PN 769178

PDH Personal Diver Harness
Strength-rated working and recovery harness
The Personal Diver Harness (PDH) was developed by the Aqua Lung professional operations team to meet the requirements of the North American dive industry. The full-body design incorporates secure attachment points for a dive umbilical as well as a lifting ring for recovery of an injured diver and equipment from the water (i.e. lifting in air). The PDH, including all hardware, has a rated breaking strength of 2200 lb (1000 kg) and complies fully with all national dive regulations, standards, safety codes and industry best practices. Extensively tested and evaluated the PDH is intended for long duration wear by an individual diver both underwater and on the surface. When worn underneath an equipment vest/bell jacket, such as the Aqua Lung Surface Supplied Harness (SSH)*, the PDH allows outer equipment to be removed in an emergency while retaining positive control of the diver. Manufactured by the Aqua Lung group, each PDH has a unique serial number to assist with inspection and tracking. • Robust and durable design, simple to don and adjust • • • • • • • • • • • Rated breaking strength of 2200 lb / 1000 kg / 9800 N Easily accessible strength-rated rear lifting (recovery) ring 2 strength-rated D-Rings mounted on upper left and right chest 2 strength-rated D-Rings mounted on front left and right waist Maintains diver in heads-up position during recovery Padded sleeves on shoulders, waist and crotch for extended wear Comfortably worn underneath outer equipment vest/bell jacket Waist belt is adjustable for length and height Fully adjustable leg/crotch straps Marked with serial number, manufacture date & strength rating *Integrated with the Surface Supplied Harness (SSH), AQ part# 769161

Part No.

Personal Diver Harness

Emergency diver recovery

Note: SSH is not Shown, please refer to the SSH data sheet for details

Strength-rated D-Ring for secure umbilical attachment

Aqua Lung • 2340 Cousteau Court, Vista, CA 92081 • TEL: 760.597.5000 • FAX: 760.597.4914 •

com/military . Vista.4914 • www.aqualung.5000 • FAX: 760. Aqua Lung • 2340 Cousteau Court.CLOSE UP (strength-rated 2200 lb / 1000 kg) Rear lifting/recovery D-Ring Padded sleeves on both shoulders Reinforced webbing for strength and harness form retention.597. CA 92081 • TEL: 760.597.FRONT VIEW BACK VIEW Adjustable height waist belt Padded sleeves on waist Strength-rated Adjustable crotch D-Ring straps with for secure padded sleeves umbilical attachment BACK VIEW .

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