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Advertising & Rebranding Portfolio

Advanced Advertising Strategies Course

Spring 2013
Table of Contents
Introduction and Event Recap...........................................1
Media Report.................................................................16
Social Media Event Recap...............................................25
Social Media Report........................................................27
Signage Report..............................................................33
Brochure Report.............................................................42
Billboard Report.............................................................44
Zazzle Report.................................................................52
Directories Report..........................................................53
Silo Report.....................................................................58
Event Recap
On the week leading up to the event, the stage was set up at Mozingo Lake
Recreation Park. Bearcat Sound set up its equipment on Friday, April 5 and
guarded it overnight. The advanced advertising class arrived at Mozingo Lake
at 10 a.m. on the morning of April 6. The schedule shown below demonstrates
the work that each student from the class performed throughout the day.
This portfolio outlines the work of students in Advanced Advertising Strategies
course from Northwest Missouri State during the Spring term 2013. This was the
second semester of a two-semester project, that is outlined at: Most of the class focus was on rebranding Mozingo
Lake and organizing a re-opening event there.
Event Recap (continued)
List of Activities:
- 5K Early Birdie Fun Run
- American Heart Association HeartChase
- Bungee Run
- Campus bus transportation
- Fishing Tournament & Weigh-in
- Hole Prizes
- Hy-Vee Catering
- KNIM Live Remote
- Maryville Dance Academy
- Missouri Department of Conservation
Water Tank
- Minute to Win It
- Moon bounce
- Opening Act & Main Act
- Park Tours
- Popcorn Machine
- Punt, Pass, & Kick
- Scavenger Hunt
- Sidewalk Sale
- Various games
- X106 Live Remote
- Zingo
Balloon towers (Borrowed from NWMS)
Banners and signs
Bingo chips
Bingo cage (From senior center)
Extension cords
Face paint, paint brushes, mirror, cups
Fishing line for balloon towers
Logod items
Paper towels
Popcorn and oil
Popcorn machine (From NWMS)
Popcorn bags
Prizes for kids and adults
Supplies for scavenger hunt
Supplies for Minute to Win It
Toys Hula hoops, balls, other small toys
(Borrowed from NWMS)
Various games piata, bean bag toss
Most prizes and games were purchased from Oriental Trading Company
Event Recap (continued)
Detailed April 6th Schedule
Main Boat Ramp
6:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. -- Fishing tournament
Golf Course Events
7 a.m. -- Register for 5k Early Birdie Fun Run
8 a.m. -- Begin 5k Early Birdie Fun Run
9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. -- Hole Prizes
Other activities -- Sidewalk sale
The Point Events
9:30 -- Shuttle leaves campus -- behind Wells Hall
8:30 -- Set up bands, begin sound check
10:00 - 11:00: Class sets up various activities at Point
10:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. -- Hy-Vee Catering
10:15 -- Registration begins for Heart Race (Stephanie)
11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. -- American Heart Association HeartChase
11:30 -- Bus leaves campus
11:30 -- Zingo
11:40 -- Minuite to Win It
11:50 -- Scavenger Hunt
Noon -- First Park Tour
Noon -- Bus goes to campus
Noon - 2:00 p.m. -- KNIM live remote
Noon - 12:30 -- Maryville Dance Academy
12:50 -- Minute to Win It
12:30 -- Zingo
1:00 -- Park Tour
1:00 --- Bus goes to campus
1:10 -- Minute to Win It
1:20 -- Scavenger Hunt
1:30 -- Zingo
2:00 -- Park Tour
2:00 -- Bus goes to campus
2:20 -- Scavenger Hunt
Event Recap (continued)
The Point Events (ctd.)
2:30 -- Zingo
2:30 - 4:00 -- X106 on the stage
3:00 -- Park Tour
3:00 -- Bus goes to campus
3:00 - -- Fishing Tournament Weigh-in
3:20 -- Scavenger Hunt
3:30 -- Zingo
4:00 -- Last Park Tour
4:00 -- Bus goes to campus
4:00 - 4:30 p.m. -- Opening act Tyler Folkerts
4:30 - 5:00 -- X106 does some promos as the bands switch
5:00 -- Moon Bounce closes
5:00 -- Bus goes to campus
5:00 - 6:00 p.m. -- Mitch Gallagher
6:00 -- 2nd bus leaves campus
6:15 p.m. -- First two buses return guests to campus
7:00 p.m. -- Last two buses return guests to campus
Over 1,000 people visited the Mozingo Re-Opening event throughout the day.
Even three individuals associated with the Kansas City Chiefs stopped by the
Golf Course after seeing the advertisements for the event.
Event Recap (continued)
Event Photos
The crowd sits and listens to opening act Tyler Folkerts
Mitch Gallagher and his band perform on stage
Event Recap (continued)
Event Photos
Mitch Gallagher signing posters after the concert
Performance by the
Maryville Dance Academy
Event Recap (continued)
Event Photos
City Manager Greg McDanel and Assistant City Manager Ryan Heiland
Face Painting
Event Recap (continued)
Event Photos
Children racing on the bungee run
Riders display their prizes on the tour shuttle
Event Recap (continued)
Event Photos
Fishing Tournament Weigh-in on stage
Children waiting to begin the scavenger hunt
Listed below are the different businesses in Maryville who donated to the
Re-Opening Event, either for giveaways for various games or important pieces
that made the event possible.
The three major sponsors were:
Hy-Vee - HyVee was a solid event supporter: not only did they provide food at
the event, they took the entire burden of not knowing if there would be 200 or
2,000 attendees. Typically at an event this size, caterers require the event host
to pay them upfront for a minimum guaranteed attendance. Food at the event
would not have been possible without the support of HyVee.
Additionally, they gave us a 1/2-page ad space in their regular, weekly
full-page ad in the Post. They also allowed us to hang in-store ambient adver-
tisements the week before the event; they stuffed event bag inserts for 2 weeks
leading up to the event; they allowed Fred the greeter to hand out promotions
the week before the event; and they provided a promotion table featuring Mitch
Gallagher the morning of the event.
Overall, we couldnt have asked for a better partner. We believe HyVees
involvement is equal to at least $1,000 just in the promotional efforts alone.
Northwest Missouri State - The university provided transportation in the
form of buses and shuttles that were used to transport students and Maryville
residents to the lake and to conduct tours of Mozingo Lake. This allowed us to
work on your goal of getting more college students to the event, and to help
with the fact that many Maryville residents are unaware of all Mozingo has to
offer. Whereas there were practically no students who took advantage of the
transportation to the Lake (despite our relatively robust on-campus promotions),
the hourly tours were almost always full, taking about 45 Maryville residents on
the 45-minute tour. Without the universitys support, these efforts would not have
been possible.
The total value of the Northwest donation was $1,200.
Citizens Bank - Citizens Bank responded to our request to subsidize the event
posters -- which was also an insert in the Missourian, an event handout, and
an autograph piece for Mitch Gallagher. Without Citizens support, this piece
would not have been possible.
Citizens provided $800 for this piece, and in exchange received a por-
tion of the back of the poster for an advertisement.
Sponsors (continued)
Local businesses also provided various donations that were used as giveaways.
