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We hire people from a wide range of industries and sectors including graduates. Each day we apply our proven approaches and assets to address our clients’ most pressing issues while also innovating as appropriate to bring new thinking and discoveries that ensure the best outcomes for our clients. What would you like your world to look like? Are you ready to package up the experience and knowledge that you have gained in your career so far. and put it to work in a new environment? Add new layers to your existing skills? Recapture the excitement that you felt when you first started out? For any of these reasons. The annual ranking is a prestigious recognition of the best in workplace culture and talent initiatives. You’ll learn a great deal from colleagues. when you join Accenture we will ensure you have the right support needed to hit the ground running. “You need a strong reason to change direction when you have reached a certain level in industry. It wasn’t until I started to explore other options that I understood why people who work at Accenture are so enthusiastic and positive about their company. For a start. We would like to broaden your thinking about what it is like to work here as a management consultant. we bring the best people together to achieve innovative outcomes to clients’ business issues and deliver on our promise of high performance.” 4 .Experienced Professional Management Consulting Careers at Accenture A catalyst for career change At Accenture Management Consulting. up from number 97 in 2009. We call this the science of management consulting. Accenture was ranked 84 in FORTUNE magazine's 2010 ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list. MBAs and experienced professionals. read on and discover the opportunities Accenture offers. yet you will also be applying the skills and the experience you bring to real projects from the moment you join. there is more than one path into Accenture. Whatever your background.

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It is an exhilarating and rewarding career. You will be able to build fulfilling client relationships at all levels of the organization based on mutual trust and success. your imagination and your business skills. Media & Technology. We want to attract and nurture diverse talent. as the work is strategically and operationally important to our clients. • Functional Groups: Strategy. The breadth of work we do. you will be aligned to both an industry group as well as a functional group. 94 of the FORTUNE Global® 100. Accenture Management Consulting is enhancing its industry and functional capabilities to identify and deliver even greater value to our clients. and 80 of the FTSE 100 choose Accenture to help them stand out in crowded. Accenture management consultants build skills and knowledge around industry and functional dimensions to enable them to effectively address our clients’ issues. I’m applying the science of consulting in a practical way. help our clients achieve outcomes with predictability and confidence—getting it right the first time— and help position them for the next opportunity or change. Customer Relationship Management. And you will be working with dynamic. “No two days are the same. you can apply your expertise to pursue an exciting new career with us. not just strategy Here you will have the opportunity to help implement the very strategies you create. challenging. Finance & Enterprise Performance. Financial Services.Core elements of a career at Accenture Stimulating. Valued contribution At Accenture you will work on diverse projects. and the experience it offers. It is a huge challenge to your intellect. This will give you an unparalleled opportunity to identify and deliver value to clients with a real emphasis on both industry and functional depth. which in itself is inspirational and motivating. Put your experience to work Whatever your background or experience. Enhanced learning You will acquire new skills and knowledge with our proven approach to management consulting. Collaborative and diverse culture You will find it energizing to be part of. and contribute to.” 8 . Analytics. as well as a huge knowledge base and intellectual resource within the company to draw on. people with different experiences. Operations. Multiple career paths We can help you build an exciting. cutting edge Management consultants at Accenture help our clients move from issue to outcome with pace. demanding global and international clients. our collaborative culture— and very satisfying to belong to global working communities and networks. That means you can turn insight into action. competitive markets. making a real difference to the way the world’s leading organizations operate. Action. Resources. yet we provide help and guidance. Risk Management. Sustainability. as we know together. There is a broad training curricula. As a consultant. Building on any industry and functional experience. interesting and rewarding career at Accenture. Our consultants drive their own careers. across a variety of industries and working with professionals at all levels of an organization. We move quickly. theory into hard currency – there is no better way to hone your strategic and operational skills. Health & Public Service. rather than just strategy or process. Products. backgrounds and viewpoints create better outcomes for our clients. provide an unbeatable platform for your next career step. The industry and functional groups where our management consultants work include: • Industry Groups: Communications. Talent & Organization. Concentrating on results. certainty and strategic agility. is an important part of this approach. A career at Accenture can take many different paths that reflect the diverse nature of our business.

