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NWO 101: A Brief Guide
•Did you know that there is a plan to bring in a world dictatorship, which would involve a central world government, a world army and a world currency? •Did you know that the US government carried out the 9/11 attacks, to expand their influence in the Middle East and consolidate their resources? •Did you know that man-made global warming is a con, designed to bring in a global carbon tax, that would reduce and equalise everyone’s standards of living? •Did you know that President Obama is just another puppet, following Bush and Clinton on the same global agenda? World government Through the current financial crisis, world leaders have called for international regulation of the banks. And the people have had no say in how this would work. This is world government. You will still have your own country’s leader, but his powers will be null. And thus, your democracy is nothing more than a needle in a haystack.Through the EU, we have already seen the concept of a political union. For example, the national power of the UK has been reduced because the EU gets to make so many decisions for it. Such a system is planned for the US (“North American Union”), Africa (“African Union”) and Asia (“Asia-Pacific Union”).A world government would take this one step further, bringing in just a few politicians to make decisions for the entire world. This is Nazi Germany on steroids. World currency Have you ever wondered what the point of all the security cameras and toll roads are? People say “Big Brother”, but what does that actually mean?There is a plan to control the movements of every citizen, and force all citizens into compacted cities. Depending on how much you consume and drive, carbon taxation would be automatically deducted from your bank account. This is all in the name of “man-made global warming”, nothing more than a phoney-baloney science perpetuated by Al Gore and his gang.This new currency would be electronic-only (“cashless”), and used globally. Today, money isn’t backed by any commodity, which can result in nasty inflation. Despite this, competition between global currencies keeps the monetary system from completely collapsing. However, under this new system, there would only be one currency worldwide. This is true dictatorship. World army A world army is planned, which will attack any nation that defies the world government (“New World Order”). We are already seeing this through the power of NATO, and, the US army itself. America spends vastly more money than any other country on military matters, and this number is only rising under President Obama.In order for the world army to work, the people of the world must be disarmed. Much of Europe has already instilled bans on firearms, and needless to say, China has a complete ban. And so, the only main regions who still have the right to bear arms are the US and the Middle East. Right now, President Obama is looking to ban all semi-automatic weapons. Meanwhile, US foreign policy in the Middle East attempts to eventually disarm the region. The question is: How can you defend yourself against tyranny without the right to have a gun? The answer is: You can’t. 9/11 and “false flag” terror As horrifying as it is to admit, the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks were carried out by a small

group of powerful globalists within the US government (“No, George Bush didn’t do it! He can barely tie his shoelaces!”). The purpose was to create such a shock that Cheney and co. would be given the power to infiltrate the Middle East and suppress its people. Despite the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, he was refusing to give up his oil supplies to US powers, and so, Iraq was invaded.Now that Iraq’s oil is under US control, Afghanistan is one of the world’s only countries with power over its own natural resources (opium, used to make heroin – drugs are a huge business). The people of Afghanistan also have the freedom to own their own firearms.Thus, President Obama is escalating the war in Afghanistan, and increasing troop numbers to over 400,000, in a desperate attempt to control this region and its resources. Obama has also lied, in claiming he would bring home troops from Iraq after 16 months. He is now saying 50,000 will be left there. How convenient.

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