' J^2>A-:?JijzA.f ^i/^c-.^^i:"->. ..-Z'.'//>^i:,'j^.iL, _, T.-.»:<.-". v / j |

| A iakhasn Isdy WSJUS Om Htw

WASXUCOTOV, May 11. . ration •

take* at the following ittecea at 8 a. T^ ' Pr#c»n Stations. Tr. Wind, at h'r. Weaft

Nsflssv uswegsv
To l*e JBoWor of tk* Palladium : •

SIR—I would suggest that the new hotel be called the "Oswego," after your own beautiful, city. Nothing oould be more appropriate. Truly yours.

Clerk W, W. ftp**** of th« Board of Supervisor*, received a letter * today from-Friu Reichman, Bute S " * ' 0 * Weigh* and Meaenrei. ^ U o g H

|ucsiAssats«r» WM Meet Friday Nigai

Aruodell Cove. South Baltimore, Md.,




SILK SOX.30c All the new colors C. M. B A R N E S CO.

• Iho-iwenty second annual reunion of the lS4th Regjment will be held on the Dswego Falls fair grounds Wednesday, June 8th, 1910. A special committee has .charge of the arranfceinenu^dmbe reunion. There willbe a general busi« ness meeting it 10:30 a. m "* ^gP^Tiwnli F. Block* 12 m., for wtikh there will b3 a manager of-tlie Ontario-Telephone ^bFtwenty-nve cents for all persons-uot j Company*, of this city, and fiw coa. members oTthe association. Election of- officers, speaking, music and other1 nected with a l»ig telephone corpora tion iu PhHpduiphia.. The news of exercises promptly at 1:30 p. ni. "Mrs. a»r»j~»'«ar«—*i^h reimfi in alftlfr * . « . . . ,„ A. Raborg^Himt, head of the Gtme With Fulton Tomorrow. Osw<|to Preseiving ^Company, and a ;_; Pete Schilling received word from brother of the deceased. Death- was Manager Billy Patterson this afternoon thar "ho had to cauecl --the—game caused by septic potsoamg following scheduled to be played here with the the birth of a daughter yesterday mornAll-Stars, of Syrkcuse,. today, because ing. The child is alive and well. raisedlEerr demands lu an oxoibi Mrs. StoctweTrwaii bum in~8fool Untfigure^_\ The gam^_with Fulton about tweuty-eight years ago and came.
• • — « • — * • — « .

<* Supervisors must^PIK»Pt County Sealer ofWeightaand Measures. % .,*,... Kdwatd .French, of FuHonv now fepUto DoAof Baxter, of Scrib^Took lUffty Former the Daughter of the H » Woondt Four s ^ ^ m Hunt tod the Utter tae t h«iob and he will probably be coati* flepf of GlaM Juft Gnxet Jugalar [ued. , E J t m i ^ A « of Ae Rev. L « r Veia-MachiafjWeiit into • Barbed Meade, Formerly Rector of Christ The law also provides for the appointWire Feme Near Scnha. > ment of « City Sealer of Weights and Measures in all/aties and City Attorney HaydejW. Barnes, of the firm, of IJL Many OswW friends were shocked Ptdgeon has been asked for sn °P»«»on to hoar yesterday afternoon of to 4ous escape death in Philadelphia, Pa., »t tl Donovan is^ty^Be^eTaiflJiesent. a cident late yesterday afternoon. ©dock of Miss Vida Hunt '~-*~



W.BanwiCutUpin Auto Accident.