Listed below are the businesses generous enough to donate:
Jocks Nitch 3 Bearcat T-Shirts
The Hangar 2 Movie Passes
Jass Salon 5 Free Tans
Pagliais 4 Buffet Coupons
My Favorite Muffn 25 Coupons for 4-pack Muffns
Maryville Florists 2 $20 Gift Certifcates
KXCV-KRNW 4 T-Shirts
Benellis 22 Coupons for Personal Pizzas
Bearcat Lanes 10 Free Bowling Passes
Big Birds 1 Mug
Tight Lines 150 Fishing Lures
Public Relations
Due to the shortage of the advertising budget, it was important to draw
people to the event using public relations. A press release was created and
approved by the City Manager and Assistant City Manager and sent out to
various media outlets.
It was important to grab a variety of audiences, so the media coverage
included print newspaper, online newspaper, radio, television and campus
media relations. Maryville and St. Joseph were hit the hardest for needed
coverage because of the proximity of the event. Kansas City, Missouri and
Des Moines, Iowa were also included in the PR list, so we could get, not just
coverage for the reopening event, but a wider range of interest for the Mozingo
Lake Recreation Park as a whole.
Local (within Maryville) coverage was extensive. The event was covered
by all local papers, radio stations and campus television. St. Joseph coverage
also went very well, while it wasnt as extensive as Maryville, the event drew
the interest of The St. Joseph News-Press, the largest paper in St. Joe and KQTV
travelled to the event for coverage.
When it came to Kansas City and Des Moines, the coverage faded out,
however, all radio stations in Kansas City and most in Des Moines were willing
to add the event to their community calendars. In that aspect, some coverage
was still out there in the farther reaching areas.
Overall, the media coverage of the event was successful and in the long
run, I believe it will draw more interest to the park as a whole.
PR Media List
Location Publication Media Type Phone No. Contact Sent Out Coverage
Maryville, Mo. The Northwest Missourian Newspaper 660.562.1224 in person Yes Yes
Maryville, Mo. Maryville Daily Forum Newspaper 660.562.2424 email Yes Yes
Maryville, Mo. Nodaway News Leader Newspaper 660.562.4747 email Yes Yes
Maryville, Mo. Northwest Media Relations Campus PR 660.562.1704 email Yes
Maryville, Mo. KNIM Radio 660.582.2151 email Yes Yes
Maryville, Mo. KXCV Radio 660.562.1163 email Yes Yes
Maryville, Mo. KZLX Radio email Yes Yes
Maryville, Mo. KNWT TV email Yes Yes
Savannah, Mo. Savannah Reporter Newspaper 816.324.3149 email Yes Not Yet
St. Joseph, Mo. St. Joseph News Press Newspaper 816.271.8500 email Yes Yes
St. Joseph, Mo. Griffon News Newspaper 816.271.4460 email Yes No
St. Joseph, Mo. St. Joseph Post Newspaper website Yes Yes
St. Joseph, Mo. St. Joseph Telegraph Newspaper 816.248.1686 email Yes No
St. Joseph, Mo. KFEQ Radio 816.364.6868 email Yes Yes
St. Joseph, Mo. KKJO Radio 816.233.8881 email Yes Yes
St. Joseph, Mo. KGNM Radio 816.233.2577 email Yes No
St. Joseph, Mo. KQTV TV 816.364.2222 email Yes Yes
Mound City, Mo. Mound City News Newspaper 660.442.5423 email Yes Yes
Kansas City, Mo. Kansas City Business Jour. Newspaper 816.421.5900 email Yes No
Kansas City, Mo. Pitch Newspaper 816.561.6061 fax Yes No
Kansas City, Mo. The Northeast News Newspaper 816.241.0765 email Yes No
Kansas City, Mo. Kansas City Star Newspaper 816.234.4826 email Yes Not Yet
Kansas City, Mo. KC Globe Newspaper Newspaper 816.531.5253 email Yes Not Yet
Kansas City, Mo. KCFX Radio 816.576.7739 email Yes No
Kansas City, Mo. KCUR Radio 816.576.7739 email Yes Yes (CC)
Kansas City, Mo. KLJC Radio 816.331.8700 email Yes Yes (CC)
Kansas City, Mo. KBEQ Radio 816.753.4000 email Yes Yes (CC)
Kansas City, Mo. KPRT Radio 816.763.2040 email Yes No
Kansas City, Mo. KFKF Radio 816.576.7794 email Yes Yes (CC)
Kansas City, Mo. KGGN Radio 816.333.0092 email Yes No
Kansas City, Mo. KCKC Radio 816.576.7102 email Yes No
Kansas City, Mo. Kudl FM Radio 816.576.7981 email Yes No
Kansas City, Mo. 106.5 The Wolf Radio 913.576.7000 email Yes No
PR (continued)
PR (continued)
Location Publication Media Type Phone No. Contact Sent Out Coverage

PR (continued)
Media Report
Three weeks prior to the April 6th Re-Opening Celebration, print and radio
advertisements were purchased, which all ran two weeks before the event. Here
is a list of local entities from where you purchased advertisements, followed by
what they looked like:
Penny Press:
- One 1/8 page color advertisement $100 (combo rate with Daily Forum)
Ran Tuesday, March 26th
- One 1/4 page color advertisement $125 (combo rate with Daily Forum)
Ran Tuesday, April 2nd
Nodaway News Leader:
- One 1/8 page black and white advertisement $90
Ran Thursday, March 28th
- One 1/4 page black and white advertisement $180
Ran Thursday, April 4th
Northwest Missourian:
- One triple-purpose insert/poster $1,300 ($800 covered by Citizens)
Ran Thursday, April 4th
Maryville Daily Forum:
- One 1/8 page color advertisement $100 (combo rate with Penny Press)
Ran Friday, March 29th
- One 1/4 page color advertisement $125 (combo rate with Penny Press)
Will run Friday, April 5th
*The Post:
- Two different-sized advertisements.
Out on Tuesdays
Included with Hy-Vee bag inserts.
- 64 advertisements on-air over two week period $244
Media Report (continued)
- About 42 advertisements on-air over two week period
Also provided live remote on April 6th
Ad. cost factored in with sound equipment.
- Advertisements on-air
- Circular
Also provided live remote on April 6th
Cost negotiated prior to these media buys.
Total Media Buys for City of Maryville = $1,239
Total Spent on Print = $995
Total Spent on Radio = $244
Media Report (continued)
Penny Press and Maryville Daily Forum
Media Report (continued)
Nodaway News Leader
Media Report (continued)
KNIM/KVVL Circular
Media Report (continued)
The Post
Media Report (continued)
The Northwest Missourian
Media Report (continued)
The Northwest Missourian
Media Report (continued)
All Publications/Circulars
Social Media Event Recap
In order to promote the Mozingo Re-Opening Celebration, the utilization
of Facebook was imperative to the success of the event. Facebook allowed
Mozingo to reach many people and create a buzz regarding the event, along-
side the other promotional items and advertisements.
We started the promotions on Facebook by creating an event page frst
that would allow people to RSVP to the Re-Opening online and see updates
regarding the event. We then changed the cover photo of the Mozingo Lake
Facebook page to an event specifc graphic that promoted event items such as
the concert and fshing tournament. The cover photo was an important step as it
acts as a virtual billboard to show off what is going on with Mozingo Lake.
The promotion of the event started about three weeks before the event to
give it proper lead-in time that would create some hype about what was going
on at the event. We shared videos from YouTube featuring songs by both Mitch
Gallagher and Tyler Folkerts to show the kind of music visitors of the park could
expect. We also frequently shared the Facebook event page and describing the
happenings of the event.
In the week leading up to the event, we started a heavy posting sched-
ule to ensure maximum exposure of the event. This typically consisted of one
to three post each day with images, videos and sharing the event page. On
April 3, we showed some images of the Hy-Vee ambient ads to do some cross
promotion with the Maryville Hy-Vee Facebook page. These post were very
successful with a picture of Fred Mares (Hy-Vee greeter) garnering 17 likes and
a gallery of different ambient ads garnering 11 likes. The day before the event
we posted an image of what the weather was going to be like along with a list
of the activities that would be happening at the park.
Social Media Event Recap (continued)
On the day of the event we posted in the morning to get some last minute
reach out of the event for those who were still undecided on whether to attend
or not. After the event we asked for users to share images of the event and we
posted a picture of the Thank You For Coming sign that is seen when exiting the
park that was well received. The following day we posted 140 images into an
image gallery on Facebook and asked users to like, share and tag themselves in
the photos. This got a great response with four shares, 6 likes and many users
tagging themselves in the photos.
The event page had 258 users saying they were attending, 171 saying
they might turn the event and 2,004 users that were invited, but did not reply.
Many posted pictures from the event on either the event page or to the main
Mozingo Lake Facebook page. Throughout the time of promoting the event the
likes and reach of the Mozingo Lake page increased with 123 new likes from
the beginning of the campaign until the Monday after the event. We also had
an average of 40.22 page views per day during the campaign period and an
average of 15 unique page views per day during the campaign period.
Social Media Report
Part of the effort involved with the rebranding project included building out
a Facebook presence. This media channel was established by the Fall 2012 Ad-
vanced Advertising Strategies course and built out by the Spring 2013 Advanced
Advertising Strategies course.
An audience was built up over the semester on the Facebook page, eventu-
ally culminating in a total of 440 Likes to the page (as of April 21, 2013). During
the promotion phase for the Mozingo Re-Opening Celebration, the event was
pushed hard through Facebook, heavily promoting the concert featuring Mitch
Gallagher and Tyler Folkerts. Promotional tie-ins through other mediums, such
as ambient ads and physical presence on the Northwest Missouri State campus,
were included on the page as well.
After the Re-Opening Celebration, images taken during the event were in-
cluded on the Facebook page to help further promote Mozingo Lake Recreation
Park. So far, the efforts to push the photographs among the audience have proven
wildly successful, with the furthest reaching out to the audience yet on Facebook.
Later posts included images of the updated golf clubhouse interior and new mer-
The following are recommendations to follow for continuing the success of
the Mozingo Lake Recreation Park Facebook page. These recommendations are
based upon best-practice methodologies developed by advertising and marketing
agencies from around the world. The practices are designed to further reach out
to a greater number of the target audience and mature the relationships with the
Social Media Report (continued)
The Audience
Based upon previous work with the client, the primary target for Mozin-
go Lake Recreation Park are the residents of Maryville, Missouri. This includes
people within the city limits and the surrounding area, as well as students from
Northwest Missouri State University. The relationship with this target audience
has been developed substantially in the past four months, but can be further
An important focus should be upon the students at Northwest Missouri
State University. Because the roster of students at the university changes from
year to year, it would be wise to continue focusing efforts on this target demo-
graphic. Students at the university are often not familiar with the surrounding
area around Maryville, so building out to that target is a must for the success of
Mozingos Facebook presence.
Determine Roles
With access to the Mozingo Lake Recreation Park Facebook page being
potentially spread among several persons, it is important to determine roles for
who will be responsible for conducting posts on the Facebook page. Keeping
roles simplifed to one or two individuals will keep mixed messages from being
posted on the Facebook page. Currently, Maryvilles efforts to develop a city
hall administration intern should help keep mixed messages from occurring on
the Facebook page.
Social Media Report (continued)
Another important element to look into is the development of a decision tree.
In the event of something occurring at Mozingo Lake, a fowchart should be estab-
lished that should allow for the managers of the Facebook page to know what to
say to keep the target engaged. Todays internet users often fock to social media
for the latest information at a location, so it is of importance that the Mozingo Lake
Recreation Park be prepared to respond to its audience in the event of something
occurring at Mozingo Lake.
Develop Content
Relative and focused content should be regularly posted to the Mozingo Lake
Recreation Park Facebook page. This content should focus on a core element of the
park, such as golfng, camping or fshing. General posts should be casual remind-
ers to the audience of what is available at Mozingo Lake and how the audience
can get engaged at the lake. These posts should be planned out beforehand, with
a specifc goal in mind with the post.
Posts should be simple and short. An effective Facebook post should be
around 30 words and be to the point. A post should contain one idea and follow
proper English grammar rules. And a post should lead with interesting information,
before expanding with more info.
Keeping posts spaced at a minimum of three hours is advised. If too many
posts began circulating in a short period of time, a user may not see all of the
posts, or worse, never see the posts based upon how Facebook displays posts in
the newsfeed. By keeping posts spaced at a minimum of three hours, it can be
guaranteed that posts will show up in a users newsfeed.

Social Media Report (continued)
Taking advantage of the day and time is also important. Current data
shows that weekends primarily Saturdays and Sundays work best for reach-
ing out to an audience. The time of day can vary for the target audience, but
typically posts made in the afternoon work best for reaching out to an audience.
And keeping posts to a maximum of seven per week work best for interact-
ing with the audience. Data shows that 1-2 posts per day also work well with
engaging the audience. So focusing upon two posts per day on the weekend
should maximize the potential impact with engaging the audience.
It is important to note that too many posts in a set period of time, such
more the two per day or more than seven per week, can create too much noise
for the target audience to engage with. In the event of this happening, the news-
feed for a user can become oversaturated with posts from Mozingo Lake Recre-
ation Park and are therefore more likely to ignore the posts. Maintaining a set
level of posts throughout the week is very important for continuing the success of
the Mozingo Lake Facebook page.
An element to consider when creating content for the Facebook page
include the physical conditions of Mozingo Lake on the day of the post. Should
the weather be adequate for being outdoors, a targeted post regarding the
weather should be considered. This will prompt curious users to consider poten-
tially visiting Mozingo Lake on the day of the post.
Using images to share with the audience is also a very effective meth-
od for engagement. Based upon the post-celebration images uploaded after
the Re-Opening Celebration, audience are most engaged when they can see,
share, and tag photos at an event they attended.
Social Media Report (continued)
Social Media Report (continued)
Facebook Events
Special consideration should be given to Facebook events. Creating
events on Facebook allows users to notify of their appearance at an event that is
set to occur at Mozingo Lake, as well as invite friends to the event. Information
for an event can also be posted directly to the events page.
Events should be established well ahead of their actual date. All relevant
information should be included when an event is created on Facebook. By fol-
lowing an early creation for an event with all relevant information, the audience
can schedule the event into their personal calendar, as well as provide time to
invite their friends.
Frequently reminding users on the Mozingo Lake Recreation Parks Face-
book page of an upcoming event is important to consider as well. A couple
of posts per week should be dedicated to reminding the audience of the event
without oversaturating their newsfeeds. As the date for an event comes closer, a
steady increase in posts regarding the event should be undertaken.