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Formal training includes the Accenture Management Consulting University. Will my skills and experience be of value? We hire people from a wide range of consulting and industry backgrounds and we do so because we regard both breadth and depth of experience as critical. fluidity and pace refreshing and energizing. Others regard it as a necessary chore. As an experienced hire. we have worked very hard to give our consultants effective alternatives to travel. And. and the TelePresence locations that enable employees to hold virtual meetings with clients and colleagues around the world. As a new joiner you will be contacted by an Integration Coordinator – a colleague who is there to answer your questions. Our consultants find the variety. I knew that Accenture would be looking for me to be proactive because that is essential if you’re going to be a successful consultant. but connects you with other new joiners with whom you can share experiences and information. technical and industry expertise. very competitive time-off packages and several health and wellness programs designed specifically to address the issue of work/life balance. If I haven’t worked as a management consultant before. designed to reduce non-critical business travel. enable employees to hold virtual meetings with clients and colleagues around the world. problem-solve and deliver. This means you can either spend some time in an Accenture office catching up with colleagues.” Including Accenture as one of the ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’. People joining us from other consultancies can bring new perspectives. you will work across a variety of clients. I really want to develop my skills and my career. for example. All management consultants receive training beyond what you learn by sharing and collaborating with your peers. FORTUNE magazine highlighted the SmartWork program. of course. how will Accenture help me to adapt? We value industry experience very highly and work hard to ensure that everyone who joins Accenture has a structured orientation and relevant training programs that relate specifically to their existing experience and skills. for an overnight stay or for an extended period. Wherever you go within Accenture. Our TelePresence locations. . A benefit of this changing environment is the opportunity to build networks with colleagues. business. You will also become part of our New Joiner Network. We have an enormous bank of insight. People joining us from MBA courses can bring new insights and methodologies to our practice. information and tools we use with clients. How will Accenture help me do this? Every Accenture employee has a Career Counselor – a mentor who will help you to manage your career. I did quite a lot of research before my interview. I want to maintain a good work/life balance. training and project assignments. within Accenture you will have access to a unique global network of industry and functional experts who can help to analyze. help you get oriented quickly and provide informal support to help you build up your internal network and find your first engagement. certainty and strategic agility. Our professional development structure is designed to accommodate different paces of career development and aspirations. Ever mindful of our sustainability impact. whether it is for a meeting. you will have the support of a constantly evolving team of people locally and internationally who you know and trust. If you’re working at a client site for several days. we will always try to get you home before the end of the week. your skills and experience will be highly valued. Our view is that work/life balance is paramount. and I applied for it. Some people regard business travel as one of the exciting aspects of their work. Is Accenture supportive of this? We encourage all of our consultants to keep work and home-life in balance. engagements and environments including spending time at client sites. What resources will be available to me? You will always be given the resources and the technology that are needed to move your client from issue to outcome with pace. sectors.Answers for those with inquiring minds What is a typical day at Accenture like? At Accenture Management Consulting. How much time will I spend travelling? Almost all of our management consultants travel at some point. We have a comprehensive range of training and development programs that will enable you to capitalize on your existing expertise and learn new skills that are critical to your career development. so we try to be as flexible as possible. People joining us from industry can have outstanding knowledge of specific sectors and issues. 12 “I saw a change management job opportunity at Accenture. as well as professional leadership and customer relationship skills. or base yourself at home so you’re ready to enjoy the weekend. a comprehensive program of core skills learning designed to develop your management. We have flexible work arrangements. for example. research. This not only gives you access to training and career development materials.

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experience and skills. a New Joiner Network and a personalized training curriculum based on your current skills and the areas that you want to develop. so you’ll build a diverse. and often re-join Accenture later in their careers. challenging career at Accenture. while functional and specialty industry courses will further your training.000 Accenture Alumni – people who remain connected and networked. while providing full support for both internal and external mobility. Many of our clients are global and most engagements have an international element to them. and that enabled me to make a real contribution right from the start. you will have the chance to learn – from colleagues. together with the sheer variety of work you do. from training programs and from hands-on experience. Whatever the gaps in your experience or knowledge. The initial engagements I was involved in were in sectors in which I had experience. Whatever your personal strengths and aspirations. you are always considered part of the family. And even if you decide to move on from Accenture. partners and associates with whom to exchange ideas. will provide an unbeatable platform from which to advance your career. .An evolutionary career We will help you build an exciting. “I had a lot of very practical help when I joined Accenture. This. A career with Accenture allows for both specialization and progression. Right from the start. you will have a Career Counselor. you will have the opportunity to build on them at Accenture. an Integration Coordinator.” The Accenture Management Consulting University focuses on core management skills. There are 100. cross-cultural network of colleagues.

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A formula for your success Accenture employs 16. “There are a lot of people who have been here for a long time. We have a well-defined promotion process to help you know where you stand. motivated individuals building their long-term careers at Accenture. in many different ways.” 20 . it gave me a lot of confidence to see so many committed. As someone coming into the company. You will have the opportunity to build your management consulting career in a way that meets your criteria and your goals. Talented and ambitious people like you! We are the first to say that career success can be defined. Our compensation and benefits packages are designed to attract talented and ambitious people. and achieved. In a company this size there are exciting opportunities to accelerate your career.000 management consultants with opportunities to work in over 49 countries. and there are opportunities to put your foot on the brake if other aspects of your life require it.

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com/linkedinmanagementconsultingcareers www. Accenture offers experienced candidates extraordinary and wide-ranging opportunities in management consulting. www. case studies and current openings on our own website.Just another day in the office for a high performer Accenture invested nearly $600 million in training in fiscal year 2010 and Accenture Management Consulting employees received approximately 80 hours of training each.accenture. Take the first step to high performance now. And a career where no two days are ever the same. You will also find Accenture management consultants on LinkedIn. Connect with us here and you will have the opportunity to ask questions. You will find information.facebook.accenture. join in discussions and build your understanding of life as a management consultant.com/managementconsultingcareers www.com/accenturemanagementconsulting .

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About Accenture Management Consulting Accenture is a leading provider of management consulting services worldwide. and High Performance Delivered are trademarks of Accenture. Operations. and extensive research on the world’s most successful companies. Accenture.000 management consultants globally. technology services and outsourcing company. comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions. Combining unparalleled experience. Accenture Management Consulting works with companies and governments to achieve high performance by combining broad and deep industry knowledge with functional capabilities to provide services in Strategy. with more than 244. Customer Relationship Management. Risk Management. Drawing on the extensive experience of its 16.com.About Accenture Accenture is a global management consulting. Sustainability. 2011.5 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. and Talent & Organization. Analytics.accenture. 31. Finance & Enterprise Performance. Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. The company generated net revenues of US$25.000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Copyright © 2012 Accenture All rights reserved. The use of such trademarks herein is not an assertion of ownership of such trademarks by Accenture and is not intended to represent or imply the existence of an association between Accenture and the lawful owners of such trademarks. its logo. . This document makes reference to trademarks that may be owned by others. Its home page is www.