near TffTftHtO- --T \ t Cl'dy President Richard J.Dempsey, of the Cleveland..... ,..Jloody Detroit.., , MClqpd? Amateur League, said loday that*a 8auU8t.Marle| 2 Cloudy meeting will be heW,Friday night to ar- Chicago ....K.~ 0 Cloudy Marqoetta...,. He did not conNW ceal the foot that the, amateurs didf not Puiuth . sw New (Means. leeTanytotJ-ktri^Jy to-tha new Central Jacksonville. 66 BE NW. New York League team, but he could Middle Island Local report 8 a. m. Mayjl. not say, as haft been reported, that the THEB • schedule will bo so arranged that 1910*08 • "WOKD. 48, - ^ % 1«- ^ games will be played in Ftfzhugh f*ark 38 W 16 . teVery afternoon that the other leaguers Maximum temperature, 60; minimon* 4th maximum velocity of HP^inJn^U^sojLJ^r^_S^me*of the ^temperature, r ^ri«daaaafleaWatftmpm ToiaUurfc'avor this scheme. v

londV FVClMy Cloudy


Peachsr WiH CsH Upoa
si—er Draper Tewn

a Hupp roadstet


•jrought down from Fulton by aHemQStrator for the Hunter Fan and MoThe demonstrator was tor u>mpany.

IStoppaui & HotchkJD.
Yore ano v»»«»«v *

Dr. I. B. PowSher and Dr. David l*»,y*. tom^rr^w mcfrupf f ° r York, where they will attend a reception an44uocheon giyoniiy.the Oswego Normal Alumni Association of New York city, May 14th. , -~— They wUl first go to Albany, where they will call on Commissioner »pf Education Draper and State Architect FranhriynB. W a r e , ^




Pianos Tnofid
Regulated, Repaired

late of the Butler Phajaiacy, will the old DeWolf residence, now the new glad~to learn that he has accepted a , at the corner of West Sixth position with Riker & Company, rirugand Bridge streets, ^i^hewas one o renue and Twenty-third prominent yonrg. society, women of the 6trt»«t, y«w Yofk city.,where he will be
-V*«. f

m Located in New York. Hunt established the Oswego PreservChacks^L Semi lie, ing Company. The family home

David Hunt, when Mr.

also in the car. * Mr. Barnes had successfully piloted tho car to Scriba Corners and was on .-., return trip* Kear- .Freeman Brazeau's farm he put on more power to' take a mil. . As- he did so. he lost control of the machine and the demonstrator could not .get it in time to prevent an accident.. The car plunged through a barbed Q J wTrtP ?eiiceV tearing Pfofdsior Amos W. Chester H. Tether will leave) Tbe Fulton man was thrown out IOF ^ew York tomorrow afternoon a n d | badly shaken up.^ Mr.Barnes wai wilfmeet Doctors Poucher and Gibbs | through the glass wind shield and there Friday morning, after wTnc&TEeS'i badly !cut. He sustained a big i will spend the day visiting at Columbia > over the forehead and his/.hroat w*» ,'_":'•-:•.. TV,»V oTnP<>t to return put from ear to ear. He w»s l«W*u^^ cut from University. They expect the imme Dr. E . 0T Baxter .home Sunday evening.

iaNorw The Central New York Base-ball League me.t in Oneida yesterday. Those present were; Manager Bacott,of Rome, Donovan, of Oneida; Guion, of Norwid.; Barry, of Auburn; Johnson, ot Fulton, and Patterson,of Oswego. ' \ £ constitution andby-lawa was adopted and ordered printed, and the. salary of the President, Irving Galusha, of Fulton, was#6*ed. The guarantees were posted, and the list of players signed by «aoh manager was presented aj^d filed.
TOBICUV vj Hay 20th, and it U co


OUTRlGif f
Ulth-Orade Stocks and Bonds fleJAJnca tlve ratelnterest lor investment: Stocks and Grain also carried on martin; (Quotations of leading stocks on tna New York Exchange today are shown in the table below. Where no sales were made the'price In closing column snows last previous Quota? lions. i» The following New York ntock quotations received today over direct wire. Horn out
flifs ** w>««i*»»F, New York.




Tkoae 529 206 E. 7th St.


