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Section C. In Malaysia, the language used is what they called malaynglish or a mixture of both of the languague.

In Malaysia also, the citizen tend to translate from Malay to English straight away and ignoring the structure of the sentence. For example, you follow me, I send u back. Which means I give u a lift, u can follow me. Semantics means, does it make sense or not? For example, horses rides cowboys. It doesnt make sense from the meaning itself. From a syntax perspective, it is syntactically correct but might be semantically incorrect. To what extent has my knowledge of syntax and semantics bee useful in helping me to understand the English conversations in Malaysia? Based on my opinions, I may understand the conversations when they obey the syntax rules. ANTLR grammar uses this to generate a recognizer for sentences in that language. To apply semantic rules, you must add actions or semantic predicates to the grammar. The actions test the "value" of the various tokens and their relationships to determine semantic validity. Syntax is basically the structure of sentences. Sentences have to follow certain structural rules in order to make sense. You cant just throw any words together to make a sentence. We have to know knowledge on grammar such as phrases, modifier, noun phrase and co ordinate phrases to make the things to make sense. We may not understand the Malaysian conversation such as where u going? come, I bring u go there and etc. this is all the slang or the mixture of English and Malay. In my opinion, the dictionary should be use all the time to diverse the english correctly without any semantic or syntax error.

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Themes Betrayal Decision you made gpot consequences Gift of rain A sense of belonging

Edward sense of believe since young 22. How does Endo-sans teaching enable Philip belatedly to recognize and return love for both his father and grandfather? Does aikido help him reconcile opposites including the racial division in himself? Yes because after he met Endo-sans, truth to be told, Phillip shows some affection to his family by spending time with his family. He organize a party for William. When he met his grandfather he is more calm, tranquil and tend to listen to what the surrounding to said instead of burst into anger to his grandfather. The power of zen The power of the mind will always overcome the strength and weakness of the body Aikido in this martial arts, you need to have trust to your nage, the one receving youre the attack and control the outcome. Phillips have this crisis where he feel he is an outcast within his society. It does help him reconcile the racial division in himself where he was born into two different worlds and neither of one he felt sense of belong. In aikido, everything puts in the jeorpadize. You have to accept everything that flows in and trust your partner. He gained some sense of authority.