Measurable Data
Posting content is more than fnding the right words to say, but also ensur-
ing that the content is measurable. Facebook helps make this information mea-
surable through a system they employ called EdgeRank. This system bases posts
upon three factors: affnity score, edge weight, and time decay. By determining
the 1) level of interaction with a person whos liked a page, 2) the importance
of the content in the post, and 3) the timeliness of the post, Facebook will deter-
mine where and when that post will show up on a users newsfeed.
To keep content measurable, it is important to state again that posts should
be relevant to Mozingo Lake Recreation Park. The posts should allow for the au-
dience to engage with each post, such as liking, sharing, or commenting upon
the post. Keeping a consistent level of posts through a weeks time will also help
with a posts EdgeRank. By considering these factors when creating a post, the
Facebook for Mozingo Lake should remain successful and build a large audi-
ence base.
Social Media Report (continued)
Signage Report
Five usability tests were conducted on drivers who were unfamiliar or had
never visited Mozingo Lake Recreation Park. These tests provided information
to evaluate the usability of Mozingos current signs. The chart below shows a
breakdown of how diffcult it was for each driver to complete a task. The levels
of diffculty include Easy, OK, Hard, and Gave-Up (G-U). Hard and G-U have
been highlighted in red to demonstrate which tasks were most diffcult.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Cassie Hard OK Easy Easy G-U Hard G-U OK Easy G-U Easy
Colby Easy OK OK Easy Easy OK Hard Easy Easy G-U OK
Haley Hard OK OK Hard OK Easy G-U Easy Easy G-U OK
Jake Hard OK Hard Hard Hard Easy G-U Easy G-U G-U N/A
Matt Hard Easy Easy Hard Hard OK Easy Easy OK G-U OK
1 Drive to Mozingo.
2 Drive to the golf clubhouse.
3 Drive to the beach.
4 Drive to the Phillips shelter.
5 Drive to the Pride Lions shelter.
6 Drive to the campground.
7 Drive to the community building.
8 Drive to the Youth Camp.
9 Drive to the cabins.
10 Drive to the equestrian trails.
11 Find a boat ramp. Find another. Which is handicapped?
Full usability tests are available at the back of the portfolio.
Signage Report (continued)
Driving to Mozingo from Maryville
- For all but one of the testers it was hard for them to even know how to get to
Mozingo from campus.
- Many suggested that there be a sign on First Street saying Mozingo so many
miles that points the direction they need to head.
- If you have never been out there it is hard to know what direction to head out
of Maryville. In Haleys report the tester went the wrong direction and made it
all the way past Applebees before noticing she was going to wrong way. She
turned around at U.S. 71.
Finding the Ed Phillips Shelter
- This seemed to be hard for three out of the fve testers.
- The sign is set back to far from the shelter and it is hard to notice.
- In Haleys report she said that her tester missed the sign the frst time because
she was looking at the right side, and the sign is on the left.
- This sign was fairly simple for Cassie and Colbys testers to fnd after they got
the beach.
Finding the Pride Lions Shelter (Host Lions Shelter)
- This was unclear to a few of the testers because there is also a Host Lions
Shelter, but the test said to fnd Pride Lions Shelter.
- We think it would be easier to fnd if the signs just said Lions Shelter.
- In Jakes report he said that the tester was not able to fnd any signage at all
for the Host Lions Shelter.
Finding the Community Building (Multipurpose Building)
- This task was very hard to complete, a few of the testers never found the
Community Building.
- We think it would be better if it was either called the Multipurpose Building or
the Community Building. It is referred to as both but its the same building.
- Cassies tester thought the information building was the same thing as the com-
munity building. That is all her tester ended up fnding because there was not
an exact sign for this building.
Finding the Equestrian Trails
- Not one of the testers was able to fnd the Equestrian trails.
- There needs to be a sign indicating that the trails exist and it needs to show
them what directions they are. We think it would be a good idea to have more
than one sign maybe at the beginning of the trail and then again at the ending
of the trail.
Major Diffculties
Signage Report (continued)
Overall Sign Needs
More signs leading to Mozingo
- It would be nice to have more signs as you are driving out to the lake to assure
you that you are going in the right direction.
- Like we mentioned earlier, there should be one on the square by First Street
telling you what direction to go, and how many miles it is from there.
- It would also be helpful to have a few signs as you are traveling out there to let
you know how many miles ahead it is.
Double-sided signs
- Many of the testers thought there should be double sided signs so you can see
them from both directions.
- As Macy was driving around out there herself, she thought the same thing.
The one she really thought would beneft from being double-sided was the sign
coming out of the clubhouse. You cant see this sign to know what way every-
thing else is.
- The only problem with having double-sided signs is that it would obviously be
a lot more money to deal with.
Larger entrance sign
- It would be helpful if the sign entering Mozingo was larger. It isnt very big
and the entrance is very easy to miss if you arent paying attention.
- Colbys driver almost missed the entrance because he was still driving 60 mph
when he began to approach it.
- The entrance is kind of on a slight hill, so it would be very helpful if the sign
was bigger and you were able to see it from the bottom of the hill.
Huge maps of Mozingo at entrance on Liberty Rd. and at information building
(also include brochures with map)
- It would be very helpful if by the entrance sign there was a map of the whole
park that you could look at.
- Maybe if we have a big kiosk like they do in the mall we could put the signs
inside of that along with a map.
- This would also be a good place for visitors to stop and take picture and pick
up a brochure of the park.

Signage Report (continued)
Better looking signs, consistent throughout park and outside of park
- Many of the testers said that the signs were faded and not in very good shape.
- We need to make sure that all of the signs are the same throughout the park.
Right now the signs are different sizes making it easier to fnd some than it is to
fnd others.
- All of the signs need to incorporate the new logo.
Better utilize the information building area; people know that they need to go to that area for directions
- The information building needs to have everything there is to know about the
park available for the visitors.
- This would be another good place to have a map of the park along with
brochures to pick up.
- We think that all of the directions to where things are at need to be located in
here. People go to this area to get direction around to park.
Mobile Accessibility
- Include on signs to allow visitors to use their smart-
phones to view a map of the park.
Specifc Sign Suggestions
Add sign next to road for Tent Camping
- The Tent Camping sign is hard to see when driving because it is not next to the
road. Instead, the sign is posted on a shack along with prices.
- Cassies driver (page 4) had diffculty fnding the tent campground even though
he remembered driving past it previously. He did not fnd the tent camping until
he slowed during his third time down the road.
- Colbys driver (page 2) and Matts driver (page 8) both pass the campground
and realize they missed it after passing.
Signage Report (continued)
Add Multipurpose Building on directional signage
- This building is referred to as the Community Building in the usability papers.
- Three of the fve drivers gave up on this task and did not fnd the multipurpose
building. Colbys driver had a very diffcult time but eventually ending up at the
building because it was the only road he had not taken. Matts driver only found
the building because he had already seen it while searching during a previous
- There is no signage indicating that Mozingo has a Multipurpose Building.
Better signage to the clubhouse
- Colbys driver (page 1) and Haleys driver (page 2) both mistaken the Golf
Course Management Facility for the clubhouse at frst.
- When Cassies driver (page 2) had reached the clubhouse, he was unsure if
he was at the correct location.
- Before reaching the clubhouse, Matts driver (page 4) wonders whether he had
already passed the clubhouse.