^Oswego's Pride"
At Only 25c

The First Presbyterian church bowl38Sii 39 S 3 62 B2 62 | «2 ing team defeated the Congregational V 7 > » Big> Crowd ShoaW Attend at thVTsrisbchurch team at the If. M. C. A. " Uoose Tontfht* last evening. The score : of ^ny 35c Coffee witb 1 he fair in tbe Parish^house of the COXGRJJGATIOXAL. Church of the Evangelists, for the ben•— iat; 34- -34,—T4, efit of that society, opened last night, Cooper 447 r^»»», « » Pfd — 121" 15Ti the site of the Xew York OUR ENGLISH COLONY. ' im 3S7 Goieral Electric and was "well attended.- The big assem- HaJl 125 1«| Yonkers this morning after a lingering 4.S8 Great Northern pld 129 Pool 146 138 m bly-room" "was * handsomely decorated Carter The 324 Int UetropoUtan. illrm?. aged thirty-eight years. >. 127 89 Eight New ArrivsJs That Were N<* Cowted jinjJLthl booths were handsomely arInt. Metropolitan pld... wor«. ^» vn;«r.Mp, » — p^ w brought to this city and ixwUavllle A NaahvUle- 147' 148'.i,147 ,1 ranged and^morV'ttam attractive-; all started.yet. It is not known here whea b . u «.: , l... , •. A. . .. , A 4 nal Mo K i n m * Terns ~ bids are to be called for. ^ H ^ m t h e f*m»ly plot at Eight people from Kent, England, doing -a oiee business; The fancy FIRST PRE8BYTERIANV Mo K*ntart A Texa* piou Send us your order for Riverside cemetery. | Mtaso«rl Paclnc......—Tl. arrived here Monday via the Lackawan1st. is in charge of Miss Manwarring, National Biscuit. ~. Mr. Meade was one of the best known Groceries. Prices a s ' l o w Stk of Real Estate. 42P »f> \n,m »hft FwglUh rrAnny in the charge of Uw bake newspaper men in ?iew Yort city; York New York _aalhe k?wetft ." the real estate N Y Ont * where for a number of yeafg~he was Seventh ward. None of these were, of Ublef " Mrs. Marsh conducts the apron Norfolk * Western. ^up following: course, counted in* thg census, Northern Faclflc. and Mrtf" Ot^f And Bassett Perry to Sodtt" W. Baker,< connected with the staff of the New party that came vas-compoae^ ofthree" i, where on the Htver road, Oswego York Tribune, four years of which he property AND UPT(H)ATE Town — /»ity *Aitrtr Educated in Lehigb men, Vwo women and three boys. The there are all kinds of 'bargaina. Alfred M7Eli«abeth Birncs te> Alice C.Rymri, eoluuy is U i m enlarg 8avFyour~Cteh Register Coupons Pressed 8teel Car yuL" Tucker looks after the ice cream tJniveraity, Mr. Meade came to the FAL.A nd expect good ball with BUlie Pat- Ry Steel ISprlnc property in Fourth street, First ward, and LeKoy Sewell .the Chinese laundry. monthly. '. * ~ ; They are exchangeable for'premiums or LADIOC in hie very early manhood, in Beading Oswego, $l,0U0. M It is said that about lifteen more The High school orchestra furnishes erson in charge. We started forty-five Rep Iron A Steel—.. 2i cents on each dollar in trade. 1892, and .after a year or two here he Iron A Steel pld.. James A. Shufelt to Emory E . Cliff, .years ago. Expect the ..best from us Rep families will-come from the same place the music. • • -v Rock Islandproperty in Tenth street, Second ward, went to the Syracuse Standard as tele- during the coming Summer.