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@ ----------- @ ========================= King of Dragon Pass FAQ ========================= @ ----------- @ PC Strategy game Windows-version by A Sharp Release Date 11 Oct

1999 Latest revision: 7 Feb 2003 by Bruce Hollebone @May Issaries ensure the Value of this FAQ and Lhankor Mhy vouch for its Truth. Best viewed in 800x600 desktop-resolution, using Notepad without needing word-wrap. Updated formatting.. all manually spaced, done with barbaric brutal efficiency. Less than 79 characters per line guideline, oh please don't messed it up again. Interactive story-telling saga and resource-management sim at its best. Basically, a modern-incarnation of "Choose your own adventure"! "King of Dragon Pass (KoDP) is a computer game set in Glorantha (the world of the games Hero Wars and RuneQuest). It combines interactive stories and resource management to create an epic saga of conflict, magic, and community." That description fits rightly about the game, direct from the mouth of the publisher "A Sharp" ( They also keep a list of Frequently Asked Questions on their website, along with a one-year tour demo, screen-shots, art gallery and free music clips from the game. King of Dragon Pass is available for both PC Windows (95 or later) and Macintosh OS (PowerPC). The game was designed by David Dunham, Greg Stafford, and Robin D. Laws; with additional design by Rob Heinsoo and Elise Bowditch. Updates for the game can be obtained from A Sharp. As of this writing, the current known-stable version of the game is 1.7(492). Check your game's version number on the Game Controls [Save/Restore] screen. Download the current patch from the update page ( King of Dragon Pass combines elements of turn-based strategy games and adventure games to create the feel of a Viking saga. It has strong story elements, but economic management is important, and there's high replay value. It takes

advantage of a well-developed background. The result is a strategy game with a personal feel. Glorantha is a fictional world created by Greg Stafford more than two decades ago. A vivid web of myth, tragedy and redemption, this is a world where mighty gods and brave heroes fight in ancient conflict. Glorantha has been the setting for several board and role-playing games. See the Glorantha website ( for further details. King of Dragon Pass is a Trademark of A Sharp, L.L.C., and is used with their permission. Glorantha is the Trademark of Issaries, Inc., and is used with their permission. Issaries, Inc. is the Trademark of Issaries, Inc. @May Humakt avenge any breach of these Oaths. The King of Dragon Pass mailing list is hosted by Yahoogroups. To subscribe, see the list homepage ( This FAQ was written by Bruce Hollebone with contributions from David Dunham and many of the participants of the KoDP List. Comments and criticisms are always welcome. (Shamelessly compiled and updated by KentCave, to gain further recognition for KoDP. Hoping that somehow it will helps and here is wishing for.. KoDP2!) @May Urox shield me from kin-strife. ----------------Table of Contents: Section 1: Following the Wyter 1.1: Help! I don't know how to form a tribe! What ever will I do? 1.2: [Short Game] How long do I have to hold the king/queenship to win? 1.3: [Long Game] I've done seven heroquests after forming a tribe, but nothing new is happening! What's wrong? 1.4: [Long Game] I've been told that my king must meet someone. How do I do this? 1.5: [Long Game] I've been told I must complete three tasks. What do I do? Section 2: Clan and Family 2.1: 2.2: 2.3: 2.4: 2.5: 2.6: Who is... How do I get new nobles? How do I get a noble of a particular deity? The farmers/weaponthanes hate me! Help! Kids, don't have enough! The clan is dying! Kids, got too many! The tula is bursting at the seams!

Section 3: Herds and Agriculture 3.1: I'm running out of food! Where shall I go? Whatever shall I do? 3.2: I'm running out of cows! Without cattle we will scatter to the seven winds! What must we do? 3.3: I'm running out of sheep! What to do? 3.4: On the picture of the tula (shown at sacred time), when moving the mouse over the cows/sheep, the message that they are overcrowded and malnourished appeared. The herder on the ring said they have enough land. What's going on? Section 4: Trade and Diplomacy 4.1: 4.2: 4.3: 4.4: 4.5: 4.6: 4.7: 4.8: 4.9: What are the exchange rates of commodities? What is a small/average/enormous gift to another clan? How big are gifts of magic and luck? What is the base value for a treasure? I'm running out of silver! How do I get more trade routes? A clan hates my guts! What can I do? Everyone hates my guts! Help! A Cult/Elder Race really hates my guts! What now?

Section 5: War 5.1: Neighbours keep sneaking off with my cows. What can I do? 5.2: Raids always catch me unaware. How can I prepare? 5.3: Can I seize land from a clan that is not a neighbour? Section 6: Exploration 6.1: I keep losing parties! Help! 6.2: What should I explore? Section 7: Magic 7.1: What's a good size for a sacrifice? 7.2: I'm spending a lot on sacrifices but not getting any result. What's wrong? 7.3: How do blessings work? 7.4: How do I change the blessings given by my shrines and temples? 7.5: How does Maran Gor's blessing work? 7.6: I can't build a shrine to my favourite God! What's going on? 7.7: I can't build any more temples! I don't have enough worshippers. How do I solve this? 7.8: I'm having trouble doing heroquests. What should I do? 7.9: One of my ring says that I've performed so many heroquests, but I know I've done many more. What gives? Section 8: The Path of Imminent Mastery 8.1: 8.2: 8.3: 8.4: What effects do the various traditional enemies have? What are the effects of our relationship with the Dragons? How big should our tula be? OK, spoil me. Where should we explore first?

8.5: Which shrines should I build? 8.6: What does that crazy reptile want with its questions about what we think is important? 8.7: What do all the treasures do? How do I find them all? Section 9: Extras 9.1: 9.2: 9.3: 9.4: 9.5: How can I see my tula's boundaries? Easter Eggs? How do I make a screen shot? What are the addresses of other KoDP web sites? The CD is slow. How can I speed up the game?

