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January 2010


Dear Employee, As you prepare to leave the UAE University, we want to provide you with some important information as well as ask for your assistance. Firstly, to ensure that you have a smooth exit, we have created a list of departure guidelines. This includes information on both process and timelines as well as document requirements. We encourage you to read these guidelines carefully and follow the recommended timelines. Note that while HR will complete all the internal UAEU clearances, you are required to obtain the external clearances outlined in this document. Your end of service will not be paid if the external clearance documents are not submitted. Secondly, we have included an Exit Questionnaire designed to assist us in our ongoing service enhancement activities. Your valued input will provide insights into employee turnover and help the UAEU to continue to attract and retain highly qualified employees. The Questionnaire is voluntary and the results confidential. The results of numerous Exit Questionnaires will be summarized by HR Staff and reported in aggregate. Your frank and honest comments are greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions about the departure process or the Exit Questionnaire, please feel free to call the Human Resources Department at (03) 713-1173. On behalf of the University, thank you for your contribution to the mission of the University and we wish you all the very best with your future endeavors. Sincerely, Mike Knudson Director, Human Resources Other contact Numbers Health Insurance Section: Emad Al Shammani @ 713 1164 or e-mail: Housing Section: Saeed Al Amiri @ 713 1117 or e-mail: Immigration Section: Saif Al Alawi @ 713 1175 or e-mail: Ahmad Al Saadi @ 713 1174 or e-mail:

Clearance Process Flow

HR-190 Employee Separation
HR-190-5 Clearance
Contact employee for clearance HR 190-5-1 Contact employee and hand over separation guidelines HR 190-5-2 Prepare UAEU Clearance Form (HR-FRM-3) HR-190-17 Copy of clearance to finance HR 190-5-18 Exit HR-190- 6


HR-190- 1/2/3/4

Initiate Resourcing HR-050

Cancel on Banner & Send employee separation notice to all departments HR 190-5-3

Receive all Documents from employee HR 190-5-16

Forward all documents to respective departments HR 190-5-19

Finalize clearance HR 190-5-27

Apply for external clearances HR 190-5-6

Receive guidelines HR 190-5-4


Etisalat/Du landline and internet clearance (15 days before exit) HR 190-5-7

Bank Clearance (15 days before exit) HR 190-5-8

Internal documents Passport Health Cards UAEU ID and access cards HR 190-5=9

Hand in passports for visa cancelation (30 days before exit) HR 190-5-5

Submit documents and clearances to HR HR 190-5-15

Receive Utility Certification Letter HR 190-5-13

Utility clearance Final Certificate (7 days before exit) HR 190-5-14

General Services

Receive Notification of employee separation HR 190-5-10

Inspect Accommodation HR 190-5-11

Please refer to Employee Separation Guide for timelines on document submissions Immigration

Inspect Housing HR-190-5-20

Receive passport and cancelation documents HR-190-5-22

Receive health cards HR-190-5-24

Receive Copy of Utilities certificate HR-190-5-21

Cancel employee at labour office and immigration HR-190-5-23

Cancel health cards (on exit) HR-190-5-25

Issue Utility Certification letter (7 days before exit) HR 190-5-12

Health Services Housing

Sign off on clearance HR-190-5-26

Exit Process Details

1 Action Contact employee for clearance
Upon receipt of notification of employee separation the HR department will contact the employee and request the employee to visit the HR Office HR will explain the Clearance process and request the employee to complete his/her details in the UAEU Clearance form (HR_FRM_3) The employee will also be requested to state the date of expected exit

Time Line
Upon receipt of the separation notification Upon receipt of the separation notification

