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If we want our children to be a success, we must start with ourselves. Our children need to see the Word operating in us, making us win in life. Then they will know that the Bible is relevant—a “now” book which can also lead them to victory. The sooner they learn this, the sooner they will be about their Father’s business because they’ll know that everything they could ever try to do on their own won’t amount to anything anyway. There’s a song that goes, “Only what is done for Christ will last.” If we can get this into our children while they are young and teach them to walk by faith, we can raise some real giants in God for the generations to follow. When my son, Frederick came to me with the idea of starting Hip Hop Sunday, I thought it was a great opportunity for him to reach out to teens. That ministry has grown by leaps and bounds and teens are realizing that they can live for God—right now in their youth. Romans 10:17 tells us that faith —Romans 10:17 comes by hearing the Word of (New King James Version) God. That is why Jesus tells the Church to go preach and teach because faith comes by hearing. Faith does not come by reading or studying the Bible, even though we are commanded to read and study it. When you study the Word, you get revelation knowledge, but faith comes by what you hear. Jesus said on two different occasions to take heed how you hear, because what you hear will affect you positively or negatively. It is important to guard what comes into your ears, because what comes into your ears goes directly to your mind; how you think will affect what you believe, and what you believe will ultimately enhance or cripple your faith in God and confidence in His Word. It is so important for our youth to understand the importance of hearing the Word and developing their faith.

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

If you are not a Christian and would like to become one, pray the following prayer:

Dear GOD in Heaven, Thank you for sending Your Son JESUS CHRIST to destroy the power of Satan over my life. I accept Jesus now as my personal SAVIOR and LORD, and I choose to turn away from the sins of my past to a renewed Life in Jesus. You said that if I would confess with my mouth the LORD JESUS and believe in my heart that You raised Him from the dead, that I would be saved. I believe JESUS died for my sins and that You raised Him from the dead for my benefit. HEAVENLY FATHER, I thank you for the gift of salvation and for accepting me now as Your child. In JESUS’ name, Amen.

If you have prayed this prayer, please let us know by writing to us at: Crenshaw Christian Center P.O.Box 90000 Los Angeles, CA 90009 Attn: Administration Office



Ever Increasing Faith Magazine Fall 2007 Vol. III, No. 4

FALL 2007

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Entertainment And The Christian
By Pastor Frederick K. Price Jr.


Hitting The Streets For Jesus
By Jessica A. Beatty

In this day and age, Christians are hit from every side with entertainment choices on TV, books, movies and the internet. In this teaching, Pastor Fred discusses just how to make the right choice.

The Prozpect Street Team began as a small onewoman effort and has now grown into a team of young people who are helping to bring young people to Christ.

Cutting is the most popular form of self-mutilation in today’s teen culture. Dr. Tolbert discusses how this phenomenon is now affecting the church and what we can do about it.



The Importance Of Raising Children In The Word
By Dr. Betty R. Price



Cutting: The Cry Of Abandonment
By La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D.

In this teaching, Dr. Betty admonishes parents to remember how important it is to train up our children to know the Word.


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Jessica A. Beatty is a lifelong member of CCC. She is 19 years old and a student at Loyola Marymount University. Jessica currently works as a Counselor's Assistant at F.K.C.P III School and is a Helps Ministry worker, specifically assisting the Teen Ministry and the Prozpect Street Team. James Tan and his wife Deborah are based in Singapore and travel internationally. They are called to "Equip & Evangelize in the power of the Spirit!" They have ministered extensively throughout Asia where they have established churches, feeding programs and humanitarian outreaches. Currently, they oversee a network of some 80 churches. You can email them at jtmasia@yahoo.com. Kerri Webb, the former Senior Writer for Ever Increasing Faith Magazine, has been a member of Crenshaw Christian Center for 28 years. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, she is currently the media spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and the National Association of Black Journalists.



feature article


irst John 2:15 says: “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.”

Young people are exposed to so much secularism that the things of God are just not that important. But if a music video comes on, it has their attention. There is something wrong with that picture. Mark 4:24 says, “Then He said to them, take heed what you hear.” Why do I need to be careful what I hear? Why would I need to be careful how I hear? Because faith comes by hearing. You have to be careful what you hear because that is being

By Pastor Frederick K. Price Jr.

deposited into your spirit. Now common sense will tell you that this is not a healthy atmosphere when you expose yourself to worldly things so much that the exposure you have to the word is minimal. That is not a healthy environment. Without even trying you are going to love the world and the things of the world. There is a scripture in the Word that let’s us know who runs this world’s system. Adam was given dominion of the earth—his disobedience handed dominion to the enemy. Yes, the earth is