Section 10: Miscellaneous Contributions ------------Section 1: Following the Wyter 1.1: Help! I don't know how to form a tribe! What ever will I do? You must prove your worth. Seek the mandate of the gods. Read your manual. KC: Think like an Orlanthi. Aspire for greatness. When reputation hits top, the seer will come. 1.2: [Short Game] How long do I have to hold the king/queenship to win? Ten years. Consecutive years. Ten golden years. There are other conditions too. Read your manual. 1.3: [Long Game] I've done seven heroquests after forming a tribe, but nothing new is happening! What's wrong? It does take several years for the plot to work out. Maybe you just need to wait a few seasons. Also, have you done seven different heroquests? Your magician will tell you. You also must complete the heroquest for your chief god/ess (Orlanth and Aroka, Ernalda Feeds the Tribe or Elmal Guards the Stead). You will know your feet are on the path when a blind seer prophesies your destiny. The story may take decades to play out. KC: Destiny starts when the False Queen/Trade War/Telmori War events appears. 1.4: [Long Game] I've been told that my king must meet someone. How do I do this? Don't worry. Everything will happen in the fullness of Time. Keep reputation on top. 1.5: [Long Game] I've been told I must complete three tasks. What do I do? Save your game. Other than that, just wait for events to unfold. KC: Taming a dragon, favour of the Brass Man and mating with a mountain.

Section 2: Clan and Family 2.1: Who is.. clan chief: The person in the left-most slot with the torc glyph. Duh. warleader: The ring-member with the highest combat score. Nobles who worship gods of war may usurp this position from a more qualified ring-member. lawspeaker: Similarly, for custom. Lhankor Mhy worshippers may take this role in preference to those with better custom scores. magician: The ring member with the highest magic score. best poet: The ring member with the highest average of leadership and custom. tribal king/queen: The noble with the mastery glyph (W) on their picture. You know, the clown you spent all those cows on at the last moot. They don't have to be on your ring, but it is a good idea. Your tribal leader can also be you chief. 2.2: How do I get new nobles? Wait for your old ones to die; youngsters will be along in a season or two. This usually only happens for deaths due to old age, but rare events can also have this effect. There is a treasure that can help. An event can bring you a babe with Heroic potential, another, several new ring members (and a lot of refugees). KC: Feed useless nobles to Cragspider or BeastValley/HorseSpawn. 2.3: How do I get a noble of a particular deity? You cannot. There will tend to be more worshipers devoted god/ess, but nothing else affects the god's connection to People are called to the gods, not the reverse. Divine choice is KC: Building Temple to specific gods might help. Kill off to your main their chosen. ineffible. the unwanted.

2.4: The farmers/weponthanes hate me! Help! Solve the immediate problem by gifting or feasting. In the longer term, you must change your behaviour. Farmers like peace and cows, weaponthanes like to prove their valour. No one likes losing battles. Some ancient treasures might help. Never give up Hope. Long lasting rifts can be healed by appealing to the gods, but have awful consequences if you fail. KC: If everything's done right, the clan might have grown too large. Splitting the clan is perfectly acceptable, in fact.. normally expected.

2.5: Kids, don't have enough! The clan is dying! Your casualty rate is higher than your growth rate. Stop fighting if possible, or fight more defensively. Recruit more farmers, take in strays, as they come your way. Seek the blessings of Orlanth's mother, his wife and of the gentle white lady. Sacrifice magic for children at sacred time. Add more mothers and healers to your ring. 2.6: Kids, got too many! The tula is bursting at the seams! You've just had a series of disasters that wiped out a lot of adults, right? Try to reduce any further casualties. Fight defensively for a few years. Make sure you can feed everyone. Barntar, Yinkin, Orlanth and Elmal can help, but Ernalda and Uralda are the most important. Wait for the kids to grow up. KC: Don't put magic to children on Sacred Time. Fyrdwomen and Orlanth's Rattle. Section 3: Herds and Agriculture 3.1: I'm running out of food! Where shall I go? Whatever shall I do? Speak with a Silver Tongue and ask for food. Trade for Spare Grain. Take it with a red sword. Pray for the blessings of Ernalda and her helpmeets: Orlanth, Elmal, Odayla and, of course, her son Barntar. Make sure that you have enough cropland to feed everyone. In bad years, grow more barley, in good, more wheat, in desperation, more rye, but remember that the Earth wants to see all of her children grow. Trinkets and gee-gaws can help, but to prosper, you must travel the Hidden Ways under the Earth and meet all of her faces. Follow this advice and you'll never go hungry again! 3.2: I'm running out of cows! Without cattle we will scatter to the seven winds! What must we do? Orlanth bellows that violence is always an option. Your neighbours cows can be yours, if you are brave. If you are valourous and they are weak, they may offer you part of their herds for peace. Ernalda whispers that there is always another way. Buy cows, sacrifice for herd magic at sacred time, worship Uralda, beg favours, keep close the treasures. Elmal holds that a strong stead is always wise. Keep land clear, defences strong, the weponthanes on the boundaries and the fyrd large. If all else fails, walk the forbidding god-path of Uralda. 3.3: I'm running out of sheep! What to do? First, make sure that you are playing version 1.4 of the game or later. Earlier versions had slower sheep herd growth. If you are still having problems.... You've got more temples than your clan can support. Reduce their number. Send your best traders out with large missions; they may trade for sheep on the side. Cattle raids often get sheep, particularly if you're low. Spend

magic on herds. Put a good Uraldan on the ring. Never, ever slaughter sheep for food. 3.4: On the picture of the tula (shown at sacred time), when moving the mouse over the cows/sheep, the message that they are overcrowded and malnourished appeared. The herder on the ring said they have enough land. What's going on? It appears that your herder recommends only the bare minimum on which the herds can survive. For them to thrive, you need to have more pasturage. Many have found that at least half again what your herder tells you or even double the minimum pasture is necessary. Section 4: Trade and Diplomacy 4.1: What are the exchange rates of commodities? The basic relationship appears to be: 1 horse= 4 cows 1 good= 1 cow* 2 food= 1 cow *(however cows seem to be more desirable) Barganing skill greatly affects trading, as do several blessings. Heroquests can also make your cows more valuble or generally improve trade negotiations. Also, some clans are just better at barganing than others. You won't always be the better Trader. 4.2: What is a small/average/enormous gift to another clan? As a rule of thumb, 10 cows is miserly, 20 is customary, 30 cows is generous. Again, this is highly dependent on relative strengths of your clan and the other, your leader's skill, active blessings, treasures and heroquests. Treasures, even "worthless" ones, are highly thought of. 4.3: How big are gifts of magic and luck? For favours between clans, 3 points is traditional, 2 points is a minor gift, and 4 points is a big favour. For cults, this may be different. Also, cults may ask for repayment of many favours all at once, which can be quite expensive. 4.4: What is the base value for a treasure? Your traders will tell you 50 cows, but in reality, whatever the market will bear. You might have to pay hundreds of cows for some and get thirty when trying to sell. 4.5: I'm running out of silver! The most dependable source of goods are your crafters and market. Emphasize Issaries, increase the number of your trade routes. Increase the number of crafters to the maximum and make sure they are using all the resources you've found on your tula. Trade missions can help, but later in the game you do need to send a lot of them to make a difference. Horse trading seems to be particularly lucrative, but pick your trading partners carefully before you make the deal. Exploring can help a lot at the beginning of the game.

