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A Synopsis On

A Study of Consumer Satisfaction Towards After Sales Services Of Tata Motors National Garage, Raipur

Session 2012-13

Submitted to: Mrs. Pooja Narayan Asstt. Professor Deptt. Of Management Disha College

Submitted by:Tejinder Singh Bhambra BBA VI Sem Roll No.:- 67


Customer satisfaction is considered very important now a day, it shows how firms are committed to provide quality product or services to their customers that eventually increase customer loyalty. Satisfying the customer is one of the basic objectives of the organization, as it is often said that customer is boss and boss is always right, so it means customer is right when he demands for after sale services. After sales service is an emerging concept in the business community. Organizations have to provide better after sale services to retain and satisfy its customer. Making and retaining valuable relationship with customer while using every aspect of taking, retaining and enhancing customer is known as customer relationship management (Kotler and Armstrong, 2010). Through customer relationship management, organizations can achieve their objective of retaining and satisfying customers. Customer satisfaction results in increased demand of product/ service and the organization or brand reputation increases. When organization sell product effectively it has to make effective planning for services after sale, such planning is a part of customer relationship management. After sale, service has been important for organization to compete in the market by using such extended services

Front line employees play an extra ordinary role in service value chain, discussed by many authors and researchers. Employees that work at consumer service positions in the organization have to interact with the customers; they have to deliver high satisfaction to them. However, the capabilities of these front-line workers to satisfy customers mainly depend on the environment the organization provides to these employees. Strategic human resource practices that create productivity at work environment are directly related with organizational outcomes i.e. efficiency, quality service and satisfaction of customer. Through many ways customer can be contacted, these may be from physical direct interaction to contact indirectly by letter post, internet and telephone but the main theme is customer interaction (Zomerdijk and de Vries,2007). It is very important to note that after sale is a key to support marketing performance and to increase customer loyalty, productivity in long run (Saccani, 2006)

Customers play an important role in every business. The main purpose of every business is to satisfy its existing customers and to attract new customers. Satisfaction of customer is so basic that, it cannot be considered as a separate function in business. According to Posselt and Eitan (2005), improved customer satisfaction will lead to improved customer loyalty, which will eventually improve profit. In order to satisfy our customers, we have to focus on effective customer services to meet their needs. Customers satisfied by the product they purchased and by the service they got from sellers during and after they purchase the product. In Ethiopia, it is common to hear and read words like sold goods could not be returned from small shops and supermarkets to big companies. This shows that the relationship between buyers and sellers cease after the delivery of goods or services. As Kotler (2002) stated, selling process should go beyond the delivery of goods and services and there should be follow up step that a company should apply to ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business to make sure that there was proper installation, instruction and service. However, what the principle says and the reality in Ethiopia differs except in very few electronics businesses, which has warranty as a part of after sale service, few automobile companies that has after-sales Service Station and Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC), which has post sale service for mobile and fixed line telephone services. While many companies in Ethiopia cease their relationship with their customers after they sold their products. Eventually, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) (2010) has issued proclamation called trade practice and consumers protection under proclamation number 685/2010 in accordance with article 55(1) of FDRE constitution, which have been enter in to force starting from 16th of August, 2010.

Director of Tata Motors National Garage , Raipur. Mr. Shashank Sharama Inauguration Date Average Sales / Month Service Vehicles / Month Parts Sales / Month Manpower : : 22th October 1988 700 units

: 1800 units : : Rs.20 Lac 80

(Sales - 20, Service - 25, Spare - 15 and Back Office - 20) Tata Motors National Garage is one of the dealers of Tata they have two segments:Car segment UV segment The car segment contains cars like Nano, Indica, Vista, Indigo, Manza Etc and their various models the UV segments contains vehicles like Safari Storm, Aria, etc. Tata motors are having the 3S dealership. It means Tata motors National Garage is involved in sales, service, spares of cars. COMPETITORS OF TATA MOTORS Maruti Honda, etc. VISION :- To establish as NO.1 Dealer in automobile & to get 100 % customer compliance. MISSION :- To create excellent relations with customers by providing excellent products, Packages of quality pre & post sales services with transparency to treat customers to treat Customers as long as assets for mutual growth.

