aces Kick-off, September 2012 Laško, Slovenia

Workshop: „Be an actor against violence”
Date, Time: Thursday, 27.09.2012, 9:45 – 12:45 and 14:15 – 17:15 (including 30’ break)

Trainer: Laura de Witte, Cooperative Mandacaru, Portugal

Workshop content/theme Learning the methodology of the “Theatre of the Oppressed” in order to combine it with the topics of violence and media

Aims Doing some exercises and games and learning about good practice- examples regarding the “Theatre of the Oppressed” Discussing this particular methodology and alternative approaches to the topic of violence and media

Method(s)/Approach “Theatre of the Oppressed is an aesthetic method that aims the transformation of the reality, created by Brazilian playwright Augusto Boal. It stimulates the critical observation and the representation of the reality, envisioning the production of consciousness and concrete actions. This theatre method is proposing the elimination of the barrier between the stage and the audience to establish a free transit between the artists and the spectators, which are invited to act as subjects and producers of culture and knowledge and to discuss concrete proposals in a playful and democratic space.” (Kuringa,, accessed on 22.10.2012) The workshop gave the participants the chance to express themselves by using theatre language and discussing the topic of violence and media in order to find new points of view, alternative approaches and possible solutions. 1 – Warm up 2 – Games for body expression 3 – Games for concentration 4 – Games for imagination 5 – Games for approaching the notion of power 6 – Image theatre 7 – Forum based on real stories chosen by participants The games were illustrated with examples and all in the group could react and discuss them at any time. The examples were mostly about manipulation through the media and their impact or the lack of ethics in general, especially regarding young people or specific minorities groups (muslims, romas, immigrants...)

Basic notions on Forum Theatre and Image Theatre FORUM-THEATRE “Music is the organization of sound in time; plastic arts, the organization of colors and lines in the space; theatre, the organization of human actions in time and space. Theatre is a representation and not a reproduction of social reality. FORUM-THEATRE presents a scene or a play that must necessarily show a situation of oppression that the Protagonist does not know how to fight against, and fails. The spect-actors are invited to replace this Protagonist, and act out - on stage and not from the audience - all possible solutions, ideas, strategies. The other actors improvise the reactions of their characters facing each new intervention, so as to allow a sincere analysis of

sounds that we sculpt in the air.2012) IMAGE-THEATRE “Words are emptinesses that fill the emptiness (vacuum) that exists between one human being and another.Space for research. ideas and feelings. 2004. showing how theatre can be used to transform and liberate everyone .theatreoftheoppressed. resource material or links Essential book: “Games for Actors and Non Actors” by Augusto Boal Synopsis "Games for Actors and Non-Actors" was written by the founder of "Theatre of the Oppressed". Slovenia the real possibilities of using those suggestions in real life.theatreoftheoppressed. http://www. Words are lines that we carve in the a collection of photographs taken during Boal's workshops. We know the meaning of the word we Kuringa . 2004. dedicated to the creative multiplication of the method – Workshops in Europe http://www. It sets out the principles and practice of Boal's revolutionary method. accessed on 24.ctorio.theatreoftheoppressed. because we fill it with our desires.10. and exercises.php?nodeID=151. accessed on 24. techniques. and is a genuinely inspiring work by the world-famous author of Theatre of the Oppressed.” (Augusto Boal. This updated and substantially revised second edition includes: two new essays by Boal on major recent projects in Brazil. All spect-actors have the same right to intervene and play their ideas. http://www.aces Kick-off.2012) Further Games for Actors and Non-Actors is a valuable handbook of methods.” (International Theatre of the Oppressed Organisation.rehearse for real life: make the fictional real. and new reflections on "Forum Theatre". games.” (Augusto Boal. September 2012 Laš Centro de Teatro do Oprimido de Rio de Janeiro http://www. Augusto Boal. (in Portuguese language) .10. It is designed to help anyone . and not through words alone. accessed on 24. commissioned for this And also from Augusto Boal: “Rainbow of Desire” “Theatre of the Oppressed” “Legislative Theatre” The aesthetics of the oppressed More information and resources International Theatre of the Oppressed Organisation – Contacts of Theatre of the Oppressed groups from all continents http://www. FORUM-THEATRE is a collective rehearsal for reality.php?nodeID=78. sources. but we don’t know how that word is going to be heard by each listener. a revised introduction and translator's preface. IMAGE THEATRE is a series of Techniques that allow people to communicate through Images and Spaces. Boal's description of his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company.whether actor on non-actor .org.actors and non-actors alike. production and qualification on Theatre of the Oppressed.

The feedback was very positive in general. 2h30 to create a dynamic that allows people to feel comfortable to act is not enough at all. the methodology has been touched very superficially. . Slovenia Questions for workshop reflection Students: Do you like to have power? Why/ why not? Teachers: Do you like to have power? Why/ Why not? Impressions. September 2012 Laško. Outcomes of the workshop The mixed group with students and teachers has been a positive experience. enlarging the debate and giving diverse and very different perspectives on the same issue. The main problem was the time. Even if the workshop was appreciated.aces Kick-off. In fact. the two groups were participative and some participants came twice in the morning and afternoon.