Of course, goods can be had immediately from other tulas. Following the way of Orlanth, you might take from those with plenty in your times of want. Surely it is the duty of a Just and Generous king to make sure everyone shares equally! 4.6: How do I get more trade routes? Have an Issaries Trader on your ring. Build temples for Issaries, the bigger the better. Be on good relations with the potential partners. Leaving unexploited resources on your tula also can result in trade, but this may not be the most profitable course. 4.7: A clan hates my guts! What can I do? Well, that's what you get for raiding them last Storm. Many gifts may be necessary. Several blessings, particularly those of Issaries and Lhankor Mhy can help. The course of events often brings opportunities for reconcilliation. Be generous in victory. If you are desparate, remember that everyone listens to the Gods, especially Issaries and Chalana Arroy. A truly wicked clan would seize their land and force them to move. 4.8: Everyone hates my guts! Help! You can dig in and trust in the terrible and grim gods of death and hate or you can travel the path of the trader and the sage. In dire straits, remember the secret scar and the wisdom of the cows. 4.9: A Cult/Elder Race really hates my guts! What now? Listen to them when they come to warn you of your bad behaviour. Conduct yourself accordingly. Also, the talking god may be able to broker a truce. Section 5: War 5.1: Neighbours keep sneaking off with my cows. What can I do? Build a watchtower. Clear more land. Make sure that your weaponthanes aren't slacking off. After missions, they will reduce their patrols, the lazy bums. Check the raid screen after every raid or mission to reset the patrol levels. 5.2: Raids always catch me unaware. How can I prepare? Form alliances with clans between yourself and the raiders. Often your allies will give you enough warning to summon your thanes and the full fyrd. Tribe members will also warn each other. 5.3: Can I seize land from a clan that is not a neighbour? No, but if you seize a neighbour's lands, you get new neighbours... Section 6: Exploration 6.1: I keep losing parties! Help! From: "The Lonely Lozenge's tips for Dragon Pass": Send a Vingan or a Trader. They just stir up trouble during planting anyway. If you don't have any to spare, use an Odaylan. Travel during a nice time of year: Sea or Fire. Send a strong escort with your noble. Use Vinga's Pathfinder blessing. Travel slowly. Explore the map gradually. Do not venture far into fields unknown.

Some areas of the map are more dangerous than others. Most of these are towards the edges of the map. A treasure can help. Listen to your godi: don't explore when the omens for travel are bad. Sometimes, even the biggest, most prepared parties go astray. I've lost a huge party exploring my own tula! Exploring is the second most dangerous thing a noble can do. 6.2: What should I explore? Your Tula. Bit by bit, push back the boundaries of what you know. Your tula, again. The gods will sometimes demand that you travel to specific destinations. Piety demands that show them honour. Also, your tula. Re-exploring areas, particularly named ones is often very fruitful. Finally, remember to explore your tula. Section 7: Magic 7.1: What's a good size for a sacrifice? Listen to your ring! Your magician may have a suggestion or two. 7.2: I'm spending a lot on sacrifies but not getting any result. What's wrong? It helps if you have a devotee of the god on your ring. Also, sacrifice for mysteries during sacred time, if that's what you're after. As always, a treasure or two can help. All gods are not the same. Read their myths to know them. Bloodthirsty ones like, well, blood, but peaceful ones prefer shiny things. I'm personally convinced that the gray sage is a greedy old bugger too. 7.3: How do blessings work? Blessings take effect immediately. If you sacrifice for the blessing, it lasts five seasons, a full year. Also, a little brazier icon appears next to the blessing on the sacrifice screen as a reminder of the sacrifice. A temple blessing is permanent, as long as the structure is maintained. An active blessing glows blue on the clan rock on the appropriate screen. Also, the button to select an active blessing is grayed-out on the sacrifice screen. 7.4: How do I change the blessings given by my shrines and temples? Select the appropriate god/ess on the magic screen. Click on the box beside the blessing you wish to remove. The x in the box should vanish. Now, click on the blessing you want to have running. An x should appear in the box beside the new blessing. This does not count as an action. Note that you can only do this for blessings provided by shrines and temples. You cannot switch blessings for which you have sacrificed directly. 7.5: How does Maran Gor's blessing work? The terrible hag of the dark earth cares only about blood, not from whom it comes. The greater the numbers of your tribe or your enemies that die on your fields, the better your crops will be the next Earth season as long as Earthblood is active at the time of the battle. The blessing need not be active during the next Earth season.

