‘D elhi 6’ premiere in New York

'Slumdog' rules Oscars with 8 prizes!

Abhishek bAchchAn sOnAM kApOOr


Spring Break
On a BudgeT!

destinations for the whole family!

TOp 10 Bollywood Bellies!

How to eat healthy
The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



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56 28 Dallas Tantex - Sankranthi Sambaralu RhythmEM.com party!


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67 68 Discovering New cities with friendly locals Top 10 Spring Break Destinations

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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


red india AD


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Vol 8 . N o. 3 M A rCh 2 0 0 9 Publisher/Editor MONICCA SHARMAA Monicca@SNMonthly.com Art Director RAj SHINde Raj@SNMonthly.com Design Consultant Rvk Copy Editor AlI FAzAl Fazal@SNMonthly.com Photography AFTAB of Bombay Photography, ReHAN OBAId of Asian Photography, ARIF BHATTI and jACOB FAkHeRI Distribution AHMed SHAHId Sales/ Marketing
Sales Manager

Dear Readers! Thanks so much for picking up this month’s issue, as March is a month which features one of my all time favorite festivals: Holi! With the bright colors and the vibrant energy surrounding this holiday, I fondly remember childhood memories of laughing and playing rang with friends… However, in our community, where food is rich, and calories are copious, we can hardly stop ourselves from grabbing that last laddoo without even thinking! Thus, we have to remember the principles of health this month along with the principles of Holi! With the number of South Asians perishing due to heart failures and coronary diseases on the rise these days, it is imperative that we watch out how we treat our body. After all, as the Dalai Lama says, it is our temple. On top of which, Spring is coming around people! And with spring, the skirts get shorter and shorter, and the sleeves go higher and higher, making that extra flab an unsightly nuisance that must be gotten rid of! While we are still able to hide our physiques in overcoats, we should head to the gym and take care of ourselves early. Plus, gyms are usually emptier in winter months, so there will be no creepy uncle staring at you on the Stairmaster! And if there is no other reason for you folks to get in shape, just remember that Holi is just around the corner. The cherished family portraits taken this Holi will remain framed for years to come, so we had better look our best. So remember, just say NO to that chilled glass of Lassi this Holi, and quench your thirst in a more calorically friendly fashion. And if you’re craving those rich desi snacks, I have a tip to share. My personal trainer told me that the best food to eat when craving snacks is carrots, since it is both sweet and crunchy. Both these sensations trick your brain into thinking that you’re eating something delicious which is not rabbit food. That’s all the wisdom I’ve got to impart this month, darlings… Stay safe, Stay fit, and try to stay sane in the midst of all those crazy Holi parties coming up! Till next time, Monicca Sharmaa

OMAR kHAN 972 978 6646 Sales@rsn1049.com Sales Executives AlAN FOWldS 972-259-0670 MeHReeN AlI 972-259-0370 SUMeeT MARvIN 972-259-0371 SANU MATHeW 972-978-0509 NAHeed RAHeel 972-978-0508 OMAIR MIRzA 972-948-3582 RUBI SINgH 972-978-1640 Accounts CHRIS PAlAPARTHI Contributors AnAnd ShivnAni, A.G. Chini And RAnA Rizvi
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The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The strength of our content lies in our contributors, who go to great lengths to collect, compile and present facts, information and opinions in an interesting, entertaining and easy to understand fashion. Our contributors range from serious research-oriented writers to passionate activists and from casual conversational contributors to hacks. Our goal: to engage the South Asian community in conversation about life in the US, particularly in Dallas-FortWorth Metroplex.

Suguna Raghuraman is a franchise owner and decorator with Interiors by Decorating Den a company that has been in business for over 40 years. Having studied and worked in 4 different continents she brings with her a world of knowledge and expertise. Her decorating philosophy is smart and simple. And that design should be fun, functional and comfortable. She works with each client to create a design plan that reflects their taste and personality. Anand Shivnani is a well-known Dallas area oncologist, currently practicing at the Texas Oncology-Baylor Irving Cancer center. He is passionate about giving South Asians afflicted with cancer the best and most compassionate care possible. He believes in the power of human will, and that cancer, with the right treatment and some determination, can be fought. A.G. Chini is often referred to as the encyclopedia of information about old Hindi films and music. His shows are packed with trivia and facts that are not found anywhere else. He can surprise even the most die-hard fan of Dilip Kumar to Raj Kapoor by giving them extra tidbits along with songs not heard on any other show. Chini has presented radio programmes in Dubai and emceed numerous events in India, USA, and UAE. A.G. Chini presents his radio show Monday through Friday 11 am -2 pm and Saturday between 5-7 pm. Chiniag@rsn1049.com

The first South Asian Mall in the USA
Opening fOr BuSineSS in fall 2009
investment Opportunities Open! Call kiran - 972-978-3617 email: kiran@everestHeights.com
The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Birthstone: Aquamarine, Bloodstone Flower: Jonquil Astrological Signs: Pisces: February 19 - March 20, Aries: March 21 - April 19

>> Kevin Costner and Modern West, Paula Nelson @ Granada Theater 8 pm 214-824-9933 or visit www.granadatheater.com

Free Bankrupcy Seminar by The Ravji Law Firm @ FunAsiA 972-2334190




SUNDAY 7 <<Natya Chan-

ritam - History of Dance @ Granville Arts Center 469-293-6264 > HOLI cellebration


>Antaraa - A celebration of Life! Eisemann Center by ThinkIndia

8 Daylight Saving
Time Begins

9 Milad un Nabi
(Birthday of the Prophet), Sunni


11 Holi, Hola



> Youth Empowerment Seminar At Windsong Montessori. By Art of Living Foundation 214-356-3428. > Mata Ki Chowki ShriRam Mandir 972-422-1600

14 Milad un Nabi,

Bible Believer’s Dallas Monthly Fel.. @ First United Methodist Church by BBF 214-8666100



17 St. Patricks Day



20 First Day of

21 Nau Roz
> Old Red Museum Building Tour. 214-745-1100 > Medieval Experience.. 214-761-1800 > For Kids - Borders Books & Music Dallas Story Time. 214-363-9305

10:00 am6:00 pm King Tut Exhibition.

Dallas Museum of Art. (Arts - Art Exhibit). 866524-7687





26 Khordad Sal,
Birth of Prophet Zaranhushtra

> Metro Mix Happy Hour. Friday Metro Mix is your ticket to the hippest happy hour in town. 972789-1700


>Math and Spelling Bee Competetions. At University of Texas at Dallas by NSF. NorthSouth.org > Classical Rhythms---Dancing for a Cause 972-334-9609




delHi 6

Now playing @ the Everest Movies.

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


Vedic Astrology Predictions
by Swami Krsna Radio Salaam Namaste 104.9FM Host “Aap Ke Sitare” (every Wednesday 3pm - 4pm)
Swami Krsna, is the 13th generation of Jyothishis (Vedic Astrologers) and has over 33 years experience in analysing horoscopes. To know more visit: www.DFWSwami.com or www.VedicStore.com. He can be contacted via email: swami@vedicstore.com or Phone: 214-550-1427.

This month suggest troubles through friends and acquaintances, but living and working cooperatively with others will give good results. Team-work is the watchword with Mars in this house. Keep balance everywhere for better success. Gain of money is indicated. Another person’s conflicting views can be handled through correct energy, team spirit and in a cooperative way. Sports will be rewarding. On the whole you may have financial gain, good health, happiness and enjoyment, gain of property, birth of son, acquisition of luxuries and amusements. A period of success.

Good health, financial gain and all around success and happiness are results of this transit. A Good period for rise in profession. You may make plans for change or talk to superiors about your work progress for promotion. A good time for study of new subjects. Communications will be gainful with the outside world, through advertising, contracts or negotiations. Check that there be not any afflicted planet in the 10th house of your birth chart and that it is not being transited by a malefic planet at the same time.

Victory over opposition, successful completion of mighty undertakings, happiness, wealth and gain of luxury items, freedom from disease and association with persons in authority are indicated by this transit. Success or promotion at service, profession or business. Gain of prestige and comforts through friends and others. You will be in the limelight either on a small or large scale as per the normal course of your life. You may be entrusted with an important project which will be a good opportunity to prove your worth. Watch your actions; do not do anything in an underhanded manner. You would be exposed.

Good deeds and friends, gain, mental happiness, romance and charity, donations, comforts, marriage, distant travel for loved ones, respect from elders and preceptors, increased knowledge, fame and prosperity. Love or experience of beauty in art, pleasures and amusement. Love relations will give you good experiences. Association with a new who is better educated and experienced than yourself which will be quite helpful and gainful. Easy and rewarding transit.

This month is not good for marriage, attachments, law suits, or partnership. It tends to promote quarrels and opposition. A tension in life is indicated during this transit, which can be overcome by co operating with your partners, wife and fellow workers. You will face opposition. Mars is self assertive; your relations may suffer during this transit. You may find it difficult to give in or compromise in marriage, partnerships, but such compromising will help you tremendously in finding harmony in those relationships. Try to avoid unnecessary legal proceedings.

One will be ingenious, courageous and of good abilities. If Mercury be well dignified, in good aspect with Moon and free from affliction, above results will be experienced. If weak, combust or in cadent, one will become dull, lazy, boastful and a gambler. Good for mental work, good for negotiations and working with other. Gain through traveling. During this month, you will feel confident and successful all round.


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

You will feel more courage and confidence, so to initiate the emotional contacts with others will be beneficial. Favorable for romance and sex relations. Good for heavy work. You have to control your impulsive and passion side of nature. Undertakings will prosper and be successful. Good time for beneficial traveling. One will be liberal, broad minded and free, courageous and brave, so do not use this force unwisely. You may start projects subject to other influence in the birth chart as this is short term transit.

This month is not good for moving or change of residence. For harmony in family life, you should communicate on points of contention during this transit. You will thus be able to influence their point of view. Compulsive or inappropriate behavior will aggravate things to your disadvantage. Difficulties include: relationship with parents, property disputes and some blockage of your efforts in professional life. Stay in control of yourself. Domestic unhappiness is indicated.

During this month, one may suffer misery, fear, domestic unhappiness, ill health, pressure from creditors, fear of ailments and loss of respect; as also financial stress, sorrows, impediments in married life and in sexual enjoyment. Quarrels and disputes with family. Problems regarding property, Land etc., Difficulties in journeys and discomforts from vehicles. Use this period especially in contemplation and meditation. Past events may now bring consequences. Analyzing the effects your past family experience may have had upon you with the help of a counselor may be helpful.

This month, your activities will be more pleasant and agreeable. Social life combined with parties and gatherings are more enjoyable. Gain through exchange of letters. A period of love and harmony. This transit indicates prosperity, happiness, gain of wealth, success, favor and profits from friends and relations. Increased influence and honor. Gain of luxury articles, good pleasures and lovable company.

Loss of money, financial worries, fear, unhappiness. You may be cheated by others and may become obstinate. Anxiety, deceitful nature, keeping the company of mean persons. Quarrels with relatives and friends and unsuccessful actions. The temperament becomes harsh and mean. Danger of loss in business. Headache and eye troubles. Property and resources may be adversely affected. Parties and invitations should be avoided during this month.

You should work alone and for your benefit only as you should not be dependent on others. This is a very favorable influence and end to make the period successful, courageous, enterprising, competent, tireless and more adventurous than usual. Physically and mentally pursuit, temporary love affairs or attachment may be formed. An eventful period, which will be remembered for many years to come.

The first South Asian Mall in the USA
Opening fOr BuSineSS in fall 2009
investment Opportunities Open! Call kiran - 972-978-3617 email: kiran@everestHeights.com
The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009 February 2009


The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Show-Stopping gear
At a CES event in Las Vegas called ShowStoppers, we saw everything from concept laptops that share resources and virtual-reality race cars to shades that let you watch video while walking down the street. Have a look. - By CES Staff

a dVr alternative - Moxi Hd dVr

The Moxi HD DVR finally will be available directly to consumers. The DVR, which was previously available from cable companies, is now available for purchase from Amazon.com’s Electronics Store, the company said during a press conference here at CES. The Moxi DVR has a custom interface that lets you bring all of your favorite cable TV high-definition content (scheduled TV or stuff you’ve already recorded on the DVR) together in one programming guide, along with a growing array of digital content from the Web, like movies, music, pictures and games.

in-Car Satellite TV Service

AT&T Cruisecast, slated to launch this spring, promises to deliver satellite TV directly to your car. At launch, it will have 22 channels of satellite TV and 20 more of satellite radio, but will cost serious money: $1,299 for the system, and $28 a month for the service.

netbook uses uSB key for a Hard drive

Here’s a netbook with a twist: Emtec’s 10-inch Gdium Liberty has no hard drive. Instead, it will ship with a bootable USB storage stick (dubbed the G-Key) that runs Mandriva G-Linux and has more than 50 open-source applications pre-installed, including OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, and Spam Assassin.

Shake, rattle, and Make e-Music

Imagine a couple of dueling Wii controllers that squawk and beep rhythmically as you and a buddy wave them at each other. Now you have an idea of what you can do with ZooZBeat software on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Nokia N95/N82/N93i. The creators at ZooZ Mobile describe ZooZBeat as a “gesture-based mobile music studio,” and in their demos they did indeed control tonality and volume by varying the intensity and direction of a waving or shaking motion.

Watch Video Without getting Mugged

Vuzix says its new Wrap 920AV video glasses (which work with iPods and the iPhone) provide the same effect as looking at a 60-inch monitor from a distance of nine feet. And unlike other models that left you blind on public transport, the sunglass-style Wrap has a “see-thru” lens design that lets you watch a private video display while still being able to see out of the glasses. It also supports prescription lens inserts, and noise-canceling in-ear earbuds are also integrated into the design.

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


Smartphones impress at CeS
Most of the smartphones we saw at CES were updated versions of older models. But the new Palm Pre (and its webOS) was a breath of fresh air -- and it definitely stole the show. By Ginny Mies. Courtesy PC World.

palm pre

The new Palm Pre has an ergonomic curved body with a slide-out vertical QWERTY keyboard and multitouch-screen. Slick in appearance and efficient in function, its webOS aims to bring together all of the facets of your life into one seamless application. And from what we’ve seen, the Pre looks like it could be a major threat to the iPhone and Android-based G1. Palm has not set an exact availability date or a price for the Pre, but it will be on Sprint’s 3G network.

HTC S743

One of the many smartphone rumors that had been floating around prior to this year’s CES is that T-Mobile would unveil an HTC G2, the successor to the Google Android-based G1. But the new HTC phone announced at CES is a Windows Mobile phone: the HTC S743. Already available in other regions, the HTC S743 handset takes some design cues from last year’s HTC Touch Diamond. Though the S743 is not a touch-screen device, it does have a distinctive and sophisticated design. Style comes at a high cost, however: The unlocked phone has an estimate price of $600 to $700. The phone will be available later this quarter.

nokia n97

The ultimate entertainment device, the Nokia N97 has a digital music player with an equalizer and playlist editing. The N97’s gorgeous 3.5-inch, 16:9 widescreen plays videos in 30 fps, supporting a variety of video formats. The N97 has 32GB of on-board memory and expandable memory of up to 16GB, so it can hold your huge media collection. It also has a full QWERTY keyboard with a sliding tilt touch display. The Nokia N97 will be available globally in the first half of 2009. Pricing has not yet been announced, but the N97 will be sold as an unlocked phone, so it won’t have a subsidized carrier price.

Motorola Motosurf a3100

The Windows Mobile-based Motosurf A3100 from Motorola is a full-touch smartphone with a 2.8-inch display and additional trackball navigation. The 3G handset has a widget-based home screen, which you can customize with your favorite apps. Also included: Opera’s mobile browser, built-in GPS, a 3-megapixel camera and Wi-Fi access. The Motosurf A3100 will be available in Latin America and Asia sometime in the first half of 2009.

pharos Traveler 137

One of the more interesting handsets we saw at CES was the Traveler 137 from Pharos. The slim Windows Mobile GSM handset has a 3.5-inch LCD touch-screen and mobile broadband (UMTS/HSDPA) support, so it can work just about anywhere in the world. It has two cameras: a conventional backcover 3-megapixel camera and a second 0.3-megapixel camera for videoconferencing. The Traveler 137’s MicroSD slot supports SDHC. Pharos offers a pay-as-you-go GPS feature: U.S. maps and service are free, but you must pay a specific fee for access to maps of Canada, Western Europe or Eastern Europe. Yet another unlocked phone, the Traveler 137 will ship by spring for the steep price of $600.


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


BlackBerry Curve 8900

The thinnest and smallest full-QWERTY BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Curve 8900 is the latest addition to Research In Motion’s popular family of smartphones. Available from T-Mobile, the Curve 8900 has a more powerful processor, and the 2.4-in. 65K display has the highest resolution of any full QWERTY BlackBerry available. Unfortunately, though, the Curve 8900 has no 3G support. The Curve will be available by the end of February at T-Mobile stores and online; pricing has not yet been announced.

T-Mobile Shadow

The T-Mobile Shadow will be revamped as a smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.1. It will also be HotSpot-enabled for use with T-Mobile Unlimited HotSpot Calling service, which allows you to make voice calls over Wi-Fi networks. The Shadow has a nice balance of entertainment and enterprise features, including a music and video player, pre-loaded multimedia content, a mobile version of Microsoft Office for document viewing and editing, and Microsoft Outlook. The Shadow’s 1.6-inch screen, however, is disappointing. The Shadow’s candy-bar slider design is similar to its predecessor’s, but the phone comes in some new colors. The phone is expected to be available in select stores and online; pricing has not yet been announced.

nokia e63

The Nokia E63 is the little brother of the Nokia E71, which was released in the U.S. last fall. Though it has enterprise features such as Mail for Exchange and Lotus Notes, the E63 isn’t strictly a business phone. The handset allows users to customize two separate home screens: one for work and one for play. The E63 also comes with an audio and video player, various games, a 2-megapixel camera and a full HTML browser with Flash support. While the E63 might not be sexiest handset at CES, at $250, it is quite affordable for an unlocked phone. The E71, in comparison, was priced at $500 when it was first announced last year.


