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GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Gina Digiantonio Lesson Title: Environmental Science Grade level(s)/Course: 9th grade, General Biology Date taught: Day 3 INFORMATION ABOUT THE LESSON Content Standards: Understand and apply knowledge of the interdependence of organisms Design and conduct scientific investigations Enduring Understanding and/or Essential Question: Organism interactions influence ecosystem stability Humans modify ecosystems Scientists use experiments to deduce information What connections exist within an ecosystem? What effect have I had on my environment? How do scientists use experiments to answer real-world questions? Instructional Objectives: Students will apply their knowledge of conservation practices to a real life-situation through their participation in a class debate with at least 1 researched piece of information.

LESSON IMPLEMENTATION Anticipatory Set/Elicit Prior Knowledge This can relate to students knowledge of how humans affect habitat space (HIPPO), and the connection will be explicitly reviewed at the end of class. In addition some students might have heard about this on the news.


Focus/Purpose Statement Today we will apply our knowledge of conservation biology practices to a local situation. Procedures Set up experiments by putting soil into pots and planting seeds (10 minutes) Introduce a real-world conservation topic that relates to the case study students did yesterday. (10 minutes) o Bat/Mills parkway interstate debate that is going on outside West Des Moines o News clip: Asks students what other data they will need to make an informed decision about whether the bats should be protected o Know more about the role of the bats in the ecosystem o Know more about if the bats can move to a different place or not Hold a class debate o Students will debate whether they think the bats should be saved or not Give students time to research (10 minutes) Each side gets 5 minutes of talking and 1 minute of rebuttal (12 minutes) Exit slip reflection (3 minutes) Write down one fact you learned Review the 4 main ways that humans influence the environment (originally part of the ecology unit) o Habitat destruction, Invasive species, Pollution, Overexploitation o We talked a little bit about habitat destruction with the bat scenario today, but we will talk about more in the upcoming weeks

Closure Relate this to HIPPO concept from ecology unit. Materials and Resources Reference sources for the debates (preferable computers) Plants, soil, counter space for plant experiments Projector and computer to show news clip Classroom Management/Democratic Practices Make sure students are engaged in video ASSESSMENT


During the lesson - Check in with students during debate. Make sure one person isnt dominating the conversation. Set goal of one comment that is backed by evidence per person Have them write one fact down and turn it in at end

At the end of the lesson Formative: fact exit slip Summative- Part of plant experiment.