the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, but this world’s system is run by the enemy. Now Satan is going to make sure that unrighteousness is easily accessible, whereas edification may require a little work to get to. But the filth you can access anywhere. Now in society and in entertainment and in television, there are levels of filth. There is the filth that is okay on television because it is not as graphic and the language is not as profane, so we can put this on television and rate it PG-13. Then you have the cable stations, which are of course, free to say whatever. It is just like in the theatres some of these PG-13 movies probably could be rated R. They are line straddling a couple of words from an R rating and pushing the limit. The filth is acceptable—it is easily obtainable. Why? Because the god of this world is going to make sure that the Word is only available on some channels and maybe on some secular channels at certain hours, but secularism is 24/7. You can access that at any time. You are in the world’s system. Why would the devil make the word that available? “Do not love the world or the things in this world.” We are exposed to filth all the time. If you are not firm in your walk with God you will waver. Is it okay to watch TV? Or maybe is the issue certain kinds of television programs that maybe I should not watch? Is it okay to watch movies or maybe there are certain types of movies I shouldn’t watch. Is it okay to read books or maybe there are certain types of book I shouldn’t read? You can read a book for information or some of you may like to read novels. You have a little break there during the day or Saturday and you work five days a week and you don’t have anything to do today, so you want to pull out a novel and start reading. Is it unholy for me to read a secular novel? A secular book? Is it okay? Is it wrong? As a Christian, should I only read books written by pastors,





feature article

theologians, scholars, Christian educators? In my opinion, and you don’t have to agree with this, I read Christian books and secular books. To be honest with you, if you really want to talk about some things there are some Christian books you shouldn’t be reading. I could tell you that there are certain books you don’t need to read because every word on every page of that book opposes what your pastor opposes. Now, unless you are reading it to do an analysis or a study, or if you are reading it and thinking you are getting the Word, you are going to find out that it goes against everything that your pastor teaches. It is basically how faith doesn’t work. That is not good for your spirit. If you’ve been to the bookstore, you can find books on anything. Without a doubt there is some stuff you don’t need to read. You can find books that endorse racism. You can find books that tell you just how low on the totem pole Blacks are and will give you reasons why we are less than everyone else. You can find books on that. I don’t know about you, but I read Christian and secular books and I’m saved. As far as things between my Heavenly Father and me, everything is good. I like to watch movies. Is there anybody else? I like movies, but am I less saved? I love movies. Now I’ve seen some movies and when I was done watching the movie, it was a complete waste of film, a complete waste of a script. Obviously, movies themselves couldn’t be bad. Most of us saw The Passion of the Christ. That was an R rated movie, but I’m sure there were parents who encouraged their children to see that one. Now movies in general, are they wrong? It couldn’t be that wrong because [that] movie led some people to the Lord. Some movies are completely filled with profanity—unnecessary cussing. You are going to find profane language probably in any movie that is rated R. But in some movies, it is unnecessary foul language. Every other word is a cuss word. Who wrote that? What is that about? There are some movies that may be rated R, but it is a good movie. I know when our family is watching movies—mom in particular—likes watching movies where the bad guys get it. The good guys in the movies may not be saved, we don’t always know the spiritual conditions of the stars in the movies and it may be a good cop and the cop may smoke and drink, but he upholds the law. The bottom line is when the movie is over, good defeated

evil. Hollywood is primarily secular so even their concept of good and evil does not line up with the Bible, but good overcomes evil. If we are watching that, are we compromising? I don’t think so. I believe just like there are certain books—you don’t need to read that. There are certain movies—you don’t need to see that. But outside of that, it is a form of entertainment. I plan on seeing something today. I’m not going to be teaching the Word all day. I know the Bible says to “study to show yourself approved…” but that is not all I am supposed to be doing. Movies includes going to the theatre that is renting the movie that is pay-per-view that is watching cable or a movie on television. There are pornographic movies. I think we all know the answer to that. There is nothing edifying about that. As a matter of fact, that is an unhealthy habit. Why? Because you are going to watch those movies, males or females, and whatever you see done in those movies you are going to want to do that. You are going to want your spouse to do that and when they don’t do it, you are going to be upset. Because you have masqueraded a whole new perverted image of how sex is supposed to be. Now you want that. Why? You exposed yourself to pornography and now you are upset because you don’t have a good marriage because your wife won’t do that. We have television. I believe television is very special these days, especially with all this reality TV. Where are the good shows? Let met start with cartoons. I like cartoons. I thank God that I have real parents. I thank God that I have a real mother and a real father. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like (now maybe there are some kids here that are a little bit older or a little bit younger) but I couldn’t imagine if my parents would not have let me see Transformers and GI Joe and HeMan and Thunder Cats and Silver Hawks and Voltron. I don’t know what my childhood would have been like had my parents not let me watch those cartoons. You can learn some things from those cartoons. A Christian may not have written it, but he made this awesome statement. He said, “I have the power.” I don’t know what kind of power he was talking about, but I knew in the household that I was raised in if I ever made that statement; I know where the power comes from. —EIF
This article was excerpted from Pastor Price, Jr.’s teaching, “Entertainment & the Christian.” To purchase this series and or obtain a complete listing of his products call us at (800) 391-6145.



By Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr.

There is much confusion in the Body of Christ, as to what is acceptable before God and what is not when it comes to entertainment. Well, don’t be confused any more. Pastor Price Jr. shares in detail how we can be wise about selecting wholesome activities for recreation.

Don’t be dismayed there is something fun for you to do!
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The hip hop culture continues to give the Church a vehicle to minister to our children. The rap music and hip hop dress is all part of growing up today. Learn how we can utilize this popular subculture and win souls for Christ! Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. shares his expertise in this prevailing culture and gives us understanding on how to maximize our efforts to win our children back to Jesus.