Better differentiation between Park Maintenance Building and Youth Camp
- Cassies driver (page 5) pulled up to the Park Maintenance Building thinking
it was the Youth Camp because the directional sign points forward for both the
Park Maintenance Building and the Youth Camp.
Signage Report (continued)
Move directional sign by Golf Clubhouse
- Haleys driver (page 3) could not use this sign for directional guidance when
leaving the golf clubhouse because it is placed before turning into the club-
house. The sign should be moved back so it is easy to use when on Liberty Rd.
as well as when coming from the clubhouse.
Move the Ed Phillips Shelter sign
- This sign is too far forward as well. The shelter is much farther back than the
sign, which can be confusing to drivers.
- Haleys driver (page 4) passed by the shelter then found it later. Matts driver
(page 7) commented that it was so misleading to call it a shelter. This is most
likely because the sign is not next to the shelter.
Increase size of signs that label the Beach, Fishing Dock, Boat Ramps, and Shelters.
- These signs consist of one piece of wood. They are thin and not very notice-
able when driving. Some of the signs do not face the driver of the car either. In-
stead, they are pointed directly at the street, which can be diffcult to read when
driving towards the attractions. (Tent Camping sign would fall into this category
too if there were a sign on the road.)
- Colbys tester (page 1) complained that the sign for the beach was too small.
Signage Report (continued)
Add signs for the beginning and ends to trails
- All 5 of the test drivers gave up trying to fnd the equestrian trails. These driv-
ers had drove around most of the park by the time they reached this task and
had not seen any trail signs.
- Cassies driver (page 6) was very frustrated at this point. He attempted to fnd
the trails by going toward MOERA then back to the entrance, but eventually
said, I have no idea where to go. Im tired of aimlessly driving around. I cant
fnd it at all.
- Colbys driver (page 3) is also tired of being lost. He says that he does not see
any signs for the Equestrian Trail, but attempts by going back toward Liberty Rd.
- Haleys driver (page 6) also commented about going all through the park al-
ready and seeing no signs.
- Matts driver (page 10) says that he would attempt to drive back in the direc-
tion he came from and be on the lookout for a right-hand turn.
- Jakes driver (page 2) spent 30 minutes trying to fnd the equestrian trail before
giving up.
Add road sign for 245th Street
- Matts driver was exiting the park and reached 245th Street, then asked, Is
this Liberty Rd.? Would be nice if there was a street sign.
No Motor Vehicles sign by the beach and Lions Shelter
- Matts driver (page 5) was confused by the No Motor Vehicles sign near the
beach. This sign is for the sidewalks at Mozingo, but to a frst time visitor, the
sign could easily be confused with belonging to the parking lot for the beach.
These signs are also next to the Lions Shelter parking lot.
Trail Marker Signs
This is an example of what a trail marker could look like:
Signage Report (continued)
We recommend these providers because they offer sandblasted HDU
signs, which are lighter than wood and do not crack, warp, or bow. They are
also cheaper in price while still maintaining good quality. All of the providers
also offer different shapes of signs so the style used for the Mozingo Lake Recre-
ation Park entrance and the Golf Course entrance can be continued.
Art Sign Works Inc.
KC Sign & Awnings
Signs by Tomorrow
Phase Plan
Phase 1
[Complete] Update Mozingo Lake entrance and golf course entrance signs.
Phase 2
Update entrance sign on Highway 136. Add Welcome Sign on Liberty Road.
Phase 3
Update signs behind Information Booth, which direct visitors to different ameni-
ties at a fork in the road. Update directional sign with RV Park, Cabins, Youth
Camp, and other amenities.
Phase 4
Add all signs with the red point-markers on Google map. Change all other
Phase 5
Remove signs marked by the red emergency triangle.
Signage Report (continued)
Google Map
To view our online map, please visit:
Brochure Report
The brochure for the Mozingo Lake Recreation Park had to be created to
unify the new branding, logo and the change your campaign. At frst the new
brochure was based off of an eight sided brochure that had been created by
the Fall 2012 class, but upon fnding limitations in page sizing, it was soon
changed to a much easier to manage six panel tri-fold.
As per the clients request we created the brochure as a way to market the
various amenities of Mozingo Lake Recreation Park as opposed to the previous
customs of featuring cost of the amenities and rules of the park. The space on
the brochure could be put to much better use by promoting what Mozingo Lake
has to offer. What weve tried to accomplish with this brochure is to display the
well-known amenities such as the golf course, lake and camping, and combine
those with some lesser-known amenities such as the walking trails, equestrian
trails and the youth camp.
When designing the new brochure we wanted to keep unity with the
Change your... branding of the new Mozingo Lake, so we used the same
fonts that were included in the advertising and social media side of things to
keep everything cohesive. We also used the polaroid style to display images
similar to the design included on the advertisements leading up to the Mozingo
Re-Opening Celebration
The frst panel displays the Change your... text as well as basic informa-
tion such as the website link and important phone numbers to contact for infor-
mation on the park. The back panel features information about Mozingo Lake
merchandise and where it can be purchased as well as a link to Mozingo Lakes
Facebook page. The panel that is seen when frst opening up the brochure re-
gards the MOERA Outdoor Recreation Area and the Walking/Equestrian Trails
with an image of the walking trails in use. There is text for these amenities listing
their purpose and various information about them.
Brochure Report (continued)
Brochure Layout
Change your...
Golf Course
Share your Mozingo Lake memories and
photos with us at
Bring Mozingo Memories Home
B o a t i n g F e e s
B o a t i n g P a s s D a i l y S e a s o n a l
N o n - m o t o r i z e d $ 5 . 0 0 $ 3 5 . 0 0
M o t o r i z e d $ 8 . 0 0 $ 4 5 . 0 0
F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n o n r e c r e a t i o n a c t i v i t i e s a t
t h e l a k e v i s i t M o z i n g o L a k e . c o m / R e c r e a t i o n .
M o z i n g o L a k e i s p r o u d t o b e w i d e l y r e g a r d e d
a s o n e o f t h e f n e s t f s h i n g l a k e s i n M i s s o u r i .
T h e l a k e o f f e r s a n a m p l e v a r i e t y o f f s h i n c l u d i n g
b a s s , c r a p p i e , c a t f s h , b l u e g i l l a n d w a l l e y e .
F r o m t h e 2 6 - m i l e s h o r e l i n e , t o t h e d e e p e s t
4 0 - f o o t w a t e r s , M o z i n g o L a k e p r o v i d e s a n
a b u n d a n c e o f f s h i n g a r e a s .
M o z i n g o L a k e R e c r e a t i o n P a r k o f f e r s b o t h R V
a n d t e n t c a m p i n g a r e a s . T h e R V p a r k i s l o c a t e d
n e x t t o t h e b e a u t i f u l M o z i n g o L a k e s h o r e l i n e
a n d f e a t u r e s 1 0 3 f u l l - s e r v i c e c a m p s i t e s , l a u n d r y
f a c i l i t i e s , p r i v a t e s h o w e r s , p l a y g r o u n d e q u i p m e n t
a n d h i k i n g t r a i l s . T h e 5 0 t e n t c a m p s i t e s a r e
i m m e r s e d i n a c a p t i v a t i n g w o o d e d a r e a n e x t t o
t h e l a k e .