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


Women’s Fashion


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Men’s Fashion

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



‘Valentine’s day’ party hosted by rhythm event Management at iOrchid Bistro in Carrollton. for more info visit www. rhythmeM.com or www.iorchidbistro.com


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


aishwarya rai Hot pictures in Black dress
from the Premiere of Pink Panther 2 in New York.

nach Baliye 4 grand finale (air’s on STar pluS)

Karishma Kapoor performed a DIVA act where in she played tribute to all the diva - madhuri, Sridevi of Indian Cinema. Sharukh Khan was the guest of honor to announce the winner of Nach baliye 4. Lara Dutt too was the guest on the show

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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Sanjay dutt Wedding anniversary Bash
Bollywood stars Abhishek Bachchan, Ayesha Takia with fiance Farhan Azmi, Vidya Balan, Zayed Khan with wife, Fardeen Khan with wife Natasha, Sophie Chaudhary, Ajay Devgan, Amisha Patel and others at Sanjay Dutt and Manyata Dutt’s 1st anniversary bash, who got married as per Hindu customs. In the past one year they have steadily remained in news for both personal and professional reasons. The validity of their court marriage was questioned; Sanjay’s family’s refusal to accept Manyata caused a rift between him and his sisters while Manyata tried to win over his daughter Trishala. Professionally, Sanjay launched his production company and his political career. Now, the couple is capping their eventful one year of togetherness with a big bash at their home in Mumbai. The preparations for the party were personally supervised by Manyata. Kunal Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh, Kunal Khemu, Amar Singh, Sunil Shetty with wife Mana Shetty, Aftab Shivdasani, Farah Khan with hubby Shirish Kunder, Shatrughan Sinha and her daughter Sonakshi Sinha, Kiron Kher, Sheeba, Preity Zinta’s boyfriend Ness Wadia and other who’s who of Bollywood attended the 1st wedding anniversary bash of Sanjay Dutt and Manyata.

lakme fashion Week pics, Hard kaur, geeta Basra
Lakme Fashion Week “Coralien” by Babita Malkani & “Buoyant Passion” from Nalanda Bhandari Showcase at Tetsuma, Mumbai

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


Entertainment News
Hot brands drop four top heroines!
A string of flops, or a few bad career choices are causing more harm than you can imagine. Add to that the ‘age factor’ and you have a host of Bollywood divas who are losing out on plum endorsement deals which keeps them going on lean days and pays for that dazzling solitaire on the spare finger. Reasons cited by brand managers are as varied and bizarre as ‘matters of clashing principles’ to a ‘new target audience’ to simply, ‘the contract got over.’ Take a look at who’s lost what, and to whom... Rani Mukerji Major brands lost – Titan Raga, Lux, Fanta and Nestle Munch Replaced by – Asin - (Titan Raga), Genelia D’Souza (Fanta), Priyanka Chopra - (Lux) Industry buzz – Rani Mukerji saw a fantastic 2005 with back-to-back successes like Black and Bunty Aur Babli, which translated in good brand endorsement deals. But since then Rani has delivered eight consecutive flops. Her ‘Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna’ (2006) was successful only overseas. Sources close to Rani insist she was extremely disappointed by Nestle’s behaviour. Munch was a lesser-known brand, which she helped popularise, especially in smaller towns. Nestle knew any renewal of the contract would entail a revision of her fees. They chose to do away with her instead. But it’s not just the brands. Rani’s problem is that even directors with whom she delivered hits are wary of repeating projects with her. The only prominent brand she has now is Goodknight.
By Abhijit Mhamunkar, Buzz18

Meet the Bollywood divas who are fast vanishing from our TV screens


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


danny Boyle takes directing Oscar for `Slumdog'

“Slumdog Millionaire” has cruised to eight academy awards wins including best director for danny Boyle.
“Slumdog Millionaire” was making good on its rags-to-riches roots, claiming the adapted-screenplay prize for Simon Beaufoy, as well as the cinematography, film-editing and sound-mixing Oscars, plus both music honors for score and song. The Harvey Milk film biography “Milk” won for original screenplay. With two of the three song nominations, “Slumdog” won for “Jai Ho,” the rousing Bollywood number that closes the film. “Slumdog” composer A.R. Rahman, a dual Oscar winner for the score and song, said the movie was about “optimism and the power of hope.” “All my life, I’ve had a choice of hate and love. I chose love, and I’m here,” Rahman said. The epic love story “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” which led with 13 nominations, had three wins, for visual effects, art direction and makeup. “The Dark Knight” had a second win, for sound editing. Cruz triumphed as a woman in a steamy three-way affair with her ex-husband and an American woman in Allen’s romance. “Has anybody ever fainted here? Because I might be the first one,” Cruz said, who went on with warm thanks to Allen. “Thank you, Woody, for trusting me with this beautiful character. Thank you for having written all these years some of the greatest characters for women.” It’s the fifth time an Allen film has earned a performer a supporting-acting honor. Cruz joins past Allen collaborators Dianne Wiest, a dual Oscar winner for “Hannah and Her Sisters” and “Bullets Over Broadway”; Michael Caine for “Hannah and Her Sisters”; and Mira Sorvino for “Mighty Aphrodite.” “Slumdog” writer Beaufoy, who adapted the script from Vikas Swarup’s novel “Q&A,” said there are places he never could imagine being. “For me, it’s the moon, the South Pole, the Miss World podium, and here,” Beaufoy said. “Milk” writer Dustin Lance Black offered an impassioned tribute to Milk, the pioneering gay-rights politician who was slain 30 years ago. “If Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he would want me to say to all the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than by the churches, by the government, by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value, and that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours,” Black said. “Man on Wire,” James Marsh’s examination of tight-rope walker Philippe Petit’s dazzling stroll between the towers of the World Trade Center in 1974, was chosen as best documentary. The supporting-acting categories were presented by five past winners of the same awards. Cruz’s award was delivered by last year’s winner, Tilda Swinton, plus Eva Marie Saint, Anjelica Huston, Whoopi Goldberg and Goldie Hawn. Ledger’s was presented by Kevin Kline, Alan Arkin, Joel Grey, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Christopher Walken. It was a much different style for the Oscars as each past recipient offered personal tributes to one of the nominees, without clips of the nominated performances. Awards usually are done in chit-chat style between a couple of celebrity presenters. After last year’s Oscars delivered their worst TV ratings ever, producers this time aimed to liven up the show with some surprises and new ways of presenting awards. Rather than hiring a comedian such as past hosts Jon Stewart or Chris Rock, the producers went with actor and song-and-dance man Hugh Jackman, who has been host of Broadway’s Tony Awards. Instead of the usual standup routine, Jackman did an engaging musical number to open the show, saluting nominated films with a clever tribute. Offering a nod to “Slumdog Millionaire,” Jackman crooned, “Just a humble slumdog, sitting in a chair, of a millionaire ...” He hauled best-actress nominee Anne Hathaway on-stage to stand in as Richard Nixon in a gag tune about fellow best-picture nominee “Frost/Nixon” and asked the question in song — why don’t comic-book movies get nominated? — a dig at Oscar voters’ best-picture snub of “The Dark Knight.” It was something of an inside joke, since Jackman himself has starred in the “X-Men” comic-book adaptations and this summer’s “Wolverine” spinoff. Jackman later did a medley staged by his “Australia” director Baz Luhrmann with such performers as Beyonce Knowles and “High School Musical” stars Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. “Slumdog Millionaire” went into the evening with 10 nominations and an unstoppable run of prizes from earlier film honors. In keeping with its theme of bottomless optimism amid adversity, “Slumdog Millionaire” led a charmed life, dodging a flirtation with straight-toDVD release, winning over critics and climbing toward $100 million hit status. The film won top honors at all key earlier awards ceremonies. Shot in India on a modest budget of $14 million, “Slumdog Millionaire” traces the life of a Mumbai orphan who overcomes poverty, betrayal, police torture and other hardships on his way to a reunion with his childhood love and success on India’s version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.” The film nearly got lost in the shuffle as Warner Bros. folded its art-house banner, Warner Independent, which had been slated to distribute “Slumdog Millionaire.” It was rescued from the direct-to-video scrap heap when Fox Searchlight stepped in to release the film. Courtesy: AP and REUTERS.

Child actors Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar, Mohammed Azharuddin Ismail, Rubina Ali Qweshi, Ashutash Lobo Gajiwala, Ayush Mahesh Khedeyar and Tanay Hermant Chheda.

Freida Pinto, Irrfan Khan, writer Simon Beaufoy, actor Madhur Mittal, producer Christian Colson, actor Anil Kapoor, composer A.R. Rahman, actor Dev Patel.

Young actors from ”Slumdog Millionaire” arrive at the 81st Academy Awards in Hollywood, California February 22, 2009. Shown are back row (L-R) Ashutosh Lobo Gajiwala, Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar and Tanay Hemant Chheda. Front row (L-R) Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, Rubina Ali and Ayush Mahesh Khedekar.


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

How To apply liquid eyeliner flawlessly
Applying eyeliner is one of the most preferred ways to emphasize a woman’s eyes. No matter whether you will use liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner you can easily define your eyes and create a classy look. Although most of the women prefer to use pencil eyeliner as it is much easier for them, the liquid eyeliner is also a great choice for the rest of the women. Before you decide you buy liquid eyeliner you should know that it can be very difficult to apply it flawlessly at first as it needs a lot of practice and patience. What are the benefits of applying liquid eyeliners? * frame and defines the eyes * give a longer lasting line * accentuate the eyes * change the eyes’ shape * fill in sparse lashes * emphasize the lash line * deepen the look * highlight the shape of the eyes Many of the cosmetic brands offer a wide variety of textures, hues and types which are appropriate for the different needs, weather conditions, shape and color of the eyes. As you know there are: liquid eyeliners /that come with a brush and a tube/, pencil eyeliner, powder eyeliner, mousse eyeliners. Unlike the pencil eyeliner, the liquid eyeliner should be applied only to the upper lash-line because it is very heavy for the lower lashes. Those who prefer the classy look should consider using only pencil eyeliner, as the liquid eyeliner creates a more dramatic and sophisticated look. Step One. Most of the makeup artists advice to apply the liquid eyeliner over the eyeshadows as this way it will stay put on for longer. If you are going to apply an eyeshadow the first thing you should do is to apply an eyeshadow base to avoid smudging and creasing (of course after you have applied your foundation, concealer etc.) Apply the eyeshadows as usual. Step Two. Before you begin the application of the eyeliner make sure you have a mild makeup remover and cotton pads in case you make a mistake. It’s essential to shake the tube before you begin the application. Make sure your hand is steady in order to create a flawless line. Step Three. The best way to apply liquid eyeliner is to start drawing in the centre of your upper lash-line. If you find drawing a straight line difficult you can use pencil eyeliner and create a few dashes. Then with the point liner brush of the liquid eyeliner try to connect these dashes. Create only a few dashes. Never draw a line with pencil eyeliner and apply liquid eyeliner over it; you can easily ruin the result. Draw the line as close to the lash-line as possible, following the natural curve of your eyelid. Step four. If you want to create a thicker line, build the line gradually very carefully. Step five. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. Choose black or brown mascara and apply the first coat carefully. After a few minutes apply a second coat. Choose a volumizing or lengthening mascara, depending on your eyelashes. Consider dusting your eyelids with a translucent powder in order to avoid creasing and smudging. Do the rest of your makeup as usual - blush, lipstick, lip gloss, face powder.

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Keeping Your Chin and Business Up When the Economy is Down

Rejecting the Pack Mentality

Show me the money Communicate expectations to customers and get paid on time. Consider offering a prepayment discount or incentive. Tech savvy and cost savvy go hand in hand. Use Web based accounting software to avoid paying an outside source, and try video conferencing to save money by conducting your business meeting without leaving home. Spruce up your site. A web address is more important than a physical address. Make sure your website is current and sticky – encouraging viewers to stay awhile by refreshing content daily and going interactive with a blog. Overanalyze. Examine your customers’ purchasing patterns to determine if you should shorten your inventory holding cycle to reduce costs, innovate by improving your product or service or add to your bottom line by expand-

ing your product offerings. Who’s in control? Is it you, or is your business running you? Get in control by holding yourself accountable for your objectives. Set benchmarks to evaluate your progress, and see if you are zeroing in on your goals. Let go of solo. Don’t think you are the only person who can do it all. Trust your people and their instincts. Make overall success of your business more important than individual achievements. Embrace change. Make the acceptance of change part of your business philosophy. Don’t let the people who work for you become change critics or change resistant. Make change the fabric of your business.
Source: Five Hidden Mistakes CEOs make by Tom Northup; Helping Independent Businesses Through Tough Economic Times by Joseph R. Cardamone, president of United States Federation of Small Businesses.

in a minute

you co u ld ...

> Drink a glass of water. Hydrate for
healtheir skin, weight loss and to flush out toxins and prevent ailments.

> Think of a favorite memory. Mind on
overload? Focus on a wonderful memory instead.

> Unplug. Unplug computers and turn > Declutter. Straighten up your work
space or room to create brain space.

off lights you aren’t using in your office.

> Spread some good news. Improve

relationships by sharing favorable words about a colleague, friend or family member.

> Be silly. Laugh a little. Share a joke with a friend.


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

family Matters

Simply connect with your kids!
your children in donating the toys to needy kids. It’s like seeing your kids open gifts for the first time when you pull out toys they haven’t seen in awhile. If you find toys the kids have outgrown, include

fashioned black and red kind.

Turn off the TV and all video games. Candyland and Chautes and Ladders are old favorites. Older kids? Grab the chess set, Chinese checkers or the old-

Little hands love to mix things. Pick up a cookie or cupcake decorating kit to thrill your child with different-color frosting tubes and sprinkles in a rainbow of colors. Or stir up a little math lesson by using the fractions of measuring cups and spoons. Check out familyfun.go.com/ receipes/kids.


Involve the kids in downloading the tunes by song selection. Share your favorites. Now turn your living room into a dance studio.


Create a reading room with hot chocolate, a dollop of whip cream and a sweet selection of books. Read to each other or read together alone. Need a book recommendation? Visit the Association for Library Service to Children at ala.org.


Make lunch more fun by inviting your child’s stuffed animals. Enlist your child’s help in making a PB&J sandwich even the teddy bear can enjoy.
Source: Success Magazine, Dec ‘08

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Cover Feature


38 Salaam Namaste magazine || march 2009 38 Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009 Salaam Namaste magazine February 2009

Top left: Everest Movies head Vasu Neerukonda with Abhishek. Bachchan Top right: 'Delhi 6' screenwriter and lyricist Prasoon Joshi along with producer and UTV CEO Ronnie Screwvala. Bottom: Salaam Namaste Magazine Copy Editor Ali Fazal along with Abhishek Bachchan and Everest Movies head Mahipal Reddy

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com The first South Asian mall inin usopening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com || www.snmonthly.com The first South Asian mall usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com www.snmonthly.com

39 39



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Ali Fazal of Salaam Namaste: How are you today? Sonam Kapoor: I’m awesome! Ali: Sonam has actually had a long day of press, so she’s eating... would you care to tell our viewers what this lunch consists of? Sonam: Lettuce, chicken, and bread. Ali: Alright, there it is, right from her mouth—Sonam eats carbs! Alright, so we’re here to talk about her new movie ‘Delhi 6’... It’s her second film... First off, I’d like to ask, how does it feel to play two such radically different characters? Sakina in Saawariya and now Bittu in Delhi 6? Sonam: It’s been a challenge, but that’s what I thrive on: being challenged. And Mr. Mehra and Mr. Bhansali have actually been kind enough to give me these great roles, which I can actually work on, not just be pretty and dance around trees in four songs. So it’s a good thing for me... Ali: So taking this film into account, do you have any special memories you’d like to share from Delhi 6? Sonam: Are you talking about the pigeon on my head? Ali: Well, I’m not going to lie, there’s been a lot of talk about the pigeon on your head. How did it get there? Was it gross? You can tell us... Sonam: [laughs] No, it wasn’t gross! The pigeon was initially on my shoulder actually, and then it suddenly decided in the middle of the take to just get on my head! I think it thought it was a nest or something, given the amount of hair on top of my head!

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Ali: And did you throw liquid on Abhishek? Sonam: I didn’t throw liquid, I spat on him! There’s a big difference! Ali: Was it prop spit? Sonam: No! [laughs] It was disgusting, really nasty spit! Oh, I probably shouldn’t say that while I’m eating! Ali: Well, you have a lot of fans in the United States, so how does it feel for you when you come here? Sonam: It’s amazing... It’s really the land of opportunity. You know, after Barack Obama and everything, it just seems really positive and fresh. Ali: Speaking of America, your dad is here, preparing for the Oscars... but we’re sick of talking about your dad. Everyone probably asks you about him... let’s talk about your mom. How has she been in this whole process of you becoming an actress? Sonam: She didn’t want me to do it in the beginning, but then she reluctantly gave in. Honestly, she’s amazing. She’s really supportive, and she’s a fab jewelry designer, so I get to wear all her jewelry, free! She’s also amazingly aesthetically inclined, so I never wear anything wrong when she’s around. Ali: Well, we all can vouch for that! Recently, you were in the press a lot because of your quote, saying that you were not just a pretty face. Care to expand upon that? Sonam: I’m not just a pretty face, I have a whole body underneath it! [laughs] Ali: Well, that was a very insightful answer. Now, moving back to your career, you’ve had two such radically different films and characters. Which character, Sakina or Bittu, is more you? Sonam: Neither of them, otherwise I wouldn’t be acting. But I have elements from both characters. Like from Sakina, I have this melancholy side, which I think all people have, especially South Asians, since we see so much in our lives. And as for Bittu, I feel like I’m a young person, with so much to look forward to, so I relate to her that way. Ali: So, not many people know that you actually started your film career by being an assistant producer in ‘Black’, which was Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film staring Amitabh Bachchan and Rani Mukherji. Have you always wanted to direct or was that just a way for you to understand the crafts of acting better? Sonam: Initially I wanted to direct, because I always thought of the director as the puppeteer and the actors as the puppets, and I wanted to be in the position of power, but then I realized it doesn’t really matter... Everything is creative and interesting to do. So when Sanjay Leela Bhansali offered me Saawariya, I wasn’t dumb enough to turn him down. Ali: Speaking of Saawariya, many people were freaked out by the fact that the whole film was blue... Did you get a lot of comments about being blue?

Sonam’s modeling pictures.