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By Pastor James Tan

hen he first came into contact with the teaching ministry of Dr. Frederick K.C. Price years ago as a young teenager, Pastor James Tan would have never imagined that what he learned would not only lay a foundation of the Word for his life but also affect his future ministry throughout Southeast Asia. After responding to the call of God and entering full-time ministry in 1996, Tan was sent to minister in Indonesia with 220 million Muslims living on 6,000 islands. During every ministry trip, there was a chance to prove that the Word of God would work in a hostile environment. A lack of governmental infrastructure and an abundance of political and religious red-tape made entry into some islands/villages a challenge. Reflecting on those days, Tan says, “One key lesson I learned early on from Dr. Price was that trials are sent for one reason and one reason alone: to try and get our attention off the Word and to separate us from our faith.” With this understanding, he persevered towards the call of God to evangelize the world and equip the Believers. In 2000, he also began ministering in the Philippines. While in many ways the 7000 plus archipelago of Catholic dominated islands were a more receptive environment, he still met with scores of Believers living far beneath their rights as children of God. Again, every trip was an opportunity to present and act on the Word. “Another important lesson I learned was that if you will stay with the Word, the Word would stay with you…and the Word always causes you to prosper.” Even though many of the places he ministered in were poverty strick-


“If you will stay with the Word, the Word will stay with you …and the Word always causes you to prosper.”

en, it was not long before the Word began producing in the lives of the people. Some got jobs, others got raises and still others were able to build brick houses. One of the earlier Indonesian village churches that he planted with 12 people used to meet in a squatter area with no electricity or running water. Tan remembers, “After my wife and I taught this church about God’s law of giving and receiving, I received offerings of potatoes, chili peppers and chicken eggs for about a year from them.” Today, the church owns land in a Muslim-dominated village, meets in a brick building and ministers to about 100 adults and children weekly. Another church of about 20 members came into contact with him five years back seeking fellowship and instruction in the Word of Faith after the pastor had heard James ministering. It now has more than 80 adults and owns property behind a Madrasah (Islamic religious training school). Child prostitution is rampant in many of the islands that they minister in. Through feeding programs, medical missions and evangelistic outreaches, James and Deborah have also started outreaches to the women in the villages and the abandoned street children. Throughout the Philippines, conferences and training seminars are regularly held to equip and empower Believers to rise up. Pastors from various denominations and even politicians gather for a time of ministry, fellowship and instruction in the Word of Faith. While they have ministered throughout most of Southeast Asia, the bulk of their work remains in Indonesia and the Philippines. In their role as mentors, they now oversee a growing number of churches that they have planted and other churches associating with them for fellowship. Future plans include a publishing company, Bible Schools, orphanages and educational facilities. —EIF
You may contact Pastor Tan at jtmasia@yahoo.com for additional information regarding his ministry.



you are helping to make it happen
By Jessica A. Beatty

he Prozpect Street Team began as a small one-woman effort led by Miss Itasca Jones, who is currently a member of Long Beach Christian Center (LBCC). In 2004, she began preaching the Gospel in three housing projects, namely Nickerson Gardens, Imperial Courts and Jordan Downs. In April 2006, Brian Williford found out about her ministry and told his father, Stanley O. Williford, also a member of LBCC, that he would love to minister alongside her. After his first excursion, the Holy Spirit placed inside of Brian a vision of a Hip Hop Sunday street team dedicated to inviting out teens from the projects to Crenshaw Christian Center’s (CCC) quarterly Hip Hop Sunday using an extravagant entertainment bus for transport. Following the untimely death of Armand Jones in 2006, a “The Holy Spirit CCC youth who’s life was touched by the placed inside of youth ministry, Brian a vision of a Demetrius Fair offered to film a segment on the Hip Hop Sunday combined ministry of street team dedicat- Brian and Itasca. This film was featured in ed to inviting out Armand’s memorial video, which was shown teens from the proj- during the Hip Hop Sunday after his death. ects to Crenshaw The harvest of teenagers Christian Center’s was so great that Sunday that the F.I.R.E (CCC) quarterly team (which Brian is a Hip Hop Sunday part of) was asked to help minister to them in using an extravathe counseling room. gant entertainment During that time, LaNej Garrison, the bus for transport.” then current teen coordinator, approached Brian and invited him to speak at an upcoming teen Bible study where a subsequent 20 teens signed up to join the Prozpect Street Team. For the next few months Brian’s faith was tested in more areas than one. For instance, people failed to show up to accompany the team into the projects, and promises were continually broken. Despite the surrounding circumstances, however, Brian stood firmly on the vision the Lord had given him and never wavered. Throughout this dry patch, the ministry was still fruitful, resulting in more than 10 salvations every time Brian and Itasca would venture into the projects. Eventually, a few good workers joined the team, namely his father and a few of Brian’s close friends. Slowly but sure-




