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the materials. the participants. october 2009 . The number of participants and their diverse backgrounds fostered a remarkably fertile environment to build new relationships and expand professional networks across agency and international boundaries. the classroom discussions. and management skills. NASA – JSC.” Jonathan Hall . Engineering Directorate. I highly recommend this program for the senior manager or executive who seeks improved insights into leadership. communication. and the support staff. I was genuinely and very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the faculty.“Even knowing the strong reputation of the Senior Executive Fellows program.

SEF has the distinct advantage of time and history on its side. SEF offers participants a rare opportunity to learn from the nation’s top educators. The Senior Executive Fellows (SEF) Executive Education program at Harvard University’s John F. researchers. are exposed to a wide range of possible solutions. to share experiences and network with peers from the U. They also need to be more adept at working with different individuals and groups. it provides a strategic approach and framework to problem solving for a variety of issues. The program is not focused solely on solving specific problems. and individual study. and by doing so. and practitioners. For more than three decades. participants practice strategic analysis daily until it becomes a more natural. while being informed by lessons learned in the past. Kennedy School of Government helps promising senior level officials learn the skills needed for practical. From the start of the program.Peter B. Participants learn different methods of observing common organizational problems and challenges. often in tumultuous and ever-changing circumstances. effective leadership. Created over thirty years ago. . participants from all over the world have shared in this fine learning experience. so has SEF’s curriculum. The program focuses on issues that are relevant and important today. and to become part of the Harvard Kennedy School community—all in a short amount of time. This means that a leader’s skills need to stretch beyond the basics of building coalitions and managing change in an organization.S. unifying people to work toward a common goal. gaining ways to look at issues from new perspectives. Rather. group work. senior executives need to be leaders as well as managers. and international governments. participants take on a leadership role in the classroom. ingrained response. As times—and the needs of leaders—have changed. Zimmerman The Program In today’s world. SEF is still the preeminent choice in executive development for professionals in the public sector to hone their leadership and managerial skills. Through class work.

. participants have the opportunity to improve leadership skills through problem-solving simulations. participants receive valuable training and practice in making decisions about real situations. Additionally. The program curriculum addresses ways for leaders to become more effective in problemsolving. and negotiation. and group and teambuilding exercises. Cases are based on actual problems. Through the case method. participants are selected to represent a broad spectrum of federal agencies with a variety of functional and operational responsibilities. Because students learn by hearing others share different experiences and perspectives. and private sector managers working with the public sector. strategic analysis. all participants in SES-CDP activities should attend since the curriculum focuses on OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications.The Curriculum The program curriculum centers around the case method pioneered at Harvard. including those submitted by current and previous SEF program participants. This interactive learning style leaves participants feeling engaged and stimulated. In addition. Who Should Apply SEF is designed for managers and professionals in the federal government (GS-14/GS-15) and their international counterparts. SEF’s competency-based instruction also incorporates the executive core qualifications (ECQs) defined by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for promotion to Senior Executive Service (SES) and it is the program of choice for participants in SES Candidate Development Programs (SES-CDP). role-playing activities. senior military officers. persuasion.

More and on the staff of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. the number of participants is limited. He has particular interest in organizational strategy for public and nonprofit organizations. an interfaculty initiative with participation from five of Harvard’s professional Admissions Requirements Senior Executive Fellows is a four-week program conducted three times per year in the winter. There is no formal educational requirement. Before coming to Harvard. he has been working with several major nongovernmental organizations as they craft new strategies to meet conditions of rapid change.hks. Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if space remains in the class. Faculty Chair Peter B. Zimmerman worked for the Navy’s Strategic Systems Project Office. Admission to the program is competitive and is based on past experience and responsibilities.harvard. He has consulted for a wide range of public and nonprofit organizations. and fall at Harvard Kennedy School. Zimmerman is Senior Associate Dean for Strategic Program Development and Lecturer in Public Policy. Gener al Services Administr ation. april 2010 www.harvard. and how executives in these sectors adapt ideas from domains such as business and military affairs to improve performance. The professors provided an intellectually stimulating environment while my senior executive peers added practical experiences to classroom discussions that broadened my knowledge base and perspective. application deadlines. Public Building Services. as well as your organization’s level of commitment to your future advancement.  . Zimmerman is a graduate of Harvard Kennedy School’s public policy program.“Senior Executive Fellows was one of the best programs I have ever attended. Because of the interactive nature of this program. spring. Br anch Chief.” Samuel J. Claybon . Early application is encouraged as the programs often fill to capacity.hks. on the National Security Council staff. He also serves as co-chair of the Advanced Leadership Initiative. To apply for Senior Executive Fellows or for details on program dates. or tuition please visit www. but fluency in reading and speaking English is a necessity for the program. www. Kennedy Executive Education Admissions John F. Kennedy School of Government Harvard University 79 JFK Street .hks.harvard. MA 02138 USA Phone: 617-496-0484 Fax: 617-495-3090 Email: hks_execed@harvard.” John “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.harvard.

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