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Kenyans w ith energy, ideas and the spirit to set up their ow n business are invited to apply for a "dealership" at one of TOTAL'S leading service stations. TOTAL service stations provide a ready business facility w orth over K.Shs 20 million, full training, proven operating systems - and the opportunity for you to earn an executive income w hilst w orking w ith one of the most respected oil companies in Kenya and w orldw ide. Service Station Locator To find a lubricant Careers Planete Energies Safew ay Rightw ay w ebsite What do you need? A strong desire to run a TOTAL service station w ith due regard to defined standards that ensure operational efficiency. Additionally, an unw avering commitment to ensure the service station remains the most pleasant, professional, and popular source of fuel lubricants, gas and related auto services in its locality. Who can invest? Kenyan citizens aged below 65 years w ith a clean record and good general education can invest. Previous business experience w hile useful is not essential as TOTAL provides continuous training and technical support. What w ill it cost m e? You only need w orking capital ( from K.Shs 2 m illion to m ore than K.Shs. 20 m illion) to finance the business. The required w orking capital w ill depend on the selected service station i.e the service station size and and complexity of the operation If you think you have w hat it takes to successfully run a TOTAL service station, send us your contact details and credentials.

Why choose TOTAL? Total Kenya is the leading petroleum marketer and has a strong and consistent track record of sustainable sales grow th and profitability. In line w ith changing market trends TOTAL has remained ahead of the pack in terms of innovations; it w as the first oil company to introduce a fuel card. Today the company controls the largest share of the LPG market. Many communities continue to benefit from TOTAL's responsible corporate citizenship, specifically through TOTAL Eco Challenge and other sustainable development initiatives. How does the dealership w ork at Total Kenya? The w orking capital w ill enable you to finance the stocks and credit customers of the service station. The service station (land, buildings, equipment, goodw ill, branding) remain the property of Total Kenya Limited. The dealer pays to TOTAL rent and royalty for equipments, branding and facilities. Rent and royalty charged is specific to each site. The service station's income i.e. margins from fuel, lubricants, gas, shop and other services w ill enable you meet the overheads (electricity,w ater, rent and royalties). The remaining net profit realised belongs to the dealer. Total Kenya undertakes to provide technical (maintenance and repair) and investment support. The advantage is that you w ill only invest in the business not in the equipment, buildings, communication materials, e.t.c.

Size of the service stations A w ide range of different size stations are available, w ith staff sizes ranging betw een 2 to 65. All service stations meet a common high standard of design and facilities for the sale of fuel, gas and lubricants. Forecourt, building size and staffing are determined by sustained sales volumes. Service stations vary in the number and type of other services, such as car w ash, cafeteria, lubes bay, garage, restaurant, Shop, Bonjour Convenient store, tyre centre, fuel, liquified petroleum gaz, lubricants , etc.



How To Become A Dealer

fuel, liquified petroleum gaz, lubricants , etc. What returns can I expect? Net profit belongs to the dealer. Very significant profits are regularly achieved. With good management, high profits can be realised and therefore ensure a quick return on investment. What is the relationship betw een TOTAL and the dealer? The relationship betw een you, as a dealer, and TOTAL is very close. TOTAL has rules and operational requirements on safety, service standards, brand exclusivity and other essentials of high quality performance w hich dealers must follow . These requirements are tested and proven systems that any businessman committed to service, responsible conduct and long-term success w ould w elcome and abide by. A Territory Manager w ill visit the service station regularly to assist in the management activities of the service station. Total Kenya is the exclusive supplier of fuel products, gas and lubricants. Total Kenya sets the retail price for all petroleum products sold in the station. Prices are adjusted frequently to ensure competitiveness. Will I be m y ow n boss? Yes you w ill be your ow n boss subject to laid dow n and agreed rules. Fixed capital items and brand equity belong to TOTAL. As a dealer you control staffing, stocks and benefit from net profits realised.

How do I join? Interested persons can contact us using the follow ing: Telephone: (+254) 20 289700, mobile 0719027000 Email: netw Telefax: (+254) 20-2666973 Alternatively complete the attached form. When can I start? After you and TOTAL have selected a station and agreed on the conditions, you w ill undergo a one month training and thereafter commence operations

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