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Sonam: I didn’t want to question his creativity, that was his vision... And Saawariya is a great film, but you know, even Mr. Bhansali’s worst is better than most people’s best. Ali: Well, that’s definitely true. Looking into the future, we know you just signed as the new face of L’oreal. How does that feel? Sonam: I feel really privileged. You know, there are amazing people like Aishwarya Rai, Penelope Cruz, and Scarlett Johannsen on board, so it’s great to be signed with such a fantastic brand. I use L’oreal, and it’s a terrific brand. Ali: So, tell us a little bit about Delhi 6. Everything is so hush-hush... Sonam: Hush Hush?! There are like 15 promos out man! Ali: I know, but they’re song promos... like the bird on top of your head— Sonam: That was only the first promo, Ali! Ali: It was pretty intriguing, though! Sonam: Okay, I like the fact that people are paying attention to me, and the bird, but the film is about Delhi 6, the main protagonist of the film is Delhi, and it’s just a reflection of today’s youth. Ali: Now we’ve all seen you in Western clothes in Delhi 6... Do you think this will affect your public image, considering you were so traditionally styled in Saawariya? Sonam: I don’t believe in this whole image thing, yaar. I am totally different than what people see on the screen. The person chatting with you today is Sonam... the others are just characters. Ali: Okay, so we have to talk about Slumdog Millionaire... It’s such a sensation here in the States... How do you feel about this success? Sonam: Well, the film deals with a very universal topic, which is love. I’m not at all surprised by it’s success... Everyone globally roots for love and for an underdog as well... As for my father, he’s amazing. And Freida is a Bombay girl like me, so she rocks! Ali: Now, I know you said you don’t believe in this whole image thing, but a lot of people look at you as very prim and proper. Are there any weird habits you can share with our listeners? Sonam: As you can see I’m a very messy eater. I’ve been eating this salad in front of you with two hands and only one fork, so I hope this ‘prim and proper’ thing can be put to rest! Ali: Now to close, we have a bit of a controversial question regarding Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. Last year, you were in the news a lot for this film, with people saying you were signed and then dropped. Care to comment on that? Sonam: It was completely false! They always wanted a new girl for the film. I was actually meeting with Adi [Aditya Chopra] about another project, which should be announced soon, and it got misconstrued.
Top picture: Sonam with her Dad, Anil Kapoor. Preceeding pictures are of her childhood.

Ali: I see! So does that mean you have a new Yashraj project in the works? Sonam: You’ll have to wait and watch—but I’ll just say this: Sonam Kapoor isn’t going anywhere!

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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


Restaurant Spotlight


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com





Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



red Baraat
Funk. Jazz. Percussion. These words are characteristics that we would rarely associate with South Asian music. However, Red Baraat, the first and only ‘dhol n’ brass’ band of it’s kind, is taking the United States music scene by storm, so it’s time to get on board. Using a unique blend of typical South Asian bhangra music, and Western musical influences like Jazz and Calypso, Red Baraat truly makes for a fresh and distinctive listening experience. In the short time since their inception, the group has delivered blistering performances at the 4th Annual Droma Gypsy Festival, the latest NYC hot spot Santos Party House, The Kitchen performance art space, the underground loft party series Brooklyn Wonderland, the India Independence Day Parade, as well as a live radio broadcast for WFMU. They recently recorded the credit roll theme song for the movie, The Yes Men Save the World, and performed at the 43rd Annual War Resistors League Peace Award ceremony, alongside folk legends Steve Earle and Allison Moorer. With their debut CD slated for release in April 2009, and a plum performing spot in New York’s renowned Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, it looks like this group, with their modern touch on classical sounds, is here to stay.

A poem for my Dad…
by Priya It all started in a small village about 30 years ago, The country was India and I was about four. The weather was gorgeous with a cloud-filled sky, Rain came upon us as we gathered for some chai. All were at the table with smiles on their faces, But clearly missing were my own Dad’s traces. The day passed on and darkness slowly set in, I wondered if Dad would eventually walk in. All fell asleep and left me to my thoughts, I finally realized waiting for Dad was playing with the odds. Six months passed by, even mom was gone She took my sister and left me all alone. No love from mom or from dad, I felt abandoned and just so sad. Then, one sunny day, a miracle from afar, Saw my dad waving from the other side of the yard. He called me over but I was too scared to go, Didn’t take long for him to disappear into the evening glow. Oh how I wish I could have another chance, Because after that day it wasn’t long before he passed. Now I am a grown woman but still can’t forget that day, How did I miss the only chance to ask my dad to stay.


I love you Dad…
Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

'Slumdog' kids shine on big Oscar night
Hollywood's stars turned out Sunday for the movie industry's biggest night of the year, strolling into a glittering Oscar ceremony that aimed to lift the economic gloom hanging over the film industry. The stars started rolling up more than an hour before the late afternoon ceremony, with Australian actor Hugh Jackman as host. Despite all the big names strutting down the most famous red carpet in the world, it was the young stars of Oscar favourite "Slumdog Millionaire", led by Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, who made the strongest impact. The movie's producers only decided to fly in the youngest actors after earlier worries that the contrast between the glamorous event and their everyday surroundings in the slums of Bombay would be too wrenching. Other stars who showed up early for the red carpet walk were best actress nominee Melissa Leo, best actor nominee Richard Jenkins, singers Madonna and John Legend, teen stars Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron and actress Sarah Jessica Parker. Producers have promised to shake up the usual Oscar conventions with a number of surprises - meant to halt the show's steady slide in ratings and lack of interest among younger viewers who are the lifeblood of the movie industry. The film sector has also been badly hit by a sharp decline in purchases of DVDs, which in recent years have contributed more to studio revenues than box-office receipts. Among the changes being introduced to the Oscars is the transformation of the Kodak Theatre to a "dream nightclub" and the exclusion of some of the highest-profile stars from the closely watched entrance, to preserve their fashion secrets for the Oscar telecast itself. Though the economic downturn is expected to lead to more restrained fashion statements and less lavish parties than usual, the glitz and glamour on show will contrast sharply with the Oscar favourite, “Slumdog Millionaire”, about the rise of a slumdwelling Mumbai orphan to the final of India’s most popular quiz show. The movie, directed by Danny Boyle, has ten nominations compared to the leading 13 nominations for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. However, the Brad Pitt star vehicle is not expected to win as many of the major prizes as the India-based movie. Besides those two films, the other contenders for best picture are “Frost/ Nixon”, “Milk” and “The Reader”.


indO-pak & india iMpOrTS Super MarkeT
Now serving in Richardson, Irving & Carrollton
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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



discovering new Cities With friendly locals
by Christine Sarkis, Courtesy: SmarterTravel.com

than 300 volunteers and offers tours in 22 languages. To reserve a tour, fill out a visit request form at least three weeks in advance. - Chicago: Chicago Greeter is run by the Chicago Office of Tourism. Tours of more than 25 neighborhoods and 40 themes are available in any of 15 languages. To reserve a tour, register at least seven business days in advance. - Houston: Houston Greeters don't just offer tours, but also the chance to hang out with a Houstonian and get the inside scoop while jogging, watching a sports game, exploring a museum, or another activity. Register online. - San Francisco: Guests staying at any Joie de Vivre hotel in San Francisco can sign up for a free neighborhood tour with a local. The Golden Gate Greeter program is available to hotel guests who sign up in advance.

InternatIonal - Adelaide, Australia: Adelaide Greeters pairs visitors and local volunteers with similar interests for city orientations. To book, fill out a visitor request form at least three days in advance. - Buenos Aires, Argentina: Cicerones de Buenos Aires offers tours of both popular and offthe-beaten-path neighborhoods. These two- to three-hour tours are free, but visitors are expected to cover any transportation, meal, or admission costs for the guide. - Paris: Paris Greeter is slightly different from other greeter programs because it costs 10 euros to cover the cost of pairing visitors with volunteers. Two- and three-hour walks are led by locals keen to share their favorite parts of Paris. To request a walk, book online at least two weeks in advance. - Toronto: TAP, or the Toronto Ambassador Program, offers visitors two- to three-hour tours of some of the city's popular neighborhoods.

Finding a local to show you around is a great way to get to know a new city or rediscover an old favorite. But most travelers don't have friends in every city they visit, which is what makes the greeter programs that have cropped up in recent years so genius. Locals volunteer to show visitors around their neighborhood or city, offering travelers the chance at a resident's-eye-view, often for free! Here are some of the larger greeter programs: U.S. - New York City: Big Apple Greeter has more


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Top 10 Spring Break destinations! Have fun with the family!
Sure, the college-kids-gone-wild scenario may never totally fade from the spring break landscape. But there are plenty of great spring break destinations where the only wet T-shirts to be seen are those worn by preschoolers splashing around in a pool. If you've got kids in school anywhere from kindergarten to college, spring break really is quintessential family vacation time.

To start, schools across North America break at different times, so everyone doesn't descend on vacation spots at once—and every family isn't trying to book airline reservations at the same time, either. Even in the most popular spots, spring often draws smaller crowds than summer. And if you want to give yourself even better odds of avoiding crowds, don't vacation where local kids are out of school at the same time, because they'll be visiting many of the same attractions you and your kids want to see. The spring season also offers a greater diversity of travel destinations than summer. Many ski resorts don't close until mid-April, so snow lovers can take to the slopes during spring vacation, while others head to tropical or desert resorts that are too hot to handle come summer. Destinations in the south offer perfect weather in spring, before the hot and humid dog days arrive. Finally, while spring is definitely peak season for some destinations, others— ski and desert resorts, for example—offer discounts and budget deals in spring, as their high season winds down.

Here are our picks for the top ten spring break destinations for parents and kids of all ages, from sea and sand to snowy slopes.

10. galveston, Texas

Moody Gardens offers one-stop family fun—hotel, aquarium, discovery museum, paddle wheeler, and rain forest (with bat cave and two-toed sloths). Through March and April there are one-day kids’ camps with various themes. The resort also has a kids’ club, Texas-size pool, a spa, and Schlitterbahn Water Park right next door. In town explore Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig & Museum—a real oil rig—and see The Great Storm multimedia presentation about the infamous storm of 1900. Moody Gardens’ Earth Day & Oleander Festival, in late April, has crafts, gardening, floral design for kids, a puppet show, and more.

9. naples, florida

Go to Naples to experience nature front and center. The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has daily nature walks and wildlife sightseeing cruises March and April; sailing adventures run on Fridays.

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


Families can book kayak and canoe tours, too. The Conservancy runs Naples Nature Center with wooded trails and Briggs Nature Center with its butterfly garden, boardwalk, birds, canoeing, and kayaking. See another side of nature at Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens. Best bets: Alligator Bay (don’t miss the feedings), Leopard Rock, and Primate Expedition Cruises, which sail past islands of spider monkeys, lemurs, and siamangs. A family stroll on historic Naples Fishing Pier is required; you might see leaping dolphins.

park with ruins, trails, and a museum/interpretive center.

4. lafayette, louisiana

8. palm Springs, California

As high season winds down, book the season’s last Starry Safari weekend overnight for families at The Living Desert. Ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up to a cool—literally—8,516 feet; you might see snow so wear layers. Mix nature and native culture on a two-mile loop trail to the falls at Tahquitz Canyon. Fearless? Zip down seven-story water slides at Knott’s Soak City USA, opening for the season in mid-March. Visit the famed San Andreas Fault or nearby Joshua Tree National Park with Desert Adventures’ Jeep Eco-Tours or Elite Land Tours’ Hummer adventures. Both have age/height restrictions on certain tours.

Spring in Lafayette is packed with family activities and events. Learn about Cajun culture at Vermillionville, where interpreters and craft demonstrators bring Cajun life and history alive. Watch for ‘gators on an Atchafalaya Basin Swamp Tour at McGee’s Landing. Take factory tours at Avery Island, the only place in the world that makes Tabasco sauce. The island also has amazing gardens, wildlife, and bayous. Dance like a local at Randol’s Restaurant and Cajun Dancehall, and check out Lafayette’s familyoriented concerts and festivals, including Downtown Alive, most Fridays in March and April, and Pyromania XIII, an arts weekend of artisan demonstrations and hands-on instruction for the public, in early April.


3. San diego, California (parque BalSan Diego is a no-brainer for a family spring fling. Among the many reasons: Surf’s up! The San Diego Surfing Academy has year-round lessons for all ages. Balboa Park, with 1,000-plus acres, 15 museums, and the city’s stellar zoo is a must-visit. Ride the ferry to Coronado and bike miles of paths, or glide through waterways on a real gondola (singing optional). Old Town Trolley Tours offers laid-back sightseeing for families with young children; those with older kids should check out GoCar Tours’ mini “talking” cars that combine vehicle and tour guide. Rent a kayak in La Jolla and explore coastal sea caves.

7. Barbados (pic: Caprice OldTree)

From diving the artificial reef formed by a sunken ship at Folkestone Marine Park to surfing power waves at Soup Bowl on the Atlantic, Barbados especially appeals to water sports enthusiasts. If you’d prefer to stay dry, discover the sea by riding Atlantis Submarines (kids must be at least three feet tall). Amazing stalactites, stalagmites, and waterfalls make Harrison’s Cave Barbados’s most popular attraction; however, Flower Forest, home to giant tropical blooms, monkeys, and birds rivals it for natural beauty. Families can watch polo or potters at work (check out Earthworks Pottery mid-island), and swim with protected sea turtles on commercial snorkel tours.

2. Steamboat Springs, Colorado

6. ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo lie four miles apart on Mexico’s sunny Pacific Coast. Ixtapa, built for vacationers on a crescent of pristine beach, has bike paths (several miles through a nature reserve), golfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. Dolphin encounters at Delfiniti Hotel are great for kids and parents. In Zihuatanejo, families can watch fishing boats come and go or hop a water taxi to Las Gatas Beach, where even little kids can snorkel in the calm water (gear rentals are available). Both towns have excellent restaurants and shopping. Just to the south, the nature sanctuary at Barra de Potosi makes a memorable day trip.

Often times, March is Colorado’s snowiest month, so think powder. And think Snowsaver Packages— ten percent off lifts and lodging until March 30; 20 percent off from March 31 to April 6. Buy a five-day adult lift ticket and kids 12 and under ski free. Steamboat has five kids-only lifts, a kids terrain park, plus childcare for kids ages six months to six years. And, unlike the dead of winter, spring break is a great time for kids to hit the slopes, as temperatures are warmer and the sun shines longer. Oh, and did we mention tubing, Gondola Adventure Zone trampoline, Gyro Chair, and sleigh rides? For something totally different, ages 16 and up can get “20 tons of fun” testdriving bulldozers and other big equipment at Dig This! Have a family blast at the March 17 St. Patrick’s Day Torchlight & Fireworks, or simply relax at Old Town or Strawberry Park hot springs.

1. riviera Maya, Mexico

5. St. lucia

This is paradise for active families with older kids, and spring offers the ideal weather, before tropical storms brew in June. Hikers and cyclists have miles of trails: Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail, 1,000 feet above the sea, is moderately challenging, while Forestierre Rainforest Trail is gentler. Cas en Bas and Vieux Fort beckon experienced windsurfers, and equestrians should contact Gros Islet’s International Riding Stables with rides for all levels. Any visit should include exquisite Marigot Bay (where Dr. Doolittle was filmed), and 100-year-old Castries market with crafts, spices, and tropical foods. History and nature abound on Pigeon Island, a 40-acre

Akumal, south of Cancun, is a Caribbean haven with postcard-perfect waters. One favorite snorkeling spot rife with marine life is Yal-ku Lagoon (bring your own gear). Xcaret, a Disney-esque “Eco Maya” theme park, features snorkeling, butterflies, cultural activities, and more, and Xel-Ha, another park, also has excellent snorkeling. One of Mexico’s most kid-friendly Mayan ruins is compact Tulum, the only ruins on the water. Families with older kids should book tours to Coba to climb the 122 vertigoinducing stone steps of Nohoc Mul pyramid, and to UNESCO’s Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. If you wish to thank a Mayan along the way, say “Yuutbuotik.”


