St. Louis Fashion Designer Ola Hawatmeh Debuts her 2013 Spring Line at St. Louis’s Pronto Fashion Show
(St. Loui , MO! Ola Hawatmeh, founder and president of Ola Style, her fashion design and personal styling company, was selected as one of a chosen few of up and coming designers presenting their fashions at this year’s 8th annual Pronto Fashion Show Saturday, April 27th at 7: pm! "er eclectic, dynamic clothing designs ha#e graced the runways of $ew %or&, 'ansas (ity and )os Angeles, and this year’s collection *eing featured during the Pronto Fashion Show deli#ers her signature *old color schemes, unpredicta*ility, energetic +ualities and high glamour! ,ith poppy salmon and pin& shades, surprising twists on elegant classics and with the finest details of *ling and spar&le, Ola Style’s 2 -. line hits the runway at the /agnificent /ahler 0allroom 1ust in time for prom and wedding season! 23he eighth annual Pronto Fashion Show shines the spotlight on talented new fashion designers from the region, with a focus on emerging fashion designers *rea&ing *arriers with a culturally di#erse e#ening of fashion and am*iance! 3he fashion show has featured e#erything from coc&tail dresses, prom gowns, and little girls’ dresses, to *oy shorts and 1eans uni+uely paired with 34shirts! 3he show also highlights distincti#ely paired accessories, shoes and hand*ags! 3he fashion show annually offers a mi5 of sweet and sassy, glamorous, classy, comforta*le, and eclectic designs and materials! 3he annual e#ent offers a social and *usiness opportunity for designers, *usiness leaders and entrepreneurs from all o#er the 6!S! to networ& with one another!’ 7www!prontofashionshow!com8 3he 2 -. Pronto Fashion Show is scheduled for: S"tur#"$, April 27, 2013 M"%&i'i()&t M"*l)r B"llroo+ 9:-; ,ashington 0oule#ard St! )ouis, /O <.- 8 www!prontofashionshow!com For 3ic&ets As a successful fashion designer, *usiness woman and entrepreneur, Ola recogni=es the significance of *eing selected as one of the featured designers, >?’m thrilled to *e a part of this show and e5cited to share my designs with e#eryone@ ? want people to fall in lo#e with my designs, and fall in lo#e with themsel#es when wearing them! People sometimes forget how important a healthy self4image is for our confidence and that is why ? do what ? do!A
A,out Ol" -"."t+)*
When Ola is not working on her designs, makeovers, styling or teaching, she stays busy as an on-the-go mom with her three boys. She looks forward to blazing her trail in creating unique, couture fashion designs and personal styling, as well as continuing to inspire women and fellow entrepreneurs. She continues to be an advocate for the underprivileged in the St. ouis area, and helping to support charities benefiting children fighting cancer. !"# of all proceeds from her fashion pieces, personal styling services and makeover packages all go to her foundation, Makeover for a Cause, benefiting the homeless, children with cancer and at risk women and children. $isit her online at M"r$ Eli/",)t* B)"r$

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