7.6: I can't build a shrine to my favorite God! What's going on? First, make sure that you have sacrificed for mysteries. You cannot build unless your god-talkers know a blessing for each level of temple, i.e., for shrines, one blessing is needed, for temples, two, and for great temples, three. Next, check that you have enough trade goods. Shrines cost 10 goods, Temples 50, Great Temples, 100. If you don't have the dosh, you don't get the build button. Finally, some Gods are better than other Gods. That is, many Gods only can have a shrine, some a temple and some a great temple. The list is: Shrine:Ancestors, Barntar, Maran Gor, Vinga Temple:Chalana Arroy, Odayla, Uralda, Urox Great Temple:Elmal, Ernalda, Humakt, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Orlanth Note that there are also some gods and spirits which can be found during play. These entities can only have a shrine built for them. 7.7: I can't build any more temples! I don't have enough worshippers. How do I solve this? Focus your worship. Choose the blessings you want and destroy or reduce the temples you don't need. Take in more clansfolk. Make allies, friends, and trading partners. Form a tribe. 7.8: I'm having trouble doing heroquests. What should I do? From "Learn HeroQuesting in just 21 Days!", Lhaura Lhemay, Whitewall Press, 1215 A.S.: Follow the footsteps of your God. The old paths are the best. Myths have secrets and deeper secrets. Learn them both. Heroquesting with partial knowledge is for the desperate or foolhardy. A careful quester can minimize risk, particulary in combat. Be warned that this may reduce the effectiveness of the quest. Wait a couple of years. Questing too soon after your last attempt greatly reduces your chances. Your ring will tell you when it's safe. Choose your leader wisely. Match skills with activities in the quest. Magic is an important skill, but others are often critical for sucess. The default noble is not always best. Direct worshipers have the best chances. Remember that Vingans count as Orlanthi. Have lots of supporters. Questing with tribal support is much easier. Some treasures can help. However, even the best prepared will often go astray. Heroquesting is the most dangerous thing a person can do. Even if the quest is sucessful, your hero may be scarred beyond all healing (i.e. lose abilities). 7.9: One of my ring says that I've performed so many heroquests, but I know I've done many more. What gives? Your magician is counting the number of different heroquests you have done. Doing the same one over and over does not count for the victory conditions.

Also, the count of heroquests resets to zero when you form a tribe and elect a king/queen. Section 8: The Path of Imminent Mastery Read past this point at your own peril! Spoilers Abound! Some secrets mortals are not meant to know, and Arachne Solara intends to keep it that way. Beware those who bring Gifts of bad knowledge. 8.1: What effects do the various traditional enemies have? You will always win luck and magic for defeating your traditional enemies. Making peace with them will be difficult and annoy your ancestors. Trolls: There are several families of Dark Men in Dragon Pass, which the game tracks just as it does the other clans. They are all your enemies. Also, there is one area of the map you should definitely avoid. Several treasures can greatly help you. KC: Advantage - Dark season raids for feeding Earthblood. Iron Spike. Disadvantage - One word.. Cragspider. Elves: The Aldryami are phantoms, never coming to grips with your forces. They are guerillas in the mists that wreath the Quivin. Thay can call on their father Flamal, parent of all green things, to devastate your harvests. KC: Advantage - Necklace of Axes for magic boon. Disadvantage - Ernalda HQ problems. Forest enroaching farm event. The Winter Tribe of Valind: Winter storms are fierce, but you can win luck fighting them. You also can get tribal magic by raiding during Dark Season, but 'ware lest ye fail. This is possibly the easiest choice for a beginner. KC: Advantage - Raiding at Dark season and add to magic. Disadvantage - Lose magic if failed on raiding at Dark season. Basmoli Beastmen: You will shortly find some unfriendly neighbours with some very powerful friends. They may look comical, but beware, beware the Deadly Ducks of Death! There is an area of the map you should stay away from. KC: Advantage - Won magic if successfully beaten beastfolks raid. Disadvantage - Ducks of Death. Ironhoof. Tada the Green: The nomads of eastern Prax will harry your steads, much like the horsepeople of the west. You can take the fight to them, but they have strong magic which can scour your tula and kill ring members. Towards the end of the long game, great help can come from humble beginnings. KC: Advantage - Raids by Praxian, add magic if won. Disadvantage - Can't hire Prax raiders.

The Salty Sea: Floods, wiping out crops and drowning your people and herds will be a constant problem. KC: Advantage - Salmon Man. Chance to improve relations post floods. Disadvantage - Flooding of tula a bit costly. 8.2: What are the effects of our relationship with the Dragons? In play, this affects your dealings with draconic species: the dragonewts, thunderbeasts, wyrms, magisaurs and dream dragons. You win tribal magic by following the ways of your forebearers and may suffer for choosing different paths. 8.3: How big should our tula be? Choosing the smallest tula makes life difficult as the clan expands, but it is easiest to defend. The reverse is true of the larger tulas. The choice is not irrevocable; you can lose and gain land during play. 8.4: Which shrines should I build? This varies so widely with play style that it impossible to give one answer. However, most agree that building a Barntar shrine (with either of Vigour or Plowsong) is important. A shrine to Chalana Arroy is critical too, for either healing or curing, as the need arises. Finally, having at least a shrine to Uralda with Calf Blessing is also very important to long term survival. Later in the game, the fell gods of war and death and the talking gods will become very important. 8.5: OK, spoil me. Where should we explore first? It is probably best to vist the Quivin mountains first to the south-east of your tula (marked on the map as Mt. Quivin), and next the Dragonewt wilds a short distance into the unexplored area to the north-west. Your first visit to the utter west can also be very profitable but is extremely dangerous. Don't forget your own tula too. 8.6: What does that crazy reptile want with its questions about what we think is important? What happens after it leaves? The gift will eventually lead to an important choice. Think well on your answer to its question and you may be be mightily rewarded. The reptile is a magisaur by the way, not a 'newt. KC: From experience.. Defense works best. 8.7: What do all the treasures do? How do I find them all? The link ( seems to be gone. But I will post the list that I have, once I converted the html into a text file. One is treasures' description, the other is where and how to get the treasures. Section 9: Extras 9.1: How can I see my tula's bounaries?