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com




Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


eating Healthy on a Budget:
When you’re on a tight budget, the thought of preparing tasty, healthy meals on a regular basis can seem daunting. Not only is it easy to get sucked in by grocery merchandising tricks, but it’s also normal for most of us to fall into a mealtime rut, eating the same foods over and over. But you’re in control of your kitchen—and if you cook smart, you can enjoy the first-class meals you deserve.
You can save money and still have quality. If you’ve been using cost as an excuse to eat junk, you can kiss that excuse goodbye! With a little organization and creativity, you can have the proverbial champagne when cooking on a beer budget. To start, here’s a quick review of basic tips of healthy eating: • Limit your intake of junk food and alcohol • Drink lots of water (at least 8 cups a day) • Limit salty and sugary foods • Avoid eating many foods that are high in saturated fats • Make “variety” the watchword of your eating
Next, set aside regular blocks of time for planning meals, making your grocery list, and shopping— tasks that are most often shortchanged in food prep. Include healthy snack ideas, as well as main menu items. Think about the time of day, day of week, and even week in the month that you shop. Generally, the grocery is the least busy early in the morning, in the middle of the week, and on any day but the first day or two of the month (when many people receive pension or paychecks). Don’t be afraid to surf the internet for recipes that use specific ingredients (plug the ingredient in as a keyword of your search), since you can often get good buys on breads, meats, and other items marked for quick sale before they go bad. Stock your fridge and cupboards with items that are quick and easy to cook (yet kind to your wallet): • Beans and lentils, whether canned or dried, make nutritious, hearty soups, and can be a main course with the addition of fresh vegetables or rice. • Brown Rice is a great addition to leftover meat and veggies. Although brown rice is slightly more expensive than white, the nutritional payoff is well worth it. Another inexpensive, easy-to-fix grain, millet, is best when bought fresh. Simply rinse and toast before using it in recipes. • Pasta, likewise, is quick and easy to prepare, and can be paired with veggies, meat, or a fresh salad. Have fun adding your own embellishments (mushrooms, spices, and herbs.) Choose whole-wheat pasta whenever available. • Soups can’t be beat for nutrition and convenience, especially since you can use canned or packet soups as your base, then add your own veggies and leftover meat. Again, try to experiment, adding your own herbs and spices. • Fresh vegetables and fruit should be bought at least once or twice each week, preferably in season, to ensure optimal taste and nutrition. You can also rely on canned/frozen varieties as handy additions to last-minute meals. Veggies make great stir-fries and vegetable patties, while fruit is good for a quick nutritious snack. • Meat and fish can be kept on hand also for last-minute meals— try the newer tuna and salmon pouches, and shop for inexpensive cuts of meat that work well in stews and casseroles. • Condiments add flavor and interest to your dishes. Keep a selection of dried herbs, spices, curry powder, marinades, vinegars, tomato and soy sauces, along with stock cubes, in your cupboard. Experiment with the new, such as Japanese miso, an aged salty condiment made from soybeans and various other ingredients (found in the natural foods section, usually refrigerated). Finally, a few more hints that can help you save a little green: • When cooking a big meal, make extra to freeze, or use later in the week for lunches or quick suppers. Double recipes, then freeze half. • Save your vegetable trimmings to make your own vegetable stock. Not only do you save money, but vegetable stock also makes a nutritious base for casseroles, soups, and Crockpot cooking. • Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper; you can freeze perishable items (such as meat, milk, and even bread) in smaller portions to use as needed. It’s always a good idea to buy non-perishable items in bulk (canned foods, dried beans and grains, etc.). • Use less expensive cuts of meat for casseroles that you slow cook; add extra vegetables and beans to make the meal go further. • Capitalize on one-pot dishes, which generally save prep time, money, and dishwashing, and often make great leftovers. • Look high and low (literally) to find the less expensive generic or store brands on grocery shelves, often very similar to higher-priced brand names though packaged under different labels. Stores deliberately place the highest-priced brand-name items at eye level, but if you compare the cost per unit, you’ll be able to figure out the most cost-effective purchase. You can even try your own taste tests— blind, of course— to see where you can save money without sacrificing flavor. • Take advantage of specials on staples—broth, soups, pasta, rice, canned veggies, even bread and meat. Many of these items have a long shelf life or can be frozen for short periods of time. • Limit your dining out, especially when it comes to fast food, since you’ll find yourself spending unnecessarily on items that are high in fat, salt, and calories, which short-change you in the nutrition department. There’s no magic formula to cooking on a budget. Like anything else worthwhile in life, it takes a little planning, creativity, and work. But if you think of the rewards—better health and more money—you’ll find it’s worth the effort. No doubt you’ll still have days when you fall back on that quick-fix packaged food or the local burger drive-thru. But if you look at cooking as an adventure, you’ll also have days when you find yourself pleased at what you’ve accomplished—as you serve dinner to rave reviews from family and friends!

Save Money Without Sacrificing Quality


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

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10 Ways to eat right on the go!
In today’s fast paced and mobile world, few folks eat all their meals at an actual table. If they get one meal a day at home it’s a lot. In New York City, where I live, food stands do a brisk business and it’s not uncommon to see people rushing through the streets, chomping furiously on anything they can hold in one hand, signaling for a taxi with the other. It’s not all that much different in less frenetic cities. There are kids to chauffeur around, schedules to meet, meetings to attend, games to cheer at, ballet classes, the gym, board meetings that last all afternoon, committees to chair and families to spend time with. For those trying to eat well, it’s a veritable minefield of potential disaster. There seems to be an unwritten law that I’ll call “the law of inverse quality.” It states that the quality of food goes down as portability and accessibility go up. In other words: There ain’t no organic fruits and veggies at the food court, folks. Instead we’re faced with crummy, sugar laden “pick-me-up” treats, processed meat sandwiches, stagnant salad bars, office snack machines, bad deli food, coffee and donut stands, fast food take out, hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, bagels and other standard “take me with you as you travel” food. And let’s not even mention airplane food. So what to do? Unless you’ve got access to a time machine, eating on the run, or at least on the move, is likely to remain a fact of life. The opportunity here is to become master of the circumstances rather than victimized by them. We need to learn to create healthy, nurturing meals out of commonly available “porta-foods.” This food needs to be stuff that travels well, is available everywhere, and still passes nutritional muster.
Here are my top ten tips for how to do just that: 1. Think Ahead. Most of the trouble comes from waiting till you’re in the middle of an emergency hunger situation before taking action (like being without food all afternoon and coming face to face with a convenient snack machine). A little planning goes a long way. If you know you’re going to be stuck in a meeting, take along something you can eat quickly and discretely to keep your blood sugar from plummeting and your cravings at bay. 2. Lettuce is a great container. You can wrap some leftover chicken in a lettuce leaf and eat it in the car, or anywhere else a sandwich would work. Throw on some tomatoes, drizzle some olive oil and you’ve got a decent mini-meal. A couple of leaves of red-leaf lettuce make a great “wrap”, and the contents are limited only by your imagination. 3. Find healthy food that travels well. Some suggestions: cottage cheese, yogurt, celery, peppers, carrots and apples. Throw some berries into a Tupperware container with some cottage cheese and nuts and take it in the car with you.


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

4. Make it the night before. (This is a corollary of "think ahead.") At my house, we sometimes cook a week's worth of sweet potatoes on a Sunday, and take them with us as snacks during the week. They're as portable as you can get, they taste great cold and are a veritable vitamin store. 5. Think unusual foods. Sally Fallon, the great exponent of traditional nourishing foods, says that the best "energy bar" is a homemade, nitrous-free, lean-meat sausage. If you can find a local butcher who still makes sausage like this, grab it. 6. Think outside the box. One person's "unusual" is another person's delicious. Experiment. I've found cutting up an apple and eating it with a single serving of tuna adds crunchiness and sweetness to the tuna that makes it a taste treat. Ditto with celery. A single serving can of tuna can be gotten almost anywhere and also goes great with that baked sweet potato you made last Sunday. Or discover your own combinations. You can always find nuts, cheese, fruit and seeds. Use them creatively, or eat them right out of the package. Hint: String cheese is a really easy snack to take on the run and is available everywhere. 7. Use your blender. Many office-bound people forget that a blender is an easy accessory to keep in a desk or in the company kitchen. In a pinch, packaged meal

replacements like MetRx and MyoPlex can be made quickly and are way better for you than most of the stuff at the food court. 8. Ditto for the microwave. It only takes about four minutes to make real oatmeal (not the packaged kind), and you can add some berries or soy milk and take it with you anywhere in a plain take-out coffee cup. Plus if you sweeten it a little with some good maple syrup and then let it get cold, it almost tastes like desert. 9. Make a list. Until you get good at this, don't try to think on your feet. Make a list in advance of possible combinations that might be available while you're traveling, or that you could easily take with you. One of my favorites is celery with cream cheese. There's got to be at least a half-dozen others just as good. Discover them. 10. Vegetable juice is a lifesaver. When all else fails, have a V-8. Fresh vegetable juice is always better, and possibly one of the best things you can put in your body, but in a pinch there's always canned tomato juice and V-8. It takes the edge off your appetite and quenches cravings like nothing else around, and you can get it anywhere. Add celery, leave out the vodka, and you'll almost feel like its happy hour.

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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Feature Bollywood Feature

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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Bollywood's eternal star Nanda

Nanda, a star of the ‘60s and ‘70s known for working with new heroes of her time relives the old memories.
Daughter of producer, director and actor, Master Vinayak (Vinayak Damodar Karnataki), Nanda was the third born in the family comprising of seven brothers and sisters. “Sometimes I used to wonder why, in a family as big as mine, I was the favourite child of my parents. My father and mother (Sushila) were, to me, like a god and a goddess. My father used to relate stories of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Capt. Laxmi, Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru etc. My parents were instrumental in imparting high moral and cultural values in all of us. This is the time when the young girl dreamt of becoming another Capt. Laxmi.” When Nanda was 5 years old, one day her father came up to her and said, “You have to work in my film.” The young girl was taken aback and for a moment saw her dreams of becoming a second Capt. Laxmi being shattered. “He tried his best to cajole me in agreeing but I put my foot down and said “Nothing doing”. Later my mother pacified me into giving in, saying, “Your father

loves you and that is why he chose you to star in his film. Later when Nanda gave her nod, to her surprise, she was told that she would have to play a boy in the film. “I wondered why did he have to choose me when my father could have taken any of my brothers to play a role? After much explanation I agreed to do the film and that was Mandir (1948). While making the film my father expired. After his death, Dinkar Patil completed the film. Having tasted filmdom, Baby Nanda decided to do films besides attending school. First she did Jaggu(1952) as a child artiste in which Shyama was playing the heroine. In 1954 she did Shankaracharya and Jagat Guru. In the same year she did Angaray directed by K.B. Lal that starred Nargis and Nasir Khan and had a good supporting cast that included Vanmala, Jagirdar, Jeevan among others. “Then she did Dinkar Patil’s Kuldaivat followed by Shevgacha Shenga produced by Sadashiv Row Kavi and directed by Shantaram Athavle. Once there was a wedding at V. Shantaram’s place. “He called up my elder sister Meena and requested her to also get me for the marriage but with a saree on. I did the same and in the middle of the party, Shantaram came up to us and promptly told Meena, “She is the heroine of my next film.” But when Meena said that I looked too young to be a heroine of a film, Shantaram shot back saying, “The story of my film involving a brother and a sister demands a young girl and I am sure Nanda will fit the role perfectly.” The film was Toofan Aur Diya(1956) and this was the first Hindi film of Baby Nanda’s career. “After that there was no looking back and I decided not to pursue with my studies any more. And the girl Baby Nanda became Nanda.”

As I changed tracks, offers started pouring in but I started getting sister-roles. On these lines I got Bhabhi and Dulhan (1957), Agra Road, Pehli Raat and Chhoti Bahen(1959) and Kala Bazar (1960), After Chhoti Bahen became a very big hit, people started signing me as a heroine. I started getting good offers and my first few films were Hum Dono (with Dev Anand in 1961), Char Diwari (with Shashi Kapoor in 1961), Aaj aur Kal and Usne Kaha Tha (both with Sunil Dutt in 1963). Soon big banners started approaching me with good offers. “I excelled in doing emotional roles. It was said in filmy circles that it was first Meena Kumari and then me who excelled in doing emotional type of roles,” avers Nanda.


For Nanda, romance didn’t come when it was needed the most; and when it came, a stroke of bad luck never allowed her to make the most of it. Her affair with Manmohan Desai was shortlived as within two years after their engagement on June 18, 1992, Desai expired. “This phase was the shortest and the sweetest phase of my life. In this period I came to know what is love, in fact I learnt the reason to live. Though Manji and I never worked together, we fell in love with each other. “You are like a goddess and am very fortunate to have you in my life,” he had said, recalls Nanda adding, “We were supposed to get married. That was the time when my mother contracted Cancer and I being deeply attached to my mother was constantly besides her. Manji said, ‘I will not marry you now. If I do so, your love will get divided between your mother and me and that is what I don’t want,’ he had stressed. Nanda’s mother expired in 1993 while in the following year she lost Manji.


Three people influenced Nanda the most Continued on page 84


Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

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Continued from page 80 DEV ANAND In Kala Bazar, Nanda played sister to the then one of the three ‘muskeeters’ Dev Anand. Devsaab was impressed a lot of my performance and started treating her like family. “One day he came upto me and said, “ Nanda, one day I will play your hero. A year later Devsaab came to sign me as a heroine for his Hum Dono in which I played his seedhi saadhi wife. The role, the film and the music were well-received. One day at a party, he came up and said, “ Now you will have to play a modern girl in my film and incidentally the film was Teen Deviyan. I saw that Devsaab was a man of words. Later I found out that he was constantly gauging my talent. I have a lot of gratitude towards him,” she asserts. DILIP KUMAR As a child, Nanda used to watch Dilip Kumar films like Kohinoor, Devdas etc and rave about him. “The first time I met Dilipsaab was at Bharat Bhushan’s party. I was a little shy and was afraid to go and meet him. As the party went on, at one time we came face

to face with each other. As our eyes met, he said, “ You are Master Vinayak’s daughter. I wish you all the best.” I found him to be well-mannered, well-behaved and very courteous and till today, he hasn’t changed a bit. Both he and Sairaji take lot of care of me. In fact they are the ones whom I found besides me when I was in the midst of bad times.” RAJ KAPOOR Raj Kapoor knew Master Vinayak very well through his previous association. Rajji was making Boot Polish. It so happened that he was auditioning a lot of child artistes for the film, among whom besides Baby Naaz and Baby Tabbasum I was also present. After the screen test, he called me over, spoke high about my father and then lamented, “Sorry, I can’t take you in the film because in no way do you look like a beggar.” “When I was at the twilight of my film career, I met Rajji at Yash Johar’s party at my best friend Waheeda Rehman’s house. He asked me why I was not doing any films. On my giving an excuse he immediately asked me whether I would work in his film. I thought

he was joking and in the same vein said ‘Yes’. To my surpise on the second or third day after that, I got a call from Rajji. “According to me, you would fit the role of Chhoti Bahu in my film; would you do it” he asked. “Not before I read the script.” I answered. The next day I found Jainendra Jain with the script in my house. After going through the script I guessed that there were three scenes where I could score in and I did Prem Rog opposite Kulbhushan Kharbanda. Among her co-stars Nanda treats Sunil Dutt and Rajendra Kumar as the people who played a vital role in her career. All the rest including Shashi Kapoor, Dharmendra and Manoj Kumar - all newcomers were good to her.”I have also worked with Rajesh Khanna, Jeetendra, Sanjay Khan and Sanjeev Kumar. But by the time I played my last role as a heroine I sensed a change of attitude in everybody and that is when I decided to leave films, “ sighs Nanda. In her life Nanda had few friends but the ones she had continue to be so and close. Among her best friends are Waheeda Rehman, Helen, Shammi, Asha Parekh, Sadhana besides Saira Banu. “All of us friends meet at regular intervals but it is only Sairaji’s house that I visit.”

Dr. Ashraf Soomar-Kheraj is a Chiropractor in Lewisville, Texas. She specializes in chiropractic and acupuncture care. At My Wellness Care, we are committed to relieving your pain using the true principles of chiropractic care. Through out expertise we will locate and remove any severe form of spine and nerve stress, which could potentially unbalance your body, lower resistance to disease and weaken you.

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The Hit List


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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Delhi-6 (4/5 rating)

Music Review


A.R. Rahman is in a peculiar state today. Whatever he churns out, especially when a film is as big as Delhi 6, is expected to be huge now, especially after a powerful trail that he has left behind in 2008. Add to that a rocking beginning to the year with Slumdog Millionaire and it has to be a very bad frame of mind for Rahman to churn anything less superior. No wonder, Delhi 6 comes with expectations of the highest order, especially with names like Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, UTV, Prasoon Joshi, Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor attached to it.

Why such excitement about the soundtrack of Delhi 6? Well, one hearing of ‘Masakali’ and you know that this would be a song remembered for months to come. An instant chartbuster from the word ‘Go’, it has a characteristic Rahman flavor to it and sounds a unique and extremely fresh piece of music. The orchestra is kept at bare minimum and still makes a huge impact in bringing on a recollection value. Reminding of ‘Pia Haji Ali’ and ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja’, ‘Arziyan’, as required by the genre, has tabla and harmonium taking it through its 9 minute long duration. The impact of this devotional track with a haunting sound is such that after a couple of minutes, a listener completely surrenders by loosing himself in the ambience created by it. Well, if one thought that Delhi 6 was more inclined towards rustic music then watch out for the title song that comes next. ‘Delhi 6’ is what ‘Paathshala’ and ‘Khalbali Hai Khalbali’ were to Rang De Basanti. This is the track that deserves to be placed at number of instances in the film’s narrative and if at all a music video is created around it, rest assured the number would be hummed by every campus goer. The beats are simply groovy and don’t be surprised if the pubs and lounges, at least

in North India, have the number playing on in a few days from now. In fact there is a number that goes as ‘Hey Kaala Bandar’ and is set in a mode similar to that of Delhi 6 if one has to consider the intrinsic groovy elements that it carries. Most remarkable of the enterprise so far, ‘Rehna Tu’ is melody at its best with a Western base to it. A kind of number that can be instantly associated with Rahman, it has its strength in the smooth flowing narrative that makes it an ideal candidate to be played on your date with the one you love! And if the date extends for another hour or so, don’t forget to play on ‘Dil Gira Dafatan’ which is just an ideal follow up to ‘Rehna Tu’ and keeps the romantic tempo on when it comes to melody. In fact there is hardly any instrument that plays in the background, hence making ‘Dil Gira Dafatan’ even more special! For about 50 seconds, ‘Genda Phool’ appears to be all rustic and rooted but soon Western arrangements come into picture hence making it a cool fusion number that continues to get on variety for the soundtrack of Delhi 6. Composer Rajat Dholakia comes into picture for this unique number which leaves one wondering that in which situation it would be used. Surprise comes in the form of classical ‘Bhor Bhaye’ which is based on raaga

Gujri Todi followed by an aarti ‘Tumre Bhavan Mein’, both of which promise to add on to the narrative of Delhi 6 in the background. Essence of love is all over again, though for a mere 50 seconds, as Amitabh Bachchan runs his commentary on ‘Noor’ that concludes the album.

Delhi 6 is near perfect. Period. If one thought that Slumdog Millionaire, Ghajini and Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Naa were superb then just listen to Delhi 6 once. Rahman beats his own score with Delhi 6 which would easily go down as one of his best scores till date. Simply said, even though the year has just begun with some exemplary soundtracks like Dev D, Slumdog Millionaire and Luck By Chance already making a very good impression, Delhi 6 would qualify as a comfortable nomination amongst the Top albums of the year. And to thing of it, 2009 still has more than 11 months to go!