C a m p i n g F e e s
S e a s o n R V P a r k T e n t C a m p i n g
I n S e a s o n $ 2 0 . 0 0 p e r d a y $ 1 0 . 0 0 p e r d a y
O f f S e a s o n $ 1 8 . 0 0 p e r d a y $ 9 . 0 0 p e r d a y
O v e r 1 , 0 0 0 a c r e s o f g l i m m e r i n g w a t e r s u r f a c e
c a n b e a c c e s s e d f r o m t h r e e p a v e d b o a t
l a u n c h e s . W i t h a d m i t t a n c e t o b o a t i n g , j e t
s k i i n g , c a n o e i n g , a n d k a y a k i n g , t h e l a k e i s e a s i l y
a c c e s s i b l e t o a l l .
M o z i n g o L a k e F i s h i n g
M o z i n g o L a k e B o a t i n g
M o z i n g o L a k e C a m p i n g
C a r t F e e s
1 8 H o l e s $ 1 5 . 0 0 p e r P e r s o n
9 H o l e s $ 1 0 . 0 0 p e r P e r s o n
F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n o n g o l f c o u r s e f e e s a n d
m e m b e r s h i p s v i s i t M o z i n g o L a k e . c o m / G o l f .
M o z i n g o G o l f C o u r s e F e e s
M o z i n g o L a k e G o l f C o u r s e
Walking/Equestrian Trails
MOERA Outdoor Recreation
Mozingo Outdoor Education Recreation Area
(MOERA) creates a unique experience with a
broad range of outdoor recreation. There are two
50-foot climbing structures with a multitude of
diffculties for beginning to advanced climbers.
There is also a 2-tiered ropes course that can
accomodate 40 people and a low-elements
course ideal for team building exercises. MOERA
also offers archery, trap shooting, a classroom
facility and rentable canoes or kayaks.
Whether it's catching the big fsh, hitting the
perfect drive or just shooting the breeze in one
of our campsites, we want your trip to Mozingo
Lake to be a memorable one. Bring these great
memories home with you through our online
store. We have a wide array of merchandise
including shirts, hats and mugs.
Take a walk and see the beautiful landscape
of Mozingo Lake Recreation Park. There are
trails scattered across our vast wilderness
including a 1.3-mile concrete path, over two
miles of primitive trails and 2.5 miles of lakeside
walking. There are nine miles of winding trails for
horseback riding, off-road bicycling and running.
Equestrian trails include a large parking area for
the equestrian enthusiast. There are camping
facilities for Equestrian RVs with hitching posts
and access to water, electrical outlets and a bath
T h e Y o u t h C a m p i s p e r f e c t f o r 4 - H g r o u p s ,
B o y S c o u t / G i r l S c o u t g a t h e r i n g s a n d c h u r c h
g r o u p s . I f t h e c a b i n s d o n t p r o v i d e e n o u g h r o o m
f o r l a r g e r g a t h e r i n g s , t h e r e i s a t e n t c a m p i n g
a r e a i m m e d i a t e l y a d j a c e n t t o t h e Y o u t h C a m p
f a c i l i t i e s . A l a r g e m u l t i - p u r p o s e b u i l d i n g w i t h
d i n i n g f a c i l i t i e s a n d a m o d e r n , c o m m e r c i a l
k i t c h e n i s a l s o a v a i l a b l e . M o r e a d v e n t u r o u s
g r o u p s m a y t a k e t h e t r a i l l e a d i n g f r o m t h e Y o u t h
C a m p d i r e c t l y t o M O E R A .
Y o u t h C a m p
T h e l a k e s i d e c a b i n s p r e s e n t t h e u t m o s t c o m f o r t
f o r r e l a x i n g v i s i t s b y t h e l a k e . E a c h o f o u r f v e
f u l l y e q u i p p e d m o d e r n c a b i n s a r e f u l l y f u r n i s h e d
w i t h f u l l k i t c h e n s , f r e p l a c e s , a i r c o n d i t i o n i n g ,
h e a t a n d a g o r g e o u s v i e w . W i t h o n e t o t w o
b e d r o o m s , M o z i n g o L a k e c a b i n s c a n s l e e p s i x t o
t w e l v e p e o p l e . T h e r e a r e p a t i o s w i t h f u r n i t u r e f o r
t h e u l t i m a t e l a k e s i d e l o u n g i n g e x p e r i e n c e .
S e e M o z i n g o L a k e . c o m / C a b i n s f o r p r i c i n g
i n f o r m a t i o n . R e s e r v a t i o n s r e q u i r e d .
M o z i n g o L a k e C a b i n s
T h e a w a r d - w i n n i n g c h a m p i o n s h i p g o l f c o u r s e
i s b o t h f u n f o r b e g i n n e r s a n d c h a l l e n g i n g f o r
a d v a n c e d p l a y e r s . T h e r e i s a n o n s i t e d r i v i n g
r a n g e a n d p r a c t i c e g r e e n s t o p e r f e c t y o u r g a m e .
P r a i s e d b y G o l f D i g e s t a s a r o l e m o d e l f o r p u b l i c
c o u r s e s , M o z i n g o L a k e G o l f C o u r s e h a s g r e a t
q u a l i t y f o r a f a i r p r i c e .
Find your perfect memory at
G r e e n F e e s
1 8 H o l e s O r A l l D a y
M o n d a y - T h u r s d a y : $ 2 2 . 0 0
F r i d a y - S u n d a y : $ 2 5 . 0 0
9 H o l e s
M o n d a y - T h u r s d a y : $ 1 4 . 0 0
F r i d a y - S u n d a y : $ 1 6 . 0 0
S t u d e n t R a t e s
1 8 H o l e s : $ 1 8 . 0 0
9 H o l e s : $ 1 2 . 0 0
Billboard Report
Renting billboard space for Mozingo would be a good investment. Bill-
boards can serve as an important reminder to those who have visited Mozingo
in the past, can drive traffc to Mozingo for prospective visitors, can showcase
everyone the rebranding that has taken place and also display some of the valu-
able assets that exist at Mozingo.
Earlier this semester, a list of places from which to rent billboard space
was compiled. Several phone calls were made in early February and leads
were generated. Fortunately, you have several options to choose from. How-
ever, availability varies and some may or may not currently be available, but
contracts with other advertisers may be ending soon. Regardless, this is the list
of options you have if you choose to advertise on a billboard in the future.
1. Alva Ruark: 816-475-2431
- Alva owns a farm with property along the edge of 71 Highway, just off the
exit from I-29 North. You may have seen the Northwest Missouri State billboard
near the same area if you came from St. Joseph. Your billboard would be in
front of Northwests.
- This option has a great location, but a lot of work would be involved to put it
up because vinyl artwork and installation is not provided.
Size: 14 x 48
Price: $375/month
Contract: Set up for one year at a time
Location: Facing Northbound traffc on East side of 71 Highway
Notes: Lighted; Vinyl not provided; installation not provided
Billboard Report (continued)
2. Waitt Outdoor:
- Dan was my contact in February. He is in charge of the cluster of billboards
along 71 Highway near the Maitland exit; therefore, you have several options
just in that small area its just a matter of fnding out when the right time to
rent is. His cell phone number is 913-787-4540.
- Their website has a list of billboard inventory all across the Midwest.