ly, a solid street team developed and began to take the Word of God boldly into the projects. This dedicated team took time out of their busy schedules and drove their own cars to the projects to minister. Brenda Daniel, CCC’s missions director, suggested that Brian approach the F.I.R.E team members to come out and minister and help to coordinate a community day in the projects. Brian soon realized it was time to implement a busing system for people to be able to attend church every Sunday. The vision grew from being specifically directed to teens and Hip Hop Sunday to people of all ages, adults and children included. The Holy Spirit put it in Brian’s heart to write a letter to Dr. Betty Price. After reading his letter, Dr. Betty immediately contacted Mr. Jackson of the Jackson Limousine Company. In turn, Jackson offered his services to the Lord in the form of any limo, at any time, for any amount of people. The street team now had transportation to go and minister in, and three limousines to go into each housing project and take people to church. Despite humble beginnings, the Prozpect Street Team had a definite breakthrough in July 2007. The community day held in Nickerson Gardens proved to be a huge success. During community day, the combined powerhouse of the Prozpect Street Team, Teen Ministry and the F.I.R.E team gave away groceries for families, free tapes and books by Dr. Price, barbecue and candy. They also provided three moon bounces for the kids—not to mention countless memorable moments of ministry and salvation. Since then, a consistent group of teens and children have

been showing up to attend church from Nickerson Gardens. The Holy Spirit is still leading and guiding the Prozpect Street Team. New people are continuously joining the team and even more individuals from Nickerson Gardens have begun to come out and worship at CCC. It is the goal of the team to fill each limo they send out to the projects, not just the ones directed to the singular community of Nickerson Gardens. The Street Team is showing God’s love to the unloved, hugs to those who do not receive them, and preaching to those who have never The [Prozpect heard. These Christians are a dedicated group of people who Street Team] is are not interested in the praise of showing God‘s men but in the praise of God. The work is not yet complete. love to the However, through faith and unloved, hugs to continuous prayer they know God will complete the work He those who do not has begun. The Prozpect receive them, and meets every fourthStreet Team Saturday at 10:30 am in Ivy Hall. They begin preaching to with an hour of intercession folthose who have lowed by a brief but thorough orientation at 11:30 with a subsenever heard. quent departure to the projects at noon.—EIF

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health & healing

armen (not her real name) had experienced the trauma of parental abandonment through her parents’ murder-suicide several years ago. To cope with the subsequent pain of rejection, displacement, and loneliness, she joined the nameless faces of teens who cut their upper arms and body with razors, knives, or any sharp object they can find. Only when the blood began to flow did Carmen experience temporary relief from her emotional pain. The next time she experienced a crisis, she would hide herself in the bathroom, take a razor and slice her upper arm again and again. Her secret remained well-hidden under her long-sleeved shirts. I first learned that cutting was so pervasive through our former teen leader who was determined to help Carmen. Shortly afterward, two more teens in our Bible study admitted to other youth teen leaders that they, too, were cutting. Baffled at this phenomenon that seemed to me to be a precursor to suicide, I called Dr. Minnie Claiborne, therapist and author of Prayer Therapy: Stop Hurting (www.praythroughthebibleinayear.com). She recommended prayer therapy and the importance of building trusting relationships with these teens. For my Foundations of Educational Ministries class at Azusa Pacific University’s Haggard School of Theology, I added the topic of cutting to the list of suggestions for students’ research papers. Jackson Stava, Youth Pastor at Flipside Church of Rancho Cucamonga, CA (their mission is to “turn the world upside down for Jesus Christ”), took the challenge because he had encountered students who cut themselves in his youth ministry. Highlights from his paper bulleted below are used by permission. • Cutting falls under the umbrella of self-mutilation or self-injury. “Simply defined, self-mutilation is harming oneself by injuring the body” (Woodard, 2006, p.1). While other forms of self-mutilation such as punching, pinching, burning, and biting exist, cutting is the most popular form of self-mutilation in today’s teen culture. • A study in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology estimated that between 7-18% of high school students engage in the self-mutilating practice of cutting (Nock, 2005), which is over 100 times the amount of students who actually commit suicide (0.1% <www.teensuicide.us/articles1.html>). • Stress, depression, and emotional difficulties are reasons that students cut themselves. Because many have not developed proper coping skills, their urge to cut may be triggered by strong feelings that they are not able to express (Lyness, 2005).


By La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D.

Simply stated, cutting is the last attempt to “alleviate emotional distress,” (Haines, 2003, p.2). Stretched to the end of their emotional limits, teens cut themselves in an attempt to escape from hurting inside. • When a student cuts, “the brain starts to connect the false sense of relief from bad feelings to the act of cutting, and it craves this relief the next time tension builds” (Lyness, 2005, p. 3). • Factors that lead to cutting are pressures from school and parental abandonment. The Abandonment Theory posits that adolescents have been abandoned by adults. Parents do not spend time with their children, so they suffer from the loss of safe relationships that provide the nurturing they need to successfully mature into adulthood (Clark, 2006). While the easy response to this problem is to state that each family then is responsible for their own children’s development, that is simply not the case. The abandonment of adults is not creating individual occurrences of adolescents struggling to understand their experience, but instead it has created a culture of adolescents who have pulled away from the adult world. Cutting clubs on high school campuses and the internet provide a resource for cutters to not only find relief, but also find the community for which they are longing (see www.bmezine.com). The church must respond to cutting by intentionally building relationships with those who cut and allowing Christ, through those relationships, to radically change their culture. This was the turning point for Carmen. When the youth leader showed genuine caring in appropriate ways, Carmen called her one day to confess her cutting habit. The youth leader asked, “Why do you cut?” Carmen answered, “I like the pain.” It’s been over a year of patiently listening to Carmen and allowing her a safe place to vent. It was a long road of building a trusting relationship that mirrors the love of Christ. Today, Carmen says that she is no longer cutting. —EIF

