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a message from dr. price

invitation to salvation

He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much….
—Luke 16:10 More than thirty years ago, I was impressed to go on the radio to teach the Word of God. It never occurred to me that my 15-minute program would blossom into our current worldwide broadcast that reaches millions daily via radio, television, internet, and podcasting. I know that this milestone would not have been possible without the generous financial support and prayers of you, the viewers and listeners of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries (EIFM). You have been a great blessing to this ministry and to the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ in general. I am happy to report that EIFM is growing stronger than ever because our focus has remained steadfast on teaching the uncompromising Word of God and feeding the sheep. When I heard the Lord speak to me some 38years ago about the vision He had for this ministry, I purposed in my heart to do it His way and not allow the trends of life to move me off course. I am convinced that today’s successes are a direct result to doing His Word and being faithful to the little thirty-plus years ago. I thank each and every one of you who have contributed your hard earned money to this ministry. I am truly humbled by the trust you have demonstrated toward us. Thank you again and again—on to the next 30-plus years! At the 2007 Fellowship of Inner City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM) Convention, the members unanimously agreed to proclaim 2008 as the “Year of the Apostle,” and to officially recognize me as their Apostle. This office title will be officially conferred at this year’s FICWFM convention here at the FaithDome in July. I invite you all to come and witness what the Lord has done. The celebration will also include a presentation regarding the upcoming Apostle of Faith Library that will break ground sometime in the near future. Life is full of wonderful surprises when you are living the Word of God. There is no end to the goodness of God and His great blessings. I pray that you too are experiencing the good life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

“ …today’s successes are a direct result to doing His Word and being faithful to the little…”

If you are not a Christian and would like to become one, pray the following prayer:

Dear GOD in Heaven, Thank you for sending Your Son JESUS CHRIST to destroy the power of Satan over my life. I accept Jesus now as my personal SAVIOR and LORD, and I choose to turn away from the sins of my past to a renewed Life in Jesus. You said that if I would confess with my mouth the LORD JESUS and believe in my heart that You raised Him from the dead, that I would be saved. I believe JESUS died for my sins and that You raised Him from the dead for my benefit. HEAVENLY FATHER, I thank you for the gift of salvation and for accepting me now as Your child. In JESUS’ name, Amen.

For we walk by faith, not by sight. —2 Corinthians 5:7

If you have prayed this prayer, please let us know by writing to us at: Crenshaw Christian Center P.O.Box 90000 Los Angeles, CA 90009 Attn: Administration Office



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For 30-Years EIFM Has Been Broadcasting Around the World Reaching … Utilizing New Means of Communication!
By A. Michael Evans & Patricia Hays


Angela Evan‘s Measure of Success: Less is More Two Years After Losing 69 Pounds, Angela Is Still Fit and Fabulous!l
By Daniella Masterson

Crenshaw Christian Center Thriving In Namibia Testimonies of Faith and Life More Abundantly!
By Missionary Wanda Wilkins

For 30-years EIFM is broadcast around the world reaching an audience of more than 15 million households each week. Today EIFM ministers via the radio, TV, internet, podcasting and looking forward to utilizing new means of communication.

Angela had a “live to eat” diet. After two children and years of out-of-control eating, Angela had ballooned up to her heaviest weight, 221 pounds. Angela shares how God’s Word helped her get rid of “Fat Angie.”

Namibia is a country of diverse cultures and ethnic groups located in Southwest Africa. It is a country rich in natural resources. Unfortunately, too many of its people suffer from corruption, poverty and AIDS. It is a country in great need of the message of faith.

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A Michael Evans Jr. is the Vice President of Marketing for CCC. Additionally, he is the Executive Producer of the Ever Increasing Faith Television, radio, internet, and livecasts. He is also Manager of the Flight Department. In his role as International Travel Coordinator, Evans has coordinated cruises for CCC since 1984. He and his wife Angela, President of CCC, have two grown children. Daniella Masterson is Director of Public Relations at CCC. She was recently the fresh voice of choice for KRBV V100, hosting “It’s A New Day.” Whether writing for print publications, producing for television or hosting a radio talk show Ms. Masterson is dedicated to using her skills to make Jesus famous and to speak life into any project. Barbara, she is currently the media spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, and is a member of the Public Relations Society of America and the National Association of Black Journalists. Wanda Wilkins along with her husband Jack, is a missionary under the leadership of Dr. Frederick K.C. Price. They are graduates of Dr. Price’s Ministry Training Institute and are the overseers of the operations of CCC Global Ministries and Ministry & Leadership Training Institute in Windhoek, Namibia.