- This billboard location could be priority for you. People coming to Mozingo
from the South would easily see it and it is one of the cheapest options that isnt
too far from the city. Plus, most of the labor is done for you at a one-time fee
(compared to the previous option).
- Other billboard sizes in the same area and along I-29 are also a possibility,
but again, availability varies.
Size: 12 x 30
Price: $150/month plus $260 one-time fee for artwork and installation
Contract: Most are long-term
Location: Facing Northbound and Southbound traffc on East side of 71 High-
Notes: Lighted; Vinyl provided
Size: 14 x 48
Price: $800/month plus $550 one-time fee for artwork and installation
Contract: Most are long-term
Location: Facing Northbound traffc on I-29 near Dearborn exit
Notes: Lightes; Vinyl provided
Billboard Report (continued)
3. Porlier Outdoor Advertising Co:
- Terrie Blankenship was my contact in February. She had lots of billboard op-
tions along I-29 near Rockport, Dearborn and Platte City, which were not avail-
able when we last spoke. Her phone number is 636-373-0398.
- She later sent me information on a billboard near the intersections of I-435 and
I-29 North (a little south of KCI Airport).
- Porliers website has an extensive list of billboard inventory all across Missouri.
Size: 14 x 48
Price: $1,200/month
Contract: Year-long contracts
Location: Facing Northbound traffc near I-29
Notes: Lighted; Vinyl provided
Billboard Report (continued)
4. Lamar Outdoor Advertising:
- Carol was my contact in February. Her phone number is 816-596-0309.
- Lamar Outdoors website has a list of billboard inventory all across the
country. However, calling Carol is easier than navigating their website.
Size: 14 x 40
Price: $800/month plus $1,260 one-time fee for artwork and installation
Contract: Most are long-term
Location: Along 71 Highway South
Notes: Lighted; Vinyl provided and guaranteed for one year; Their artists can
create something or you can submit your own design
Size: 14 x 40
Price: $1,500/month plus $1,260 one-time fee for artwork and installation
Contract: Most are long-term
Location: St. Joseph on West side of I-29, South of 36 Highway
Notes: Lighted; Vinyl provided and guaranteed for one year; Their artists can
create something or you can submit your own design
5. 913-341-8881
- Tried several times to contact, but received no response.
- They have at least one large billboard along I-29 facing Northbound drivers
not far from the Faucett exit.
Billboard Report (continued)
6. Last semesters class also presented you with billboard options. These four
locations are local and would focus their message on people who live in or
drive through this area daily.
Price: $1,374
Contract: One year
Location: Along 71 Highway, mile west of Maryville
Price: 2,274
Contract: One year
Location: Along 71 Highway, one mile west of Maryville
Price: $2,444
Contract: One year
Location: Along Highway 136, east of Maryville
Size: 24x10
Price: $3,980
Contract: One year
Location: Along Highway 136, 3 miles east of 71 Highway
Billboard Report (continued)
Should you choose to advertise using any of the above billboards, here are
designs we have created to give you an idea of what they might look like:
49 image number: 700-00651347
The licensing fee, which includes a model release for the people in and
around the boat, as a billboard would cost you $2,390.00 to use on up to
10 panels, also known as billboard faces, or the front side (or back) of
a billboard. image number 613-01544433
The royalty free licensing fee, which includes a model release for the
fsherman, would cost you $580 for a high-resolution photo to run as a
Billboard Report (continued) image number 649-03447602
The royalty free licensing fee, which includes a model and property re-
lease, would cost you $580 for a high-resolution photo to run as a billboard. has an enormous amount of stock photos, which is
where the following background images for the billboard designs came from.
In order to use these images (or any other stock photo) you need to pay the
licensing fee and download it.
Lisa, a representative from encouraged you to call them
if you decide to purchase a stock photo for a billboard because they regular-
ly offer a 20% discount. The phone number is 1-800-387-9010.
(Note: Regular digital photos cannot be used for billboards since they are
often not high-resolution and would display pixelated.)
Billboard Report (continued)
Billboard Summary:
Size Price Location Rented By
12x6 $1,374 for one year 71 Highway Local
12x6 $2,274 for one year 71 Highway Local
12x6 $2,444 for one year Highway 136 Local
12x30 $150/mo. + $260 71 Highway North Waitt Outdoor
24x10 $3,980 for one year Highway 136 Local
14x40 $800/mo. + $1,260 71 Highway South Lamar Outdoor
14x40 $1,500/mo. + $1,260 I-29 North Lamar Outdoor
14x48 $375/mo. 71 Highway North Alva Ruark
14x48 $800/mo. + $550 I-29 North Waitt Outdoor
14x48 $1,200/mo. I-29 North Porlier Outdoor
Zazzle Report
Zazzle is an on demand, online marketplace that allows users to create and sell
their own merchandise such as prints, shirts and mugs. When an item is created
in Zazzle it is then offered in the Zazzle marketplace and its only after some-
one purchases the product that it is made on-demand, usually within 24-hours.
Zazzle handles the orders, printing, credit cards, shipping and returns. After
someone purchases one of your products you get a royalty payment and gain
a referral commission fee. Zazzle offers an opportunity for you to expand your
proft all while strengthening your brand by allowing visitors to market for you
while showing off your logo on the items they want!
When visitors click
a product from
store, theyll be
taken to a Zazzle
page where they
can customize and
order the product.
Directories Report
As a class we were assigned to review Mozingos online presence reviewing
online directories for the following categories: fshing, GPS, maps, camping,
tourism, golf, and review sites. We then evaluated several websites to see if
Mozingo was mentioned and how they were presented. If Mozingo wasnt
mentioned, we then would contact the directory to see if they could add Mozin-
go to their directory under the name Mozingo Lake Recreation Park to clarify
and unify their respected name which is the ultimate goal of this project: to sta-
bilize their online presence under one name. Weve split each online directory
review into categories to give a better understanding of the work weve done.
When looking at online the fshing directories through Google search, we used
several different keywords to fnd the best websites to evaluate Mozingo fsh-
ing presence. The three different keyword searches we used were Missouri
fshing directories, Missouri fshing reports and Missouri fshing lakes. We
reviewed a total of six websites; the reasoning for limited number was mainly
because we found any websites past the top three to four were outdated, and
unprofessional. Out of the six websites viewed, only half referenced Mozingo
in their website, which is surprising considering some broke it down into coun-
ties. For instance, split it up into counties, Nodaway County
lists a total of 42 lakes, but Mozingo Lake isnt listed which is surprising con-
sidering Mozingo is the biggest lake within the county. For the website fshing- under Missouri Fishing Lakes, it lists a total of 25 lakes, but Mozingo
isnt within the 25.
Directories Report (continued)
Fishing (ctd.)
For the three that did reference Mozingo in their website, two of them
gave great reviews, while one website ( referenced them
with a map, but no report. For the Missouri Department of Conservation web-
site, gave Mozingo Lake an excellent updated fshing report with four different
kinds of fsh receiving a good prospect which is great considering Mozingos
competitors (Bilby, Big Lake, and Smithville) had less prospects ranging from one
to three good fsh prospects. The website also gives a great review of Moz-
ingo giving the size of the lake, location, and all the types of fsh. For the web-
site,, gave another great review for Mozingo Lake describing
the size of the lake, recommendations, and the sizes of fsh to expect to catch.
