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Introduction to the CROSSLIFE Lessons

What is CROSSLIFE? CROSSLIFE is a series of 6 POWER PACKED LESSONS on the basics of living as a Christian, as one alive from the dead, as one to whom the Lord has granted the gift of being born again, redeemed from the empty way of life handed down to us by our forefathers. Whereas the lessons may include practical tips and advice on how to apply various Biblical principles for life, we believe that as we come to know the truth, the truth will set us free [John 8:32]. As such, it is absolutely vital that such truth is laid down from the very beginning in order to feed Gods flock with the nourishment that He desires. What do we hope to achieve here? At His Life Ministries, it is our very heartbeat, as is the Lords, to spur every believer to love the Lord with all our hearts, all our minds, all our souls, all our might, and to love our neighbor as ourselves [Matthew 22:37-39]. WE BELIEVE YOU ARE THE MOVEMENT! A Movement of both brining people to Jesus and bringing JESUS to the people! We also rejoice in the Lords special wooing each of us with His love, and that we love because He first loved us [1 John 4:19]. As such, the CROSSLIFE lessons not only provide these said tips and suggestions as to how to walk in victory, it is also our priority to continually feed on [for ourselves] and feed the new believer with truths such as the following: the beauty of God and His character, His unconditional, unfathomable love as displayed on the cross and His everyday dealings with us, the new identity of the believer as bought by the precious blood of the Lamb, and the perfection of His finished work at the cross. Why do we focus on these things? The beauty of God and His character We believe it is Gods kindness that leads to repentance [Romans 2:4]. As such, we aim to unveil His beauty, His kindness, His heart, believing it is His own ordained way of leading people to repentance. The Cross The cross is Gods power for us who believe [1 Corinthians 1:18]. As such we believe that we can never get enough of meditating on and sharing the message of the cross, trusting in His power manifest through the cross. The believers new identity As a result of the cross and the perfection of Jesus finished work on it, we believe the newly born again child of God is truly made a new creation [2 Corinthians 5:17], therefore He now lives by a different set of definitions than what used to define his old life. Why do we need to know these things? We believe that right living is always a fruit of an inward change of the mind and heart. Therefore, every lesson begins with the crucial Biblical foundations to establish the new believer on the truth, whether or not it has become manifest as fact. Although the new believer most likely or should have already been fed the truth through other materials, lessons and seminars, the constant reminder remains necessary since the renewing of the mind from wrong mindsets does not happen overnight. The continued feeding of the truth of Gods Word, the Bible is in order to give him the correct belief regarding himself and the things he is facing. As Charles Spurgeon says, Right believing will produce right living.

Welcome to CROSSLIFE, and enjoy discovering the victory that JESUS has won for you at the


CROSSLIFE LESSONS: 1how to overcome the world [how to be powerful in your words; speak blessings, how to know the will of God] 2how to pray powerfully [praise and worship]. 3how to delight in the Word of God. 4how to have a healthy social life _ sexuality. 5how to handle money [Wealth Tithes Giving] 6how to be a movement [leadership, connected to the vision and values of hlm.