Scope of study

1. To determine the level of consumer satisfaction.

2. To know the perception of unsatisfied consumer.

3. To determine the factors influencing the choice of customers.

4. To analyse the companies after sales services.

5. To analyze what is the source of information to the customers regarding TATA Motors.

6. To discover the various parameters that determines the satisfaction of levels of employees.

7. To study which factors is more responsible for satisfaction.

8. To find out the various way of feedback.

9. To know about the work environment of organization.

10. To find out various parameters of job satisfaction.

Research Methodology

Meaning of Research Research in simple terms refers to a search of knowledge. It is also known as systematic and scientific search for information on particular topic or issue. It is also known as the art of scientific investigation. Research methodology is the way of systematically solving the research problem. It is a science of studying how research is conducted scientifically. It is not only important for the researcher to know the research techniques/methods, but also the scientific approach called methodology. Sources of data collection. Primary Data: The data which is collected by researcher himself directly from the original source is called primary source of data collection. Secondary Data: The data which have been collected for some other purposes or by someone else for some specific purpose for the interest of his research study is secondary source of data collection. Target population Employees between age group (24-60) are targeted which includes men women but especially men are the employees working here. Sample Size Sample size of 50 people is taken and interview for the studies done. And from these they are randomly selected.

1. Lack of proper training. 2. 45 days are not enough for collecting the data. 3. Lack of customer feedback. 4. Lack of coordination with the customer. 5. Time consuming in surfing the right customer. 6. Some employees in that organization may not be co-operative. 7. They may provide manipulated datas. 8. We may not get the proper detailing of the organization. 9. The market of TATA Motors is spread throughout the country, but the study is limited to Raipur district. 10. It is not possible to extract the exact facts due to biasness of consumer and retailer.


Dear Sir, I Tejinder Singh Bhambra student of Disha College BBA 6thsem is conducting survey on the topic A Study of Consumer Satisfaction Towards After Sales Services Of Tata Motors National Garage, Raipur. I need your help in conducting the research. I assure you that all the information provided by you will be kept confidential.

Name Address Age Occupation - ____________________ ____________________

1. When you entered, what was the total rinse taken before some one from the staff attended you? a. Excellent < 2min b. Good (2 5 min) ( ) ( ) c. Fair (5 - 10 min) d. Poor > 10 min ( ) ( )

2. How do you rate cleanliness and comfort of service reception& customer waiting lounge / area? a. Excellent b. Good ( ) ( ) c. Fair d. Poor ( ) ( )

3. Are you satisfied with the features of the companys car? a. Yes ( ) b. No ( )

4. Are you satisfied with the prices of the company cars? a. Yes ( ) b. No ( )

5. Are you satisfied with the servicing facility provided by TATA Motors? a. Yes ( ) b. No ( )

6. How do you rate the quality of your relationship with the TATA Motors? a. Excellent b. Good ( ) ( ) c. Fair d. Poor ( ) ( )

7. What is your Overall opinion about TATA Motors Services? a. Good ( ) b. Bad ( )

8. Does the vehicle of TATA Motors satisfy your need? a. Yes ( ) b. No ( )

9. Do you think the person who attended to you and accepted your vehicle for service was able to understand the vehicle issues and also answered all your queries appropriately? a. Excellent b. Good ( ) ( ) c. Fair d. Poor ( ) ( )

10. How conveniences are you when the vehicle delivered as per the allotted time? a. Very Convenience b. Convenience ( ) ( ) c. Not Convenience d. Disappointed ( ) ( )

11. Do you feel the service charges / repair charges were reasonable? a. Excellent ( ) c. Fair ( )

b. Good

( )

d. Poor

( )

12. What is your experience related to availability of spare parts? a. Excellent b. Satisfied ( ) ( ) c. Average d. Not satisfied ( ) ( )

13. Did you find the service center staff co-operative, courteous & polite? a. Excellent b. Good ( ) ( ) c. Fair d. Poor ( ) ( )

14. How would you rate your overall service experience? a. Excellent b. Good ( ) ( ) c. Fair d. Poor ( ) ( )

15. Based on your overall experience, would you visit this service center again? a. Yes ( ) b. No ( )

16. If you would like to give suggestions, please. ___________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ THANK YOU Signature