Origin of Menu

• Bill Of Fare (English) & Menu (French) • The word menu started some where in 18th century. • Modern menu first appeared during the early 19th Century----in Parisian Restaurant name

Objectives of menu:Are Combination of a number of factors. 1. The relationship between health and eating. 2. Dietary Requirements 3. Cultural & Religious Influences. 4. Vegetarianism 5. Ethical Influences.

especially in British English. Australasia. the term may sometimes refer more specifically to cuisine in Europe or continental. in this context. Oceania.Continental Cuisine Continental cuisine. as well as nonindigenous cuisines. European cuisine or Western cuisine includes that of Europe including (depending on the definition) that of Russia.and Latin America. or alternatively Western cuisine. is a generalised term collectively referring to the cuisines of Europe and other Western countries. (This is analogous to Westerners referring collectively to the cuisines of East Asian countries as Asian cuisine. .) When used by Westerners. a synonym is European cuisine. The term is used by East Asians to contrast with Asian styles of cooking. which derive substantial influence from European settlers in those regions.

or accompaniments (in part due to the difficulty of seasonings penetrating the often larger pieces of meat used in Western cooking). Western cuisines also put substantial emphasis on sauces as condiments. for example. Many dairy products are utilised in the cooking process. although there are common characteristics that distinguishes Western cooking from cuisines of Asian countries and others. Similarly to some Asian cuisines.The cuisines of Western countries are diverse by themselves. Wheat-flour bread has long been the most common sources of starch with pasta.althoug . Steak in particular is a common dish across the West. seasonings. Compared with traditional cooking of Asian countries. dumplings and pastries. except in nouvelle cuisine. meat is more prominent and substantial in serving-size.

If you.colonisationAmericas. Maize is much less common in most European diets than it is in the Americas. a large meal is generally not ended with a sweet course.h the potato has become a major starch plant in the diet of Europeans and their diaspora since the European. as preparer. Multi-course meals in other parts of the world vary tremendously from this. however corn meal. in cultures outside Europe. sweets are normally taken on their own and not at meal time. plan to . is a major part of the cuisine of Italy and the Balkans. Count on a full day of preparation for the meal if you have a well-stocked pantry and kitchen. Time Frame Preparation and presentation of a five-course meal is a significant operation requiring a fully stocked kitchen. For example. or polenta. including soup stocks. About five course meals   Geography The five-course meal is a simplification of the great formal meals of Europe.

by its nature. than a less formal meal. which is why it takes time to prepare. keep the filets in scale with the rest of the meal. You don't have to wait for Thanksgiving for a celebration. It is more involved. Bon appétit! . as you are expecting your diners to eat four additional courses. Benefits The traditional multi-course meal gives a sense of ceremony to the meal structure and lends a bit of formality to the event. and it can be the celebration in itself. Each course. just announce that you are going to serve a special meal. however. do as much preparatory work in advance as possible. must be scaled appropriately.participate as the host of the meal and hope to enjoy the dining experience with your guests. If your entrée will be Tournedos de Boef Béarnaise.   Size A five-course meal is scaled to the number of diners.

Garden salad Ingredients:For the salad 2 1/4 cups watermelon cubes 2 1/4 cups pineapple cubes 2 1/4 cups grapes or peach cubes 2 1/4 cups capsicum cubes 2 1/4 cups cucumber cubes 2 1/4 cups apple cubes 1 1/2 cups orange segments salt and black pepper (kalimirch) powder to taste To be mixed into fresh thousand island dressing 3/4 cup curds (dahi) 3 tbsp fresh cream 3 tbsp tomato ketchup 1/2 tsp chilli sauce .

2 tbsp finely chopped onions 2 tbsp finely chopped capsicum 1/4 tsp finely chopped green chillies 1 tsp mustard powder 1 tsp sugar salt to taste .

Appetizer:Garden Salad .