Clark, Chap (2006). Hurt: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic. Haines, Janet and Williams, Christopher (2003). “Coping and Problem Solving of Self-Mutilators.” Journal of Clinical Psychology, 59:1-10. Lyness, D’Arcy (March, 2005). “Cutting.” Teens Health www.kidshealth.org/teen/yourmind/mentalhealth/cutting.html Nock, Matthew and Prinstein, Mitchell (2005). “Contextual Features and Behavioral Function of Self-Mutilation Among Adolescents.” Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 114:52-58. Woodard, Kelli (October 19, 2006). “Cutting: Understanding the Self-Mutilation of Teenagers.” Youth Specialties www.youthspecialties.com/articles/topics/counseling/cutting.php
La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D., teaches Christian Education at Haggard School of Theology/Azusa Pacific University. She is author of Teaching Like Jesus: A Practical Guide to Christian Education in Your Church (Zondervan).



word of faith

The Importance of Raising Children in the Word
By Dr. Betty R. Price

hen you have children, it is important to have the Word as your guide. We raised our children in the fear of God, so we really didn’t have a lot of problems. God’s Word works. We used it on our daughters and they came through those difficult teen years without any problems: no drugs, drinking, smoking, or sex. They came up godly in the midst of the drug scene. We put the fear of God in them. You as a parent must live right before your children and let them see God in your life, and then they’ll know that God is real. As many of you know, in our old age and quite to our surprise, we had a son. I had two grown girls and an eleven-and-a-half-year-old girl, and then we had a boy. Actually, our first child was a boy. He was killed by a car while crossing the street when he was only eight years old. His name was Frederick K. C. Price, III, after his father and grandfather. Frederick is our second son, and we named him Frederick Price. Many people call him Price, Jr. although he is not really the junior. When Freddie came along, Fred and I thought we


were through having children, but God had other plans for us. Before he was born, we received a prophecy that the child I was carrying would be a boy and he would help my husband in the ministry, just as our first son would have done, had Satan not stolen his life. The prophecy came to pass, and Frederick, an assistant pastor at Crenshaw Christian Center, is proving to be a wonderful blessing to his father and me, the ministry, and most of all to the Lord. We raised him the same way we raised our daughters, because based on the Word of God we believe boys should be sexually pure as well as girls. We made sure he stayed free from drugs, smoking, and alcohol, just as we did our daughters. There are all kinds of risqué programs on television, and if the parents are not watchful, kids will look at them. We didn’t just go and turn the television off and tell him he could not look at television if we saw him watching them. We would say to him, “We don’t do those things in this house. No sex until you are married.” We kept that message before him. Fred and I would talk to him about the things he had to face out in the world and the pitfalls Satan has for young men. I would tell him all the time, “Don’t get yourself off in a corner with some girl by yourself and start getting your feelings all bothered.” You have to tell your children what is out there and then expect God to back you up. When they are tempted to get in certain situations, God will bring what you have taught them to their remembrance if you keep it before them. Sometimes it brings stress. It costs something to raise godly children because they want to do all the things that they see other kids do. Some parents are afraid to chastise their kids, thinking they are going to run away. Give those kids to God and go on and do what is right. They will appreciate it later. First Peter 5:7 tells us:

Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.
A lot of Christians think those are just beautiful words to read and they don’t apply them personally, but you can apply the Word of God personally in your life. That is what we did in raising our children.

Prayer is so very important. You might think your job and the other things you are involved in are what is sustaining you. But you have to know that it is God who is totally behind any blessings you get. It is up to you to do your part, and God will do His. I’m a living witness. I came from real poverty to where I am now, and it was rough. But God brought us out of every situation. Third John 2 says:

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul



That is God’s desire for all of His children, and He will provide you with whatever you need. But you have to take it a step at a time. He knows whether you are “shucking and jiving.” He knows whether you are just serving Him for the blessings or whether you are serving Him because you love Him and you want the very best of God in your life. I want my life to glorify and honor God. That is all I care about. I tell my kids the same thing: “This family is set aside to serve God.” Like Joshua said, “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve….But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord ” (Josh. 24:15). I pray for my children daily that they will give God their best and they will have His best. I pray for my grandchildren that they will have sensitive spirits and alert minds, and they will live for God all the days of their lives. The Christian life is a wonderful life. I can’t express to you the peace that will be in your life when you walk in the will and blessings of God. And no matter what attacks you, God will see you through every situation you are faced with. Unfortunately, most Christians don’t have the patience it takes to wait on God. You have to have patience with the things of God that is why Hebrews 10:23 tells us to:

to try and force your children to do something just because you like doing it, or try to make them come around to your point of view. Let them be who they are. Like one family I’m thinking about now. The mother was just so hard on her kids. She would tell her children, “We’re Christians now. You’re not going to look at anything on television except Christian channels.” They could not listen to music on the radio or play tapes. She made the children miserable. Where are the kids now? In the street—they don’t believe God or anything. And mom is not making it either. You can go overboard living the “Christian life,” more like a religious life. God doesn’t call you to do that. He calls us to use wisdom. Listening to music is just a stage children go through. They’ll eventually grow out of it. You have to make the environment nice for your children and don’t put them in bondage, but let them see you doing right. Then they will know what to do at a given time. The Bible tells us in Hebrews 12:1–2:

