Claflin University School of Education - - - EDUC 450 Reflective Lesson Plan Name: Jordan Jefferson Date: 2/18/13

PART I: PLANNING Note Value and the Grand Staff Title of Lesson
Is this lesson original idea? If not, from what source did I borrow this lesson?

Source Subject Area (s)

This lesson was comprised of a a test that my Cooperating teacher asked me to teach next. The test that he made was an original assessment.

Music It’s Role 9-12 Grade Level TSWBAT: 1. Demonstrate through application and instruction Curriculum Standard(s) the ability to read and notate music. 2. The students will demonstrate through musical performance and instruction the understanding of relationships between music, the other arts and disciplines outside of art.
What will students experience during the lesson? What is the agenda for the lesson? What is the content to be taught?

Description and Background Information

During this lesson, the student will be exposed to the various music notations. They will learn their classification and some basics on each instrument.
What will I need to teach this lesson? What do students need to participate?


The Teacher will need PowerPoint, and a white board. The Student need paper, pencil, and their notebook.
What will students be able to do at the conclusion of this lesson? Write measurable objective(s).

Lesson Objectives

The Student will be able to identify music notes and their place on the grand staff with 80% accuracy.
How will I vary these objectives for students who do not understand the material? How will I vary these objectives for students who have already mastered the concept? How will I vary these objectives for students who are presently learning English

Varying Objectives for Individuals Needs

For students who do not demonstrate proficiency after my informal assessment, they will receive extra help during group activities. I will review the material of notation and the grand staff. For students who do not speak English, I will find examples for them and also provide then with the proper translations.

How will I find out what students already know about this topic?


At the beginning of the lesson, I will do an informal verbal assessment. Mentally, I will be taking notes to better understand and identify what needs to be better explained.
What will I do to make a connection between students and this lesson?


I will use the analogy of the family in real life. And shoe how cousins, aunts, and family members fit into the family through relationship.
What will I say to explain the importance of learning this lesson?

Statement of Purpose

Knowing note notation is very important if students plan to go own in music. This is important to know whether or not you continue in music and become a musician. This lesson is to give a brief wash of these concepts so that students can be better prepared for more advanced music classes.
What will I do to show students what is expected?

Teacher Modeling or Demonstration

I will remind them of the rules at the beginning of class and make sure that they are aware of all consequences for misdemeanors.
What will we do together as they learn how to succeed at the new task?

Guided Practice

We will see and understand how teach instrument family works and how they fit in to the families.
What will I ask to know if students understand so far? List questions. What will I do throughout the lesson to determine if students understand the information? List activities/techniques or describe the strategies that you plan to use.

Checking for Understanding

I will perform informal assessment throughout the lesson. The questions will be comprised of lesson items and I will used fill in the blank, short answer, and worksheet activities to check for understanding. Did you get that? How many notes does a quarter note get? How can we tell a ______note from a ___________ note?
What will students do to internalize the knowledge? They will be provided with a homework sheet. They will have to find specific internet examples of music in specific time/key signatures and find notes on the staff. What will students do to demonstrate what they learned during the lesson? If an assessment is used, attach a copy. If using an authentic assessment, attach a copy of the scoring rubric.

Independent Practice


Formal Test This is not an authentic assessment. This is an assessment that he made. I was required to make a make-up test for the class.

How will I conclude the lesson and relate it to future experiences?


I will discuss why we learned about note values and the grand staff. Also discussing the fact that we learned the material along with connecting these things to other disciplines outside of music.
What can students do at home or in the classroom to apply the knowledge or skills? What will you do to connect the lesson with the home, community and community agencies?

Extension Activities

Take a Family Chart and replace the original family structure in reference to the instrument families.
How is technology meaningful to this lesson? How do you plan to use implement student used technology during the lesson?

Technology Connections Across the Curriculum

Technology will be used in the Homework assignment and in the classroom. Powerpoint, and a Projector board will be used as well.
What activities do you plan to implement to connect your lesson across the curriculum to all 7 content areas?

What worked for you during the lesson? What did not work? What changes would you make when you teach this lesson again to make it more effective?


All of the technology worked during my lesson. Also, the way I presented everything worked as well. The process in which I presented the information also worked. The next time I teach this lesson I want get so specific in my lessons. A lot of times I taught as if the students had already understood it. The next time I teach this lesson I want to incorporate a game.