Better Living Through Torture As of this date (April 24, 2013), I am still under ritual harassment, violent attack and

abuse by the magician and his flesh and blood henchman (which latter we've come to know by the soubriquet "Speelburg.") Last week, I received a summons to jury duty and tried to asked for an exemption. The following is what has so far transpired. If any by chance reading this have any information on my case, please contact Mr. Wheeler of the King County Superior Court to help confirm my story (pertinent addresses are below). For a .doc transcript of the same below, see: or in .pdf (with active links), see: And also Scribd: William Thomas Sherman CORRESPONDENCE STARTS HERE Apr 19, 2013 07:55:54 AM If you are unable to serve due to a chronic medical condition please ask your physician to submit a letter supporting your request to: King County Courthouse 516 Third Ave, First Floor Jury Assembly Room Seattle, WA 98104 FAX 206.296.0986 Or Maleng Regional Justice Center 401 4th Av N, Room 2E Kent, WA 98032 FAX 206.205.2585

Greg Wheeler King County Superior Court - Jury Services 206.477.1319 206.296.0986 (FAX) King County Superior - Seattle <JuryDutySEA@KingCounty.Gov> Apr 19, 2013 08:17:11 AM RE: Jury Duty Exemption Request Juror Badge No. 0001354078; birth date: March 23, 1961 Dear Mr. Wheeler, Thanks much for your response. I would have sent this e-mail earlier, but the server for the Superior Court Jury response website doesn't apparently as yet have the feature to make this possible. In light of which, Just yesterday I sent what is essential the identical letter, including attachments, to your office via the USPS; certified-receipt mail. Presumably it hasn't arrived. That being the case, I'm sending this here to, again, for added convenience and to touch base on the subject of my Jury Duty. I realize what I am submitting in the way of an explanation sounds exceedingly peculiar, but that it is so doesn't render what I assert necessarily any the less true (which I very sincerely assure it isn't), and hence my need to ask for otherwise unusual consideration.


I will be satisfied if I may be exempt from the 4. My “Narrative”: http://www. A fuller account of my situation is contained in the attached documents and which tell my story as fully as circumstances at the moment will allow. including an investigation into my story. only in this instance my hardship goes far beyond mere inconvenience.pdf files at the following links. literal witchcraft or assaults by spirit people and their regular (or flesh and blood) assistants or henchmen are: 1. but that can also be had as a download at: http://www.angelfire. since what I suffer from is in part connected with the utter failure of the Seattle and King County Police Departments (and others) to render me any assistance. Severely reduced attention span. but you see even going to a physician is painful and a chore for the same above reasons.pdf ~or~ http://archive. even if inconvenient for me to do so.” not included in this My energy level is on and off in a way that is not entirely within my control. I will. offices. if forced to it. 2. and agencies in an effort to secure assistance and an investigation. The second is a copy of an appeal I sent out in 2008 to various persons. Sincerely and Respectfully.----------------- Dear KCSP administrator.gunjones.gunjones. it is actually more complicated than that and includes my being subject to ritual abuse and attacks ongoing now for over two decades by anonymous persons.pdf ~or~ http://www. Although my case falls under a medical disability. Excessive fatigue. and as far as the jury summons My “Appeal”: http://www. Among the physical problems I suffer from as a result of being attacked with “brain torture radios” (as per my account) and sundry forms of. for lack of a better term. The first document is my “Narrative” and that gives you a basic idea of what I am dealing with. This said. 3. A severe difficulty sleeping regular and consistent hours. A kind of agoraphobia and acute stress in prolonged social settings. Washington 98117 wts@gunjones. only if so this case may possibly result in 2 . These same materials can be download as . William Thomas Sherman ====================== William Thomas Sherman 1604 NW 70th St. and for whom all previous and repeated attempts of mine at getting help from the Seattle or King County Police to combat I have received no virtually response whatsoever. Even small and brief errands like going to the store can be occasions for my getting emotional and upset. I do believe in the jury system and were I well consider it my obligation to Reference is made in these writings to a third document entitled “A New Treatise on Hell.pdf ~or~ http://archive. If strictly need be I would be willing to go to a physician to get this confirmed. But again. I am writing to request an exemption to a recent summons for jury

WA 98104 FAX 206. and childishness of these police departments to even investigate my charges of assault and battery. First Floor Jury Assembly Room Seattle. But if. Seattle.2585 Greg Wheeler King County Superior Court . WA 98032 FAX 206. William Thomas Sherman ====================== William Thomas Sherman 1604 NW 70th St. However.206-784-1132 Apr 19. including attempted murder. cowardice. If you are unable to serve due to a chronic medical condition please ask your physician to submit a letter supporting your request to: King County Courthouse 516 Third Ave. I would point out that your forcing the issue this way will prompt a law suit by me against the City of Seattle and King County for hitherto denied me. as I say.Seattle <JuryDutySEA@KingCounty.Jury Services King County Superior . you are going to require me to go see a doctor at this time. then I think now would be a good time to get at the nonsense. Room 2E Kent. with ample evidence to prove 206-784-1132 Apr 24.Gov> Apr 19. 2013 04:05:13 PM Juror ID: 0001354078 3 . as I said I will do it. Sincerely. not to mention innumerable acts of burglary and vandalism perpetrated in the intervening years.296. and thus in a Christian way pardoning their imbecility. If you insist on this. Wheeler.0986 or Maleng Regional Justice Center 401 4th Av N. 2013 08:27:27 AM Good Morning. Washington 98117 wts@gunjones.205. I have forbore doing so due to what I took to be the incompetence. 2013 08:45:15 AM Dear Mr. since the year 1992. police help and protection in the face of violent criminals.

but if that fails you will have send me to jail. neither the Seattle Police nor the King County Police would aid me or investigate my story. If I have to go to jail as a result I will. Jury service can be postponed twice to virtually any week you select. The new date needs to be within one year of the current reporting date on your original summons.Dear WILLIAM THOMAS SHERMAN. It is the failure of these agencies to render me assistance that has resulted in my being both continually ill and. (Speaking of which what does your Police Department say in response to my charge they refused me assistance? If per chance it is because they consider my claim crazy. 2013 04:52:59 PM Dear Mr. am in constant pain. Seattle. Manager . for obvious reasons to not do jury duty.Seattle JuryDutySEA@KingCounty. Wheeler.Gov Apr 24. as I state. You should select the date prior to your current report date. have constant headaches. then what more proof do you need to demonstrate that I am unfit for jury service? I will tell you now that until I am aided as a crime victim I absolutely refuse to do jury duty.aspx Greg Wheeler. Please note that summonses are mailed several weeks in advance and dates close to your current reporting date may not be available.Jury Services King County Superior .gov/kcsc/ejuror/login. Washington 98117 wts@gunjones. As I explained to your earlier. in a state of ongoing harassment. William Thomas Sherman ====================== William Thomas Sherman 1604 NW 70th St. I cannot attend any jury service because I am under CONSTANT attack by violent criminals. I'm 206-784-1132 4 . but it is simply impossible for me function as a juror being disabled as I am. and it is this which causes me. but we're unable to grant your request for exemption. Do I still otherwise have the option of getting a physician's statement that would exempt me? If so I will try to do that. https://your.kingcounty. Please follow the link below to reschedule (DEFER) your jury service.