On the exploration (map) screen, press 'm'. 9.2: Easter Eggs? On the first screen of the game, press 'o' (for Opal, the game's code name during development). This will appear to start the tutorial, but, in fact, is a different game. According to David Dunham, the producer, The pictures of the starting advisors are those of the development team, others are among the available leaders, and another makes an appearance within a few seasons. The Opal ring is (left to right): David Dunham Elise Bowditch Stefano Gaudiano Shawn Steele Brian Fogel Greg Stafford Stan LePard Robin D. Laws shows up in a season or two as a trader. 9.3: How do I make a screen shot? I'd like to frame a picture of my new King's Stead. Yes, you can satisfy your royal decorating urges. On a PC, press the 'Print Screen' key. A bitmap of the current screen will be copied to your clipboard, which you can paste into the windows Paint accessory. On a Mac, Command+Shift+Control+3 does the same thing, however, Command+Shift+3 (whole screen) or Command+Shift+4 (selected area) saves to a PICT file, which may be more useful. 9.4: What are the addresses of other KoDP web sites? The website of A Sharp is: Oliver Bernuetz's fan site: and his great compilation of Glorantha stories: Bryan Maloney's fan site: There are two forum for discussion of the game; Aaron Bubnick's Web-based forum: and, of course, Jeff Kyer's mailing list at Yahoogroups: The world of Glorantha has hundreds of websites devoted to it. The main Issaries site for Glorantha is: A good index of the fan sites is at: There is also an active (some would say hyper-active) Gloranthan mailing list. You can subscribe to it in digest form (highly recomended) by sending

"subscribe glorantha-digest" in the body of a message KentCave's KoDP's fans misc files repository: Worth mentioning links: 9.5: The CD is slow. How can I speed up the game? For Windows 95/98 systems: (Disk space needed: approx. 480MB) Do a full install of the game. Install any updates. Move the Opal and mt directories to the root of the drive you installed the game on. Move KODP4922.mxx and KODP4923.mxx from the root directory of the CD to the root of the hard drive. Rename the hard drive to KoDP (using that capilization). Under Win95/98, open the Drive Properties and change the Volume Label. Start the game either from the Start menu or the desktop icon (i.e. not from the CD autostart screen). You need the KoDP CD in the drive to start the game, but all the scenes will load from the hard drive rather than the CD. To uninstall the game, you will need to reverse this recipe, deleting the two .mxx files by hand and moving the Opal and mt directories back under the game directory. -----------Section 10: Miscellaneous Contributions King of Dragon Pass is available for only US$19.95, from A Sharp. This offer is correct on 16 Jan 2003. T-shirts, sweatshirts, calendars, tile-coasters, lunch-boxes, mugs, and mouse pads featuring some of our award-winning art are also available for purchase at and/or KC: I highly recommends the personal favourite.. map of KoDP mousepad! King of Dragon Pass won three Best of Glorantha awards: Best of the Best, Best Visual Art, and Best Playing Aid. King of Dragon Pass won the award for Best Visual Arts at the second annual Independent Games Festival, and was nominated for an Origins Award. Below are various tips and spoilers. "You" have been warned. Enjoy. Relevant information will be added once I received it from the rest of you folks, so keep it coming. By the way, feel free to start another FAQ, dealing with same questions or specific section of the game, if you don't want to join this one. I myself have a separate FAQ dealing with Treasure-seeking Quest,

it can be easily combined to this FAQ, but I just want to promote more folks to KoDP, no matter how insignificant it might seems. @May Sheng Seleris guide my expansion campaign. ========================== Clan-Making Choices Tips ========================== by Mike Dorn Earliest Event Battle of Xtinguish Field Hundred-Day Hunt Jested's Settlement Procession of Animals Barntar Harnessing Oxen Ernalda- Hidden Place Lhankor Mhy- Marking Bone The First Pot Clan-Making Dance Leader Improvements Specific Blessing Combat Animal,Combat,Plant Bargaining Animal Plant Magic Custom +5Craftsman-5Farmers Leadership Orlanth-Thunderstone Odayla-Friend Yinkin/Tracking Issaries-Bargaining Uralda-Calf Blessing Barntar-Plowsong Ernalda-Bless Children Lhankor Mhy-Literacy Ernalda-Preserve Know Making Storm Tribe Myth

============================ HeroQuests Mythical Routes ============================ by KentCave *Geez, some people might appreciate this seemingly impossible-undertaking! Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars 2. Heal them, then go to heal the wounded storm people 1. Heal his blindness, so that he joins the storm people 1. Heal his need to fight 4. Learn the secret of fighting without hurting 1. .. throws herself between the two combatants 1. Learn the secret of winning without making the other person lose 1. Heal the scar of certitude under Humakt's tounge Elmal Guard the Steads 7. Thrust your spear into its eye 3. Let it step on you, in order to gain leverage to throw it far away 3. Give of your tears 2. Chop at her legs 2. Club her about the heads 3. Give of your tears 6. Throw your spear into his ghastly mouth 1. Burn him with your brightness 4. Orlanth did not steal my pride. He awakened it 2/3/4 except 1/5 will do 3. Offer it your soul in the form of a fine stallion 3. Promise to serve chaos Ernalda Feeds the Tribe 5. Suffer Daga's blows 1. Convince them you are no traitor 5. "Without Barntar to plow the lands, there will be no reason to fight." 2. "Esra and Uralda will disturb things here, making life where there should be death." 1. "I myself will come to the place of the dead, and you will seek to avenge me."

Humakt the Champion 5. Taunt Eurmal so he attacks you, then wrestle the sword from him 3. "I must absolve my king of the heinous acts I will now do." 6. "You will rule over many things, but you will never rule Death." 7. "The protections of your clan means nothing; many of your kin will soon die." 6. "Your raid against the Emperor is doomed without my help." 1. Dispatch them all to hell, with or without Orlanth's help Issaries the Conciliator 4. "People are not trading fairly." 3. Let Storm Bull fight alone 6. Go to the Long-Noses, so long as Storm Bull follows 1. Go immediately to talk to the Big-Teeth 1. Ask the Knowing-God for help 2. "The Long-Noses must accept that some of them will be eaten." 1. "The Big-Teeth must only attack weak and sick Long-Noses." 1. Offer to trade treasures Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth 3. Let Storm Bull fight alone 6. Try to win one contest and lose another 3. "Without the truth, there can be no trade." 1. "Why did you do that?" 4. Put a leather sheet over your head and think 1. Answer his question The Making of the Storm Tribe 1. Catch the Doubting Wheel in a net 1. Fight both of them 4. Recite a poem to the cube 1. A poem about square things becoming round 2. "I challenge you to a contest of strength." 3. Wait for Ernalda to bring tribal regalia 2. Direct the others to fight the Night Tribe Orlanth and Aroka 1. "..I will drive him off or kill him." 4. Take a few blows from Daga, then flee 1. Beat the enemies, and take something from each one 2. Seduce 2. "Storm Bulls can come in handy sometimes. Follow me!" 1. Do as Storm Bull says Uralda's Blessing 3. Find a high place and watch the two-legs when they leave 1. Suffer the attack 1. Suffer the attack 1. Suffer the attack 4. Make the secret sign to Ernalda 1. from a cave 1. Ignore the bulls. Bring the cows with you, and the bulls will follow 1. "A little lost blood is nothing, when there is life to be given." ================ Treasure Quest ================ 80% completed 98/120

