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SOURCES OF MANPOWER SUPPLY : Internal sources of recruitment : (1) Present employees : Sometimes vacancies are filled by promotions or transfers

s within the organisation. Promotion refers to placing an employee to a higher position, while transfer involves shifting an employee from one job to another. (2) Former employees : Former employees who have been laid off or have left for personal reasons may be taken back. Those with good records are desirable. They, being familiar with the company and their job, require no initial training. (3) Friends and relatives of present employees : Present employees may be requested and encouraged to recommended their friends and relatives for some jobs in the company. External sources of recruitment : (1) Advertising : Advertisement is an extremely popular method of recruitment nowadays. The employer can choose the most appropriate newspaper or magazine or a journal for advertising the post. Advertising is resorted to for certain special skills. Qualifications required for the job should be clearly stated in detail, so that only eligible candidates apply. (2) Educational institutions : Promising young persons can be obtained from schools, colleges and other technical institutions. Some universities have established employment bureaus to provide vocational guidance to the young degree holders and to supply qualified persons to business firms. It may be necessary to give initial training to employees thus obtained. (3) Employment exchanges : Private and public employment exchanges important source of recruitment

from outside. Employment exchanges keep in touch with the employers and send for consideration the names of those persons who are registered on their lists and possess requisite qualifications. (4) Labour unions : This method of recruitment is comparatively new in India. But it is widely used in countries where trade unions are strong and not antiemployer. (5) Employees of other firms : A new firm can procure experienced and trained labour by attracting them away from rival firms. But such employees are rarely loyal to the firm wherein they work. At any time they leave the present job if they are paid more elsewhere. (6) Causal applicants : Many firms maintain an application file in which applications received from casual applicants are kept pending. Such records, if kept up-todate, prove a very useful source of recruitment. (7) Others : Among other methods of recruitment from outside may be mentioned-jobbers and contractors, personnel consultants, factory-gate-notices exhibited in the work-shop etc.