Kerri Webb the former Senior Writer for Ever Increasing Faith Magazine, has been a member of Crenshaw Christian Center for 28 years. A graduate of the University of California, Santa



feature article

By A. Michael Evans, Jr. & Mrs. Patricia Hays

Humble Beginnings — The Radio Ministry


ver Increasing Faith Ministries (EIF) began more than 30 years ago in a small, cramped, dimly-lit closet in the McCarthy Circle area in Los Angeles in early 1972. At that time, a young passionate minister by the name of Frederick K.C. Price sat with the door closed, a single light bulb over his head and portable cassette tape recorder at his side. This young pastor believed that it took the same amount of effort to teach the many, as it did to teach the few. He thought, “Why just minister to those in attendance at church on Sunday mornings, when I can reach thousands of people with the Word

of God over the radio airwaves?” So in a little closet in his home, a humble Fred Price taught God’s Word with every bit of gusto he could muster in the 15 minutes he had purchased. When he had completed five segments, he got dressed, drove the family car to a local radio station called KTYM in Inglewood, California and delivered his messages to the masses for the week. Although his locations and circumstances have greatly improved since that time, today Dr. Price still teaches the Word of Faith with the same gusto by radio as well as by other multimedia avenues. Judging by the response, that radio program proved to be a breath of fresh air. There wasn’t any yelling, screaming, whooping, or loud organ music accompanying the preaching. No. It was just the pure, unadulterated Word of God being taught uncompromisingly by a Black man. This was revolutionary. It did not take long before the listeners started writing to Dr. Price, personally approving the new format. He preferred not be called “Reverend Price” because he had seen too many ministers called by the title “Reverend” who were anything but reverent. So he made up his mind that he was not going to use the “reverend” title. He became known as “Pastor Price” or “Fred Price,” or just “Fred.” So, now “Pastor Price” had a growing radio audience, and he needed to minister to these listeners just as he ministered to those who attended his church on Sunday mornings or his Bible Studies during the week at the West Washington



Community Church. These listeners made it clear that they, too, wanted to learn more of God’s Word. Many would eventually come to visit West Washington Community Church to see and hear this dynamic teacher of God’s Word. Many would later become members of the church. Those who were unable to come to West Washington, for whatever reason, still depended upon the radio ministry and Dr. Price’s other teaching materials, which they could purchase through the mail from the church.

The Ministry Expands: The Ever Increasing Faith Television Ministry
Although the church moved from the West Washington location to Crenshaw Boulevard in 1973, it was not until April, 1978 that the television ministry began. At that time, Dr. Price said the Lord told him to go on television. His assignment was clear. Actually, it was no surprise to Dr. Price that he would go on television, because that was the way to go for reaching millions and millions of people in one instant. Years ago, even before going into the ministry, the Lord had spoken to him in an audible voice. Dr. Price said the Lord said

to him, “You are to teach my people faith.” Through the media of television, he could see how this could more easily be accomplished. Dr. Price said he was told not only to go on television but where he was to start. The program was to be aired in five American cities: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C. (Notice, that all these cities have inner cities, with many social problems and large Black populations.) Further, God told him what He wanted him to do on this program: “Don’t preach, don’t have special guests or music, JUST TEACH.” Because this was something new to him, Dr. Price consulted Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, because they had a similar program. He was told by a Rhema board member that the concept of just teaching or being “a talking head” on television was never going to work. This gentleman said, “You need some variety to have a successful TV program.” But Dr. Price stuck to what he believed God had told him to do. This was no small venture because having a program on television is very expensive. The equipment is expensive; the air-time is expensive; everything about television is expensive. Christian television is not advertiser supported; consequently, all the expenses must initially be borne by the individual ministries. Of course, in time, the viewers are given the opportunity to help financially support the broadcasts, but until that time happens, the church or ministry has to finance all costs by itself. In 1978, Crenshaw Christian Center did not have the money to invest in the air-time needed to broadcast in five cities, so Dr. Price decided to begin in Los Angeles. He contacted a local Television Station Metro Media KTTV. They had a production arm that did field Production, called “All West Video.” This company placed two trucks on the grounds of Crenshaw Christian Center at 9550 Crenshaw Boulevard in the city of Inglewood. They set up the lights and cameras and of course, Dr. Price provided the action and the Ever Increasing Faith Television ministry was born. At first this company did all the production, and KTTV television aired the program on its station in Los Angeles, Channel 11. As the money came in to support the program, more air-time was purchased for the other cities and the program was sent to the local stations in these cities where EIF had purchased air time. The program became an instant success. TBN, the Christian Television Station, also wanted to air the program and so air time was purchased from them; the program has remained on TBN since that time. Today, EIF has been broadcasting the uncompromising Word of God for over 30 years. The program is heard across the nation and around the globe—currently airing in 15 of the 20 largest markets in America, reaching an audience of more than 15 million households each week. It is ranked number five in popularity among Christian television viewers. The lives that have been impacted by the Word through EIF ministry are inestimable. People have been healed, filled with the Holy Spirit and set free from all kinds of bondage.


feature article
Marriages have been restored and children, who were lost, have been reconnected with their parents and with God and people are being delivered from fear and prejudice all over the world. In October 1997, Dr. Price taught his landmark and controversial series, Race, Religion & Racism. Years later this same series was aired in South Africa and other surrounding countries and the reception of this teaching was received well. This is a miracle for that part of the world. Yet, with all our celebrating of this 30-year event, we know this milestone could not have been achieved if it were not for the faithful financial support of our viewers, listeners and FaithPartners. Your contributions, as valuable supporters, cannot be measured. Only God knows the sacrifices you have made and will reward you accordingly for what you have sown into His Kingdom through the ministry of EIFM. And, we will continue to teach and proclaim the living Word of God because of your future prayers and financial support.