? - Unsure ! - Confirm () - Contributors Alynx Log --------------------- !exploring beastvalley (macleod) Amulet of Consolation !traders fair event Arim's Cup -------------------- !exploring Tarsh Bag of Friendship ------------- ? Bag of Winds !Orlanth Aroka HQ Bagpipes of Ronskei ------------!random exploring Band of One Hundred ? HQ Beard of Lhankor Mhy ---------- ? trading mission Bell of Uralda !chaos walktapus event Bit of Kargzant --------------- ? HQ Bit That Bound Vivamort !Heortling duel event Blacktail the Bull ------------ !starting treasure Black Spear !tribe split event Board of Nails ---------------- !Issaries HQ Bullroarer !random exploring Burning Standard -------------- !random exploring Captured Spirit --------------- !girl spirit event Clay Cow !Uralda HQ Darkwind ---------------------Dragon Cart Dragonewt Armor --------------Dragontooth Spear Dwarf Containers -------------Earthshaker Battle Unit ------Earthshaker Plow Team Eiritha's Paps ---------------Eiritha's Switch Elmal's Amber ----------------Ernalda's Boots Ernalda's Oven ---------------Esra's Basket Eurmal's Balls ---------------Eurmal's Shield Eye Mirror -------------------Farwalk Sandals --------------Fear Spirits First Arrow ------------------Flesh Man Footprints of the Wyrm -------Full Grown Son of Blacktail Garland of Reeds -------------Glass Coin Godbone ----------------------Goldeneye Horse Golden Horseshoes ------------Golden Wheat Sheaf Grey Net ---------------------Greysage Mask Gustbran's Wheel -------------!Orlanth Aroka HQ !digging tula event !dragonewt corpse event ? !neighbour traders event !magisaur event !magisaur event !exploring Prax (Herve) !exploring Prax (Herve) !random exploring ? trading mission !Issaries trader event !thieves couple event (NWind) !trading mission !trading mission !adventurers party event !thieves couple event (NWind) !random exploring !trading mission !trading mission ? !Morgrim Stout event (BThexton) !chaos walktapus event ? !adventurers party event !HSpawn exploring event ? ? !random exploring !trading mission !HQ smith event

Hammer of Urox ---------------Hate Torch Head of Markanth -------------Helm of Karse Heort's Balm -----------------Heort's Stone Horse Skull ------------------Horse-Spawn Bowl Humakt's Helm ----------------Humakt's Shield Humakt's Sword ---------------Humakt's Warning Rune Humakt's Raven Banner --------Hunting Alynx Hunting Horn ------------------

!exploring Prax ? trading mission !random exploring !Heortling duel event !clan joining tribe event !trading mission !market death event ? !Humakt HQ !Humakt HQ !Humakt HQ !Humakt HQ !exploring Quivin !chaos walktapus event !Derik Furman event

Ironhoof's Chain -------------- ? Iron Plow !trading mission Iron Spike -------------------- !Holy Country event Jar of Gods' Earth ------------ !Ernalda HQ Kero Fin Ice ------------------ !rare ice event Kero Fin Kite !trading mission Klanth of Orlanth ------------- !Orlanth Aroka HQ Lead Eyes --------------------- !shetroll warrior event (Joerg) Magnet of Mostal -------------Many-Birthing Cow Mist Paper -------------------Moldy Book Motion Rune Banner -----------!Mostali trading event !Uralda HQ ? random exploring !rare book event (BThexton) !trickster moot event

Necklace of Axes -------------- !Dwarf Emissary event (Joerg) Orlanth's Rattle -------------- !trading mission Perpetual Flour --------------- !traders fair event Poem Which Must Be Eaten !traders fair event Quivin's Torc ----------------- !trading mission Ralian Jewelry ---------------- !Ralios KeroFin event Red Leather Mask !adventurers party event Ring Made From Vingkot Crown - ? Sacred Clod ------------------Sacred Mark of Vingkot Scarf of Seven Runes ---------Shifting Statue Shimmering Cloak -------------Silver Dragon Silver Lips of Anriar --------Silver Sheep Silver Tongue ----------------Son of Blacktail Sorcerous Implements ---------Speaking Cone !Maran Gor event !Heortling duel event !trading mission !trading mission !adventurers party event !dragonnewt wildlands event !trading mission !Humakt HQ !trading mission !Morgrim Stout event (BThexton) !3 sorcerers event ?

Spirit Fetch -----------------Splendorbread Staff of Fortune -------------Strong Man's Toothpick Tarshite Woad ----------------Thanestriker Three Bean Broth -------------Tiger's Eye Necklace Torc of Honor ----------------Tornado Rope Tube of Truth-Seeking ---------

!shaman market event !Orlanth Aroka HQ ? !trading mission !exploring Tarsh !Morgrim Stout event (NWind) !chaos walktapus event !Issaries HQ ? !Issaries trader event !Dwarf Emissary event

Uralda's Milk Pot ------------- ? Vargast's Ring ---------------Veil of Chalana Arroy Vinga's Comb -----------------Voriof's Flute Voss Varainu Tapestry --------Whirlwind Jar ----------------White Calf Widebrew ---------------------Winking Sapphire Wolfbane Bush ----------------Wyter's Staff !trading mission !exploring Tarsh !trading mission !trading mission ? !Issaries trader event !clan cow event !Orlanth Aroka HQ !thieves couple event ? ?