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Movie Preview



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Music Review
Aa Dekhen Zara (3/5 rating)
There are good expectations from the music of Aa Dekhen Zara due to multiple reasons: a) Neil Nitin Mukesh’s last thriller had boasted of an edgy music. Since ADZ is a thriller as well, one expects a repeat show here, b) Bipasha Basu’s presence in the film promises at least a couple of catchy foot tapping dance numbers and c) Since Pritam and Gourav Dasgupta [of Dus Kahaniyaan fame] share credits for the film’s soundtrack, it is bound to be a young contemporary outing.
PICK’S: ‘Aa Dekhen Zara’, ‘Rocky’



(3/5 rating)

There aren’t any expectations whatsoever from the music of a film that belongs to the horror genre and has a title which goes as 13 B. From the prospective of background score, there still could be something worthwhile to look forward to in it but again, that makes more sense from the narrative standpoint rather than hearing it over an audio. However, on seeing the names of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy on the credits, one still wants to give the album a fair hearing. Also, since most of the album actually comprises of songs (barring a theme track), one does get a little hopeful about something interesting to be played audio-wise as well. PICK’S: ‘Sab Khairiyat Hai’ and ‘Bade Se Shehar Mein’
By Joginder Tuteja


(4/5 rating)

A.R. Rahman is in a peculiar state today. Whatever he churns out, especially when a film is as big as Delhi 6, is expected to be huge now, especially after a powerful trail that he has left behind in 2008. Add to that a rocking beginning to the year with Slumdog Millionaire and it has to be a very bad frame of mind for Rahman to churn anything less superior. No wonder, Delhi 6 comes with expectations of the highest order, especially with names like Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, UTV, Prasoon Joshi, Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor attached to it.
PICK’S: ‘Masakali’, ‘Go’, ‘Pia Haji Ali’, ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja’ , ‘Arziyan’

42 Kms

(2.5/5 rating)

This is one album that one picks up with absolutely zero expectations. A project that has been in making for long (it was earlier titled ‘Marathon’), 42 Kms is releasing at a time when the word ‘marathon’ is becoming more and more identifiable, at least in the metros. Still, a film that is aimed for a niche audience with music by relative newcomers (Tubby & Parik) and lyrics by Shahab Allahabadi, 42 Kms doesn’t really make you overtly excited about what’s in store in its music.
PICK’S: ‘Chand Zameen Pe’, ‘Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai’ [Gangster], ‘‘Aksar’

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Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

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The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com The first South Asian mall in us opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com

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Seven Sea’s Satellite Service 817-832-5975 DirectTV-Dish Network-Intl.

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Salaam Namaste magazine | March 2009 Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

972-935-1872 7575 Frankford Road, Dallas, TX-75252 Name Your Price Computers 972-478-2366 2225 E. Beltline Rd, # 104, Carrollton, TX-75006 Nebulas Internationals 972-607-4751 PO Box 140531, Irving, TX-75014 Northern Computer Systems, TX 469-576-0707 Royal Communications 972-542-8113 400 N Central Expy, # 110, Mckinney, TX-75069 S & S Management 214-240-4262 6405 Phinney Drive, Frisco, TX-75035 Sigma Surveillance, Inc. 214-534-0019 2201 Midway Road, # 316, Carrollton, TX-75006 Symeta Systems 469-371-65661 700 Wagon Wheel Dr, Allen, TX-75002 Topgeeks.net 469-261-7000 Serving Dallas and Surrounding Areas Vizability Web Design 972-744-0786 1221 Abrams Road, # 139, Richardson, TX-75081 American Service Center 972-681-2222 15330 LBJ Fway, # 210-211, Mesquite, TX-75150 Clanton’s Quality Awnings 214-388-5444 4612 S Buckner Boulevard, Dallas, TX-75227 First City Homes 214-325-1916 Mike Ghouse www.firstcityhomes.net KSVAC 214-703-9434 2441 Wagonwheel Dr, Rockwall 75032 M R Contractors 972-480-0303 777 S Central Expy, # 1-X, Richardson, TX-75080 PlanVision, Ltd. 972-907-9829 811 Alpha Dr, # 339, Richardson, TX-75081 Royal Heat & AC Inc. 972-986-7520 1012 Briar Oaks Drive, Irving, TX-75060 S & W Construction Inc. 817-688-9294 352 N Rudd Street, Burleson, TX-76028 USA Builders, Corporation 972-907-9829 811 Alpha Dr, # 339, Richardson, TX-75081 Actuate Designs 972-897-26411 Adecco 972-550-1594 1217 Corporate Dr E, Arlington Tx 76006 Avon Software Technologies Inc. 972-231-5536 Harshal Maniar, 777 SCE, 1-Z, Richardson, 75080 Dataprobe International Inc 972-929-0494 8445 Freeport Parkway, # 500, Irving, TX-75062

Pixel Info System 214-714-2664 1900 Westridge Dr, # 207, Irving, TX-75038

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Arati School of Dance, TX 972-960-9223 Archana Arts 817-460-6453 1015 Mill Crossing Place, # 187, Arlington, 76006 Bharatham, Plano, TX 469-675-0428 Bratati Saha School of Kathak 214-473-6601 4701 14th Street, Suite 16101, Plano, TX-75074 Darpan Dance Academy 972-608-0397 Plano, TX-75093 Eastern Connection 972-747-0669 Plano, TX Ellora Center Performing Arts 469-293-6264 3317 Langley Court, Flower Mound, TX-75022 Kuchipudi Dance Classes 972-897-3466 9955 Teal Hollow Drive, Frisco, TX-75035 Kuchipudi In Flower Mound 972-539-2213 2321 Ash Leaf Lane, Grapevine, TX-75022 Kuchipudi Dance School 972-334-9609 Srilatha Suri 8305 Young Court, Plano, TX-75025 Kuchipudi Kalakshetra 972-596-2555 4013 Bashful Drive, Plano, TX-75093 Nartini Center for Indian Performing Arts, Plano, TX-75023 972-517-5973 Noopur Dance Academy 972-208-2718 4420 Giovanni Drive, Plano, TX-75024 Nrutya Shala 972-867-2829 777 N Grove Road, # 113, Richardson, TX-75081 Rayasams 972-678-2512 Bharatnatyam Custom Dresses & Temple Jewelery, 1931, Edgehill Drive, Allen, TX-75013 Rupa 617-529-8342 5801 Preston Oaks Rd, # 207, Dallas, TX-75254 Srutilaya School of Dance 972-208-1012 Madhusri Sethuraman 3629 Mistyglen Dr, Plano,75025 Swati Shah 972-208-2718 4420 Giovanni Drive, Plano, TX-75024 Tanjore Bharatham 972-422-2052 4017 Lonesome Trail, Plano, TX-75023 Upaasana 214-495-4228 Vani Iswara 469-293-6264 3317 Langley Court, Flower Mound, TX-75022 Vrindavan Academy of Dance 972-772-3282 705, S Mill Street, Lewisville, TX-75057 7Sur - DJ Sameer 972-415-4326 Lewisville TX-75067 Aarohi - Live Band 469-939-1231 www.aarohimusic.com High Octavez 214-906-5264 848 Sword Bridge Drive, Lewisville, TX-75056 Baby Day Care 972-869-4887 Valley Ranch, Irving, TX-75063 Brilliance Preschool Academy 972-488-1277 14450 Marsh Lane, Addisson, TX-75001 Candy’s Daycare 972-234-9601 Prestonwood Drive, Richardson, TX-75081 Celeste Ann M. Rock 469-330-0773 10601 Black Walnut Drive, Dallas, TX-75243 Children’s Garden Montessori 972-377-8874 4620 Faulkner Drive, Plano, TX-75024 Daya 817-808-4220 306 Martha Street, Euless, TX-76040 Durga 972-578-9729 1515 Riogrande, Plano, TX-75075 Hugs & Kisses Daycare 972-618-3374 3216 Dagan Drive, Plano, TX-75023 In-Home Child Care 214-783-3701 Ranch View Drive, Irving, TX-75063 Komal Day Care for Kids 214-876-3635 4514 Avebury Drive, Plano, TX-75024 Lovemore Daycare 972-250-1444 7308 Frankford Road, Dallas, TX-75252 Montessori Home Care 817-649-0745 2303 Stennett Drive, Arlington, TX-76006 Morning Star Montessori 469-366-4015 103 N Fountain Gate Dr, Allen 940-368-8228 Sharda Dahiya 972-527-0324 1617 Simsbury Drive, Plano, TX-75025 TLC-Turner Loving Care 972-517-2044 1921 Liverpool Drive, Plano, TX-75025 Vasanthi 817-571-5673 306 Martha Street, Apt.# 124, Euless, TX-76040 21st Century Dental Care 972-881-4601 17000 Preston Road, Suite 170 , Dallas, TX A+Dental 972-380-4300 2661 Midway Road, Suite 230, Carrollton, TX Aby Jacob Chacko, 972-530-3644 6504 Highway 78, Suite 146, Garland, TX Ace Dental Clinic 972-316-1800 713 Hebrew Parkway, Suite 216, Lewisville, TX Advanced Family Dental 817-337-0072 1540 Keller Parkway, Suite 140 , Keller, TX Affordable Dental Care 972-690-1235 1110 W Shore Drive, Suite A, Richardson, TX All Bright Dental 817-329-6000 2100 W Northwest Hwy, Suite 204, Grapevine, TX Allen Dentistry 972-359-9950 551 W McDermott , Allen, TX Amari Dental Care 972-270-8822 4821 Saturn Road, Suite 102, Garland, TX American Dental Center 972-241-4433 2936 Valley View Lane, Dallas, TX Apple Dentistry 972-596-6920 8 Medical Parkway, Suite 308, Dallas, TX Brite Smiles 469-549-4800 4900 Long Prairie Rd, # 300, Flower Mound, TX Brookshire Dental PA 817-577-9200 1801 Precinct Line Road, Suite A, Hurst, TX Buckingham Dental 972-276-2451 2334 W Buckingham Road, Suite 340 , Dallas, TX Comfort Dental Care 972-599-1221 4101 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Suite100, Plano, TX Cool Breeze Dentistry 972-599-1221 8150 N Mac Arthur Blvd., Suite 160, Irving, TX Da Vinci Dentistry 214-828-8274 100 W Southlake Blvd., Suite 146, Southlake, TX Dental Renaissance 972-423-0880 Dr. Bhavita Patel, DMD 3325 Premier Dr, Plano. Dr. H M Lee 972-818-8882 17752 Preston Road, Suite 100, Dallas, TX Family Cosmetic Dentistry 972-267-8800 18110 Midway Road, Suite 108, Dallas, TX Feather Touch Dental Care 469-467-6162 4709 W Parker Blvd., Suite 550, Plano, TX Gentle Dental Care 972-387-3984 6510 LBJ, Suite 100, Dallas, TX Gentle Family Cosmetic Dentist 214-618-5300 5575 Warren Parkway, Suite 210, Frisco, TX Hanif Hussien DDD 972-247-8162 14465 Webb Chappel Rd, Farmers Branch. Indo American Dental 214-957-4867 2120 W Spring Creek Pkwy, Suite C, Plano, TX

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PS Profit Security LLC…1-888-705-7776 www.profitsecurity.com See advertisement on Page 54

Stellar Software Network, Inc. 972-335-1533 3601 Estacado Lane, Plano, TX-75025 JetStar Courier 214-343-7212 11020 Audelia C-209, Dallas, TX-75243 Ramesh 972-596-7288 6000 Ohio Drive, Plano, TX-75093 The Moving Company 972-392-2600 14732 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX-75254 Academy of Bangla Arts 214-770-4273 3333 N MacArthur Blvd, # 300, Irving, TX-75062 Antorik-Bengali Organization of Greater Dallas, Anima Bhattacharjee, Dallas, Tx 972-424-5945 Bengali Association of DFW 972-699-1811 1901 N Central Expy, # 310, Richardson, 75080 Brahmin Association, Tx 972-612-6145/ 972-380-0000 DFW Gujarati Samaj 817-267-1054 Fine Arts Society of India 817-272-5821 University of Texas at Arlington 817-721-8365 The University of Texas 817-276-1312 Indian Classical Music DFW 972-727-3004 P.O. Box 50603, Dallas, TX-75250-0603 Indian Fine Arts Academy 972-416-6779 PO Box 702571, Dallas, TX-75370-2571 Indian Students Association 972-437-6364 University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, 75080 Islamic Association 972-491-5800 6401 Independence Pkwy, Plano, TX-75023 Jain Society 972-424-4902 / 972-860-0000 Kutchi Association of Texas (KAT) 7200 Preston Rd, Plano, TX-75024972-369-4990 Maharashtra Mandal, TX 972-964-3601 Maheshwary Group of DFW 214-641-4072 Allen, TX Mallige Kannada Sangha 972-747-0021 3012 Dove Creek Ln Richardson TX - 75082 PCANT 972-202-6889 PO Box 864673, Plano, TX-75086-4673 Sindhi Association of DFW, TX 972-733-0586 Students for Asian-Indian Cultural Awareness Allen, TX 817-257-3128 To advertise here contact Sales Manager @ 972 401 1550







Flat World Promos 972-758-7500 3308 Preston Road, # 350-120, Plano, TX-75093 GSA Data Systems LLC 972-712-8704 3720 Aransas Drive, Plano, TX-75025


Manusys Consulting LLC 972-693-4211 8400 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco, TX-75034 Marbury Global Technologies 857-205-9572 4805 North O’Connor Road, Irving, TX-75062
Metro BizSales….. 972-487-0462 www.metrobizsales.com

Zoroastrian Association of North Texas 972-519-0373 Akhila Rao 817-251-2604 601 North Park Blvd, Grapevine, TX-76051 Alankar Nritya Academy 214-701-6156 1131 Hidden Ridge, Apt. # 3112, Irving, TX-75038 Anjali Magi 214-235-6123 5315 N Macarthur Blvd, Irving, TX-755038


The first South Asian mall in us opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com

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Sn YellOW pageS
E-mail: sales@SNMonthly.com Tel: 972-401-1550
Dr. Mitra Canales, MD…214-469-0022 “Skin Care and Laser Hair Removal”

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Cash Clinic of Carrollton 972-395-0402 3740 Josey Lane, Suite 205, Carrollton, TX-75007

Dallas Chiropractic Clinic 214-221-9111 6830 Walling Lane, # 100, Dallas, TX-75231 Darshna Chandrasekhara, MD 972-258-7462 1110 Cottonwood Lane, # 200, Irving, TX-75038 Deepika Gopal, MD, FACC 972-566-7733 7777 Forest Lane, Suite A-202, Dallas, TX-75230 To advertise here contact Sales Manager @ 972 401 1550 Dipak Master, OD 972-926-5664 1013 Northwest Hwy, # 110, Garland, TX-75041 Divyesh Patel, MD 214-727-2545 302 Touchdown Drive, # 100, Irving, TX-75063 Dr. Dipak T. Patel OD, PA 972-334-9095 2930 Preston Rd, Suite 905, Frisco, TX-75034 Ganasumathi R Naini, MD 972-422-0505 1301 Custer Road, Suite 830, Plano, TX-75075 Gowri Balachandar, MD 972-867-7070 3800 West 15th St, Suite 105, Plano, TX-75075 Hema Gupta, DDS 214-618-5300 5575 Warren Parkway, # 210, Frisco, TX-75034 Harini Meda 972-668-6868 4040 McDermott Rd, Ste 100, Plano, TX-75024 Indrani Reddy 940-320-2745 3537 I-35 East S, Suite 214, Denton, TX-76210 Jay S. Alang, MD 972-221-4155 1305 SH 121, Bldg B, # 108, Lewisville, TX-75067 Dr. Jason Black 972-409-0016 8150 N MacArthur Blvd, #170, Irving, TX 75063 Dr. Jaspreet S. Alang, MD 972-221-4155 1305 121 S, #B 108, Lewisville, TX-75067 Kalyani Raja, MD, FAAP 972-393-8687 1705 E Beltline, Coppell, TX-75019 Dr. Kamna Kapil 972-258-7499 1110 Cottonwood Ln, Suite 100, Irving, TX-75038 Kanti L. Agrawal, MD 972-487-1117 621 Clara Barton Blvd., # 102, Garland, TX-75042 Karuna Vangala, MD 972-291-7181 Kimberly F. Mehendale 972-403-9355 5940 Communications Parkway, Plano, TX-75093 Dr. Kirit Solankar, Plano, TX 972-596-9505 Legacy Spine and Rehabilitation Center 3800 W. 15th St, # 122, Plano 972-612-3800 M. H. Karjeker, MD 972-401-2335 6750 N MacArthur Blvd., # 210, Irving, TX-75039

M. O. Majeed, MD FAAP 972-312-1288 6853 Coit Road, Suite 400, Plano, TX-75024 Mid-Cities Gastroenterology 817-589-1822 4375 Booth Calloway, N Richland Hills, 76180 Monika Bhatia - Kiddie Docs 972-359-1400 1505 W McDermott Dr, # 110, Allen, TX-75013 Nagaratina Chandrashekharan 972-359-1400 1505 W McDermott Drive, # 110, Allen, TX-75013 Namrata Sayani, MD 940-AID-2020 North Texas Center for Sight, 2501 Scripture, # 103, Denton, TX-76201-2314 Narender Monga, MD 214-942-0881 221 W. Colorado Blvd., # 165, Dallas, TX-75208 Neelanjani Prasad 214-618-8240 1701 Legacy Drive, Frisco, TX-75034 Dr. Neeta Nayak 214-820-6060 4004 Worth Street, # 100, Dallas, TX-75246 Nitin K. Patel, MD 972-991-2020 5100 Beltline Road, # 850, Dallas, TX-75254 Padmavathy Uppalapati 972-607-2525 1110 Cottonwood Ln, Suite 105, Irving, TX-75038 Pediatric & Family Physicians 972-966-1318 2300 Village Rd, #300, Highland Village, 75077 Dr. Peter Gulati 214-941-0032 129 West Ninth Street, Dallas, TX-75208 Dr. Prashant Jyothi 214-341-5255 8989 Skillman Street, LBJ, Dallas, TX-75243 Preston Park 972-596-3505 4801 W Park Blvd., Suite 425, Plano, TX-75093 Dr. Raiz Haider 817-473-0277 1290 Hwy 157 N, Mansfield, TX 76063 Raj Gupta, MD 214-618-3937 5575 Warren Parkway, # 210, Frisco, TX-75034 Raj M. Jhansi 817-346-9302 6112 Mccart Ave, Suite 106, Fortworth, TX-76133 Rajeshwar Kumar, MD 972-390-8722 400 N Allen Drive, Suite 201, Allen, TX-75013 Raju Kakarla, MD 972-296-4777 2801 Golton Boone, # 103, Dessotto, TX-75115 Ravi Chandrasekhara, MD 972-296-0845 3450 W. Wheatland Rd, # 207, Dallas, TX-75237 Renuka Basavaraju, MD 972-253-4265 1901 West Park Drive, Irving, TX-75061 Dr. Richard Klics 214-221-9111 6830 Walling Lane, # 100, Dallas, TX-75231 Rohit J. Parmar, MD, FACC 214-841-2000 621 N Hall St, Dallas, TX-75226 Saji Pillai 972-556-1128 701 Tuscan Drive, Suite 265, Irving, TX-75039 Samir Pattni, MD 972-596-3800 2237 W 15 Street, Plano, TX-75075 Sandeep Gupta, MD 214-369-1901 8210 Walnut Hill Ln, # 818, Dallas, TX-75231 Dr. Shalaka Nesarikar 972-964-1122 6205 Coit Road, Suite 130, Plano, TX-75024 Shweta G. Daftary, DDS 972-239-1998 14902 Preston Road, Suite 401, Dallas, TX-75240 Sita Boppana MD 972-644-1100 100 S Central Expy, # 45, Richardson, TX-75080 Dr. Sree Sreenarasimahaiah 214-648-7250 5939 Harry Hines Blvd., # 300, Dallas, TX-75390 Srilatha A. Reddy, MD 972-262-1682 615 Small Hill Dr, # 108, Grand Prairie, TX-75050 Srilatha A Reddy, MD, PA 972-870-0788 1302 Lane St, # 300, Copper Tree Medical Building, Irving, 75061 Sunil Mathews, MD 972-869-3448 440 W. I-635, Plaza II, # 225, Irving, TX-75063

Dr. Susan Kaur Rao 972-255-4443 4030 N. Beltline, Irving, TX-75038 Vani Duvuuri MD 972-566-7799 7777 Forest Ln, Medical City of Dallas, 75230 Dr. Veena Jain 972-795-5237 7205 Sparrow Point Lane, Sachse, TX-75048 Vijay G. Kalaria, MD, FACC 817-338-1300 1300 West Rosedale Street, Fortworth, TX-76104 Vijay Sharma, MD 972-867-9507 1600 Coit Road, Suite 107, Plano, TX-75075 Dr. Vikram Rao 972-423-8555 SE corner of Parker & Alma, Plano, TX Vinoda/Prasanna Kumar, MD 817-589-2517 Webb Royal Medical Group 214-350-9334 142 Webb Royal Plaza, Dallas, TX-75229 Yasmin Khalida, MD 972-394-9200 2008 E Hebron Pkwy, # 100, Carrollton, TX-75007 1-2-3 Driving School 972-633-2914 2360 E. Park Blvd., Suite 206, Plano, TX-75074 Dallas Driving School 214/972-680-9090 3209 Wyndmere Drive, Richardson, TX- 75082 First Drive Driving School 469-569-2500 7358 Parkridge Blvd., Irving, TX-75063 Green Light Driving Academy 817-310-0193 206 W. Hudgins Street, Grapevine, TX-76051 After School Education 214-668-9452 909 W Spring Creek Pkwy 210, Plano, TX-75023 Anamika 972-377-8388 8117 Grand Canyon Drive, Plano, TX Art Class 469-585-5356 1416 McKenzie Drive, Allen, TX BN Infotech Inc. 972-200-0060 1303 W Walnut Lane, Suite 350, Irving, TX Charanyas Math Tutoring 972-236-2555 2916 Maple Court, Carrollton, TX Ed 2 Net Learning, Inc 214-927-5883 7309 Del Rio Drive, Plano, TX 75024 Englishworks Inc. 972-312-8660 3401 Custer Road, Suite 126, Plano, TX Excel Learning Center 972-697-1514 2208 Canyon Valley Trail, Plano, TX FasTracKids Coppell 972-304-5001 600 E Sandy Lake, Suite 120, Coppell, TX Hurst Euless Bedford ISD817-283-4461 1849 Central, Bedford, 76022 P: 817-2673311 Hunttington Learning Center 972-801-9933 SW corner of Legacy & Independence, Plano, TX IAU College of Medicine 2722 Hollandale Lane, Dallas Tx 75234s Janette Lins Tutoring 972-250-6285 18422 Bay Pibes, Dallas, TX Knowledge Paints Tutor 972-394-7323 3733 N Josey Lane, Suite 112, Carrollton, TX Kumon Math & Reading Center 214-668-9452 909 W Spring Creek, Suite 410, Plano, TX Kumon Math & Reading Center 214-356-0129 Math & Science Tutoring 972-377-9415 Math Learning Center 972-831-9700/214 402 6868 1111 Kinwest Parkway, Suite 140, Irving, TX Mathnasium Bharti 972-831-9700 1111 Kinwest Parkway, Suite140, Irving TX 75063 Mathera Point PhD 214-293-3416 7815 McCallum Blvd, Dallas, TX Montes School 972-931-3774 6950 McCallum Blvd, Dallas, TX The Princeton Review 214-890-0099/1-800-2Review 10830 N Central Expwy, # 255, Dallas, TX 75231 Power Math 972-312-0037 3415 Custer Road, Suite 101, Plano, TX

Stonebriar Academy 972-668-8480 4577 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX 75035 Study Matrix www.studymatrix.com 320 Decker Drive, Suite 240-A, Irving, TX 75062 Sunitha 469-733-3241 6330 MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX Trin Tech Software 972-739-1632 1845 E Northgate Drive, Irving, TX Tutoring for School 972-236-2555 2916 Maple Court, Carrollton, TX UT Austin MBA 1-877-232-6201 2201 Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX 75207 Value Tutor 972-377-9415 3600 Kimble Drive, Plano, TX-75025 2MCCTV 817-801-5511 2303 Roosevelt Drive, Suite A, Arlington Asia Bazaar 972-240-4440 6541 Duck Creek, Suite F, Garland, TX-75043 Bombay Sari 972-437-2465 113 South Central Expy, Richardson, TX-75080 Custom Printing 817-249-4931 228 Meadowhill Drive, Fortworth, TX-76126 East West Appliances 972-238-9055 524 W Beltline Rd, # 1, Richardson, TX-75080 India Sari Palace 972-680-8238 2701 N O’Connor, Irving TX Intruzion Car Audio/Video 214-732-9685 Dallas, TX-75042 Jalaram Sari & Electronics 972-554-7200 1006-B West Airport Freeway, Irving, TX-75062 Krishna Sarees 972-479-0044 108 Inge Drive, Richardson TX 75081 Perfect Peninsula Inc. 972-691-0686 1041, Sweet Grass Tr, Flower Mound, TX-75028 Tara Energy 866-GET-TARA 1900 Saint James Place, # 300, Houston, 77056 Hiba Entertainment 214-837-5055 3020 Big Town Boulevard, Mesquite, TX 75150 Rhythm Event Management 972-978-5978 www.rhythmem.com mita@rhythmem.com A Best Rate Home Loan 972-596-0968 4733 De Grey Lane, Plano, TX-75093 AAA Loans (Zen Mortgage) 972-342-1705 1700 Wagon Wheel, Allen, TX-75002 Ali Makhani - Texas Res. Mortgage 6512 Briar Ridge, Plano, TX-75093469-235-4435 All Loans 469-892-2100 4532 Vista Knoll Drive, Plano, TX-75093 Ashok Daftary, CCIM 972-612-0000 3204 Lanarc Drive, Plano, TX-75023 Audrey Sreshta 972-383-8334 / 972-380-0000 5429 LBJ Freeway, Suite 550, Dallas, TX-75240 Bharati Harchekar 214-402-6868 To advertise here contact Sales Manager @ 972 401 1550 City Credit Union 214-319-3060 7474 Ferguson Street, Dallas, TX-75228 Deependra Chhabra 817-877-9775 201 Main Street, Suite 2100, Fortworth, TX-76102 DFW Franchise Network 214-505-9805 13140 Coit Road, Dallas, TX-75240 Dream Home Mortgage 972-245-LOAN 1205, W Trinity Mills Rd, # 214, Carrollton, 75006 EDC Gold 214-938-6789 6900 Alma Drive, Plano, TX-75023 First Security Mortgage 940-321-9080 3970 FM 2181, # 200, Corinth (Denton), 76210 Mortgage Benchmark 214-731-1044 1636 Coyote Ridge, Carrollton, 75010 Mortgage City 972-487-0323 601 N First Street, Suite A, Garland, TX-75040







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Salaam Namaste magazine | March 2009 Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

NUECO Financial 817-745-1131 1500 Corporate Circle, # 2, Southlake, TX-76092

Omega Capital Services 214-668-0745 4431 Chasemoor Place, Plano, TX-75035
Qlease.com 888-236-1012 3411 Preston Road, # C13-226, Frisco, TX-75034 Rani Amsavelu 469-867-4584 600 S Denton Tap Road, Coppell, TX-75019 SNA Mortgage 972-466-2551 2540 Old Denton Rd, # 171, Carrollton, TX-75006 The Mortgage Professionals 972-423-3329 3420 Avenue K, Suite 305, Plano, TX-75074 Dallas Florist 972-681-6265 1230 North West Highway, Garland, TX Kabloom 972-316-8850 Rahma Funeral Home 972-386-0383 7810 W Spring Valley Road, Dallas, TX-75254 Elegant Furniture 214-994-4011 219 W Airport Freeway, Irving, TX Furniture City 972-503-2489 4435 Simonton Road, Farmers Branch, TX Irving Boulevard Furniture 972-438-6654 1500 E Irving Blvd, Irving, TX 75060 Zuri Furniture 972-716-ZURI 4880 Alpha Road, Dallas, TX-75244 American Fuel Distributors 214-350-0453 2415 W Northwest Hwy. # 105, Dallas, TX 75220 Sky House Coffee & Beverages 214-507-6230 Mansfield, TX A1 Grocery 972-394-4826 1012 W Hebron Parkway, Suite112, Carrollton, TX Apna Bazaar Grocery & Grill 972-466-1786 2000 Old Denton Road, Carrollton, TX-75006 Asia Bazaar 972-240-4440 6541 Duck Creek, Suite F, Garland, TX-75043 Bharat Bazaar 972-570-8612 2810 N O’Connor Blvd, Irving, TX-75062 Bhatia Mart 972-312-8401 2220 Coit Road, Suite 430, Plano, TX-75075 House of Spices 972-783-7544 115 Spring Valley Vill, # 102, Richardson, 75080 India Bazaar 972-312-0114 832 W Spring Creek Pkwy, # 510, Plano, 75024 5400 Wood Way Dr, Fort Worth 817-361-6003 India Gate 972-943-1177 4020 Hedgecox, Suite 300, Plano, TX-75023 India Grocers 972-234-8051 15 Richardson Heights Centre, Richardson, 75080 India Imports 972-255-5941/ 972-252-9721 307 W Airport Freeway, Irving, TX-75062 India Mart 972-438-6865 1008-A W Airport Freeway, Irving, TX-75062 India video & Groceries 817-545-6786 102, S Ector Drive, Euless, TX-76040 Indian Super Market 972-444-0020 9400 N MacArthur Blvd., # 114, Irving, TX-75063
Indo-Park Supermarket…972-644-2000 “YOUR community supermarket” See advertisement on Page 70

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E-mail: sales@SNMonthly.com Tel: 972-401-1550
Tharkari 972-355-2611 3315 Long Prairie Rd, Flower Mound, TX-75022 Unique Indian Store 972-240-4403 433 West Highway I-30, Garland, TX-75043 VS Imports 972-438-3086 922 E Sixth St, Irving, TX-75060 Weiss Int. Wholesale 972-406-1179 11113A Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX-75229 World of Spices 972-792-7755 13340 Audelia Rd, Suite 136, Dallas, TX-75243 Hilton Garden Inn Dallas/Lewisville Radisson Hotel 214-341-5400 11350 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX 75238 Carter BlooodCare 214-351-8153 2119 Research Row, #613, Dallas, Tx 75235 Aamer Ravji 972-233-4190 4801 Arapaho Road, Addison, TX-75001 Ahluwalia Law Offices 972-361-0606 13601 Preston Road, Dallas, TX-75240 Chander Law Firm, PC 214-677-4990 3102 Maple Avenue, Suite 450, Dallas, TX-75201

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Indus SuperMarket 972-316-8855 2488 Meadowglen Dr, # 250, Lewisville, TX-75067 Kohinoor 972-994-9361 850 S Greenville Ave, # 116, Richardson, 75081 Maitri Mart 972-335-3899 8000 Coit Road, Plano, TX-75025 305 S West Street, Arlington, 76010 817-804-0820 7859 McCallum Blvd., Suite 104, Dallas, TX75252 972-248-3999 Mela Indian Grocers & Video 972-315-2799 2305 South Highway 121, Lewisville, TX-75067 Mita’s India Bazaar 940-483-1530 1916 N. Carrol Boulevard, Denton, TX-76201 Mohit Imports 313-717-4926 4070 Belt Line, Suite 110-227, Irving, TX-75038 New Diamond Groceries 817-858-6022 3516 Harwood, Suite 103, Bedford, TX

Bollywood Video & Asia Grocery 972-671-1717 520B Lockwood Drive, Richardson, TX-75080 Bombay Bazaar 817-459-0460 528 Fielder North Plaza, # A, Arlington, TX-76012 Bombay Grocers. 817-868-1407 699 East Harwood, Suite 300, Euless, TX-76039 Bombay Imports 972-255-3037 2301 N O’Connor Road, Irving, TX-75062 C R Produce, Inc. 214-929-6247 6729 Scarlet Drive, Plano, TX-75023 Dana Bazaar 817-303-5300 751 W Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX-76012 Desi Bazaar 817-275-2387 832 Secretary Drive, Arlington, TX-76015 Desi Mart 972-550-9300 5330 N. MacArthur, Suite 132, Irving, TX-75038 Diamond Grocers 817-858-6022 3516 Harwood Rd, Suite 106, Bedford, TX-76201 Fort Worth India Mart 817-294-3448 5040 Trail Lake, Fort Worth, TX 76133

National Imports 972-446-9880 1910 Trinity Mills, Suite 108, Carrollton, TX-75006 Om Produce 214-924-3560 1704 Orleans Street, Dallas, TX-75226 Patel Brothers 972-644-3972 Richardson, TX-75080 Saravanam Catering 469-855-0628 1901 West Parker, Suite 121A, Plano, TX-75023 Spice Bazaar 214-618-3175 4681 Ohio Drive, Suite 105, Frisco, TX-75035
Spice Rack….. 972-238-5555 The best choice of South Asian Grocery See advertisement on Page 64

Swad Distributors 713-266-9293 6729 Scarlet Drive, Plano, TX-75023 Swades Grocery & Video 972-459-4500 2305 Highway 121 S, Lewsville, TX-75067 Swadeshi Plaza 972-409-6551 7964 N MacArthur Blvd., # 100, Irving, TX-75063
Taj Grocers….. 972-570-2504 “The Spice of Life” See advertisement on Page 23

Tharas International 972-579-8847 883-C E. Shady Grove, Irving, TX-75060

The first South Asian mall in us opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com

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Mike Murugesh 972-693-6858 2805 N. Dallas Pkwy, # 250, Plano, TX-75093 New York Life 972-387-2929 12201 Merit Drive, Suite 1000, Dallas, TX-75251 Pradeep Pete Merchant 972-418-9652 2220 Marsh Lane, Suite 112, Carrollton, TX75006 Purnima & Naresh Shah 214-208-5970 10246 Catalpa, Dallas, TX-75243 Rajesh Sanchala 972-387-2929 x2374 New York Life, 12201 Merit Dr, Dallas, 75251 Rozmeen Insurance 888-ROZMEEN 3536 Eisenhower Street, Carrollton, TX-75007 Texas Insurance Advisors Inc. 972-256-1800 3585 N Beltline Road, Irving, TX-75062 The Famous Insurance Agency, Inc. 972-271-9600 2940 Broadway, Suite 102, Garland, TX-75041 Yasin Iqbal 214-252-2472 3001 Knox St, #102, Dallas, TX-75205 701 N Central Expy, Richardson, 75080 972-238-8174 Zoom Insurance 214-239-1609 511 E Carpenter Fwy, Suite 150, Irving, TX-75062 Affair to Remember 817-296-4999 Dallas, TX-76012 Buy Candles Here 214-924-4274 East Plano, Plano, TX-75074 Custom Made Paintings 469-585-5356 1416 Mc Kenzie Drive, Allen, TX-75013
Decorating Den- 972-633-3779 1520 Glastonhuy Drive, Plano, TX 75075

Western Union 212-468-3503 P.O. BOX 130780 , Dallas, TX 75313 A Best Rate Home Loan 972-396-0968 4733 De Grey Lane, Plano, TX-75093 A-1 Appraisal 972-896-3410 4016 Carmichael Drive, Plano, TX AAA Loans 972-342-1705 1700 Wagon Wheel, Allen, TX Accord Mortgage 469-396-6480 2166 Dowelling Drive, Frisco, TX Broad Solutions Lending 214-619-5626 5700 Granite Parkway, Suite 420, Plano , TX City Credit Union 214-319-3060 7747 Ferguson Street, Dallas, TX City Mortgage 972-519-0050 5840 Coit Road, Suite 108, Plano, TX CMI Mortgage 972-818-6100 17780 Preston Road, Suite 130, Dallas, TX Credit Solutions 800-353-7630 15602 Dallas Parkway, Suite 700, Dallas, TX
Dream Home Mortgage “Make your dream home a reality” See advertisement on Front inside cover

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Ocean Jewelz 214-621-1296 4425 Sandra Lynn Dr, Flower Mound, TX-75022 Quality Corals & Gems 800-708-GEMS PO Box: 648 San Marcos, TX-73667 House of India 214-741-6133 2050 N. Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, TX-75207 Rani Inc 214-741-RANI World Trade Center, Dallas, TX-75207 Ruby Jewelers Inc 972-245-4858 1205 W Trinity Mills Road, Carrollton, TX-75006
Signature Diamonds… 972-789-1331 “Latest Collection, Unique Designs” See advertisement on Page 47