them all. As a result, Dr. Price agreed to hold crusades and or meetings in various arenas in major cities across the United States. This way, he could minister to more people at one time, rather than in churches were the crowds would of necessity be limited. So in 1982, the first EIF Television Crusade was held at the South Mountain arena in East Orange, New Jersey for two consecutive nights. (This was as close as he could get to New York.) This arena was an ice skating rink that held events on top of the covered ice. Needless to say, it was freezing in the arena, but people still came in droves to hear Dr. Fred Price teach them how to walk by faith and not by sight. The television crusades grew in popularity over the next 10 years. These events were held in the Nassau Coliseum, Madison Square Garden, Washington, D.C. Convention Center, Miami Convention Center, Masonic Lodge and Cobo Hall. The crusades were held in such cities as Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Houston, Richmond, Atlanta, New Orleans and many other American cities. After years of teaching others via radio, television, in print, as well as at crusades, other young ministers responded to the call on their lives and started teaching the Bible on radio and television, as well as holding teaching meeting across the country. Eventually, it wasn’t necessary for Dr. Price to travel as much as before because there were many new Word of Faith ministers sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. The EIF crusades stopped and the Internet explosion began. In 1997 Ever Increasing Faith Ministries launched its first website. Dr. Price loved the movie “Star Wars” and all things galactic, so the website had a Star Wars look and feel to it. It had all the elements that the EIF viewers and listeners needed to further their study of God’s Word. Through the website, Dr. Price could do every form of ministry short of actually laying hands on people. Other variations of this initial website continue strong: It’s FaithPartner and Eagle Eye programs Chat rooms, Fellowship Forums, Podcasting, Cyberstore, 24/7 on demand video, even live Sunday service and Tuesday Night Bible Study—all these are a part of our present-day broadcasts. Ever Increasing Faith Ministries has grown with the times and continues to provide teaching of God’s Word by Dr. Fred Price, Dr. Betty R. Price, and now their son, Pastor Frederick K. Price to those who otherwise can’t physically get to Crenshaw Christian Center for a live service. After 30years of successful ministry to God’s people, the mandate of Ever Increasing Faith Ministries remains the same: Teach the uncompromising Word of God to the masses in the spirit of honesty, integrity, and excellence. We are proud to continue to bring to you—the viewers and listeners of EIF Ministries—ministry, teaching and news from Crenshaw Christian Centers (Los Angeles and New York) because: “You are the ones who are still helping us to make it happen! —EIF

The Ever Increasing Faith Messenger — written companion to the outreach ministry
With the success of the EIF television program and the continual growth of the TV audience, something more was needed to enhance the spiritual growth of the congregation and TV viewers. Hence, the Ever Increasing Faith MESSENGER, the written companion to the ministry of the Word was put into circulation in 1984. This first magazine, published by Crenshaw Christian Center, was from four to six pages, with teaching messages from Dr. Fred Price and other articles of interest for people involved with the church or television ministry. It included Dr. Price’s speaking schedule and a schedule of where the program was being broadcast. Later messages from Dr. Betty, along with her speaking schedule, were added and the magazine expanded to 16 then 24 pages. Today, the quarterly magazine called Ever Increasing Faith Magazine not only includes messages from Drs. Price, it contains articles from guest authors and writers, articles by and for today’s youth, health issues and of course, teaching messages by Pastor Fred Price, Junior. Since most TV viewers cannot physically attend Crenshaw Christian Center, the magazine has become an added ministry tool to keep the viewers and listeners informed about EIF Ministries and Crenshaw Christian Center’s activities.

EIF Expands to Include Television Crusades
An integral part of EIF was the television crusades. The crusades came about as a result of the many speaking invitations Dr. Fred Price received as more and more people became exposed to his television ministry. Speaking invitations poured in from all over the country—so many, in fact, that there was no way he could have accepted



EIF survey

This year, we are celebrating our 30th Anniversary on the airwaves through Ever Increasing Faith Television. I am ever grateful to the Heavenly Father for His faithfulness to me as a result of my obedience to do that which He instructed me to do. I am one who is ever learning and ever growing. I am always seeking opportunities to improve everything I do. To that end, I am soliciting your input regarding a very important decision. Before I ask you to offer your input, I’d like to give you a brief overview of my vision for the Ever Increasing Faith Magazine. Many of you may remember the Magazine was called “The Messenger” for many years. It was, I believed, to be an extension of the TV Ministry in print to our TV viewers and partners. As we go forward, I want to find out whether this magazine continues to minister to you, if you want to continue receiving it, should we continue publishing it and if you would be willing to give a small annual donation specifically for the magazine to help cover the cost of producing it. If you would be so kind as to fill out the enclosed survey, if you have not previously done so, I would greatly appreciate it. My aim remains to always be a good steward of that which God has entrusted to me. Thank you in advance for your feedback and remember; you are helping to make it happen! AN INCENTIVE TO PARTICIPATE There’s even an incentive to participate—we’ll send you a free mini-book if you complete the survey and provide us with your mailing address by September 30, 2008. Thank you for your time and for your interest in Ever Increasing Faith Magazine. In the Service of the King,

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health & healing


Two Years After Losing 69 Pounds, Angela is Still Fit and Fabulous
By Daniella Masterson