Compiled by a fan for the fans. "You're mine, woman. And soon I will be riding you." ================================================== King of Dragon Pass - Treasures' Description FAQ ================================================== credited to Oliver Bernuetz aided by David Dunham Alynx Log Helps our sheep live longer Amulet of Consolation Helps the ring appease outsiders without angering our own people Arim's Cup A splendid cup, made for the King of Tarsh Bag of Friendship Makes feuds harder to start Bag of Winds Helps drive off foes when we're raided Bagpipes of Ronskei Scares off trollkin in battle Band of One Hundred Helps our warriors, leaders, god-talkers, hunters, and farmers in a hundred ways

Beard of Lhankor Mhy Improves our knowledge of precedents Bell of Uralda Improves our luck during Earth Season Bit of Kargzant Helps organize the tribe Bit That Bound Vivamort Repels the forces of Chaos Blacktail the Bull A really fine bull, who sires more calves than normal Black Spear A mighty artifact which improves the clan's martial abilities Board of Nails Helps keep our farmers from becoming too unhappy Bullroarer Frightens horses Burning Standard Helps our warriors maneuver more effectively Captured Spirit Helps to perform rituals Clay Cow Keeps our cattle herds from becoming too small Darkwind Prevents enemies from eluding our warriors in battle Dragon Cart An antique cart, dating from the Dragon Empire Dragonewt Armor Whoever wears it excels at all things Dragontooth Spear Helps bypass fortifications and defenses Dwarf Containers Mysterious metal cylinders from the dwarfs Earthshaker Battle Unit Helps in raids Eiritha's Paps Helps calm affronted people Eiritha's Switch Helps convince bull-headed people Elmal's Amber Turns our slings and arrows into flaming missiles

Ernalda's Boots Magic boots that grant wisdom to certain clan members Ernalda's Oven Bakes bread with less grain than usual Esra's Basket Increases the yield of barley Eurmal's Balls Juggling balls that increase our magic if we have a Trickster on the clan ring Eurmal's Shield A brightly polished shield that helps us in battle, if a Trickster's on the ring Eye Mirror Improves the effectiveness of our patrols Farwalk Sandals Tough old sandals that increase clan magic when we take them exploring Fear Spirits When released, causes the enemy to flee in terror First Arrow A flint arrowhead with great hunting powers if Odayla is on the clan ring Flesh Man A strange little puppet that helps Chalana Arroy resurrect the dead Footprints of the Wyrm Helps us explore Full Grown Son of Blacktail A really fine bull, even more potent than his sire Garland of Reeds Indicates our friendship with the Aldryami Glass Coin Helps us see through the bargaining tricks of others Godbone Bone-shaped piece of bronze, dating from the Gods War Goldeneye Horse A splendid horse which helps us maneuver in battle Golden Horseshoes Helps with heroquesting, especially "Elmal Guards the Stead" Golden Wheat Sheaf Assists with the plant lore of our farmers and healers Grey Net Helps us take captives in battle Greysage Mask

A leather mask from the Knowing God that grants certain clan members wisdom Gustbran's Wheel Reduces the time needed for exploration Hammer of Urox Helps us smite Chaos Hate Torch An ever-burning magic torch that grants certain clan members cunning and strength Head of Markanth Our ancestor's skull, which can terrify our foes in battle Helm of Karse Improves the morale of our weaponthanes Heort's Balm Turns the clan ring's practice of the law into magic for our herds Heort's Stone A magic stone that helps us heroquest when we are in desperate straits Horse Skull An item of prophecy Horse-Spawn Bowl Helps with many of our magic rituals Humakt's Helm Decreases the amount you need to sacrifice to Humakt Humakt's Raven Banner Wins a battle, but the standard-bearer dies Humakt's Shield Aids our fortifications Humakt's Sword Strengthens our Humakti when our battle goal is death Humakt's Warning Rune Warns against the Undead Hunting Alynx Aids us in all forms of hunting Hunting Horn Helps when searching for something Ironhoof's Chain Helps maintain good relations with the king Iron Plow An amazing plow that helps our farmers if Barntar is on the clan ring Iron Spike Helps us as long as we oppose the trolls

Jar of Gods' Earth Allows one successful sacrifice each year at Ernalda's shrine Kero Fin Ice Reduces food spoilage Kero Fin Kite A magic kite that flies above our tula, helping sacrifices reach the gods Klanth of Orlanth Strengthens warriors when they charge into battle Lead Eyes Warriors who die in battle strengthen clan magic Magnet of Mostal Dampens the effects of random chanc Many-Birthing Cow Keeps our cattle herds from becoming disastrously small Mist Paper When burned, creates obscuring mists Moldy Book Helps us compose poetry Motion Rune Banner An item of prophecy Necklace of Axes Helps those who hate the elves Orlanth's Rattle Helps some of our children grow up faster and become mighty warriors Perpetual Flour Provides food for two families each year Poem Which Be Eaten Helps in political situation Quivin's Torc A flowing gold torc that grants certain clan members great insights Ralian Jewelry Valuable, exotic jewelry Red Leather Mask Helps overcome skepticism Ring Made From Vingkot Improves our leadership abilities Sacred Clod Powerful weapon in tribal or royal battle, but friends are as frightened as foes Sacred Mark of Vingkot Designated character gains +1 bonus to Combat rating

Scarf of Seven Runes A magic scarf that helps us when we heroquest to the Lightbringers Shifting Statue A magic statue that keeps everyone amused by changing shape each season Shimmering Cloak Helps us evade our foes in battle Silver Dragon A mysterious statue from a dragonewt temple Silver Lips of Anriar Helps overcome reluctance Silver Sheep Gives our sheep more valuable wool Silver Tongue An ancient god-part that makes it easy to maintain a Great Temple to Issaries Son of Blacktail A really fine young bull, not yet old enough to sire calves Sorcerous Implements Humming items from the sorcerors Speaking Cone Helps us contact the gods Spirit Fetch Reduces our expenditure of magic Splendorbread Adds to our magic each harvest time Staff of Fortune Amplifies the effects of chance Strong Man's Toothpick An ancient log which gives certain clan members strength and resolution Tarshite Woad Helps us burn enemy steads Thanestriker Gives one of our best warriors the strength of three men Three Bean Broth Helps us bargain Tiger's Eye Necklace Helps us track things down and find them Torc of Honor Other clans think more highly of us Tornado Rope Untie the knot in battle to unleash a killing storm

