Full statement – Women's league on Motshekga: Hands off our president!

The African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) is 100% behind our President in her role as Minister of Basic Education. She has time and again shown her dedication and determination to see the children of South Africa receive a decent education. The actions of SADTU are extremely disappointing and it is clear they do not take the education of our children seriously. It is evident their priority is not to be in the classroom with our children, this was made apparent by their actions yesterday (24/04/2013) when they took to the streets during school hours, something which could have been done after school was closed if they were serious about the work they are supposed to be doing. There are other options SADTU could have taken if they wanted their grievances resolved, including engagement with their alliance partners. As mothers we will not stand for our children’s education being used as a tool to launch a smear campaign against individuals. We also congratulate the Minister of Basic education on the sterling job she is doing despite the challenges she faces and for the resilience she has displayed while people have insulted her time and again in the most humiliating manner. The indignity of people displaying underwear with her name on is juvenile, disrespectful and serves no cause but to inflict humiliation. *HANDS OFF OUR PRESIDENT! THE ANCWL SUPPORTS ANGIE MOTSHEKGA 100%* ISSUED BY: TROY MARTENS *on behalf of the ANCWL*** ANC WOMEN’S LEAGUE HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS