To What Extent Do You Agree With The View That This Is A Comic?

‘Hullabaloo’, a novel of magical realism by Desai, is a comic novel as nothing real ly serious happens within the story. Many strange abnormal events happen in a way that don’t make you laugh, but they have a comedic feel to the plot. Desai introduces some comedy by making a monkey steal her Ammaji’s dentures. “They leered at her horribly like a ghastly cartoon”. Desai uses the verb ‘leered’ to say how the false teeth were mocking Ammaji; gazing at her in an unpleasant way. Her use of the simile “like a ghastly cartoon” is also demonstrated in other quotations of comedic struct ure. The word duo “ghastly cartoon” portrays a cartoon image, which has a media connection to comedy on TV and the Internet. The adjective ‘ghastly’ presents a horrid image of false teeth set into Ammaji’s peanut cone, when it is perfectly harmless, which adds to the humorous side. Another comic part of this story is when Sampath is at a wedding. There, he covers himself with feminine clothes and “lowered both his trousers and his underpants”. This gets him fired from the only job he had been able to get. This idea that he wears girl’s clothes and strips at a wedding cannot be thought of anything else other than comedic, as he takes off all of his clothes in front of everyone he knew. We can tell that Sampath is strange, and different from the rest, from the idea that Sampath stripped at a wedding, which no sane person would attempt. If this book was written for a more serious audience, then I doubt that this wedding part would have been included. Desai also brings more comic humour into the story through Pinky, Sampath’s brother. Pinky falls in love with the Hungry Hop Boy, a guy who sells ice-cream at the town centre. She goes to meet him and “she thought she might kiss him, but the vein of aggression pounded powerfully within her and she bit him instead.” In the phrase ‘she thought she might’, the words ‘thought’ and ‘might’ suggest how who had originally planned to give him a kids, but instead she ‘bit him’. Being a relative of Sampath, Pinky too acts strangely, as not many people in this day’s society bites their loved one’s ears off. This un-natural event brings humour to Hullabaloo, and makes you want to read on, why she bit him, and what his reactions are. On the other hand, there are also many serious aspects to the story. For example, this idea that Sampath, who feels surrounded and different from everyone else, just wants to leave and find peace, but his whole family tags along, and his father always seems to order Sampath and pities him. One example of Sampath wanting to escape can be seen when Desai writes, “Sampath let himself out of the house”. This phrase is as if Sampath is an animal; a pet who has been c aught and trapped inside the house. This expresses his will of freedom, and explains the more serious aspects of Sampath’s life. However, another funny point can be made, that even though Sampath then lives in a tree, people start going to him and seeing him as a ‘Baba’ with wisdom, when all he is doing is “mimicking the old men of Shahkot”. The word ‘mimic’ has been used here by Desai to tell the reader that all Sampath is doing is acting and copying some phrases mentioned by older people in the past. This tells the reader that he isn’t thinking up these lines 100% from his mind, but using his broad mind and mixing his ideas and the old men’s ideas together. The most humourous event which cannot be comprehended in a serious way is that Sampath, the main character of the story, transforms into a guava fruit. Since this novel’s category is magical realism, the ending can be understood, yet since there are many other parts in the story which make the book lifelike, you couldn’t have expected him to turn into a fruit. “Upon the cot lay a guava… that was much bigger than the others”. At the end of the novel, everyone has met at the same place to finally capture the monkeys troubling the town of Shahkot, and this is where the final climax of the story is. But then suddenly, Sampath, the main character is gone, and in his place is a
1 Chang Kim 10DRD

and has a comic feel to the storyline. like Sampath and the other villagers. That is what makes this book unique. but contains many more elements of humour within. Nobody can turn into a guava in real life. with many out-of-the-ordinary events. and unique. one that was not expected. Pinky biting her lover’s ear off. which would never happen in any of our lives (unless you turn into a guava every day). Sampath stripping at a wedding. (893 words) 2 Chang Kim 10DRD . In my opinion. so this finale brings a conclusion. but ends the story with a fruity tang. This shows us that this particular guava fruit is different from the rest. and Sampath’s so-called ‘wisdom’ sums up about how Sampath’s life is different. with less serious notes. The ideas of Ammaji losing her teeth to a monkey.guava that was ‘much bigger than the others’. I would say that Hullabaloo was not focused and created on a comical core.

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