Overview Portfolios work in different ways in different classes.

Sometimes they are used to simply collect the work a student has done over a period of time. Sometimes they are used to mark progress via revision. And sometimes they are used as a way to assess student work-not simply just writing but also progress and effort in class. The Portfolios you will turn in for this class will do all of these things. As you develop these portfolios each of you will engage in three activities: collection, selection, and reflection. This will give you the opportunity to review your work, revise your writing, and think about what you have learned throughout the semester. Another way you will show the knowledge you have developed is in a reflective Introduction for your portfolio. I will assess the portfolios and include a letter to you when I return them. The letter will detail your work in the class. I will give you feedback on the quality of your work.. I will also include a letter grade to mark your progress. Final Portfolio Your final portfolio is your last opportunity to demonstrate to me everything you have learned throughout the semester and think about what your future classroom may look like. What to include:

1.A selection of your Readers Notes from the semester. You can include up to three. You do not need to revise them, simply include them, comments and all. Include with your selections about a half page, single spaced of typed reflection on why these particular readings/notes were important to you this semester and how they played a role in the writing you produced. 2. Two of your Beginnings Pieces from the semester . Include a half page typed reflection of how these Beginnings pieces played a role in your formal essays and why these two were most important to you. 3. A Revision of either essay #1 or essay #2 with all previous drafts. 4.Your Completed Final essay. This can be an entirely new 5-7 pages of writing or an expansion of an earlier essay with at least 5-7 new pages of writing. 5. Your Final Portfolio Cover Letter. In about one page double spaced please answer the questions below in regards to your final portfolio. There is no particular format for the cover letter. You can write a letter, an essay, a bulleted list, a memo, whatever format suits you to convey what you mean.      How have you grown as a writer throughout this course? What was most difficult about the writing you had to do in this course? What did you learn about the research that goes into non-fiction writing? What readings of the semester were your favorite and why? What reading would you remove from the course and why?

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