‘Yes Daddy! I’m in the zone! I’m serious!” It’s been estimated that two thirds of the United State’s population is overweight. According to MedLinePlus Encyclopedia, an online magazine, experts believe that a person’s body mass index (BMI) is the most accurate measurement of body fat for children and adults. • Adults with a BMI between 25 and 29.9 are considered overweight. • Adults with a BMI greater than 30 are considered obese. • Anyone more than 100 pounds overweight is considered morbidly obese. People of color are at the highest risk of obesity with an estimated 75% of all African American women being overweight. The health community defines obesity as being 30 pounds or more over the recommended weight. Surprisingly, Caucasian women consider themselves overweight at 25 pounds, but African American women don’t think they’re overweight until they are 50 pounds over their recommended weight. Like many people, Angela had a “live to eat” diet. After two children and years of out-of-control eating, Angela had ballooned up to her heaviest weight, 221 pounds. She was so disenchanted; she gave her new image a moniker, “Fat Angie,” to describe her fat alter ego. Now, the once svelte 135 pound, 5-foot8-inch beauty who was voted “Best Figure” in high school had to learn how to “eat to live.” After failing to shed the weight for nearly twenty-five years, she enrolled in a Lindora Comprehensive Weight program. There she learned how to be faithful to care for God’s most precious and fragile gift by chang-


ngela and her husband Michael Evans were delighted to join her parents Drs. Betty and Frederick K.C. Price on a recent couples’ lunch one day. The restaurant was elegant and boasted a sumptuous menu of all the things that would make a person over eat when the meals arrived, instead of immediately digging in like everyone else, Angela pulled out a scale to weigh her food to make sure the portions were consistent with her weight management recommendations. “Daddy looked at me as I was weighing the food and asked, ‘You are serious, aren’t you?’” said Angela. “And I said,



ing her diet and dealing with her negative attitude about herself. Today, she has influenced millions of women to apply their faith to fight the good fight as a featured personality on Lindora’s commercials. Lindora Lean For Life Program Nurse Practitioner and Director of Lindora Online, Shelly Lummus, R.N., M.N., F.N.P.c., praised Angela’s hard work. “Angela is an inspiration to many Lindora patients and to the community,” said Lummus. “Her dedication to her health and the benefits of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight has motivated many others to achieve the same, great results! Angela is a wonderful, healthy role model.” But it wasn’t an easy journey, commented Angela. “I kept saying to myself, ‘Just face it! You're going to be fat forever!” said Angela. “You're never going to get it together! But …I did it!” “Everyone knows that obesity is dangerously out of control in America,” said Angela. “Christians have the advantage of having a personal revelation from God matched with prayer and the Word to motivate them to change their lifestyles. Additionally, that revelation will explain what is eating them. Overeating is often driven by hurt and damaged emotions,

stress and anxiety. But God can give you the victory!” Five years ago, when Angela would look in the mirror, “Fat Angie,” a sinister alter-ego who ate indiscriminately, would stare back. But today, when Angela looks in the mirror, she’s not “Fat Angie.” She’s “Phat Angie—” a svelte 5-foot-8-inch beauty who wears a sensational size six. The disciplined woman God called her to be. “God has come to give you life more abundantly, but you must choose life,” said Angela. “By applying the Word, I was able to make decisions that didn’t sabotage my happiness, my health or my purpose. I encourage you to make a commitment to be your strongest advocate, even when no one else will. I’m fortunate to have a loving and supportive family, but I had to choose to overcome through Christ. So can you.”—EIF
To learn how you can get the victory over obesity, order Angela Evans’ funny and inspirational DVD titled, “Flee Self Hateration: Angela Evans Weight Loss Journey” offered in this magazine.

(800) 391-6145



you are helping to make it happen


renshaw Christian Center Global Missions (CCCGM) Namibia is thriving with testimonies of changed and restored lives. Reports of healings from HIV and AIDS; job promotions and financial increase in the lives of God’s people are coming in from the north, south, east and west. Believers attending the Ministry & Leadership Training Institute, Monday Night Bible Study and or members of the newly-founded Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) in Windhoek, the capitol of Namibia, are experiencing the blessings of the Lord! The Ministry & Leadership Training Institute (MLTI) was started in 2005 and in 2006 the school graduated its chartered alumni class of 35 students. This year the school will graduate 47 students and has already received an early enrollment of 17 individuals for the next term. These students represent pockets of communities all over Namibia where they will take the Word of Faith and teach it to their congregations and cell groups. Straight from the heart of missions, CCCGM Namibia was founded by Dr. Frederick K.C. Price and opened its doors on January 27, 2008 with a membership count of 70 individuals. My husband, Pastor Jack Wilkins, and I are responsible for the oversight of this exciting outreach in Africa. True to Dr. Price’s teachings, the focus of our instruction is on faith, our redemption in Christ, prosperity, healing, integrity and any other biblical principles that lead to the Believer’s victorious Christian life.

