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H m Xm{Ibm AmWm`r h& `{X ~mX _| H ^r `h nm`m J`m {H Amn nmVmHs{Hgr^reVHmo nwam Zht H aVo Vmo AmnH s C_rXdmar a XHaXr OmEJr VWm BgHo {d H moB Anrb Zht gwZr Om`oJr& AV AmnH mo `h gbmh Xr OmVr h {H Amn AN r Vah OmM H aHo `h XoI b| {H Amn nmV mHsg^r eVm} H mo nwam H aVo h& AZwXoe 1. C_rXdmam| H mo narjm XoZo Ho {bE Ho db doe-n _| C{{IV Ho na hr {d {H `m Om`oJm& {H gr A` Ho na Zht& 2. Am`moJ mam Omar {H `o J`o dY doe-3. {H gr ^r A`Wu H mo narjm ma^ hmo OmZo Ho ~mX narjm- Xr OmEJr & 4. C_rXdma narjm-H j _| AnZo doe-n H s Abmdm Ama H moB H mJO Am{X Z bm`| & `{X H moB C_rXdma H moB AZw{MV VarH m AnZmVo hE `m AnZmZ o H m `mg H aVo hE nm`m J`m Vmo dh Eogo XS Ho ^mJr hm|Jo, Omo Am`moJ mam C{MV 5. Z-nm| H s {dVaU hmoZo Ho ~mX {H gr ^r A`Wu H mo narj m H s {ZYm[aV Ad{ Y H s g_m{ go nhbo narjm-HjNmoS Zo H s AZw_{V Zht Xr OmEJr& 6. boJ[aT_ Q o~b VWm BboH Q m{ZH H bHw boQ a B`m{X Ogo CnH aUm| Ho `moJ H s AZw_{V Zhr Xr OmEJr& 7. C_rXdma H mo n`dojH / {X`o J`o AZwXoem| H m AZwnmbZ H aZm Mm{h`& Or Cp_Xdma n`dojH {ZarjH `m Am`moJ mam {Z`w {V{Z{Y`m| Ho H m` _| ~mYm S mbVo hE nmE Om`|Jo CZH s Cp_Xdmar a HaXrOm`oJr& 8. narjm Ama^ hmoZo Ho nMmV narjmHj_|{Hgr^r C_rXdma Ho nmg _mo~mBb \ moZ, gobwba \ moZ, noOa `m A` d{V gm_Jr nm`m J`m {Ogo `dhma Zht Vmo `h _mZm Om`oJm {H C_rXdma Ja-H mZwZr VarH m AnZm ahm Wm dh XS H m ^mJr hmoJm Omo mam C{MV g_Pm Om`oJm, {Og_| Am`moJ Ho hmoZo dmbr narjmAm| go {ZbdZ em{_b h & BZ gm_{J`m|| H mo narjm Ho _| Z bm`|& 9. C_rXdma AnZr nmgnmoQ AmH ma Ho \ moQ m o H s Mma {V`m Ed AnZo gmW dmoQ a AmB. , nmgnmoQ , S mB{dJ bmBg|g,nZ AmYma H mS , B`m{X _| go H moB EH AnZo Ad` bm`|, Or CZ H s \ moQ mo-nhMmZ XemVm hmo&

10. C_rXdmam| H mo AnZo {ddaU ^aVo g_` VWm jm| Ho Cma XoVoo g_` . . erQ Ho XmoZmo Va\ {Z{X WmZ na go ~YZr H mo ^aZm hmoJm & 11. {OZ C_rXdmam| Zo AmZbmBZ AmdoXZ n O_m {H `m h| VWm {OZ C_rXdmamo | H m Zm_ do~gmS Q _o {X`m J`m AgnwU AmZbm S Z AmdoXZ nmo {H Vm{bH m _| em{_b h CZ C_rXdm | H mo ~H MmbmZ/~mH Q Q _oQ {H {V {ZarjH H mo narjm ewH O_m H aZ o H m _mU dn Ad` gmnZm hmoJm & n Ho {~Zm {H gr ^r C_rXdma H mo narjm _| Xm{Ib Zht {H `m Om`oJm& H j _| OmZo H s AZw_{V Zht-g_Pm Om`oJm & {ZarjH mam / , bwQw W ` Z {H `m J`m hmo `m Am`moJ ^m{d` _| S r. H mS , gmW Amo E_ Ama. am Zrbo `m H mbo ~mob dmBQ noZ NOTE:THE ADMISSION IS PROVISIONAL. IF IT IS FOUND LATER ON THAT YOU DO NOT FULFIL ANY OF THE CONDITIONS OF THE ELIGIBILITY, YOUR CANDIDATURE WILL BE CANCELLED AND NO APPEAL AGAINST SUCH CANCELLATION WILL BE ENTERTAINED. YOU ARE THEREFORE ADVISED TO CHECK CAREFULLY AND SATISFY YOURSELF THAT YOU FULFILALL THE CONDITIONS OF ELIGIBILITY. 1. The candidate will be admitted to take the examination at the centre specified in the Admission Certificate only and at no other Centre.

2. No candidate will be admitted to the Examination unless he holds a valid Admission Certificate issued by the Commission. 3. No candidate will be admitted to the Examination Hall after the commencement of the Examination. 4. The candidate should not bring any other paper except the Admission Certificate to the Examination Hall. Candidate found using or attempting to use any unfair means shall be liable to such punishment as the Commission may decide to impose. 5. No candidate would be allowed to leave the Examination Hall before expiry of the prescribed time of the paper. 6. The use of calculating devices including logarithm-table, electronic calculator etc. is not allowed. 7. Candidates must abide by the instructions given by the Supervisor/Invigilator. Canditure of candidates found obstructing the work of invigilators or representatives of the Commission will be summarily cancelled. 8. 9. Candidates should bring with him/her four copies of his/her passport size photograph and any of his/her 10. Candidates will have to darken the braces by in the specified space on both sides of OMR sheet while filling up their particulars and also answering the questions. 11. Candidates who have submitted online applications and whose names appear in the list of incomplete applications in the website must submit copies of bank challan/bank statement to the invigilator as proof of payment of fees. Candidate who are found in possession of Mobile Phone/Cellular Phones/Pagers/Bluetooth device and other unauthorized electronic gadgets after commencement of the examination inside the Examination Hall whether in use or not will be deemed to have been using unfair means and accordingly be liable to penal action as deemed fit, including cancellation of their candidature and their debarment from future examinations conducted by the S.S.C.

These items must not be brought to Examination Centre. photo-bearing identity proof in original such as Voter's I.D., Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card etc. Blue/Black Ball Point Pen Instructions : jo{` {ZXoeH /Regional Director Zrbo `m H mbo ~mob dmBQ noZ Zrbo`m H mbo ~mobdmBQ noZ ^mJ-H Part-A ^mJ-I Part-B ^mJ-J Part-C ^mJ-K Part-D n (dVw{b H ma) -I Paper I (Objective Type) - {df` Subject gm_m` ~w{_Vm Ed VH e{H V / General Intelligence and Reasoning gm_m` OmZH mar General Awareness / g`m_H A{^{M / Numerical Aptitude gm_m` / General English AJoOr