Swara - Raaga 972-550-0686 Hidden Ridge, Irving, TX-75038 Swaranand - School of Indian Music & Hindi Independence Pkwy, Plano, 75023214-226-3427 The Piano Studio 972-248-9613 19019 Preston Road, Suite 415, Dallas, TX-75252 University of the Blues 972-488-3141 Royal Lane, Dallas, TX Veena Harihar 817-230-4932 14616 Cottage View Lane, Fortworth, TX-76155 ApniAgency.com 972-256-1800 3585 N Beltline Road, Irving, TX-75062 Fidelity National Title 214-239-4511 305 Cimarron Trail, Suite 160, Irving, TX-75063 Krishna M Bhaskar 214-335-2740 3608 Hoya Drive, Suite 167, Arlington, TX-76015 Lal Daswani 972-392-0404 6959 Arapaho Road, Suite 103, Dallas, TX-75248 Mahesh Thakkar 214-677-9152 7308 Frankford Road, Dallas, TX-75252 Mary L. Varghese 972-788-1555 5050 Quorum Dr, # 241, Dallas, TX-75254-7054 Muhammad Ismail Sagar 972-252-0969 2804 Cantrell Street, Irving, TX-75062 ZIP Copy Center 972-871-9300 4070 N Beltline Road, # 110, Irving, TX-75038 Allen Musalla 214-641-8841 410 N Greenville Avenue, # 102, Allen, TX-75002 Art of Living Foundation, TX 214-459-4428/ 817-780-0000 Asian Indian Church of Carrollton 214-676-5759 1907 Sunridge, Carrollton, TX-75006 Balagokulam 972-588-7071 4020 Hedgcoxe Rd, Plano, 75024 Shree Swaminayaran Mandir 972-243-8669 11321 Webb Chapel Road, Dallas, TX-75229 Barsana Dham 972-527-6195 Bethesda Bible Chapel 469-628-1266 1126 Hilltop Drive, Irving, TX-75060 Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center 615 N. Macarthur Boulevard, Irving, TX-75231 972-254-5562 Chinmaya Mission DFW 972-250-2470 17701 Davenport Road, Dallas, TX-75252 Christian Brethren Assembly 972-986-6445 2011 Parkside Avenue, Irving, TX-75061 CSI Church of Dallas 972-820-0205 9027 Midway Road, Dallas, TX-75209 CSI Congregation Of Dallas 469-855-4159 9400 Plano Road, Dallas, TX-75238 Dada Lacchmi Satsang 214-226-3427 Independence Parkway, Plano, TX-75023 Dallas Central Mosque of Islamic Asst 972-231-5698 840 Abrams Road, Richardson, TX-75081 Dar elSalam Islamic Center 817-265-2596 747 W. Lamar Blvd., Arlington, TX-76012 To advertise here contact Sales Manager @ 972 401 1550 DFW Arya Samaj 817-457-1357 DFW Gayatri Pariwar 817-467-1633 DFW Hindu Temple 972-445-3111 1605 N Britan Road, Irving, TX-75061 Geeta Sanskar, Allen, TX 972-288-0700 Gujarati Christian Fellowship 972-240-5698 5514 Laredo Lane, Garland, TX-75043 Gurdwara Sikh Temple 214-240-5348 506 Gatewood Drive, Garland, TX-75043 Gurdwara Singh Sabha 972-235-3388 1201 Abrams Road, Richardson, TX-75081


Silver City 972-488-3412 11377 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX-75229 Star Jewelers 972-231-6776 245 N Central Expwy, Richardson, TX-75080 Tilak Jewelers 972-594-8252 2301 N O’Conner Road, Suite F, Irving, TX-75062 Landscaping & Gardening Center 1122 Melrose, Garland, TX 972-494-7453 Captain Limousines 1-866-98-Captain 7750 N MacArthur Blvd, #120-203, Irving, 75063 Advanced Medical Center 972-985-8000 4002 W Park Blvd, Plano, TX Asthma and Lung Consultants 972-288-3471 2698 N Galloway, Suite 104, Mesquite, TX Baylor Hearing Care 469-867-6661 1609 Marsh Lane, Suite 10, Carrollton, TX Carter Eye Center 214-6962020 Center For Pain Relief & Rehabilitation 3900 Pebble Creek, Plano, 75023 888-560PAIN Hope Medical Institute, TX 757-873-3333 Las Colinas Medical Center 972-969-2000 6800 N MacArthud Boulevard, Irving, TX-75039 Window in The Womb 817-481-7788 546 Silicon Blvd, # 103, South Lake, TX 76092 Via Scan 972-739-2840/ 1-800-585-2702 349 E Las Colinas Blvd, C, Irving, 75039 Joy’s Tailor 972-436-5474 KSVAC Electric & Heating Inc 469-767-8476 Pro Tech Plumbing 972-279-6550 / 800-930-6550 15330 LBJ Freeway, # 416, Mesquite, T-75150


First Security Mortgage 972-243-0500 3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 745, Dallas, TX Tabernacle Mortgage 469-366-9830 5001, Rowlett Road # 101, Rowlett 75088. Audio, Video, Lighting & Instruments www.aarohimusic.com 469-939-1231 Elisabeth Johnson 972-248-9613 19019 Preston Road, Suite 415, Dallas, TX-75252 Texas Sound & DJ 972-606-1103 / 972-590-0000 4317 Fairmont Drive, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 Academy of Indian Arts 214-226-3427 Springcreek Parkway, Plano, TX Allen School of Music 972-359-1600 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX Anisha Parameswaran 214-394-6276 7940 N MacArthur Blvd., # 2145, Irving, TX-75063 Ankur Nag 972-252-1792 3446 W Country Club Drive, Irving, TX-75038 Arapaho Music Studios 972-234-4982 Central & Arapaho, Richardson, TX-75080 Coppell Conservatory LLC 972-304-8600 600 E Sandy Lake Rd, # 124, Coppell, TX-75019 Cornett Music Studio 972-669-8047 Richardson, TX-75080 Dallas School of Music 972-380-8050 2650 Midway Road, # 204, Carrollton, TX-75006 Dallas School of Performing Arts, Dallas, TX 972-270-3334 Larry Morgan Music Company 972-864-8584 Mihir Patel 972-404-3459 Plano, TX-75093






Sanskruti 972-550-0686 Hidden Ridge, Irving, TX-75038 Shastra Inc. 214-748-8922 x101 123 Oaklawn, Dallas, TX-75207 Sri’s Draperies 972-252-2017 1294 Hidden Ridge Apt 2068, Irving, TX-75038 Unik Drapries 972-463-9650 / 972-567-5727 3213 Mistletoe Lane, Rowlett, TX-75088 Woodstone Furniture 877-234-0309 1352 Exchange Dr, Richardson Tx 75081 A H Securities 972-238-0021 / 800-230-0000 811 S Central Expy, # 301, Richardson, TX-75080 Jai T. Doshi, MBA, CFP 817-244-4456 4417 Northview Court, Fortworth, TX-76008 Pankaj Udeshi 817-429-7002 / 972-429-7002 1050 W. Pipeline Rd, Suite 201, Hurst, TX-76053 Raju Gadiraju 972-758-7983 2100 Deerfield Drive, Plano, TX-75023 Shashin G. Shah, CFP 214-821-7778 3704 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX-75214 Zahid Reza, CPA 972-761-9919 12700 Park Central Dr, # 304, Dallas, TX-75251 Aarti Jewelers 972-918-9933 109 S Central Expressway, Richardson, TX-75080 Ashok Gopaldas Jewelers 972-761-0119 100 S Central Expy, # 15, Richardson, TX-75080
GovindJi’s….. 972-231-6776 Open daily (except Tuesday), 12pm to 7pm See advertisement on Page 3




Galleria Wireless….. 469-522-0786 “The most trusted store in town” See advertisement on Page 81

Parul’s Classical/ Light Music Lessons Plano, Tx 214-509-3689
Rajinder Pal Singh 817-267-7664 1400 W Euless Boulevard, Euless, TX-76040 Music Learning Unlimited 972-964-6604 Plano, TX Renu Chandra 972-931-9694 Dallas, TX Sadhana School of Music 214-705-6073 Spring Ridge Subdivision, Plano, TX-75025 Shawli Roy 817-423-4121 5757, Remington Circle, Fortworth, TX-76132 Spundun School of Music 817-571-4926 Suzuki Institute of Dallas 972-437-6422 Dallas, TX


Listen to Radio Salaam Namaste 104.9 FM America’s only desi radio
Choice Mobile 1009 W. Rochelle Rd, Irving, Tx 75062
Unlimited India Calling….. 1-800-465-5015 Free Vacation on Sign up for limited time See advertisement on Page 82

Kohinoor Diamonds 713-334-8700 5901 Hillcroft Drive, Suite C1, Houston, TX 77036
Malani Jewelers…972-234-4653 “The Largest Variety in North America”

JNS Wireless Sprint 5620 LBJ Freeway, 100 Dallas Tx 75240 International Money Transfer 972-480-0700 100 S Central Expressway, Richardson, TX 75080


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Salaam Namaste magazine | March 2009 Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Gurudwara Sikh Sangat 817-267-7664 11400 West Euless Boulevard, Euless, TX-76040 Hare Krishna Mandir 214-827-6330 5340 Gurley Avenue, Dallas, TX-75223 Indian Telugu Church 817-540-6282 Indo-Pak Bible Church 972-530-8072 1918 Beltline Road, Garland, TX-75044 IPC HEBRON 972-840-9299 1751 Wall Street, Garland, TX-75042 ISKCON 214-827-6330 5430 Gurley Ave, Dallas, TX-75223 Islamic Association of Carrollton 972-466-1191 1516 Stemmons Frwy, # 201, Carrollton 75006 Islamic Association of Collin County 972-491-5800 6401 Independence Parkway, Plano, TX-75023 Islamic Association of Lewisville 972-691-5566 P.O. Box 294102, Lewisville, TX-75029-4102 Islamic Association of N Texas 972-231-5698 840 Abrams Road, Richardson, TX-75081 Islamic Association of Tarrant 817-737-8104 4801 Fletcher Avenue, Fortworth, TX-76107 Islamic Center Of Irving 972-721-9136 245 E Grauwyler Rd, # 118, Irving, TX-75061 Islamic Center of Momin 972-554-0200 1019 Perry Street, Irving, TX-75060-3222 Jain Society of North Texas 972-470-0606 538 Apollo Road, Richardson, TX-75081 Kriya Yoga Center 214-418-6860 10600 Steppington, Suite 230, Dallas, TX-75230 Manoyoga Sadhana 972-516-8325 PO Box 260185, Plano, TX-75026 Mata Amritanandmayi Satsang 972-380-0951 Dallas TX-75287-6734 North Texas Hindu Mandir 214-552-0549/817-308-7796 10309 Baronne Circle, Dallas, TX-75218 Sathya Saibaba Center of North Dallas www.ndsai.org 972-250-0126 Shree Santram Bhakt Samaj 972-430-0000 Shree Swaminarayan Mandir 972-263-7637 2114 Pine Street, Grand Prairie, TX-75005 Sikh Study Circle 972-579-9646 834 N Nursery Road, Irving, TX-75061 Sri Aurobindo Center 972-829-3161 Sri Ganapathi Sachchidananda Swamiji Satsangh, Allen, TX 972-517-2723 Sri Sai Baba Temple of DFW 972-459-4765 2109 West Parker Plaza, # 212, Plano, TX-75023 St Mary’s Jacobite Church 972-446-9983 2112 Old Denton Drive, Carrollton, TX-75006 St.Thomas Syrian Catholic Church, Dallas 972-240-5551 Vaishnav Parivar 972-462-1763 / 972-510-0000 426 Woodhurst Drive, Coppell, TX-75019 Virendra Summanwar 972-550-3940 5309 N MacArthur Blvd., # 1020, Irving, TX-75038 Vision Baptist Church 214-763-3943 1112 W Parker Road, Plano, TX-75075 Zion Gospel Assembly 972-412-7315 11221 Lochwood Boulevard, Dallas, TX

817-548-7159 Greater Dallas Indo - American Chamber of Commerce 214-346-9559 5930 LBJ Freeway, Suite 350, Allen, TX-75240 IIT Alumni Association of North Texas PO Box: 260313, Plano, TX 972-758-7500 International Fellowship 469-417-9299 Malayalee Engineers Association of North Texas, Allen, Tx 972-378-0470 Network of Indian Professionals NetIP, Allen, 214-754-7089 Richardson Music Teachers Association, Dallas, TX 972-690-1912 Shreeji Non Profit Organization, Fortworth, TX 972-841-1727 Texas Indo-American Dentists Association, 72120 W Spring Creek Pkwy, # C, Plano, 75023 972-527-486 Texas Indo-American Physicians Society, Allen, TX 817-457-2928 The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) 972-235-5555 Deals2Buy.com P.O. Box 142523 Irving, Tx 75014 DFW Indian Lions Club 972-475-1075TX Association for India’s Devpt. 972-867-0912 PO Box 835833, Richardson, TX-75083-5833 Bighelp For Education 781-962-7399 Charotar Patidar Samaj of DFW 972-255-3037 DFW Maharasthra Mandal972-735-9357 17616 Squaw Valley Dr, Dallas, TX-75252 Dallas Indian Lions Club 972-424-4902 Immigrants Support Network 972-236-8368 700 San Francisco Street, Carrollton, TX-75007 India Association of N Texas 972-234-IANT Irving DFW Indian Lions Club 972-303-0745 Kerala Civic Organization 972-416-4696

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Insty Prints Irving 1236 N. Beltline Rd, Irving, TX 75061 972-790-0179

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Advanced Xpress Printing 972-238-1050 400 Industrial Dr, # 100, Richardson, TX-75081 Alpha Graphics, 972-529-9885 1970 N Central Expy, # 140, McKinney, TX-75070 Best Signs 214-340-7446 1718 Reserve Street, Garland, TX-75042 DIS Print & Web Solutions 972-567-8040 532 Runstone Drive, Irving, TX-75060 Hall Graphics 214-349-3870 10660 Plano Road, Suite 122, Dallas, TX-75238 Jay Kay Press Inc., 972-831-0433 10580 Newkirk St, Suite 301, Dallas, TX-75220 PrintOGraphics, 972-240-7979 5481 Broadway Blvd., # 117, Garland, TX-75043 Texas Commerce Printing, 214-638-2774 9011 John Carpenter Frwy, # 102, Dallas, 75247 A Action Realtors Manmohan (Mohen) S.Rai 972-270-7521 8111 LBJ Suite 945, Dallas, TX-75251 Amit Sachdev 469-951-0413 8909 Pocono Drive, Plano, TX-75025 Ashok Daftary, CCIM 972-612-0000 3204 Lanarc Drive, Plano, TX-75023 Bharati Rao 817-277-4879 1106 De Pauw Drive, Arlington , TX-76012 To advertise here contact Sales Manager @ 972 401 1550 Charles M.R. Vethan 214-841-1000 4144 North Central Expy, # 660, Dallas, 75204 Danny and Chinna Raj 972-867-7666 1800 Preston Park Blvd, Plano, TX-75093 Enterprise America 214-855-6675 12222 Merit Drive, Suite1870, Dallas, TX 75251 Everest Realty 972-303-0103 5406 Broadway, Suite 102, Garland, TX-75043 Lakshmana Katuri 972-423-4523 1515 Rio Grande Drive, Plano, TX-75075 Laxmi Tummala - REMAX 972-989-7815 8600 N. MacArthur Blvd, # 104, Irving, TX-75063 Rakesh Garg 972-588-8082 1333 W. McDermott, Suite 100, Allen, TX-75013 Ramesh Ramotar - R Square Realtors, 225 N Eleventh St, # A, Garland972-487-0462 Ripple Goel 214-995-9918 18383 Preston Road , Dallas, TX-75252 Manasi Vernekar 972-746-9563 4530 W. Buckingham Road, Garland, TX-75042 Manoj Abraham Real Estate LLC, 972-484-6644 2880 LBJ Freeway, Suite 403, Dallas, TX-75234 Aburu Venkat, Plano, 75025 469-450-1489 Ammu Jacob 972-248-5963 17000 Preston Road, Suite 100, Dallas, TX-75248 Anil Chugh 972-896-4854 13604 Midway Road, Suite 183, Dallas, TX-75244 B Prasad 469-233-1184 Plano, TX-75025 Ebby Halliday Realtors, 214-766-4343 7520 N. MacArthur Blvd., # 100, Irving, TX 75063
One Plus Realty…469-446-4177 No Gimmicks.. No Catches... Just Great Service

Krishna P. Yalamanchili 469-831-5609 1701 N Greenville Ave., # 402, Richardson, 75081 Najma Real Estate Services 214-731-1044 Ram Muthu - AAA Realtors 214-533-6437 1545 Ave K, Suite 169, Plano, TX-75074 Rani Amsavelu 469-867-4584 600, S. Denton Tap Rd, # 110, Coppell, TX-75019 Safeway Group, Inc. 770-409-9910 x15 Truvillion Realty Group 817-277-4879 Wiiliam Davis Realty 214-477-9036 17732 Preston Rd, # 100, Dallas, TX-75252 Anantha P Archakam 469-467-4553 6629 Macintosh Drive, Plano, TX-75023



Church of South India 972-463-8778 9400 Plano Road, Dallas, TX-75238 Foundation for Pluralism 214-325-1916 1636 Coyote Ridge, Carrollton, TX 75010 Ramachar 972-518-1034 1254 Hidden Ridge, Apt# 1011, Irving, TX-75038 Suryakant J Bhatt 972-475-4454 2005 Dover Drive, Rowlett, TX-75088 Umanath Bhat 972-874-1378 4417 Sandra Lynn, Flower Mound, TX-75022 Afghan Grill 972-818-0300 19177 Preston Road, Suite 180, Dallas, TX-75252
Aahar Indian Restaurant…972-432-2427 “Home cooking with Home prices” See advertisement on Page 79


Laughing Club 214-2263427 Independence Parkway, Plano, TX-75023
Plano Indian Lions Club 972-245-3941 Richardson University Lions Club, Allen, TX 972-407-7345/ 972-880-0000 World Muslim Congress 214-325-1916 1636 Coyote Ridge, Carrollton, 75010

Agha Juice 972-245-5001 1205 W Trinity Mills Road, Carrollton TX 75006 Afrah’s Restaurant 972-234-9898 314 E. Main Street, Richardson, TX 75081 Al-Amir 214-739-2647 7402 Greenville Avenue, # 101, Dallas, TX 75231
BBQ Tonite…972-466-0786 “Indo-Pak Cuisine” See advertisement on Page 69


Asian Photography….. 214-783-3297 Weddings | Family Portraits | Special Events See advertisement on Page 15