On opening Sunday, Pastor Wilkins taught his first message from CCC’s vision and tenets of faith. He expounded on Dr. Price’s love for God’s people and the vision God gave him some 38 years ago to teach the uncompromising Word of God. The heart of Pastor Wilkins is to follow closely our spiritual leader, Dr. Price, as he follows Christ by teaching through precept and example, and with great simplicity, the Word of Faith. Our goal is to disciple the people so they will grow in the knowledge and power of our Savior Jesus the Christ. Namibia is a country of diverse cultures and ethnic groups located in Southwest Africa. It is a country rich in natural resources. It has the world’s largest sand dunes and an abundance of wild life. Its neighboring countries include South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Because Namibia is free from civil strife, its businesses and industries are rapidly growing. Unfortunately, too many of the indigenous people of Namibia suffer greatly from corruption, poverty and the awful pandemic of HIV and AIDS. It is a country in great need of the message of faith. God says that the entrance of His Word brings light. The light of God’s Word is spreading throughout Namibia. The people are reaping the benefits of just what God sent His Word to do! We have seen first hand the results of our teachings from the uncompromising Word of the Living God. We are seeing people growing in godliness and experiencing the goodness of God in their lives. They are experiencing Zoë! Jesus said in John 10:10, “…I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.” And,

Crenshaw Christian Center Thriving in Namibia

Testimonies of Faith and Life More Abundantly!
By Missionary Wanda Wilkins

The Crenshaw Christian Center Global Missions Namibia board members from left to right: Sophia Lubaki, Joan Guriras, Wanda Wilkins, Jack Wilkins, Peter Mbutu, Emilio Augustinus and Coenie Botha.



because God’s Word does not come back to Him void, we have witnessed the people of Namibia drink of the oasis of fresh water in a spiritually dry and thirsty land. The fruits of CCC’s love and compassion for God’s people can be clearly seen in Namibia. The work that has taken place and will continue to take precedence will produce a harvest that is long and deep, drawing a great multitude of souls for the Kingdom of God. We know that God’s Word works for those who work the Word. And, the proof is in the testimonies of those who have dared to believe the Word and to apply it to their lives. Gerson V. Kamatuka believes that the Lord blessed him with a special healing, “I Front row seated: Missionaries Jack and Wanda Wilkins; Individuals standing: Charter members of Crenshaw Christian Center Global believed the Lord for healing in my body, and it man- Missions Namibia; Building: College site where church services and MLTI classes are temporarily being held ifested recently,” he said. “I believe the breakthrough persons. Sophia Lubaki is a living testimony that what God does for came after taking the class on “Divine Healing” as part of the MLTI curone, He must to do for all when the children of God are obedient to do riculum. The instructor taught us that healing is part of our redempHis Word. “The Word has made me a better person, has improved my tion. The same way I was saved is the same way I was healed. I acceptquality of life, has improved my relationships, has empowered me to ed this revelation right away and it changed my outlook on life.” embark upon major projects,” she said. “I have learned the value of givIf there is one area that the people of Namibia need today is what ing and investing in the Kingdom of God and found that I cannot beat God has to say about prosperity for His people. Maria Ipadut Opali God giving, no matter how I try.” said she has experienced more victory as a result to joining the school. “I Thank you for supporting missions through your prayers and givjoined the school and within weeks of attending the class of “How Faith ing. You are helping to make it happen in Namibia!—EIF Works” my life started changing for the better!” she said. “Today, even before completing the Bible School I am completely debt free and I If you would like more information on this outreach, have managed through faith to build a private school.” please contact Missionaries Jack and Wanda Wilkins at Many of the participants have learned that God is not a respecter of
jwiki@faithdome.org or wwkili@faithdome.org

(800) 391-6145



from the headlines

By Mrs. Patricia F. Hays



t the 2007 convention for the Fellowship of Inner City Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), members unanimously agreed to make history by proclaiming 2008 as the “Year of the Apostle,” and to officially recognize Dr. Frederick K.C. Price as our Apostle. This declaration is not only consistent with the Word of God, it is a long overdue honor bestowed on a man who took the road less traveled to follow a clarion call. In the Book of Ephesians, we read about the establishment of this office. The Apostle Paul, who was not one of the original 12 apostles but was divinely called to the apostolic office on the Damascus Road, states: “And He Himself gave some to be APOSTLES, some PROPHETS, some EVANGELISTS, and some PASTORS and TEACHERS for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-12). The word “apostle” comes from the Greek word “apostolos,” which means “one sent forth.” The dictionary defines this office as meaning: “a person sent on a special m i s s i o n

[much like] the 12 disciples sent out by Jesus to preach the gospel.” These five offices, known as the “five-fold ministry gifts,” can and do operate in combination with one another, such as prophet/evangelist, pastor/teacher, and so forth. They are listed in order of rank. Dr. Price now operates as pastor/teacher, and when his confirmation as apostle takes place in July at the 18th Annual FICWFM Convention, his ministry offices will be apostle/pastor/teacher, and Crenshaw Christian Center will be declared “Crenshaw Christian Center Cathedral, Home of the Apostle.” Dr. Price actually received a divine call to apostleship many years ago. He says about this occasion: “It was in the early years of our marriage and Betty and I had joined this Baptist church. When the people came to the altar to be fellowshipped in, it was the tradition of the pastor to shake hands with the new members and ask



them what they wanted to do in the church. On the Sunday that I was being fellowshipped, I was trying to think of what I was going to say when I heard an audible voice speak in a clear tone, ‘You are to teach my people the gospel.’ The voice (which I now believe to be the voice of Jesus) was loud enough that I thought everyone heard it. I looked around to see the people’s response, but no one seemed to have heard the voice except me. So when the pastor asked me what I wanted to do, I said, ‘I am going to preach the gospel.’” It wasn’t until some years later (after being filled with the Holy Spirit and while pastoring a small church in West Los Angeles) that Dr. Price entered into his apostleship calling—traveling here and there, teaching the “Word of Faith.” Since going on television in 1978, his ministry has impacted the lives of millions around the world. In 2006, Dr. Price celebrated 50 years of ministry—teaching the uncompromising Word of God to His people. The Apostle of Faith Library In addition to making the recommendation that 2008 be made the “Year of the Apostle,” Bishop Wiley Jackson, Jr., a