Let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
You must decide for yourself that you will do anything you have to do to get in tune with Him. We are to “lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us.” Jesus has provided everything we need to be winners in life.—EIF
This was an excerpt from Dr. Betty’s newly released book, “Wisdom From Above: How to Live the Prosperous Life and Have Good Success.”

Hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.
If you really believe that, you’ll hold fast until you receive the promised blessing. We found out in raising our children that you want to have a pleasant environment for your children to come home to. You don’t want



parenting matters


Hip Hop: Search for


By La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D.


was in Pastor L. Craig Hay’s office, Executive Pastor at Crenshaw Christian Center (Assistant Pastor and Senior Vice President of CCC), a man of God filled with wisdom who has counseled parents and their children for many years. We were discussing the state of our youth when he reached to the side of his desk and handed me a report—Reaching the Hip-Hop Generation by the Motivational Educational Entertainment Productions, Inc. (MEE). “Read it,” he advised.

This report makes it clear that parents and youth workers aren’t the only ones trying to understand the Hip Hop culture. Described as a 14-million people subgroup of the AfricanAmerican culture, these are the kids with loud rap music and sag-

ging pants whom advertisers want to target with products and lifestyle messages. To find out why these teens ignore the “Just Say ‘No’” anti-drug campaign, MEE was form in 1990 as a research and consultant company whose goal is to understand, reach and positively affect urban youth. The study, financed by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, has two components: statistical analysis (quantitative research) and focus groups (qualitative research). Researchers wanted to find the most effective way of communicating pos- “Researchers itive “prosocial” messages to African-American inner-city wanted to find the teens since scripted messages from celebrity athletes, for most effective way example, seemed to have little to no impact on averting risky of communicating teen behavior. Two hundred and ninetyfive (295) students from several positive “prosocial” large urban areas—New York City, New York, Washington, messages to D.C., Camden, New Jersey, Philadelphia, PA, and East African-American Oakland, CA—took surveys while at school. In addition to inner-city teens.” the surveys, there were focus groups averaging 10-12 students who met for 1.5 hours. These students responded to questions from MEE researchers after watching three videos: Naughty by Nature “O.P.P.” (Other People’s Property), X Clan’s “Heed the Word of a Brother” and Public Enemy’s “Can’t Trust It.” According to the report, African-American teenagers: consume 3-4 movies a month buy 2-3 CDs a month (97% like and listen to rap music) watch 77 hours of TV a week (50% more than the



national average) An inferior educational system, drugs, gangs, and teen pregnancy are descriptive of the environment in which these teens are expected to thrive. There’s an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and a “chilling disbelief in the future.” This “street cul“Parents and ture,” sets its own rules and has a unique form of communication. Risk-taking and self- leaders have the destructive behavior is the norm, and telling them how to unique opportulive their lives isn’t well tolerated. nity to impact I found the report’s conclusion particularly disconcert- this generation ing, that “urban youth laugh at attempts to reach them.” by demonstrating There is distrust even of traditional African-American culture from which teens in the what it means to Hip Hop subculture feel alienated. Their belief that “every- be …Christian.” one’s doing it” reinforces selfdestructive behavior that flirts with death in its celebration of gangs, drug abuse and promiscuity. According to this study, the Hip Hop generation reports that they neither revere Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. nor identify with

the struggles or successes of the Civil Rights Movement. Whatever appears to be preachy is rejected which is why the “Just say ‘No!’” public service messages are ignored. Theirs is a culture where male-domination, female victimization and “macho posturing” is “so prevalent that even the young women…displayed masculine interactive styles and behaviors.”i

What do they want?
What on earth are these youth looking for? The answer in this report may surprise you. The Hip Hop Generation wants to keep it real. In other words, they want authenticity…to see living examples instead of hearing authority figure tell them what to do. They want role-models. This is good news! Parents and youth leaders have the unique opportunity to impact this generation by demonstrating what it means to think, behave, and be Christian. In our homes “do as I do” must continue to replace “do as I say.” The man or woman who is not just a hearer of the Word but a doer also is the only one who will effectively reach this generation for Jesus Christ. Is that you? —EIF

MEE Productions, Inc. (1990). The MEE Report: Reaching the Hip Hop Generation. (4601 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139).