Basil Leaf Thai Restaurant 972-252-2175 4070 N. Beltline Road, Suite150, Irving, TX-75038 Bombay Bistro 817-560-9996 9116 Camp Bowie, Unit 100, Fortworth, TX-76116 Bombay Chinese 972-808-9990 100 S Central Epwy, #17, Richardson, TX-75080
Bombay Sizzler…972-255-5400 “Bombay ka style main” See advertisement on Page 102

Planetshazia Productions 469-363-7158 1330 Hi Line Drive, Dallas, TX-75207 Memoir Photo 972-248-4890 Swatee Photography & Video 972-530-7356 Dallas, TX
Bombay Photography… 972-679-7921 “Special memories for special events” See advertisement on Page 76


Bollywood Bar & Grill 214-529-6790 11345 Emerald Street, Dallas, TX-75229 Bukhara Grille 972-400-7748 955 E Cambell Road, Richardson, TX-75080
Bombay Sweets & Snacks…214-441-2125 “The best Indian sweets and snacks”

Alumni of Baroda University 972-618-9101 Asian American Professionals 972-418-9652 Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Allen, TX 972-491-1818 DFW Indian Pharmacist Assn


Texpertz Photography 214-288-0106 1324 Breanna Way Coppell 75018
Armale Studio…214-676-7531 www.bookmywedding.com


Help-U-Sell Fine Properties 972-747-1068 1333 McDermott Dr, # 200, Allen, TX-75013

Chaat Express 972-312-1127 832 W Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX 75023 Chaat & Paan Corner (Apna Bazaar), 2000 Old Denton Rd, Carrollton, 972-374-7186 Chaat Café: 972-713-0003 18101 Preston Rd # 202 Dallas TX 75252 Chettinaad Palace 469-229-9100 2205 N Central Expy, # 180, Plano, TX-75075

The first South Asian mall in us opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com

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Madras Pavilion, 972-671-DOSA 101 S Coit Road, Suite 359, Richardson, 75080 Maharaj Indian Cuisine 972-248-0045 17370 Preston Road, Suite 490, Dallas, TX-75252 Maharaja Indian Restaurant 214-440-0000 6308 Hulen Bend Boulevard, Fortworth, TX-76132 Malti Indian Veg Cuisine 972-315-3839 801 W Roundgrove, # 108, Lewisville, TX-75067
Bombay Chinese…972-808-9990 “The best of Indo-Chinese cuisine” See advertisement on Page 40

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www.NTCricket.com The Cricket Gear 214-557-4462 1616 W Irving Boulevard, Irving, TX-75061 Public Storage 214-521-8100 3540 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX Shurguard 972-396-4970 1210 N Beltline, Irving, TX Crown Pools 972-396-4960 705 E Main Street, Allen, TX Malibu Pool Remodelling 972-231-7553 705 S Floyd Road, Richardson, TX Touring Talkies 972-373-8100 Irving, TX Valentino Films 214-606-6433 320 S Beltline Road, Suite109, Irving, TX 75060 4 M Tires 972-259-1951 1115 W Pioneer Road, Irving, TX BJ Tire Center 972-205-0997 3342 W Walnut Street, Garland, TX Cheap Tires 972-785-2828 425 N Britain Road, Irving, TX Discount Tires 972-377-8242 8700 Ohio Drive, Plano , TX Firestone 214-520-9924 2540 Old Denton Road, Carrollton, TX Kauffman Tires 972-245-1512 3901 W Spring Creek Road, Plano, TX Spring Valley Discount Tires 972-392-3192 7828 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, TX Academy of Indian Arts 214-226-3427 5451 Spring Creek Parkway, Plano, TX-75023 Anblicks 972-241-6700 2925 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, TX-75234 Bright Computer Training & Consultants 817-356-0560 P. O. Box 822954, Dallas, TX-75382 ChennaiSoft 972-951-5419 1312 Hidden Ridge, Irving, TX-75038 Hindi Vikas 972-377-8388 Plano, TX-75025 Perry Zafar 972-306-2310 2727 Cancun Lane, Dallas, TX-75287 Sanford-Brown Institute 888-317-6333/ 214-459-8490 1250 W Mockingbird Lane, # 150, Dallas, 75247 Inlingua 972-248-4496 16999 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX Interlingua 972-818-3455 16300 Addison Road, Suite 222, Addison, TX The Language Network 972-960-9980 1411 Dallas Parkway, Suite 320, Dallas, TX Translation 972-458-1616 16135 Preston Road, Suite 214, Dallas, TX


Taj Mahal 214-692-0535 10455 N Central Expy, # 20, Richardson, TX Tandoor Grill 469-241-0449 6900 Alma Drive, Suite 100, Plano, TX-75023 Tawa Grill 972-234-2261 13340 Audelia Road, Suite 135, Dallas, TX Tandoor Indian Restaurant 972-261-6604 532 Fielder North Plaza, Arlington, TX-76012 Taste O’ India 469-855-0628 1901 W Parker, Suite 121 A, Plano, TX-75023



Mango Thai Cuisine 972-599-0289 4701 W Park Boulevard, # 104, Plano, TX-75093 Masala Wok 972-409-0000 7447 N MacArthur Blvd, # 175, Irving, TX-75063 Mehfil Bar & Grill 972-238-9724 807 Central Expressway, Richardson, TX-75080 Mom’s Spice 972-258-5101 219 West Airport Freeway, Irving, TX Murphy’s Deli 214-638-3354 1250 Mockingbird, Suite 220, Dallas, TX New Start Veggie Garden 972-243-050 72330 Royal Lane, Suite 900, Irving, TX Pasand Indian Cuisine 972-594-0693 2600 N BeltLine Road, Irving, TX-75062


Alpha Travel Associates 972-897-7093 5609 Kerry Lane, Garland, TX-75043 Amrita Travel 972-231-7993 13999 Goldmark Dr, # 429, Richardson, TX-75240 Angel Travels 972-418-0350 1925 E. Beltline, Suite 205, Carrollton, TX-75006 Apex Travels 877-664-1199 777 S Central Expy, # 4-E, Richardson, TX-75080 Aries Tours & Travels 214-638-7008 8828 Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX-75247 Bindhu Travels 214-774-2094 3708 Millswood Drive, Irving, TX-75062 Cosmos Travel Inc. 214-905-2009 2700 Stemmons Fwy, # 1001, Dallas, TX-75207 East West Travel Inc 214-564-7424 9888 Bissonnet, # 100A, Houston, TX-77036 Galaxy Travel 972-392-0404 6959 Arapaho Road, Suite 103, Dallas, TX-75248 Global Passport & Visa 972-907-9450 811 S Central Expy, # 419, Richardson, TX-75080
Travel Plus Inc….469-361-1594 “Over 25 years experience” See advertisement on Page 68
Peaceland Travel & Tour 214-634-9911 1327 Empire Center, Dallas, TX-75212 Passport and Visa 972-596-7288 6000 Ohio Drive, Plano, TX-75093 Referralclicks 972-255-2297 3114 W Northgate Dr, # 1049, Irving, TX-75062 R.K.Travel Inc. 630-858-7200 4149 Woodland Trail, Carrollton, TX-75007 Royal Travels & Tours 972-258-0103 1221 W Airport Fwy, # 201, Irving, TX-75062 Sky Master Travel 972-256-2200 / 972-252-4454 415 E Airport Freeway, Irving, TX-75062 Skyline Travels 214-634-7277 / 214-630-0000 8100 John Carpenter Fwy, # 210, Dallas, 75247 SkyPass Travel Inc. 800-381-TOUR 2730 Stemmons Fwy, # 310, Dallas, TX-75207 Star Travels 972-987-7896 8101, Memorial Lane, Suite 2814, Plano, TX-75024 Supersonic Travel and Tours 972-239-7782 12001 N Central Expwy, # 280, Dallas, 75243

Temptations 972-252-9898 4070 N Beltline, Suite 138, Irving, TX-75038 The Chat Corner 972-644-1329 26-C Heights, Richardson, TX-75080
The Saffron House…972-239-1800 “A place to pamper your taste” See advertisement on Page 73

Tharas Restaurant 972-579-8847 833-C East Shady Grove, Irving, TX-75060 The Saffron House 972-239-1800 5100 Beltline Road, Suite 728, Addison, TX-75240
Topaz Indian Grill & Bar…214-641-8861 “Biggest Club of its kind” See advertisement on Page 101


Passage to India 972-527-7040 909 W Spring Creek, Suite 450, Plano, TX-75023 Pizza Boy 972-596-3500 3131 Custer Road, Suite 165, Plano, TX-75075 Shammy’s 972-406-1747 11422 Harry Hines Blvd, # 312, Dallas, TX-75229

Udipi Cafe 972-437-2858 35 Richardson Heights Village, TX-75080 Vegi Thali 972-236-1169 1205 W Trinity Mills, # 105, Carrollton, TX-75006 Villa Mediterranian 214-731-1200 3648 Old Denton Rd, # 102, Carrollton TX 75007 Wok of Fame 972-494-6163 217 Garland Avenue, Garland, TX Zyka 972-238-7777 20 Richardson Heights, Richardson, TX-75080 Brotherhood Roofing 972-222-6945 6048 Hidden Creek Lane, Frisco, TX K Link 972-484-6464 11500 N Stemmons Freeway, Suite 112, Dallas Pro System 972-896-7814 1328 Barclay Drive, Carrollton, TX Advanced Name Plates Inc. 972-644-6520 605 S Sherman Street, Suite 505, Richardson, TX All Quality Signs 972-234-3228 724 S Central Expressway, Richardson, TX Best Signs 214-340-7446 1718 Reserve Street, Garland, TX Future Signs 972-205-9090 3803 Cavalier Drive, Garland, TX Royal Signs 469-879-5786 Seven Seas Worldwide 877-817-7327 Dallas, TX Signs for Less 469-556-8398 12465 Black Cherry Lane, Euless, TX Signs Universe 972-880-2884 4304 Onyx Drive, Carrollton, TX Home Run Alley 972-447-9066 3221, Skylane Drive, Carrollton, TX-75006 North Texas Cricket Association 214-325-1916

Taj Travel & Tours 972-792-9555 777 S Central Expy, # 5F, Richardson, TX-75080
Tandem Travels 469-675-0366 524 Colgate Drive, Allen, TX-75013 Travel Connection 817-483-9668 7717 Pirate Point Circle, Arlington, TX-76016 Travel Globe Inc. 877-456-2348 1221, W. Airport Fwy, Suite 201, Irving, TX Travel King International 972-235-9500 100 S Central Expy, # 43, Richardson, TX-75080 Travel Plus 469-361-1594 3948 Windford Dr. Plano 75025 Wilson Travel INC 972-257-8690 2300 Valley View Lane, #840 Irving, 75062 Aramark 214-637-0970 1900 Empire Central, Dallas, TX Citi Uniforms 214-630-4000 1348 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX Perfumes & Scrubs 972-231-3489 888 Greenville Avenue, Suite 116, Richardson, TX Unifirst 972-289-0754 200 N Sam Houston, Mesquite, TX A-Z Wholesaler 972-484-1153 1100 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas TX-75229 Perfume Gallery 972-481-9481 10717 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas 75229 Prime Wholesaler 972-247-7826 300 Grapevine Mills, Grapevine, TX-76051 Silver Star Import 972-241-4181 11220 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75229 Suny Wholesale 972-241-7937/ 0777 11430 Reeder Road, Dallas TX-75229 Store Display Fixtures 972-222-9494/ 469-916-0873 2933 Blystone Lane, Dallas, TX-75220 Supreme Wholesale 972-241-4671 10717 Harry Hines Boulevard, Dallas 75229




Shish Kabob 972-680-8989 Spring Valley at Coit, Irving, TX
Roti Grill…214-521-3655 “Fresh Indian Food”



Silverspoon Gyros & Subs 972-247-0156 11311 Harry Hines Blvd, # 602, Dallas, TX-75229 Silverspoon Restaurant 972-907-0090 218 Suite A, E Spring Valley, Richardson, 75081 Sitar Indian Cuisine 214-618-0050 8612 Preston Road, Suite 102, Plano, TX-75024 Star India 817-265-9020 703 W Park Row Drive, Arlington, TX Star International 972-279-4333 2809 Motley Drive, Mesquite, TX-75150 Taboon Bakery & Grill 972-740-2678 2211 Cheyenne, Irving, TX-75062 Taj Chaat House 214-596-1133 1057 W Rochelle Road, Irving, TX-75062
Swadeshi Indian Cuisine…972-514-1086 “Cuisine of India” See advertisement on Page 85


AA Passport 13999, Goldmark Dr, Dallas. 469-835-2731 See Advertisement on Page 65


A-1 Travel & Tours 972-437-2626 811 S Central Expy, # 535, Richardson, 75080 AILIA Travel & Tours 972-424-6620 2301 Pebble Vale Drive, Suite 1511, Dallas AirTravelExperts.Com 214-634-7277 8100 John Carpenter Frwy, # 105, Dallas, 75247 All About Travel 972-691-1826 1811 Hill Ridge Drive, Flower Mound, TX-75028 Allwell Travel & Tours, Inc 972-355-1963 3332 Brittany Drive, Flower Mound, TX-75022
Omega Travel- Tel- 972-518-1268 1300 W. Walnut Hill Ln ste#155D, Irving, TX 75038. Fax- 972-518-1309


Taj Express 4436 Lemmon, Dallas, TX



Salaam Namaste magazine | March 2009 Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

Restaurant Guide
For updates and changes, please contact sales@SalaamNamasteMag.com or 972-401-1550
eve erin Out ce L eL
Name Cuisine Ambiance

Ba n Ha l q u e t l




Phone No.


Tak e

Ca t

Sp i

To Advertise in this space contact Sales Manager on Tel: 972-401-1550 or

Aahar Indian Akbar Indian Al Hamra Indo-Pak Al Markaz Pakistani Anand Indian Restaurant Apna Bazar Indian BBQ Tonite Indo/Pak Bengal Coast South Asian Bhatia Mart Indian Bheemas Indian Cuisine Bollywood Bar & Grill Indian Bombay Bistro Indian Bombay Chinese Indochinese Bombay Grill Indian Bombay Sizzler Indian Bombay Sweets Indian Bukhara Grille Indo-Pak Chat Corner Indian Chaat Cafe Indian fast food Chameli Restaurant Indian Chettinad Palace South Indian Cindi’s Bakery Clay Pit Indian Curry’s Indian Delhi Palace Indian Dunes Indo/Pak/Med Flavors Indian Goga Sweets Indian Gopal Gujarati Grand Cafe American Grill ‘N’ Wrap Indo/Pak/Med Haveli Indo/Pak Hot Breads Continental Jasmine Cafe Middleastern India House Indian India Palace Indian Indian Food Indian Indiya Fusion Indian India Garden Indian India House Indian Kababish Pakistani Kalachandji Fusion Kathmandu Kitchen Indian/Nepali Kashmir Kashimiri Kokila Indian Kebab ‘n Kurry Indian Madras Pavilion South Indian Maharaj Restaurant Indian Malti Veg cuisine Indian Manna Restaurant Indian Masala Diner Indian Masala Wok Indo/chinese Mayuri Noodle Wave Our Place Pasand Passage to India Pizza 2 Go Punjabi Dhaba Ramallah Restaurant Rice 1 Roll Roma Palace Roti Grill Ruchi Royal Sweets Saffron House Shammy’s Shish Kabob Silver Spoon Sitar Shandiz Swadeshi Star India Star Meat & Cafe Tabla Indian Bistro Taj Mahal Taj Chaat Tandoor Grill Taste of India Taste of Pakistan Tawa Grill Temptations Tharas Udipi Cafe Vegi Thali Wok of Fame Zyka Indian Vietnamese Indian Indian Indian American Indian Mediterranean Indian Indian Indo//Pak Indian Fast food Indian Middle eastern Middle eastern Pakistani Indian Indo-Pak Indian Indian Indo-Pak Indian Indian Indian Indo/pak Indian Pakistani Indo/Pak Indo/Pak South Indian South Indian Indian Indo chinese Hyderabadi

Casual Dressy Casual Casual Indian Casual Casual Upscale Casual Indian Casual Casual Casual Dressy Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Upscale Casual Upscale Casual Upscale Casual Casual Casual Casual Dressy Casual Dressy Casual Upscale Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Dressy Casual Dressy Casual Casual Casual Casual Dressy Dressy Casual Dressy Casual Casual Casual Casual Casual Dressy Dressy Casual Casual Dressy Casual Casual Causal Dressy Casual Casual Casual Casual Upscale Upscale Casual Casual Dressy Casual Casual Causal Dressy Casual Casual Dressy Casual

$$ $$ $ $ Casual $ $ $$ $ Casual $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $ $$ $ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $ $$ $ $$ $ $ $ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $$ $ $ $$ $ $ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $ $$ $$ $$ $ $ $$ $ $ $$ $$ $ $ $$ $$ $$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$ $$ $ $


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Irving Plano Carrollton Carrollton Irving Carrollton Carrollton Dallas Plano ss Dallas Fort Worth Richardson Fort Worth Irving Irving Richardson Richardson Dallas Richardson Plano Dallas/ Carrollton Addison Irving Dallas Irving Addison Carrolton Richardson Richardson Fort Worth Irving Richardson/ Irving Richardson Euless Dallas Irving Irving Garland Frisco Bedford Dallas Irving Euless Lewisville Richardson Richardson Dallas Lewisville Plano Irving Irving Irving Richardson Irving Richardson/Irving Plano Carrollton Richardson Richardson Irving Garland Dallas/McKinney Lewisville Dallas/ Plano Addison Dallas Irving Richardson Plano Plano Irving Arlington Plano Irving Dallas Irving Plano Plano Euless Dallas Irving Irving Richardson Carrollton Garland Richardson

972 432 2427

972 4660786


972-808-9900 972 255 5400 214 441 2125

972 248 0608

972 392 0190

972 644 9000

ü ü

7750 McArthur Blvd, Suite 195, Irving Tel: 972-432-2427
972 235 4300


215 521 3655 972 239 1800

ü ü

972 943 8885 972 514 1086




The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

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The first South Asian Mall in the USA
Opening fOr BuSineSS in fall 2009
investment Opportunities Open! Call kiran - 972-978-3617 email: kiran@everestHeights.com
The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com



Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com




Salaam Namaste magazine | march 2009

The first South Asian mall in usa opening soon! Visit www.EverestHeights.com | www.snmonthly.com


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