FeelGood students raise awareness and funds for the end of hunger. Their primary vehicles are non-profit grilled cheese delis run by committed groups of informed campus leaders. Students volunteer their time and talent to offer grilled cheese sandwiches in exchange for a donation. 100% of deli proceeds are invested in organizations with proven track records of sustainably eradicating hunger and empowering self-reliance. Over 20 FeelGood delis are operating on campuses across the country, initiating thousands of dialogues, training hundreds of student social entrepreneurs, and mobilizing over $80,000 annually for the end of hunger. To date, student-run delis have helped raise over $1.4 million for investment in our partner organizations, an impact made possible in part because of partnership with people like you!


As a Food Vendor on each campus, FeelGood is committed to:  Certifying students in safe food handling per local city, county and state protocols  Mitigating and managing risk through institutional and legal compliance  Fostering communicative and collaborative partnership with existing dining services  Providing a quality product by sourcing healthy ingredients as locally as possible  Integrating environmentally sustainable practices throughout deli operations As a Social Enterprise, FeelGood equips young changemakers to make an impact by:  Earning investment capital through an interactive online learning community  Developing critical business skills to run a successful enterprise  Practicing fundraising, community mobilization and coalition building As a Registered Student Organization or Club, a FeelGood chapter has:  A mission of education, not only fundraising  Support and accountability through campus activities and student government  Access to student activities or student government funding for chapter operations  Institutional insurance coverage (in part or full) for club-related activities As a Campus Non-Profit, FeelGood provides student volunteers opportunities to:  Establish donor partnerships with local farmers, food producers and distributors  Truly impact a global issue through donating their time and talents  Engage deli customers in dialogue about the root causes of and solutions to hunger  Facilitate a peer-to-peer curriculum on global citizenship and entrepreneurship



Beyond granting permission to operate a food-related enterprise, there are rich opportunities for collaborative, mutually beneficial partnership right from the start.

Complement your existing services.
FeelGood delis can give the campus community access to high-quality food during unconventional hours or in other locations! FeelGood could offer a “late night” deli for parts of campus that close food operations following dinner, ensure there is a weekend meal option when dining services are unavailable, or set-up in an under-served part of campus.

Reinforce your image as a civic-minded, community-oriented service provider.
Partnering with dynamic and compassionate FeelGood students will serve as a constant reminder to the campus community that dining services is aware of and engaged with issues of global and local hunger. Take it a step further: allow students to utilize meal plan points or credit to donate in exchange for a sandwich and truly honor your commitment to playing a role in creating a sustainable future for all life.

Support students’ professional development as social entrepreneurs.
Your expertise and presence as a food service provider offers a unique gift to FeelGood students: a hands-on learning environment. Providing FeelGood deli volunteers with food safety training or certification, perspective on local food systems and issues, and mentorship in their deli operations would help them grow - and will nourish you, too.

Enhance partnerships with food suppliers. Give them a way to give back.
As a valued customer of those who supply your operations, invite them to join you in donating to a FeelGood non-profit deli – not only to amplify the impact you can have, but also to deepen your relationships with them as allies in positive social change.

Take inspired action alongside students to eradicate hunger in our lifetime.
As a major player in global food systems, collegiate dining services has the capacity to have far-reaching impact not only through supporting investment in sustainable development “over there” but also right here - engaging your staff and the campus community in shifting their relationship to the issue of hunger.

Share resources to maximize visibility.
From grills to refrigerator space, your resources can greatly assist students in operating viable delis. Since FeelGood chapters express gratitude to their partners in myriad ways, you can be certain you will receive verbal, printed, written and displayed accolades for all contributions!


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