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SUMMER 2013 Instructor: Office: Phone: Frank Martel Patrick Gymnasium 802-848-8991 Home 802-782-4489 Cell 802-656-4456 Office Office Hours: 8 - 4 Meeting Place: Patrick 117 E-mail:

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Sports Officiating is a 2 credit course meeting once a week. This course will provide the student with the knowledge and expertise necessary to officiate in physical education classes, intramurals, and interscholastically. It includes the basic fundamental skills on officiating as well as the rules and mechanics of basketball, girls lacrosse, and soccer. GENERAL PURPOSE 1. To work cooperatively with other individuals and groups within the class to gain experience in game like and practice officiating situations. 2. To observe and evaluate other officials by attending various athletic contests outside of class. 3. To demonstrate competency through reading, videos, testing, and discussions in understanding the various roles of being a sports official. These roles include: • Fitness, professional appearance and dress. • Safety • Integrity and fairness • Sportsmanship • Communication with players, coaches, administrators, and spectators • Preventative officiating • Rules of the sport • Pre-game procedures • Positioning, mechanics, and signals • Registration procedures

4. The student will complete journal sheets to track summaries of the class, self-evaluation of your officiating, observations of others, and teacher directed questions and situations. 5. Students will have the option of become members of IAABO (International Association of Basketball Officials), VSOA (Vermont Soccer Officials Association), and U.S. Women’s Lacrosse Association. Materials Needed 1. Classroom: Always need pen, pencil, and class folder 2. Gym clothes and shoes for active days 3. Whistle and lanyards (Lanyards need to be returned at the end of the term) Three Outside Officiating Observations – Dates to be announced in Class. These observations must be done at “live” games, not TV, and must be the three sports that this class covers. Signatures and phone numbers of supervisors must be present. Evaluations should include grades and comments for each category. Failure to complete observations will lower grade at least one letter. TEXTBOOK: Successful Officiating, by Jerry Grunska; second edition; ISBN-13: 9780736098298 Collateral Readings: N.F.H.S. Basketball Rules Book N.F.H.S. Basketball Case Book N.F.H.S. Soccer Rules Book U.S. Lacrosse Women’s Rule book. GUEST SPEAKERS Speakers from each of 3 sports will talk on specific topics related to their sports. GRADING Attendance& Participation: Rules and Mechanics Quizzes: Game Officiating: Final Exam: 20 30 20 30

Attendance: Attendance is deemed important and a professional responsibility for all students. If a student is to miss a class, she/he is expected to notify the instructor prior to class time. If the instructor is not notified or if the absence is not for an appropriate reason, the absence will be considered unexcused. (Leaving early for vacation is an unexcused absence.) Missed in-class assignments may not be made up in the event of an unexcused absence. FOR EACH UNEXCUSED ABSENCE OVER ONE (1) IN LECTURE, THE COURSE POINT TOTAL OF THE STUDENT WILL BE LOWERED 5 POINTS. Arrival to class on time is deemed important and a professional responsibility for all students. EXCESSSIVE TARDINESS WILL BE DEALT WITH ON AN INDIVIDUAL BASIS: (Tardy defined: Student arrives for class more than10 minutes after lecture class is scheduled to start at 10:10 or start of lab. If you are on an athletic team and are going to miss a lecture or lab due to a game, it is your responsibility to let me know you are going to be absent, and to get missed assignments.

EXPECTATIONS: All students are expected to abide by the academic policy identified in “Cats Tales” Student Handook. Please turn off and do not use cell phones. Be respectful of other students and treat people the way you would like to be treated.

13 Week Unit Plan: Week 1: Course Intro and expectations, introductions, lockers, reasons to officiate. Evolution of officiating (Chapter 1)

Week 2:

Calling fouls, 2 person position, professional appearance & demeanor/communication. Officiating as part-time job (Chapter 2)

Officiating Soccer: Overview of the game. History of VSOA Calling fouls (legal defense on ball, illegal contact dangerous play above, below waist. Offsides rule > video Students officiate, partner evaluation Week 3: Officiating Style (Chapter 3) Officiating Soccer: Substitutions Equipment Misconduct: yellow/red card Students officiate, partner evaluation Analyze a game. Why officiate? Money, Love of game, Challenge, Needed Goal Setting (Chapter 4) Officiating Soccer: Students officiate > Teacher evaluation Restarts Written quiz Online test Entrance Requirements; Player safety Comunication Skills (Chapter 5). Officiating Soccer: Stuff not in rulebook Review online test Students officiate Why officials leave. Player Safety Decision Making skills (Chapter 6) Officiating Basketball: Overview of the game

Week 4:

Week 5

Week 6

History of IAABO Position comparisons to soccer. Basics of the game: Scoring, main fouls & violations, signals to scorer Week 7 Call similar game. What effect does your background have on your calls? Mental Training Strategies (Chapter 7) Officiating Basketball: Post Defense Perimeter Defense Legal dribbling, traveling, pivot foot Students Officiate Analyze a game Developing an officiating philosophy Conflict Management (Chapter 8) Officiating Basketball: Guest speaker: Mechanics 2 person crew positioning Reporting fouls Legal screens Charge/block Crew personalities. Women & Men - game called the same? Fitness Principles for Officials (Chapter 9) Officiating Basketball: Throw-ins Jump balls Other fouls and violations Students officiate

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10 Professional Requirements:

Concussion Course Coaching Course Red Cross first aid. Officiating Personal Fitness Plan (Chapter 10) Officiating Women’s Lacrosse Overview of Lacrosse Position comparisons to Soccer & Basketball Basics of the game: Offsides Player safety Equipment Week 11 Officials fees Legal Responsibilities (Chapter 11) Officiating Women’s Lacrosse Checking in the sphere Shooting space Students officiate Week 12 Psychology of officiating Legal Rights and Business Responsibilities (Chapter 12) Officiating Women’s Lacrosse Guest speaker Week 13 Student Self assessment Time Management (Chapter 13) Officiating Women’s Lacrosse 3 seconds Rules interpretation > same rule different interpretation Approved rulings

Week 14 & Week 15. Catching up & final exam.

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