Human Resources Human Resources

Apply for external clearances

Bank Clearance Employees have the option to ask for the final settlement cheque to be either deposited into their bank account, or to pick up a cheque from the Cashiers office at the UAEU. Direct deposit No clearance letter is required from the bank. Cheque Employees need to get a clearance letter from their Bank to verify that there are no outstanding obligations with the bank. It is recommended that you keep your bank account open until you have received your final financial settlement from the University. Some banks require at least forty-five (45) days notice to issue a clearance letter for those who are using their credit card service. The clearance letter from the bank must be submitted to Human Resources. Etisalat Clearance Obtain a clearance letter from Etisalat to certify that you have no outstanding obligations with them. The entire process will take a day or two. For further inquiries, please contact Etisalat Customer Support Center at 7222000 or 722-2137. The clearance letter must be submitted to Human Resources. Housing Clearance All departing employees have the option to keep their UAEU provided villa/apartment for thirty (30) days from the last day of the semester/work day/day of class. Make an appointment with the Housing Section to inspect your home. Any costs for major damage incurred during your occupancy at the villa/apartment will be deducted from your final settlement amount. Utility (Water & Electricity) Clearance Seven (7) days before you vacate your villa/apartment, obtain a UAEU Utility Certification Letter from the Housing Section indicating that the University will assume responsibility for payments of utility incurred by the employee five days prior to vacating the villa/apartment. On receipt of this letter, contact Al Ain Distribution at 8009008 to arrange for a reading of your utility meter on the date as specified on the UAEU Utility Certification Letter. Your account number with Al Ain Distribution is on your deposit receipt. With the UAEU Utility Certification Letter from the Housing Section, Al Ain Distribution will in turn refund the balance of your utility deposit. The utility company will also issue a Final Clearance Certificate.

45 Days before Exit


15 Days before Exit


10 Days before Exit


7 Days before Exit



The Final Clearance Certificate from Al Ain Distribution must be submitted to Human Resources

Cancellation of Residence Visa Submit all original passports (employees and all your sponsored dependents, even if they are outside the U.A.E.) and one (1) photo for each passport to the Immigration section at least thirty (30) days prior to leaving the country. According to the UAE Immigration Law, employees and their families are allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date of the residence visa(s) cancellation(s). Submit internal Documents Health Insurance Card You must turn in the health insurance card(s) for you and your family (if applicable). The University will continue to provide you medical coverage until your departure. University Identification and Parking Stickers/Cards Return your University I.D. cards and access cards to the HR Department Internal Clearances Human resources will forward all the received documents from External clearances to the required departments for sign off on clearance and confirm that all outstanding obligations are met: Final Settlement Staff and Faculty Human resources will forward the completed clearance document to finance for processing of the final settlement amount. Please note that any outstanding balance on your furniture allowance that has not been depreciated, will be deducted from your final settlement amount. NB: please note that no final settlement will be released if any of the external clearances (no. 2) or documents required from the employee (no. 3/4) have not been received Exit Arrangements Transportation to the airport Transportation to the airport for employees is arranged by the respective colleges/departments. A week before your departure date, please provide the administrative representative in your college/department with your flight details together with the number of passengers and pieces of luggage (see Request for Transportation form) to arrange for a UAE University representative to take you to the airport. Two (2) days after you have submitted your request for transportation, you should pick up Section B of your transportation request form that contains the drivers name and mobile number, and the date and time of pick up. Return all copies of your house keys that are in

30 Days before Exit



15 Days before Exit


15 Days before Exit


15 Days before Exit

Human Resources

7 Days before Exit

Human Resources

15 Days before Exit

Employee/ Department/ College


your possession to the driver to take to the Housing office. Ask your driver to sign the Receipt For Returning House Keys form. At the airport, the UAE University representative will accompany you to the immigration booth where he will get the exit stamp needed by the UAE University to obtain release for their sponsorship. Exit Questionnaire Complete the attached exit questionnaire and return to the HR Department If you would prefer an exit interview please contact the HR Department The Exit interview and Exit Questionnaire is kept confidential Participation is voluntary

Before Exit

Employee/ HR Department

Please note the following attachments UAEU Clearance form Request for Transport Receipt of House Keys Employee Exit Interview


Clearance Form
A: Employee Details
Employee Name Job Title College/Department Last working day Banner ID Email Mobile No Proposed Exit date from UAE Forwarding Email


