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April 25, 2013


Volume 2, Issue 4

Camp Pisgah
Terrapin Times
Girl Scout University Special Edition Thank You!
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Thank You! GSU Collage GSU Facilitators

This past weekend was Girl Scout University. It was Ranger Paul and my first event at Camp Pisgah and no words can truly express our appreciation for all the girls, troop leaders, parents, volunteers, facilitators and staff who played a role in making this event amazing! In all, there were over 180 participants present at GSU. We offered over 20 different classes on Saturday led by 36 awesome staff and facilitators. On Sunday, GSU participants contributed over 300 collective service hours for Do A Good Turn weekend!! To all the cadettes, seniors and ambassadors in attendance, thank you for your enthusiasm and willingness to try new things at

Pisgah Highlights: Art-o-Rama Junior Encampment (May 17-19)

Pony Daze Junior Encampment (May 24-25) Family Fun Day (June 2) Camp Pisgah 60th Birthday Celebration (June 8-9) Camp Pisgah is open for weekend troop camping! For more information contact Jessica Canteen at 828-862-4435.

GSU! Your laughter was infectious, your spirit and love for camp was inspiring, and your eagerness to learn from our facilitators made the event just as special for them! We cant wait to see you all at camp this summer! To the troop leaders and parents, thank you for all your support and encouragement throughout the weekend. Several program areas, especially the kitchen, ran smoothly because you all jumped in to help wherever you were needed. Thank you. To all the volunteers, facilitators and staff, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Your passion for creating great programming and commitment to empowering young girls rang loud and clear. We would not be celebrating these accomplishments if it were not for all the work you put in before, during and after the event! Thank you.

Until Next Year, Cuse and Ranger Paul

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Volume 2, Issue 4

Camp Pisgah

Volume 2, Issue 4 Page 3

Contact for more information or register online at

GSU Courses and Facilitators

Activity Courses
Suga Mamas: Girls learned the art of cake decorating and sampled tasty cup cakes! Facilitators: Candy Hoffman and Moogle Thats Smore Like It: Girls sampled many variations of this classic camp treat and learned to build a fire! Facilitators: Yogi and Lupin Clanimals: Girls created miniature bear sculptures using Fimo polymer clay! Facilitators: Sketch and Rapunzel Tech Bridge: Girls explored the exciting world of science and technology through various hands-on projects. Facilitator: Jan Merrill Food Detectives: Girls learned about sustainable agriculture and made yummy biscuits using various local food sources! Facilitators: Jessica Sparks and Renee Casey DT Art Originals: Girls created bows, wallets and more using DUCT TAPE!! Facilitators: Yogi and Grover H2O Blast Off: Girls designed bottle rockets and launched them using water, a pvc launcher and a bike pump! Facilitators: Julie Vidotto and Cheesepuff Its Raining Eggs!: Girls used their imagination to build a device that protected an egg from the impact of a 20ft drop! Facilitators: Meaghan McGreal and Jessie Rosenberg Tree Cookies: Girls made bird feeders and decorated cedar tree cookies! Facilitators: Ranger Paul and Sketch Green Ogre: Girls created multiple catapults to send various objects flying through the air! Facilitators: Jessie Rosenberg and Moogle Sew Essential Nightwear: Girls put on their seamstress hats and designed bags to tote their belongings! Facilitator: Victoria Smith Nimbus P-3000: Girls created their very own Quidditch brooms! Facilitators: Jean Smith and Gail Vance Blazing Saddles: Girls had a basic riding lesson, followed by a trail ride around camp! Facilitators: Kookaburra, Spanky and Gonzo So You Think You Can Dance?: Girls learned a hot dance routine by two dancehall divas! Facilitators: Skyefish and Rue Contra Party: Girls learned the American Folk dance form that was all the rage in 1800! Facilitators: Rue and Skyefish Zumba Fitness Party: Girls were able to break a sweat while dancing to Latin and World music! Facilitators: Debbie Russell and Kim Tipton Xtreme Archery: Girls completed various archery challenges, from balloon targets to Tic-Tac-Toe! Facilitators: Web and Kitty Treasure Island: Girls followed clues and a treasure map to find the pirates booty! Facilitators: Breezy and Phoenix Walk the Plank: Girls tested out our brand new Low Ropes Challenge Course! Facilitators: Chuck and Tia Ramsey Rock Climbing: This was the first group of girls to climb our new rock climbing wall! Facilitators: Chuck and Tia Ramsey Pizza, Pizza: Girls got muddy and constructed a sustainable outdoor pizza oven from natural products! Facilitators: Karen George and Katie Gerber

Service Learning Projects

Santas Little Helpers constructed wooden toys for the animals in the petting farm. Facilitators: Ranger Paul and Sketch Green Thumb Girls took part in the annual tradition of planting a garden near the lake. Facilitator: Gail Vance Barn Babes helped get the barn ready for all the horse programs it will host this summer. Facilitators: Spanky and Gonzo Landscape Ladies made the camp grounds look fabulous by clearing trails and maintaining the camps green areas. Facilitator: Jessie Rosenberg Bunk Artisans prepped and painted the wooden bunk beds at camp. Facilitators: Kitty, Lupin and Grover Clay Chicas completed the Cob Oven project since it had a day to dry. What a great gift to camp! Facilitators: Karen George and Katie Gerber

Kitchen Crew
Genie Gunn, Head Cook Robot, Sous chef

Behind-the-Scenes Crew
Sci-Fy Bubbles