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Sigma Series PTZ


Key Features
Turn-key extreme long-range 24/7 surveillance system Synchronized laser and optical zoom for maximum illumination 4500m of active IR night vision with Zoom Laser IR Diode 16.7-2000mm IR corrected motorized zoom lens Integrated fog cut filter 1/3 high-resolution HD IP camera IR cut filter for true day/night operation Photosensitive for auto switching between day/night modes Micro-Step technology for accurate pan/tilt better than 0.01 360 continuous rotation with tilt functions
Appearance changes according to customization

Rugged military high strength IP 66 enclosure

24/7 Day/Night Surveillance
The SIG-4500M-2000-13-HD is designed by Ascendent specifically for critical infrastructure and perimeter protection. It offers a compelling alternative to the conventional single-camera system. The dual sensor payload enables the Sigma to provide images in virtually any environment from heavy fog to complete darkness. The FLIR thermal imager (optional) provides long-range, wide-angle detection allowing proper assessment of potential hazards and threats at great distances with a high level of accuracy. The high-resolution visible camera provides superior clarity over thermal imaging and yields high detail to identify threats and trespassers even in complete darkness.

Visible Optical Zoom Camera

The Sigma Series PTZ boasts a 1/3 high-resolution HD IP visible camera that renders superb detail color images by day and clean, crisp monochrome images at night. This camera has a powerful 16.7-2000mm motorized zoom lens for FOVs ranging from 17 to 0.14 and zoom ratio of 60X. The window is made out of 5mm optically pure flat tempered glass with AR coating to eliminate distortion and blurring that normally occurs, further enhancing the image clarity even when zoomed in. The OSD and coaxial controls allow you to configure the BLC, HLC, DIS, 3DNR, DIS privacy zones, and virtually every aspect of the camera to be optimized on site for unparalleled performance.

Active IR ZLID Laser Illumination

Many laser illuminators only light the center of the screen and act as a spot beam that over-exposes the center of the image and leaves the edges dark. Ascendents laser has up to a 0.31 to 19.7 (63.7X) resulting in an illuminated scene that matches the FOV of the camera. Ascendents ZLID (Zoom Laser IR Diodes) technology synchronizes IR intensity and area illumination with a motorized zoom lens for outstanding active IR performance, eliminating over-exposure, washout, and hotspots for performance at distances ranging from 150m up to 4.5km (14,764ft) in complete darkness.
See Through Windows Fog Filter @ 15km Train @ 800m Ship @ 3km


Sigma Series PTZ

Optical Assembly
Image Sensor Camera Mode Lens Angle of View 1/3" 1.3 Megapixel HD IP camera True day/night auto color / BW 16mm (wide) to 2000mm motorized zoom lens (with 2X) 17 to 0.14 Class 3B Laser 808nm 0.35 to 19.5 (55X) 15W, 190m NOHD Up / Down / Left / Right (Externally with Allen Key) Zoom Laser IR Diode Syncs with Zoom Lens Up to 40 presets accurate to less than 0.01 4 preset tours (user defined) Yes (preset 1 or tour) RS485 / RS422 Pelco D/P Extended Integral pan/tilt brushless motor drive micro-step , pan and tilt (45kg max load) 360 continuous pan | variable speed up to 15 Configured to suit application Closed loop electronics Yes: automatic adjust speed with zoom for smooth accurate positioning IP 66 sealed -25C ~ +60C Optional High strength aluminum alloy Flat glass (optical) | germanium glass (thermal) (bullet-proof optional) White (black optional depending on climate)
Specifications subject to change without notice

ZLID Illuminator
Source Beam Power Alignment ZLID Illuminator

Communications & Presets

Presets Preset Tours Home Position Communication Control Protocol

Drive Unit Pan Angle and Speed Tilt Angle and Speed Speed Control Proportional P/T to Zoom Position

IP Rating Temperature Wiper Construction Viewing Window Standard Colors