- The men Rock Island pld-... and you get it at the lowest prices at Southern THONE 11,220 Pacific _. graph editor, being driftei from there rind ready employment in the mills'and Dtooc at Noranl Gym* Southern Railway The heirs of Francis L . Bentley to yonri8*sV . Southern RaUwaar pld.factories, they being preferredTto many Members of the committee having i Elizabeth H. Hannum, Kound^Lake, by the New York Tribune. Texa* Paclne— — thgrtryn^sm laborers because of the fact Third Arenoev. county^ 'y ejuluu riiiiRi ..:..„.,...• [thinker, a man of high ideals, Mr. Union Paclfle pfd—~.*~ street, Pulaski, $1,000. . tion which will be ^given tin the! NorU S Rubber-^..^^.~.~~._ iJohn Tiernan and the Metropolitan l Meade did~much magazine and syndimal gymnasium Friday night in honor Shosdd Attract s Large Crowd at the Y. M. U S Steel „..«... USSteel pfd— -Trust Company, seven acres at the in- cate work, so much, in lactrtiurt it of the school basket-ball team stated Va-CaroUna Chemical-. C A. Toflssrrew Night. Miss Nellie Schickliag, whohasbeen tersection of .Murray and Munn streets, soon taxed his strength*, and his health Valron.Com!* Coke... this morning that the list of thoee hayA gymnasium exhibition will be givvisiting I n Syracuse for the past two to David Owens. — ing invitations to the party had been Wabach pld.-.......-~.~. [ failed him, making it necessary to give weeks as the guest of her brother and handed-in to Dr. Poucher yesterday. - en at the Y. M. C. A. tomorrow even- Western Union- „ Oorge W. Armstrong has said twenWisconsin CentraL-. ty-eight acres-of property in Gran by, up his permanect positipn with the his wife, Mr. and Mrs. -Alfred ^chickYou'll find ns busy. This has been the custom at the Nor- ing, in which members, of all the ath- Western MarylandTribune, although^ he frequently conto Frank Hammond, for$l,350^ DL4WJ1—..A ling, has returned home With low price*fr>n »ood jtnaTand^BB cafCTlidtJeen taken in per- letic departments will show their gym* United States Esp 1 tributed io its :coJumns after. W* O Sdrater mdSOQ Get Coitract. " Kolte Jerniyn, of SkaauUiu, fonnetiy fecting therlisTimraBlhe uyinloa Vmb naatie^ skill» untlor jLhe-dirftrtion of B "footweiur as \lie ex^tatrDhunond Match ,~~. Besides his widow^and two-children of thiscity/is spending a few days in it would be approved in its entirety* Standard OilPhysic" Director Hickok. J . M. Schuler &. Son have been awardatiou. Chlcaco T i l Mr. Meade is survived by his mother, the city. He made the run in a PierceThe basket-ball game between the American ed the contract for placing a cloth Bionaon.of New York, binding on about 1,000 books is- the Arrow. DTTMCMOTTOW, of Syracuse, Business Men "and the Seniors will deand Mrs. Harry Whipple, of! Jersey ity Clerk's offi .^^MMkan&s\niAMUli|n_ld^BS^flBX*^_^ "' ^hore, Pa,% Henry Nelson Meade, now Ifn. Margaret * « * • ftiey. .each have won one. game out of the two* " Mr. and Mrs. George ^asswa, / Lircs a Otwefo. I with tbe New Yonc Tribuoe, Clarkson, - Mr. and Mrs. George New.Tork. Mar \ \ Mri. Margaret Eoden JEUley, widow already played. ."•'*• "": aorf4 P., az»d Everett Meade. ^ ^ Em gixttf «p«et, Harry Watson and Geoifie The events will be-started aft eight ^ pfJeremiah KHey, died at her* home, The sympathy of a very' large-num^sident of Norwood, died suddelSty sharp Thfi Tfrrgr»ir follows : OScoopt toctaight to make-their horn© i » D » - | ifig West Oneida street, thia morning U S*et new 73aUsth6nics—All departments. yesterday followinf -a paralytic «BOck. ber e | Oenjefo friends goes out to the ' ni UScoopnaw ' •* • ' from ffltfnm" » She waa born US ret > _8quadwork: A, matta, ^maors; b, . 