By Dr. Frederick K.C. Price

Hard Hitting and Life Changing • The truth will set you free!
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Role Model In Christ
Pastor Price Jr., I want to say to you that you serve as a role model and an encouragement to me. I am 24 years old and I assist my Dad here in Nigeria in a church of about 60 people. I work as a fulltime Pastor without salary trusting God to meet ALL my needs. I read about you in the magazine and it was a blessing. God bless you.
—Ogaga Max David Jr. Grace Renewal Fellowship Warri,Delta State, Nigeria

Growing In Christ
I started as a FaithPartner with Ever Increasing Faith Ministries in 1979 in Detroit, Michigan. I’ve learned a vast amount of knowledge of the Word of faith from the Prices over the years. The knowledge has overflowed into my own ministry as well as now being a member of Crenshaw Christian Center and The Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries. God has really been faithful.
—Pastor Tarrance Austin Sr. Terry Austin Ministries, Hollywood, California

because he believes sometimes and sometimes he doesn’t. I didn’t need those kinds of thoughts around me, so me and my mom prayed and blessed God for healthy outcome; and God did just that. I prayed with the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists and others who had to care for me. I said all this to say may God continue to bless and keep you, and give you a word to speak to us. At first when I started watching you a long time ago, I thought you were conceited, but now I know it wasn’t that at all; you were and are confident in what you believe. Dr. Price, I haven’t made it yet, but I’m on my way. And I wouldn’t give nothing for this journey that I am on. One regret, and that is that I didn’t start early enough. But where I’m at, I’ll continue on and help those that want to be helped. We love you and keep on teaching the unadulterated Word of God.
—Minister Denise Smith

There were at times positions that were primarily given to white sergeants, however with the faith principles that you have taught, I destroyed that wall and enjoyed some of those so-called cushy jobs also. One of the greatest things that touched my heart in your magazine was how when you first started out you had to leave a church because it didn’t agree with your spirit. A little more than a year ago I had to leave a very well-known church because my love for God was far greater than my love for man. When I saw how God blessed you after you left, I knew that God would also bless me and He is doing just that. I am presently experiencing the glory of God like never before. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the great and powerful example you are setting.
—Pastor Chris Benjamin, III

We Want To

Headed By GOD
Praise the Lord Drs. Fred and Betty Price, Last November 2006 the doctor said I had colon cancer, but out of my mouth, I said “with his stripes, I believe I am healed; and today I say I am healed. Praise God.” After hearing how the Lord brought you through, and He is no respector of persons, I believed that He would bring me through also. My mom was there with me when the doctors told me that, and we are praying partners anyway, so you know that didn’t deter my faith for one second. I had forgotten about it until it was time to have the surgery, the day after Thanksgiving. No chemo and no radiation. God is good. I never told my husband about this

Hear From You!
Write to us at: Ever Increasing Faith Magazine, P.O. Box 44185 Los Angeles, CA

Thankful For A Godly Example
Greetings Pastor and Mrs. Price. God bless you’ll and we love you. Keep up the great work. You are most surely appreciated. Dr. Price. Today when I got home the Lord instructed me to read your latest Ever Increasing Faith Magazine (Jan/Feb 2007) I read the article on your 75th birthday. I am a pastor and a recently retired sergeant (28 year law enforcement). Numerous times throughout my career, your faith teachings helped to sustain me.

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Pastor Fred Price with Pastor Millender

Group 1 Crew

C Mac ministers to the youth.

Michael Amey and Adrian Evans helped spearhead The Event.