They also had this to say about the facilities Excellent facilities provided by the
City of Maryville surround the lake, with new campground areas, cabins, a fsh
cleaning station, picnic pavilions, and improved boat ramps, as well as dis-
abled-user covered fshing docks.. In summation, Mozingo Lake doesnt have
the greatest online fshing directories presence, but when Mozingo is mentioned
its a great review.
When looking at two different GPS, we browsed through fve different catego-
ries such as sports activities, recreation, parks, and golf course. When looking
at the Navteq GPS Mozingo has a presence in all categories, but sports ac-
tivities which isnt surprising, but Mozingo should still be listed. For the rest of
the categories Mozingo is mentioned, but under the wrong name except for
one category. For the category recreation, and golf course Mozingo is men-
tioned as Mozingo Lake Golf Club which is understandable for the golf course
category, but not for recreation. Mozingo should be listed as the correct name
Mozingo Lake Recreation Park for the recreation category, but also mention
the golf course as well since both are recreational. When looking at the Garmin
GPS Mozingo isnt mentioned under the category of parks which is a big prob-
lem considering Garmin is a well-known brand, so well immediately get this
changed so Mozingo is mentioned and under the right name for that category.
For the golf category, Mozingo is mentioned as Mozingo Lake Golf Club which
isnt a problem because if theyre searching for golf its best to leave it as that
name. In review, Mozingo has a great presence in the GPS systems, we just
need to get the name changed, and well be set.
Directories Report (continued)
When reviewing the map sites, Mozingo has an excellent online presence in all
eight of the maps we viewed. The only consistent problem weve had with the
maps is the name, only one is listed under the correct name Mozingo Lake Rec-
reational Park while the rest of the seven are under different names often times
mentioning the Golf Course. All these websites will be contacted to change the
name to one name to avoid confusion and unify Mozingos online presence.
Other than that issue Mozingo has an excellent online presence for map sites.
When reviewing the online camping directories for seven different websites,
Mozingo has an online presence in fve of them while the rest of the two Moz-
ingo wasnt mentioned. Even though, theyre listed on fve websites, theyre
presented under four different names which could be a problem. A majority of
the sites list the lake as Mozingo Lake, but add some words such as, Mozingo
Lake Campground, Mozingo Lake County RV Park, and Mozingo Lake County
Park. This is where we come in as a class to change the name to Mozingo Lake
Recreation Park so its clear to the audience that were listed as that respected
name to avoid any confusion, and to unify their online presence.
Directories Report (continued)
Camping (ctd.)
For the websites that listed Mozingo on their website, all gave great reviews,
giving prices, descriptive directions, fees and amenities. Although, some of the
sites are outdated, and need to update their new features, and prices, its an
overall great online presence for camping directories. However, the two web-
sites that didnt list Mozingo and,
its essential we contact them to get Mozingo listed and under the correct name.
When viewing the website, lists all the major RV
Parks and campgrounds by region in Missouri, and Mozingo isnt listed any-
where in the Northwest region so this website will be contacted to get them add-
ed. The is another great camping website that doesnt
feature Mozingo or any Mozingo competitor for that matter so itd be great if
Mozingo could get added to the list as the only lake within that area. In review,
Mozingo has a great online camping directories presence, they just need to
change the name to Mozingo Lake Recreational Park, get added to a couple of
websites, and Mozingo should be set for the camping directories.
Mozingo Lake Recreation Park had a decent presence on travel sites. However,
the offcial name was not present on any of them. We spent some time emailing to get the name changed from Mozingo Lake Campground to
Mozingo Lake Recreation Park; I resubmitted the Yahoo! Local business sub-
mission, to change it from Mozingo Lake to the offcial name. Also, on Yahoo,
there were a lot of problems with the entry, the address and phone number were
incorrect, so we fxed those.
Other sites, such as WikiTravel and Trip Advisor didnt have anything for
Mozingo, so we submitted entries to those pages. I also submitted an entry to
Discover America which is a larger travel site and I am waiting to hear back
from them because they design the pages that they create for destinations.
We checked a few other sites, such as Virtual Tourist, however, you arent
allowed to make submissions for advertising purposes. There was a post from
someone who had visited, which was positive, so there is some presence on this
Directories Report (continued)
Mozingos presence in golf course directories is very impressive. Mozingo
Lake Recreation Park Golf Course can be found in every major directory in the
United States. Mozingo has been highly regarded as a high rated golf course
and that is refected within the directories.
Most directories are very detailed including the Mozingo Golf Managers
name, Pros name, course rating, slope, contact information for tee times and
greens fees. This is all great information to have for someone looking to go to
Mozingo as a destination and has no prior dealings with the golf course.
Mainly, the changes needed in the golf course were the name and web-
site. Most websites had the golf course listed as Mozingo Lake Golf Course
or Mozingo Lake Golf Club. I have gone through and changed names where
applicable. There are a couple directories in which the Manager or Pro must
contact the administrator to make changes. Those websites are noted in the
directories spreadsheet.
When making changes most websites required some approval time. The
changes Ive made may take a couple weeks to process through the correct
channels. Below are some examples of Mozingos presence on golf directory
Silo Report
Currently, you have two people who have said they would be interested in
painting the Mozingo logo on the side of the silo at the golf course:
Dirk Spire
Phone number: 660-528-1514
Painted the Jimmy Johns logo on the side of the restaurant in Maryville.
Was not able to offer a quote and says he will require a stencil with
Kenny OMara at GA Thompson Contractors in St. Joseph
Phone number: 816-232-6855 (business) or 816-596-0289 (mobile)
Painted Bearcat paw on a water tower on the Northwest campus.
Was not able to offer a quote without seeing the silo in person.
Suggested either painting or getting a large vinyl banner and attaching it.
We found two vendors that provide the type of stencil youd need to adhere
to concrete. There are not very many stencil providers for this type of project,
especially with the size of the stencil, so these two seemed to be the most ftting.
Stencil Planet (
Quoted a 12 ft x 4 ft vinyl stencil at $289.50; adhesive on the back
My contact was Chris Bjorkeson,
Contact info:
Customer Service
Address: Stencil Planet, 18 William St, 1st foor, Summit, NJ 07901, USA
Toll-Free Phone: 1-87-STENCILS (1-877-836-2457)
Phone: 908-771-8967
Fax: 908-517-9104
Business Hours: 9am-5pm EST
Other Conact Information
General information:
PR, marketing and partnership: Technology
and web:
Technology and web:
Silo Report (continued)
Stencils Online (
Quoted a 12 ft x 4 ft mylar stencil at $115.57; No adhesive on the back
My contact was The Graphics Team,
Contact Info:
Address: Laser Cut Custom Stencils, 70 Industrial Park Drive Suite 7,
Franklin, NH 03235
Toll-Free Phone: 1-877-863-5227
Phone: 603-934-5034
Fax: 1-866-615-7423
Business hours: Monday - Friday | 8:30 - 5:00 EST
Ordering information:
Once your order has been placed, we will provide a proof via email
within 1 2 working days. The proof allows you to review your custom stencil
layout, sizes, quantities, etc. before we begin production.
Production times typically range from 1 3 business days, depending
on the size of the order. If for any reason your project will require additional
production time we will contact you via email. In the event your project is time
sensitive please let us know right away and we will see that we do all we can to
accommodate any deadlines you may be working with.
Both businesses requested vector fle logos.