1 He Hew«s^rjrty-nVe wajs^brty-flVe yean years **A. oW. D i s i ^ family in their bereavement. the but was an old resident of Frank Fceter.manag^trfHsrifcswfmy * parallel bars, Intermediate; <v horiioqhis widow he leaves two- sons and two Word baa noa yet beenjeceived here theatre, arrived home today, [ ^ M Oswego. She waa a meaner of Ul bars, Sepiors. daughters; one of them, X n . Qeuige aa to the final Basket-ball Will- and the season having dosed there, 8 t Mary's church. Surviving are William^ of this city. — Atchadjei 1* Atchaj d barrel iumpJng,L.Hol- OD AuUhter, Btwy, and a grandsoo,Arthur | Tmnhling and R 4s. MJs»/Katnerine McMuTrieh lerV SB B RRO5 Late T dsy to spend a mumlii with-frMPfl* » aanning Jhig^ jjmp Go to the Church of the Evangelists' I high of Syraeoae, wa« bare jresaeraft tiaee and ciMrtsving is Hght. .. Tucker;. G. Gusby, M. John W. Stevenson, .<rf_' n J t o ^ East Second l ^ v e n 8 » Th Mti ahow atOrareOy ii Holbrook, A. Nichols, W. ore efc—«w7» froTa New York, May 18flr-«» deb A — 8 6 , full of water and in Oneida streets,. May 10th, .steamship Luskania for a six r Wand dnU—Ladies cta*e. tour of England and the Continent. and 12th, -I — - : m»y9d8t wrecking outfit for the Wrestling—L. Hetbrook^ A. Nichols. son was doe *t Buffalo today. After Pyramids—Intermediate depar1 * Cotton ftterkec When matin* a 'teleeHon of. beginning operatigmjhe^wreekers ex*" ^ ^ ^ . " . ^ ^ . ^ i. B K Paxallel ban—Special squad. C He e 0 NKW YOBJC -May ,,11.—9o<* eottnai, ontetv "". '-May Shot* ior thia aasnonr don't pact to b a t e b e r i n B B d b l i a r b o r w i t b ^ ' ** 7 T •"• f f ^ ^ » W. J . Wekfa, qf SyTacuse^Gei.eraH lOpolnuhlsJkeraaaUUwad Pyramids-HSenior department. OluhlsJkeraaaUUwad u u w U SO. ia-a week. ' — - residence from 95 West Bridge street to jCbairman of the D. L . A W. failroad f>a tA««mla>ottrUa> of ' . L7W. MOes. Marching^-Junior' department. Today's Newt York, coctuamaxtet itoyptlFrom' the opening of the Conadkn 22 £ a s i Ttica street. His office Game^-Indian club race." trainmen, has received an offer, of an tstn wtnin^mninwinf a Hotehkla.laad.s canal on April 12th to-May 1st 768 ves- ^ i n » B t 14 Arcade block. — Presenting honon—Rev. D. Wills, oCBcil position with a Canadian road - ... ._ v^ lr_; L. Holbrook, champion Senior deMay Jnly i Oct Dee and has the matter under coosider*jartment; N. Morrow, champion Inter— — I S 34 16 IS II S3 13D -tfotr. He *i» one o< the best known) The entire Wohrin fWet,elCT«n steam mediate departoiept; (X Cux, daampion ~.~. ^ ^ . » 40 45 27 12 91 14 7* Designs . _ ^"7 .. ,, ....,,j&r^ fa io u s ; \i«A ha* been equipped with the wireless trainman in th^ country. Junior department. J . OHayerT-JrT; 1 | teams.. For Intermediate department: find just tne' Shoe you need J clerk to the passenger traffic manager i N. Morf5w, M. Page, B. Arnosky, R. lor wear w Ulumy goyftMaaitowoc for JBort ArlhuiL_ i. -fiAfdaw. W. KitU, g. Mgd E. L.~Wallace passed theSoo down tonjr, J: AHenrEr^evfn«v Oxfords and Strap Pumps In yesterday; UK A vet ill. Mukiuaw Ctfy" against L. Holbrook, point winner aga the Western Star, Detroi^down (bi« Tana, Gwa M«tai,P*tent LeatkS i dtment outside tostro f for Senior department. ac cee<

