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To enable replication for a DFS folder with multiple folder targets, you must create the following:

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Replication group

Response Feedback:

A replication group is a collection of servers, each of which contains a target for a particular DFS folder.

Question 2
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A disk partition that can hold data but not an operating system is called a(n):

Answer Selected Answer: Extended partition Response Feedback:

A primary partition can hold both data and a Windows operating system; an extended partition can hold only data.

Question 3
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The following service is required on a Windows Server 2008 server in order to enable file sharing:

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Server Service

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The Server service is enabled by default on all Windows Server 2008 computers.

Question 4
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This refers to the ability of DFS clients to revert back to folder targets that have been unavailable due to server or network outages.

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Client failback

Response Feedback:

Each replication group can have multiple members, each of which will replicate information to one another.

Question 5
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This DFS component is responsible for maintaining a list of DFS shared folders and responding to user requests for those folders.

Answer Selected Answer: Namespace server Response Feedback:

The DFS namespace server forwards user access requests to the server that actually stores the data.

Question 6
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The DFS Replication engine uses a form of replication called:

Selected Match F. multi-master replication

In the Distributed File System, the actual shared folders referred to by the virtual folders in the namespace are known as 1) DFS Replication relies on a protocol called _________________ for file replication.

G. targets C. Remote Differntial Compression

1) A DFS replication topology in which every server replicates with every other server is called a(n) ____________________________ topology. 1) The basic file-sharing capabilities of a Windows server are provided by the _______________________ service. To keep a DFS folders multiple targets synchronized, you must create a(n) ____________________.

A. full mesh I. Server J. replication group

1) The _____________________________ allows you to simplify the H. view of file shares located across multiple servers as they appear to Distrubuted File your user base. System (DFS) 1) A(n) _______________________ appears to the operating system as though it is a physically separate disk and can host an operating system 1) A(n) ___________________________ enables you to limit DFS replication traffic to specific pairs of members. 1) A DFS ____________________________ enables you to create a single directory tree that contains references to shared folders located on multiple separate file servers.

E. primary partition D. hub/spoke topology B. namespace

Question 7
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A DFS __________ contains a virtual representation of the shared folders on all DFS target servers.

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A DFS namespace is stored in the Active Directory database in the case of a domain-based namespace or in the local registry in the case of a standalone namespace.

Question 8
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The Distributed File System uses the following replication model to keep servers in a replication group up to date:

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Multiple Master Replication

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The multiple master replication model allows file writes to originate from any member of the DFS namespace.

Question 9
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In this topology, every member of a DFS replication group replicates with every other member, for full replication connectivity.

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Full mesh replication

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In a full mesh replication topology, every DFS member replicates with every other member, which creates n * (n-1) replication connections.

Question 10
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A server in a replication group is referred to as a:

Answer Selected Answer: Member Response Feedback:

Client failback allows workstations to revert back to a local DFS member server if the local server has become unavailable and the client has switched over to a remote server to obtain DFS information.

Question 11
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An alternative to the multimaster replication model used in DFS is:


Selected Answer:
a. Single master replication

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