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26 March 2013

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Home Depot. key competitors. communication. Four level of Field Managers: These challenges result from breakdown in coordination. In an organization have all created the same four levels from bottom to top: a. District managers are responsible for opening new stores and implementing new initiatives. To prevent that. and systemic problems. Wal-Mart and Yum Brands is multiunit enterprise – geographically dispersed organization built from standard units such as branches. improving performance. Regional vice president These managers focus on markets. multiunit enterprises try to define the roles of field managers and distribute responsibilities in a novel way. c. and system breakdown beside that district managers also audit sores to ensure compliance with the company’s policies and procedures. United Parcel Service. branch managers. District managers District managers focus on ensuring consistent execution. regions and divisions. turning broad . Marriot International. hotels. or restaurant managers (depending on industry) are responsible for both day to day operations and the execution of new initiatives. Multiunit enterprise employ four levels of field mangers with carefully defined responsibilities and use five organizational design principles to implement strategy effectively. Store managers focus in short term and more tactical rather than strategic like evaluate on the achievement of financial target or customer satisfaction. and control especially since these are large organization with diffuse responsibilities and unclear levels of accountability. restaurant which are integrated into larger geographic groupings such as district. growth opportunities. Kroger. possible delivery problems. They also communicate news from headquarters about upcoming promotions. In staples company regional vice president perform four roles like: offering feedback to headquarters on proposed initiatives. CVS. and developing bench strength in all their stores. b. service centers. Hertz. Every tier has their own managers and all of these levels of managers responsible for meeting financial and operating targets set by corporate headquarters. Store managers Store managers.School of Business & Management Institut Teknologi Bandung Multiunit Enterprise Citigroup.

. regional and divisional managers serve as information funnels. whereas in multiunit enterprise integrators at all level. d. Appoint translators to convert strategies into action At multiunit corporation field managers. the business unit leader and most midlevel employees perform narrow. capabilities. Having integrators at different levels helps balance customization with standardization. Designing organization for implementation To implement strategy effectively multiunit enterprise use five organizational design. Set up information funnels and filters Multiunit corporations could grind to a halt because of an overburdened of information. Allow overlapping roles and responsibilities: b. and implement new initiatives. Regional vice president also responsible to convert outlines of company new programs into action plan. narrowing data flows to manageable levels. To maintain high performance.School of Business & Management Institut Teknologi Bandung programs into detailed action plan. oversee daily operations. e. Division president and senior vice president Division presidents and senior vice president focus on new initiatives. ensuring alignment between region and headquarters and troubleshooting. Share responsibility for talent development The success of multiunit corporations depends on the competence. d. who embody the brand through their actions. especially division president and regional vice president are the translators who responsible to defining concrete terms how the field organization should frame and roll out initiatives. Staples senior vice president creates the business plans for their divisions subject to the constraint of the corporate plan. Use integration at all levels In functional organization there is only one integrator. To avert breakdowns from diverse market. growth opportunities. such as: a. specialized roles. When companies launch new programs. division presidents must share the corporate vision with the field. companies must take care to develop these managers. and systemic problem solving. and commitments of field managers. c.

School of Business & Management Institut Teknologi Bandung .

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