The George W.

Bush Presidential Library and Museum, located on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, is the 13th presidential library administered by the National Archives and Records Administration. The $250 million center is a three-story, 226,565-sq. ft. (21,049 sq. m) complex that includes a library, museum and institute.

Inside the Bush Center
Freedom Plaza Freedom Hall


With its red brick and limestone facade, the Bush Center is designed to complement the neighboring SMU campus buildings; the center has several energy-efficient features

Serves as the main visitor entrance with a colonnade and fountain

Solar panels Ceremonial Courtyard
Includes a sculpture of George W. Bush and his father, former President George H.W. Bush

Convert sunlight into electricity

Solar cells Sun shades
Reduce heat and energy costs

Heat water for the building

Texas Rose Garden

With native trees and wildflowers

Reading Room Terrace

Ceremonial Courtyard Cafe

Ground Level Terrace

Oval Office

Floor by floor
Top floor
The top floor houses the presidential suite, which includes the offices of George W. and Laura Bush and the George W. Bush Foundation, a living room, dining room and reception area

Main floor
Visitors can access the museum, research room, classrooms, gift shop and dining areas through the north entrance off SMU Boulevard; the main floor also has offices for the National Archives and the George W. Bush Institute 3 4 7

Ground floor
The Bush Institute’s main entrance is on the building’s west side; this floor features a 360-seat auditorium, conference areas, and storage and preservation space for an archive of documents and artifacts



2 6 5


9 1 10

2 3 4

2 7 6 5 1. Offices 2. Reception 3. Family dining room 4. East dining room

3 4


14 13 15

5 9 12 11 8 7 6

17 1 5. Living room 6. Library 7. Presidential reception hall terrace 1. Institute offices 2. Temporary gallery 3. Cafe 43 4. Entry hall 5. Main lobby 6. Freedom Plaza 7. Classrooms 8. Research room 9. Museum store

10. National Archives offices 11. Texas Rose Garden 12. Oval Office 13. Permanent gallery 14. Freedom Hall 15. Courtyard cafe 16. Ceremonial courtyard 17. Institute library

1. Seminar room 2. Institute lobby 3. Auditorium 4. Archive area 5. Seminar room

6. Hall of State 7. Cross Hall 8. Presidential seminar room 9. Staff offices

Freedom Hall

The center’s signature architectural feature

The 50-by-50-ft. (15-by-15 m) tower rises above the center and will be illuminated at night Closing film theater Volunteer tree

Permanent gallery

The 14,000-sq. ft. (1,300 sq. m) museum space highlights principles that guided the Bushes in public life; visitors will see the exhibits in this sequence:

1 Freedom Hall 2 “A Charge to Keep” 3 “Empowering Americans” 4 “September 11” 5 “Defending Freedom”

6 The Oval Office 7 Texas Rose Garden 8 “Living in the White House” 9 “Acting with Compassion”
10 Decision Points Theater 11 “Leading on the Issues” 12 “A New Call to Service”

A 20-ft.- (6.1-m-) tall, 360-degree, highdefinition video wall

Entry to temporary exhibit gallery Stone from Tunisia




13 Exit to Freedom Hall

Permanent exhibit gallery Detail area Introductory theater




White House theater



Steel from World Trade Center

5 8

Full-scale replica of the Oval Office
Source: George W. Bush Presidential Center, Robert A.M. Stern Architects Graphic: Troy Oxford, Dallas Morning News

6 7

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