tt<m OawugoT pleased to Him Uliy m __ his friends and acquaintances who may be Mr. Stockwell and about four years ago ?emoved to Philadelphia with her husvisiting that great city. . • • i ii . band. She is survived by her husband, Buys the Lund House. two children and two brothers, A. -F*4ey~ -iias _soliLfj)r Andrew} Kai<Tg Hunt, oftkis city, and Charles arid Miss Charlotte Lund their j tLund Hunt, of CherryTreek. N . T . residence, 94 West Albany street, to Interment will be in Brooklyn. Mrs. Jane Burns." _ Charles W. Meade. Syracoae Contractor Here. Charles W. Meade, eldest son of the laTe Rev. ThTFTp Xeison Meaner for Contractor C. H. years rector of Christ church, was in town today looking over many died at the home of his "mother In

ly expected that success will attend the efforts of Messrs. Donovan and Bacon, the originators of the league, the coming season. - .• Last eveniug arrangements were mide whereby Norwich was subsliTllted h ^for^oHlaaA, in ih£_cjrcujt, base-ball


*>^B» D I » » ^ ~ « . " • • - • -

Am Car A Foundry Am. Can -.Am. Can. pld Ami Cotton OIL... Am Ice SecTlea —. Amer Locomotive..^ . AmerKaui Smelting. Am. Steel Fdrs -..,.. Sugar • Atchlaon Atchlson pld Baltimore A Ohio SrooWynRT *.. Canadian Pacific Central Leather Chesapeake A Chlca»o A - . ~ ChlMU*S>t Paul Colo<kHC4 L Colorado Fuel A Iron. Colo. Southern Consolidated € Corn Products Corn. Product* pin Delaware A Hudson... Denver A Rio Grand... Distiller* Sec Cor Erie. ."..-i .-






- • r



Usedttaib Wiuuulully. ^ ^ ^
People in tfts city who from time to time have, received copies of a paper called the Appeal to Reason will be interested in the news that the editon-oX it, Fred D. Warren, of Girard,Kau.,has just been convicted.in the United States Circuit Court of Appeals at St. f*aul of sending defamatory maner through the maife^ Sentence has not yet been passed on him.

satisfactory: Xorwich^ia-wry enthusitake thirty-four stitches. Mr. Barries was reported to be in good condition astic overuie outlook, and upwards of today and able to be up about his $500 wast subscribed ias^ evening in a couple of hours.


. 42\i| «




Church fowling Lcauue.

- -

^erything First <










La France

Good Prices!

I New

senricecaa be obtained if»you leafe your Laundry work at the


" bs4> if drwred «-"•-—* if iopm 00 tor •owe *P*M ooosmf on. *^ •• or we will fend

Bggs.»..:... Stiictiy The schooner Winnie Wing arrived GoodU ONTARIO LAUNDRY bat night for ooal at the D. t r * W. Good Coffee. Ib We deliver prompttyuM sqoo aa tbe fhe adhowier B. Freeman tar loading Mince
at the O. A W . lisills. .The schooner Cornelia ran- in. bare lsnsjB«etttn|r. '8be M bound frofnKiniQh ton 4b Bigfiodo* with fe*dfpar. ^ Ihft Pat Hodaon is awaiting faroraenjjaget* V ^

York Central, to • ' Tecentlyai I General I]!a««*nger XgentS



Prices^S2 and $3.50
Per Pair

I league ; _. , Watts, M. Hehrlein.C. Cox. 'Basket-ball garnet ; BuaineaaMen . "
. » rflrwajda -


Peaeand Toaatocs

...26c too April 2Stb» leaving 92,000 personal

F. Watwm H. Meander O. Smith

~ Cspter •.-'.-.. «^-


_ W. Allem - • I «us»... A. Nlchola I Low—

»w»* •»«••«-

Thestssuner Botsjrt Wallace cleared yesterday wisk ewl fw "

Indian C3ub swinging B. Qrifln.

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