FICWFM Charter and Board Member and Pastor of Gospel Tabernacle churches in Atlanta, Georgia made a presentation to the membership for an Apostle of Faith Library. It was recommended that the library be built on the grounds of Crenshaw Christian Center, next to the FaithDome. Funds for this project would be received from free-will donations. “Dr. Price has taught us how to utilize the Word of Faith effectively to bring about a change in our lives and communities, “ said Bishop Jackson. “The effect of Dr. Price’s obedience to his assignment has branched out to reach people at the ends of the earth. It is up to us to preserve the roots of this ministry, and to record its history for future generations. In this Library, the story of this momentous movement will be memorialized in the collection of Dr. Price’s written, audio, and video works. Persons can come to this place for generations to learn from its beginnings the development of this ministry that has and continues to transform lives from defeat to victory in Christ.”—EIF
If you would like to contribute to the financing of this project, donations can be sent to: Crenshaw Christian Center P.O. Box 90,000 Los Angeles, CA 90047 Attn: Apostle of Faith Library.



paster’s corner

ized for complications of this disease. e’re ready to rock and roll. But God is faithful, and so was Mike. Standing on the rock and One of the most dedicated members of your name is on the roll of CCC, Mike was first introduced to the the Book of Life” said teachings of Dr. Frederick K.C. Price fun-loving Pastor via the Ever Increasing Faith television Michael D. Reid during his teaching at ministry. a Sunday service in the FaithDome. During the memorial service, friends For anyone who has ever been on a and family shared fond and loving memteam, the concept of a “team player” has ories of the man who knew no fear in a significant meaning. A team player is spite of all that he faced. Perhaps no one someone who always puts the needs could have known this more than and best interests of the team at a highMindy, his wife of 18 years, who er priority than his own. This player is described how his life was a walk of the first one out on the playing field and faith. the last one to leave. “When Michael was a teenager, he Crenshaw Christian Center’s wasn’t supposed to live long. There was (CCC) Pastor Michael Dean Reid was a time when the doctors only gave him the perfect embodiment of a “team playthree months to live,” Mindy said. “He er.” His family, friends and loved ones had been sick and in some kind of pain can attest that his life was dedicated to since he was six years old and it only service. escalated as he got older.” The members and staff of CCC and According to Mindy, Mike, at one Ever Increasing Faith Ministries said point, went blind. A friend told him goodbye to one of our greatest team about a man named Fred Price on televiplayers when Pastor “Mike” Reid sion and that healing was God’s Will. passed away in January 2008. He was Some time later, after hearing and 44 years old. On January 16th, nearly receiving the Word of Faith, he awoke 1000 people entered into the one morning with 20/20 vision. Mindy FaithDome for an inspirational and explained how Mike’s growing faith in moving tribute to his life and legacy. God led him to attend church services at Mike’s life was a living testimony of CCC despite all that he faced physically. unwavering faith and miracles. Mike “There was a time when Michael never shied away from an opportunity to came to church with tubes in his chest, tell how God’s miraculous love and under his clothes,” she said. “He still faithfulness played a dominant role in By Kerri Webb came to church and volunteered to his life. work. That’s how much he loved this “I’m living proof that God is in the healchurch.” ing business,” Mike would often say. “When I was young, they told my Mike lovingly and wholeheartedly served as a CCC volunteer until mother to plan my funeral, but God had other plans.” 1986, when he became an audio technician, working within the televiGod had other plans for him indeed. Mike is perhaps best known sion production department. His sense of teamwork knew no bounds. for the lyrical prophesies he gave during church services. His ability to “He wanted to serve [at CCC]; he wanted to work for Dr. Price,” discern and deliver specific and intentional messages from God earned Mindy said. “For us, this is where he was called to be. What God wanthim a reputation for being a prophet extraordinaire. It was not uncomed Michael Dean Reid to do was right here. You all allowed him to mon to see Mike, intense and focused-face, stand up during Sunday speak into your lives [and] you embraced him as a brother.” services to speak to the church about what was on God’s heart. Pastor Reid’s commitment and dedication to Born on May 22, 1963 in Arcadia, California, Crenshaw Christian Center ultimately led him to Mike was born-again at the tender age of five years become a member of the Pastoral Staff on May 31, 1999, old. His faith and love for the Lord Jesus Christ was he was ordained by Dr. Frederick K.C. Price. CCC a constant force in his life as was the love for his lovAdministrative Pastor Craig Hays remembers how ing and supportive wife, Mindy and their only son, Mike’s bold walk in Christ surprised even him. Nathan. “Michael was so loving; he was kind, he was good,” Mike’s life was a series of miracle after miracle. Mindy said. “I’ve never ever met someone who was so According to Mindy, Mike’s health was a rollercoastselfless.” er ride of highs and lows. “Michael’s health was poor during about 70 to 80 percent of our marriage,” Pastor was the true definition of a genuine team Mindy said during the memorial service. player and we will miss him greatly. —EIF Mike’s time on this earth was faced with an ongoing battle with Diabetes, and he was often hospital-


Celebrating the Life and Legacy PASTOR MIKE REID

Pastor Reid’s wife Mindy and son.