Triceratops Plow Team Increases clan magic during planting season Tube of Truth-Seeking Helps discern the truth Uralda's Milk Pot Helps with animal husbandry Vargast's Ring Keeps our warriors happy, making it easier to recruit weaponthanes Veil of Chalana Arroy Helps calm vengeful people Vinga's Comb A mighty sword - if Vinga is on the clan ring, Vingans and Orlanthi gain prowess Voriof's Flute The Shepherd God's toy gives certain clan members special daring and prowess Voss Varainu Tapestry Ancient tapestry with draconic motifs, but no magical qualities Whirlwind Jar Break the jar in battle to unleash a killing storm White Calf Increases the fertility of our herds Widebrew Gives us berserker fury when we aim to kill as many enemies as possible Winking Sapphire A splendid jewel, with no magical qualities Wolfbane Bush Keeps the Telmori werewolves away Wyter's Staff Helps our reputation for justice and good judgement ----------*Regarding exploration - from A Sharp Depending on random setup, your clan's tula may be concave: shaped like a 'C' or 'U'. When the exploration '+' is placed at the center of your tula, it may not intersect your land. You may need to reposition the '+' slightly to explore your tula. *Regarding patches - from A Sharp VERSION 1.7 Since the original 1.0 release, we found a few small bugs and typos. Version 1.7 fixes these. We also improved some of the advice, and adjusted the difficulty of the Average and Hard games. We recommend updating to 1.7 for a more enjoyable game.

DO I NEED THE UPDATE? If you're running an earlier version of King of Dragon Pass, you should install the 1.7 update. You can tell which version you're running by running the game and checking the version number in the Game Controls dialog. If it says "v1.6" or earlier then you should install the update. If you don't have the disk space to install, you can continue to run from the CD, but you may experience small glitches in a few circumstances. INSTALLATION In order to install the update, you must first install the game to your hard disk. This requires about 42 megabytes of free space. (You will still need to have the CD in the drive, but the game will run faster.) To install the update, replace the files "scenes.dat" and "Opal.r32" with the copies in the update. "scenes.dat" goes into the "Opal" folder, and "Opal.r32" goes into the "mPlugins" folder inside the "mt" folder. When you next run King of Dragon Pass, it should show "v1.7" in the Game Controls dialog. If you have any difficulties updating, e-mail us at <>. WHAT'S FIXED? Fixed in 1.2 update Shortened description of Great Temples in Tula screen Fixed repeat text in tribute scene, and fixed typo Fixed recommendation in R116 Fixed grammar when clan stops tribute Fixed grammar in "Ditch War" Issaries quest can prevent Humakti ambush Improved handling of running out of treasures to trade for Fixed dwarf trader feedback if you don't have Trickster on ring Fixed formula in Humakti ambush Fixed in 1.3 update Handle no tribes having kings/queens in endgame Text changes, check for Thadart's family in final scene of sequence Tweaked conditions for gift-giving feedback Prevent huge magic when sacrificing for town Don't crash if every clan likes you Changed conditions for news about victory Added saga to final victory scenes Fixed logic so Horse-Spawn News doesn't happen after FHQ No Telmori raid after R390 Fixed in 1.4 update Orlanth and Aroka heroquest doesn't eliminate Combat ability Fixed bug when clan comes offering tribute Determination of seven deities works even when a ring member is absent during Reorganization Fixed problem sacrificing after Kallyr's heroic expedition Fixed Kallyr's face when she gets old (as a hero, she doesn't age like normal

people) Fixed bug where the game can go on forever after failure to reconcile two kings Mention the manual in a Tutorial game Fixed carl morale loss when you pay tribute to Cragspider Shamans don't ask for negative payment when undead aren't threatening Increased rate of sheep growth Handle symptoms of an unidentified bug that could cause a crash Fixed in 1.5 update Fixed problems relating to defeated clans offering tribute [3080, 3101] Added explanatory text if we can't seize land [3085] Fixed bug in one branch of seducing poet sequence [3098] Orlanth worshippers don't lose abilities after sacrificing to wind spirits [3099] High population no longer shows "ghost temples" on Tula Screen [3100] Joining Colymar tribe no longer prevents victory [3105] Kallyr won't have a daughter [3107] Heroquesters who return from being lost won't be considered dead [3108] Fixed in 1.6 update Don't give Sacred Time advice to allocate 0 magic to children [3114] Prevent a negative number of horses [3116] Re-exploring Dwarf Valley won't always give the same results [3117] Fixed an inconsistency involving the Sacred Clod treasure [3118] Prevent integer overflow for food, pigs [3119, 3125] Fixed exploration of Dragonewt Wildlands [3122] Fixed problem when Ernalda priestess demand the return of their treasure [3124] Trolls won't ransom trollkin [3126] Fixed possible crash involving the Black Spear [3129] The Making of the Storm Tribe heroquest, used to improve the mood of the tribe, now adjusts some of the political relationships between clan [3130] Fixed possible crash when you drive a clan from its tula [3131] Jealous king scene won't show up when there's no tribe [3132] Fixed in 1.7 update Fixed problem where no children were born [3138] Fixed possible crash sacrificing to Vinga in a scene [3136] Fixed sacrifice results after learning of Orlkensor's fate [3139] Losing wildlands because you split the clan won't annoy the fox [3140] Fixed rare bug if cursed skirt appears early [3088] Well.. that's all folks, for now. Please do send critiques, flames, spelling/grammar/format corrections, suggestions, contributions, questions, clan sagas, tips and cheats to the message section of : Files and comments received will be made available in the message and file sections, appropriately.Feel free to savour the rare treasures currently hidden at that repository of knowledge. The StarFire save file (credited to Gid/hollc) especially would aid greatly in any endeavours. It has modified stats for all the nobles, heaps of resources and all blessings activated. I was having problems testing the HQ for Elmal,Uralda and Orlanth's Quests for this FAQ till I recalled that superb cheat saved-game, DOH! Thanks Gid/hollc!!!

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