIER 8-776 BNPF Format Paper Tape Loader for MPS 8-777 PDP8ASM, Version 3.01 8-778 PFCF - Polynomial Function Curve Fitting 8-779 TC58.PA - OS/8 Version III Device Handler for TC58 Magtape 8-780 SPLIT and SPLICE 8-781 DOCRLN - A Subroutine to Calculate Polarity- Quantized Autocorrelograms 8-782 DEVHND - Device Handler for Storage Scope Using AXOB (LAB-8) as Controller 8-783 EDITV - Edit-With-View on AXO8 (LAB-8) for OS/8 Editor Version III 8-784 TSS/8 TTRACE and TSS/8 LTRACE 8-785 GPATCH 8-786 TSS/8 FORMAT 8-787 LISZ - An Extended ISZ Instruction for the PDP-8/L 8-788 Using the RAR RAL Micro-Instruction as an Auxiliary Command 8-789 RKCOPY 8-790 CHRDIS - Display Alphanumeric Characters on ND-SO/SO System 8-791 DELAY 8-792 PROVE-8, V.03 8-793 RANF - A Pseudo-Random Number Generator for OS/8 FORTRAN IV 8-794 IFAC - A FORTRAN Program for Parameter Estimation 8-795 RINROT - A Roll-in, Roll-out Program

8-796 8-797 8-798 8-799 8-800 8-801 8-802 8-803 8-804 8-804.1 8-804.2 8-804.3 8-804.4 8-805 8-806 8-807 8-808 System 8-809 8-810 8-811 8-812 8-813 8-814 8-815 8-816 Incremental 8-817 8-818 8-819 8-820 8-821 8-822 8-823 8-824 8-825 8-826 8-827 8-828 8-829 8-830 8-831 8-832 8-833 8-834 8-835 8-836 8-837 8-838a 8-838b 8-838c 8-839 8-840 8-841 8-842 8-843 8-844

Five Word Floating Point Package for PDP-8 LSPCF OS/8 to RSTS Interface Dose Calculation of Irregular Fields Heat Loss Calculation MORSE - Morse Code Coder and Decoder SSP: Scientific Subroutine Package FOLMAT MUSIC: PDP-8 Music Playing Program The Entertainer Love Will Keep Us Together, other Minute Waltz Bach, Invention PTRP.PA: RTS Handler Task for High Speed Paper Tape Reader and Punch SAC8: Simulation of An Analogue Computer UTILITY Routine and Patches for the FORTRAN Compiler Probability Density Functions of Analogue Signals with the LAB-8 FFT or IFFT of an Analogue Signal with the LAB-8 System PING: Ping-Pong Game on Display DYNOD: Dynamic Octal Debugger CASINO: Sykes Cassette Input/Outpu DIGFIL: Recursive Digital Filter PROCES: An Image Processing Program for the PDP-8/E BINPUN: OS/8 Binary Punch from Core Image File PLOT, KPLOT: FORTRAN Callable Plotting Subroutines for Scope and Plotter LABCOL I: Laboratory Control and Automation Language SYKBOOT PAL8X2 WIPE: TSS/8 User Directory Cleaner SPASTIC IV CHEKMO II: Chess Playing Program DDTG: Real Time Picture Processor Monitor Debugger LABL: Legible Leader Handler for OS/8 ALPHA, CCL4OA, MARK12 Program System to Analyze Analogue Signals with the LAB-8 System DDCMP FORTRAN-IV Routine Improved Mini Debugging Technique CASTOR, Sykes Cassette Editor BLKPIP: OS/8 Transfer Program for Files and Block IPSLAV: Slave Program for the DB8E Interprocessor Buffer Handler VT50 CURSOR MOVE LIB8X OSLF BUGRM QUICKPOINT-8 Part Program Compiler and Standard Post Processor TSLIB2: Tektronix 4010 Graphing & Character Generation Subroutine TSLIB4: Tektronix 4010 Graphing & Character Generation Subroutine TK4LIB: OS/8 FORTRAN IV Callable Routines for the Tektronix 4010 PALLUX, Sykes Cassette PAL III Assembler COCAS, Sykes Copy Cassette CHRFSB: FORTRAN IV ASCII Character Subroutine DIRECT - OS/8 Directory Listing Program SDBOOT: A Short Bootstrap for a non-OS/8 Sykes 7100 Floppy Disk System OS/8 FORTRAN IV Listings Without Recompiling

8-845 VIRCOP: OS/8 System Creation and File Copy Utility Program 8-846 SYK2PH: Two Page, 16-Bit Packing OS/8 System and Auxiliary Handlers for the Sykes 7100 and Floppy Disk 8-847 A VC8E 'TV' HANDLER FOR A STORAGE SCOPE 8-848 LPTSPL-A Lineprinter Spooler for the OS/8 "PRINT" CUSP 8-849 MAGlO PDP8/e File Based MAGtape Utility 8-850 USR.RA User Service Routine (USR) for FORTRAN IV 8-851 GOB-General On-Line-Operating-System For the PDP8 Series Computer 8-852 A Package of FORTRAN II Subroutine 8-853 SSP: Scientific Subroutine Package 8-854 Part 1. LOG - Log and Disk Partition Assignment Program Part 2. KBLD Build Program to Convert OS/8 to use a KV8 Display 8-859 INFPAK 8-861 BASIC User-defined functions and a multi-channel data acqusisition and control system for mass spectrometers 8-865 SNOBOL-8.2 Demonstration Programs 8-869 OS/8 Magtape Handler 8-870 Interupt Bus Testing Program 8-871 U: A program to type out CCL Recollectioms (also as 12-210) 8-873 RSMON: RSTS terminal monitor on a PDP-8 8-874 Serial I/O handler for interprocessor communications 8-876 OS/8 System device handler for the Sykes 7520 Floppy Disk 8-878 GAME: VT-52 or VT-78 Pattern Game 8-879 MTFOTP: Mag-Tape-File-Oriented-Transfer-Program and TM8EZ 8-881 COS 310 Compatible Floppy Disk Handler for OS/8 8-884 CHISQR 8-886 ADC: A general purpose Analog to Digital Conversion System 8-887 FUTCCL: CCL Modififcation 8-888 TKPLOT: Graphic Display on a Tektronix 4010 Terminal 8-889 ADVENTURE 8-890 LPTSPL: OS/8 "PRINT" Utility Package 8-891 Big Floppy Handlers 8-893 UTIL10: DECsystem-10 Communication and Utility Package 8-894 Improved OS/8 LQP Handler 8-895 NUMBER: FORTRAN IV Plotter Routine 8-896 RESEQ.PA 8-897 EDUSYSTEM-23 Basic Patch - ODT patch to EDU25 8-898 DR8E Overlay for RT BASIC 8-900 SABX: SABR Assembler Modification 8-901 AXIS 8-902 INFSTAT 8-903 RF08 Simulation on RK8E 8-904 Line Printer Patch to use with FOCAL 8-905 DEC-10 System Controller 8-906 Background Plotting for FORTRAN IV 8-907 T.I. Silent 700 ASR Terminal/Cassette Device Handler 8-908 TELCOM: Telecommunications/Teleprocessing Program 8-909 Spearman Rank Correlation Cofficient with Ties 8-910 VT520LA36 Device Handler for OS/8 8-911 TD8E Handler for RTS-8 8-912 RKREAD/RKDUP: RK8E Utilites 8-913 TECO-8 8-914 "UFCLK" BASIC User Function Package