B: Forwarding details
Forwarding Mobile No

C: Document clearance
Employee should collect the following documents to be attached with clearance

UAEU ID card and access cards Passports & one passport photo for immigration cancelation Health cards (to be cancelled on Exit) Bank Clearance (Except for direct deposit) Telecommunications clearance Final Utility Clearance Certificate Received (7 days before Exit)

D: UAEU Clearance (To be coordinated by HR)


College / Department ** Library ** HR Department

Departmental/College clearance is complete and the employee may be released from duty Authorized person: All books and dues are settled and the employee may be released from duty Authorized person:


Clearance is complete and employee may be released from duty Director:

General Services ** Human Resources

Health Cards received, Residency cancelled, Accommodation inspected Access ID and parking stickers Resourcing Manager: Clearance Complete

HR Representative (Name)
Clearance with attached documents received Final Utility, Bank and Etisalat clearance received Authorized person: Director:


Copy to be placed on employee file. Original with attachments to be forwarded to Finance ** Email clearance approvals will be accepted
Human Resources Form No: HR-FRM-003 Revision date: February 2010 Page 1

Request for Transportation


For Non-returning Employees

Section A: To be completed by the non-returning employees. This form must be completed and submitted to the respective College/Department Administrative representative at least one week before departure.

Employee Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ No. of Passengers (including self + dependents, if applicable): _______________________________________ No. of Luggage: ___________________________ Pieces (large) _________________________ Pieces (small) Pick-up Location (please attach map): ___________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Contact # in Al-Ain: _________________________________________________________________________ Departure Date: ______________________________________ Departure Time : _______________________ Departure Airport : ____________________________ Flight # : ______________________________________

______________________________ Employee Signature

___________________________________ Date

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------

Section B:

To be completed by the College/Department Administrative Representative. A copy is to be given to the non-returning employee two days before departure.

Driver's Name: __________________________________________________________________________ Driver's Mobile: _________________________________________________________________________ Date to pick up passenger(s): _______________________________________________________________ Time to pick up passenger(s): _______________________________________________________________

__________________________________ College/Department Administrative Representative Signature

____________________________________ Date


Receipt for Return of House Keys For non-returning Employees

Section A: To be completed by the non-returning employee and signed by driver. Driver is to take the signed form together with the cancelled visa to the Immigration section in the Human Resources Department.

Employee Name: __________________________________________________________ Department: ______________________________________________________________ College: _________________________________________________________________ Driver's Name: ____________________________________________________________ Date & time of pick up to go to the airport: _____________________________________

_____________________________ Drivers Signature

______________________________ Employees Signature

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Section B: To be completed by the non-returning employee and signed by driver. Employee please perforate and keep a copy.

Employee Name: __________________________________________________________ Department: ______________________________________________________________ College: _________________________________________________________________ Driver's Name: ____________________________________________________________ Date & time of pick up to go to the airport: ______________________________________

_____________________________ Drivers Signature

______________________________ Employees Signature


Exit Interview
A: Employee Details Employee Name Job Title College/Department B: Reasons for leaving Further study Family and/or personal Career opportunity Higher pay & Better benefits C: QUESTIONNAIRE Please rate the following questions with an X Physical working environment Opportunities for growth and enhancement Salary level and compensation practices Relationship with co- workers Direction from you Supervisor / Chair Support from you Supervisor / Chair Quality of training and development Job satisfaction Overall satisfaction with the department I worked in Overall satisfaction with the UAEU as an employer D. WORKING AT UAEU Would you advise a friend to work for UAEU? Would you consider returning to work at UAEU? REGRET WE ARE PARTING In your opinion what did you most enjoy of your employment at the UAEU? In your opinion what did you least enjoy of your employment at the UAEU? What suggestion do you have to make the UAEU a better place to work? General comments Banner ID Faculty/Staff Date

Improved work life balance Conflict with other employees Conflict with managers Other (Specify)
Highly Dissatisfied Dissatisfied Satisfied Highly Satisfied



Employee Signature:

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