In a saucepan.1/4 cup chopped Dried onion flakes . boiling Canned sliced carrots . dissolve bouillon cubes in boiling water. drained Celery .8 ounces.Continental Soup Clamddigers soup Ingredients Chicken bouillon .3 cubes Water . freshly-grated Directions:GETTING READY 1.2 tablespoons Skim milk .1 1/2 cups Nutmeg .1/4 teaspoon.1 cup. .

Pour soup in soup bowls. if desired. 5.MAKING 2. . pour the bouillon water mixture and all the remaining ingredients. Into a blender jar. Heat the soup if desired or serve cold. 4. Season with salt and pepper. SERVING 3. blend until smooth.

325 F 65 gm French Beans-chopped and blanched 125 gm cauliflower-diced 50 gm mushrooms-sliced thin 2 tsp oil 1 tsp cumin seeds 1/4cup onions-chopped fine 1 tsp salt or to taste 1/4 tsp pissi kali mirch 3 tbsp maida-roasted a little 2 cups milk 1 cup grated cheese .Continental Main Course Vegetable Au-Gratin Ingredients Oven Temp 160 C.

till well covered with oil. Heat the oil. When it splutters. Sprinkle the cheese and bake in a pre-heated oven for half an hour and serve hot. salt. . kali mirch and mix well.Method Mix the milk into the flour gradually (to avoid lumps). bring to a boil and simmer for a minute. Add vegetables and mushrooms and continue to stir-fry over high heat. add the zeera. Transfer on to an oven-proof serving dish. till the vegetables are half cooked. add the onions and stir-fry over high heat. Add the milk mixture.


/ 4 oz. / 8-oz. / 10 oz. / 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 1 egg 5 ml.Continental Dessert Continental Chocolate Slice Recipe Ingredients 125 g. butter 125 g. / 3 oz. finely chopped Topping 50 g. / 1 1/2 tablespoons custard powder . butter 275 g. crushed 75 g. wholemeal digestive biscuits. sugar 30 ml. desiccated coconut 75 g. / 4 oz. / 3 oz. / 2 oz. icing sugar. sifted 23 ml. walnuts. / 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 225 g.

/ 3 tablespoons hot water 125 g. Press the mixture on to the bottom of a wellgreased 25 cm. Stir in the egg and vanilla essence and cook gently for 1 minute. sugar and cocoa into a saucepan and heat until the butter has melted. coconut and walnuts.baking tin./ 10 in. Meanwhile to make the topping.x 20 cm./ 8 in. . / 4 oz. then chill in the refrigerator for a further 15 minutes. then gradually mix in the custard powder with the water. Beat in the icing sugar. cream the butter until it is pale. Remove from the heat and stir in the biscuits. cut into small pieces Directions Put the butter. Chill in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Beat until the mixture is thick and smooth. plain chocolate. Spread the topping over the biscuit base.45 ml. or until set.

Cut into slices. Irish tea it is a blend of several black teas. Many tea producers make Irish . Barry's. and Punjana are heavily weighted toward Assam. most often Assam teas Lyons.Melt the chocolate over low heat. Nambarrie's. then carefully spread it over the topping.

oolong. the best Irish breakfast tea is in loose leaf form. albeit considerably less than coffee. where milk and dairy products are traditionally a major part of the diet.Because of its strength. . but may also be consumed plain or with lemon or sugar. Irish breakfast tea can also be bought in tea bags but with more variation in quality. Irish breakfast tea is often drunk in the morning. Being of black teas. such teas being taken from the best parts of the plant. or white teas. Generally. Irish breakfast tea is commonly served with milk. most people drink tea with milk. the tea varies in colour from very dark red to brown. It is also taken throughout the day and evening due to its smooth and sweet texture.breakfast tea blends specifically for the United States market. it has a strong flavour higher caffeine content than green. In Ireland. When brewed.

5 Course Continental Menu 1)Appetizer Garden Salad 2)Soup Clamdiggers Soup 3)Main Course Vegetable Au-Gratin 4)Desert Choclate Slice 5)Irish tea .

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