By Kerri Webb “Let’s just take some time out and give it up for Jesus,” shouts the DJ into his microphone as he pumps up and already lively crowd of screaming teenagers. “Come on y’all! Let’s make some joyful noise!” The deepest, loudest, floor-banging hip hop music booms (and I mean booms) throughout the Youth Activity Center’s (YAC) gymnasium as teens jump around, dancing and screaming. Multi-colored stage lights dart the room and the stage comes alive with singers and dancers clad in the latest urban gear. This ain’t MTV–this is praise and worship, EVENT style. The EVENT is the annual youth and young adult’s ministry for the Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM) and there’s no other like it. And this year’s EVENT was no different. From July 24-28, 2007, Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) took center stage as more than 6,000 parishioners from more than 60 inner-city Word of Faith ministries converged in the FaithDome in Los Angeles and celebrated the 17th Annual FICWFM conference. However, from July 25-28, CCC’s YAC was center stage for members of Generation Y! Youth ministry has come a long way since the days of lecture-style Bible studies featuring stuffy dances to boring, outdated Christian music. Back then, youth ministry seemed so out of touch with the increasingly complex youth life and parents never seemed to understand their teen’s reluctancy towards church. Praise God for the answer to those youth ministries of yesteryear. The answer has come in the form of The Event, the exclusive youth ministry for the Fellowship of Inner-City Word of Faith Ministries. The Event, according co-founders Michael Amey and Adrian Evans, is not just a youth Bible study, it’s a ministry focused on not only teaching the Word, but relating God’s plan for His less-aged soldiers. “The Event is catered to the 13-19-year old age group and can include the young adults aged 20 to 25,” explained Adrian Evans, who is also the Marketing Coordinator for Crenshaw Christian Center. “It’s an opportunity for teens to hear the Word of God tailored just for them.” According to Evans, the Event was originally started by Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. and Michael Amey in 2003, as a result of Pastor Price’s heart for youth ministry. With the tremendous success of Hip Hop Sunday, many ministries across the nation soon recognized the importance of creating a youth ministry that would not merely “babysit” teens while their parents were in church by placating them for several hours. He recognized that youth ministry needed to reach its teenage audience in a way that would inspire the Josephs, Davids and Ruths of the upcoming generations. This year’s Event was no different as close to 600 teens from FICWFM ministries far and wide participated in the three-day festival of “food, folks and fellowship.” During the day session from 10am-noon, teens participated in music ministry and panel discussions on topics directly pertaining to their age group. They were taught how to apply God’s Word to their lives and how to develop a life-long relationship with our Father God. They also took part in games and other activities until FICWFM sessions ended for lunch. Later each evening, while parents were in the main session, teens were invited to participate in the “EVENT ZONE,” where starting at 7:30pm, the YAC was transformed into an action-packed party, complete with music, dancing, singing, contests, prizes and of course, Bible study. Long-time CCC member and vocalist KeNice Matthews led The EVENT’s evening session in praise and worship. The twentysomething songstress says that she enjoys the energy and passion of the youth. “It’s beautiful to see how the younger generations express their love to the Father in a way that is unique and different from their parents,” Matthews explains. “It’s my job as their worship leader to be an example and help them to encourage God’s presence. These young people are the future leaders of the Church. The future of Christianity is right here in this place and it’s a blessing to be a witness to their growth.” Monique Cowan, a member of CCC’s FaithIgniting Radical Evangelists (FIRE) Team, proudly served her role as an EVENT volunteer. The FIRE Team is the young adults Missionary outreach at CCC—many of its members dedicated countless hours to make sure that the EVENT was a purposeful success. “[The EVENT] provides the perfect outlet for the young members of the Church to learn how to apply the Word to their lives,” Cowan says. Just as Cowan tries to speak, the primarily teenage crowd jumps to its feet and cheers wildly. It’s now tithe and offering time. Even the way these young people worship God with their finances is a party. With the music vibrating the floor, you can’t help but to stand and get your boogie on (yeah, I said boogie); or at least nod your head to the beat. Among the music ministries on the EVENT’s bill of faire included: Michigan’s JSaint, CCC’s Karim Bailey who threw some gospel reggae into the mix, and Apple Jaxx, who invited dancers up to the stage while he sang. The evening sessions included dance and singing contests with prizes ranging anywhere from Apple Ipods to music CDs and books. However, after the music and games were played, the real mission of the EVENT began. Instead of the traditional Bible study lesson format with a teacher or pastor speaking to a listening (or sleeping) audience, the organizers of the EVENT created a “talk show” format, complete with panelists, a host, and audience participation. Michael Amey, (a FIRE Team Captain) led the discussions of topics ranging from peer pressure, sex and sexuality, parental relationships and what God says about all of them. “How am I supposed to talk to God, I mean He’s God and I’m just one person,” Amey asks the panel. “What am I supposed to do if I’m someone who may be feeling like I’m no one special or that I don’t really have that much impact or influence with my friends?” “Talk to God like you would talk to your friends,” explains one of the six panelists who couldn’t have been older than 20 years old. “As you come closer to Him, He’ll come closer to you and you’ll begin to know what He has planned for you.” Another panelist member emphatically responds, “When you see what God’s Word says about you, then you’ll see that you are someone and just how important you really are. Tell everybody what God says about you and then you’ll start to act and live like He expects you to.”—EIF
To obtain information regarding the upcoming FICWFM 2008 Convention, please contact the FICWFM office at (323) 789-3852.



CD Book FPB 62 (Hardcover)
The Purpose of Prosperity Series


PPSD 1 (22-CD)


By Dr. Frederick K.C. Price
Says Dr. Price, “In this book, I want to show you God’s plan for prosperity, and how He intends for all Believers to be financially secure. Critics want to dismiss this as ‘name it and claim it.’ It’s nothing of the sort. It is the very blueprint for how any Christian should conduct his or her life when it comes to money. Prosperity is the result of doing God’s Word.” In this upcoming new book release Dr. Price presents a comprehensive analysis of what the Bible says about wealth and money—what God says—and how we, as Believers, fit into the picture. Today, more than ever, the Body of Christ needs money to spread the gospel. Learn how you can be a channel that God can use to get His covenant established in this earth realm.

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straight talk

Q&A with Drs. Fred and Betty Price
Can you explain to the teens about being unequally yoked? Some people don’t understand it.
Let’s look at 2 Corinthians 6:14-18: Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? (If you are a Christian, you are known as righteous. Whether you know it or not you are righteous.) And what communion has light with darkness? (If you are saved, you are light and the ones that are not saved are darkness.) And what accord has Christ with Belial? (See, you are Christ and the Devil is Belial.) Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? (You are a believer, and they are unbelievers.) And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said: I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God. And they
Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotations mentioned above are taken from the New King James Version of the Bible.

shall be My people.”
Therefore “Come out from among them And be separate, says the Lord. Do not touch what is unclean, And I will receive you.” “I will be a Father to you, And you shall be My sons and daughters, Says the Lord Almighty.” So if you get unequally yoked with an unbeliever, many times the unbeliever will draw Christians away from God instead of Christians drawing them to God. You have to be very, very strong to not let a person who does not believe keep you from doing what you should do.

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