By Dr. Frederick K.C. Price
Says Dr. Price, “In this book, I want to show you God’s plan for prosperity, and how He intends for all Believers to be financially secure. Critics want to dismiss this as ‘name it and claim it.’ It’s nothing of the sort. It is the very blueprint for how any Christian should conduct his or her life when it comes to money. Prosperity is the result of doing God’s Word.” In this new book release Dr. Price presents a comprehensive analysis of what the Bible says about wealth and money— what God says—and how we, as Believers, fit into the picture. Today, more than ever, the Body of Christ needs money to spread the gospel. Learn how you can be a channel that God can use to get His covenant established in this earth realm.

Book FPB 62 (Hardcover)

The Purpose of Prosperity Series

PPD 1 (22-CD)


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(800) 391-6145



the bizness


The Priceless Gift of Fatherhood –

A Generational Blessing
A Celebration of Father’s Day


he year 2008 is truly a year of new beginnings for my family and I. On January 22nd at 7:11 am, my wife Angel gave birth to Frederick K. Price, Jr. Seeing my son born was an experience of unimaginable joy. The next great defining moment was watching my father, Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, dedicated my son in the FaithDome. As a prelude to the ceremony, the church had dug up some archival footage of my father dedicating me in our old church on Crenshaw Boulevard after I was born 29 years ago. In the video, my mother stood adoringly beside my father as he proudly held me over his head and said, “Frederick K. Price, I offer you up unto the Lord our God and dedicate you to our Lord Jesus Christ.” After the video, my father performed the same ceremony with my son. An epic experience, my mother, my wife, my sisters, other family members and I stood proudly by in awe as my father held my son over his head and proclaimed, “Frederick K. Price, Jr., I offer you up unto the Lord our God and dedicate you to our Lord Jesus Christ.” Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take; life is measured by the number of awesome events and blessings that take our breath away. This wasn’t an ordinary event. This heaven-staged event was a demonstration of God’s faithfulness to perform His Word. When my older brother was tragically killed at the age of eight, my father had to accept that his only son, Frederick K.C. Price, III, his namesake and his heir apparent was gone. He wanted a boy after Cheryl. He had hoped to name him Stephen Paul but Stephanie Pauline showed up. When he became filled with the Spirit, he was able to cast that care onto God. He didn’t necessarily believe God for a male child, but he believed God for restoration. Being a good father, he invested his heart and soul into his three daughters, although he grieved the loss of his first son for many years. But what the Devil meant for evil, God changed for good. I think my father learned a deeper more abiding trust and faith in the Lord dur-

ing those tough years because he had to give his loss to God. I believe that like Abraham and Sarah, God allowed my mother to become pregnant with me at an older age of 45 when my father completely released his firstborn son. In addition, true to the Bible’s principle of restoration, God granted my father and our family exceedingly and abundantly above all we could imagine with the birth of my son. Now, the Price name will be carried another generation to the glory of God! Becoming a father has taught me a more profound appreciation not only of my earthly father, but of my Heavenly Father. God has planted a desire within men to have a legacy as fathers. We need to see our seed and our many years of toil as providers extend beyond our years to our children’s children. Similarly, our families need us. Family stands on the foundation of God’s Word—integrity, security, wholeness and completeness. And, it is the fathers that provide the integrity and security part of the equation. I believe one reason Satan has been so successful in destroying so many young men of color is because they don’t have a father to give them right identity and the power to protect them from the forces of negative identification. Our hard working single-mothers do the very best they can, but statistics paint a different outcome of their efforts. The high school drop out rate of Black and Latino males, the disproportionate number of men in prison, and the escalating number of homicides due to gang violence is a sad commentary on fathering that we as men and only men can correct. We must protect our children – our legacies. The Bible says that a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children (Proverbs 13:22). I am honored and humbled to have Dr. Price as a father. However, more importantly, I am thankful that my father has given me an inheritance in Christ that will sustain me and my legacy until Jesus returns for His Church.—EIF



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Jesus came that we may have life and have it more abundantly. However, most Christians are not living the more than enough lifestyle, even though they are reading the right Bible, making the right confessions and attending the right church.

If you or a loved one find yourselves in such a dilemma, Dr. Price has your answer in his latest teaching. Enjoy the abundant life— it’s just one purchase away! [CD Set] CGD79 (5-CD)

[DVD Set] CGDV79 (2-DVD)

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parenting matters

A Missionary’s Perspective
By La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D.

“You have carpet on your floors! You’re rich!” exclaimed my classmate, Helen, a missionary from China whom I met while a student at Talbot School of Theology many years ago. In obedience to the biblical mandate to be hospitable, I invited Helen to escape the routine of campus life and spend Spring Break with me and my daughter, La Nej. It was also, I thought, an excellent way for my daughter to meet a real missionary.

share one room. Our apartment had several large rooms—a novelty in China. The floors were carpeted. Only the wealthy in her home country could afford such luxury. We had a nice kitchen with cabinets and a double sink and dishes and a dining table and chairs, a television set and sofas. When Helen finally calmed down from the excitement of walking on carpet, she insisted that we remove our shoes and leave them by the door. We prepared dinner together (I used a wok to stir-fry vegetables and chicken—one of La Nej’s favorite meals—and since it had an Oriental flair I hoped our Asian guest would be pleased). Helen felt right at home. She even nudged me away from the wok and corrected my recipe!

Grateful Hearts
When we sat down for dinner and prayed, my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude that God had favored us by bringing into our home this servant who had sacrificed so much to spread the Gospel. Then we dug our toes into the carpet and feasted. Helen talked about her vision. Her goal was to complete her seminary studies and return home to China to train pastors and teachers. Leaving family and all that was familiar to live abroad and study in a foreign language was a small price for this young woman to pay in order to do God’s will. She was thrilled that He trusted her with this charge and was absolutely unafraid to minister in a religiously hostile environment. How grateful I was for this teachable moment for my daughter! Here she sat listening to this slight, unimposing woman who was a model of strength and humility. I’ve often wondered whether this encounter impacted La Nej’s decision to go to the mission field once she entered college. On the drive back to campus days later, Helen and I talked of our passion as women in ministry fully aware of the boundaries. Though politically restrained, Helen was culturally free to teach and preach. Though politically free, American women often face cultural restrictions in proclaiming the Gospel. I often wonder about Helen. Because writing letters potentially put her ministry in danger, we’ve lost touch over the years. Today I’m married, and my husband moved us out of the apartment and into our own home. Not surprisingly, we’ve maintained the practice of removing our shoes and leaving them by the front door…a silent tribute to Helen.


nce she entered our apartment, I had difficulty convincing Helen that we weren’t rich at all! Here I was, single…in the process of adopting La Nej…experiencing all of the challenges of raising a child alone. As a student, I struggled to make ends look at each other, but God somehow made them meet. For example, my idea of a splurge was going to the dollar movie on Wednesdays and having pizza every Friday. Certainly by our standards, we weren’t living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. But Helen’s visit changed our perspective. She supported her premise that we were rich by pointing out the following: We didn’t


When La Nej was a sophomore in college, she went on her first mission trip to Haiti. This was the rugged kind, so we shopped for flashlights, camping gear, mosquito nets and the like. I covered her with prayer as we packed her suitcase with several pairs of jeans, warm tops, and tennis shoes. La Nej returned home with a near-empty suitcase. The poverty she witnessed overwhelmed her, and she gave away all but the jeans and shoes she wore home. She told us of her heartbreak to see children scramble for clothes. If they were able to only grab one shoe, whether it fit or not, they put it on and proudly marched down the dusty road wearing just one shoe. One woman even pushed a bundle into her arms and begged La Nej to “Please, take my baby!” so that he could be raised in the United States. La Nej continued to go on mission’s trips and even preached to teens in South Africa. As parents, exposing our children to missionaries and encouraging them to experience short-term missions is one way to propel them into the will of God. We teach them to live out their faith by loving, witnessing to and working to win the lost.

First Missions T rip

La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D., Director of Christian Education Ministries at Crenshaw Christian Center, is responsible for ministry to children, teens, and young adults. Dr. Tolbert is president of Teaching Like Jesus Ministries, a parachurch ministry dedicated to training teachers and parents in the local church. She writes children’s church curriculum for inner-city churches. Visit www.teachinglikejesus.org for more information.

I have a picture of Helen and her family buried somewhere in the archives. When I come across it again, I promise myself that I’ll have it framed. Helen’s passion and commitment are fresh reminders of God’s bountiful blessings in my life: Blessings I appreciate more than ever since spending those days with Helen. How right she was. We are rich! —EIF

Remembering Helen

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Historic Memorial Service of Slain Los Angeles Police Department’s SWAT

Officer Randal Simmons
Was Held at the FaithDome
By Kerri Webb

They came from as far away as Canada, Israel, Egypt, and England. From states as far away as New York, Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, and from those in between, they came. From all over the state of California, they came. And it was amazing. The wide, six-lane Vermont Avenue became a parking lot filled with police vehicles that stretched a mile long, as approximately 16,000 law enforcement and emergency personnel from around the world came to pay their respects to a man whose whole life was dedicated to service. As far as the eye could see, hundreds of dark blue uniformed police officers were there to remember 51-year old Officer Randal Simmons. Officer Simmons was the first Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer in the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team to die in the line of duty. Officer Simmons died the same way he lived—a hero. Considered one of the largest funerals in Los Angeles’ history, city, county and state officials joined police officers, sheriff’s deputies, fire fighters, and other law enforcement representatives in overflowing the FaithDome to capacity on Friday, February 15, 2008. The heart of Southern California was tuned into the historic memorial as a result to the FaithDome’s ability to provide live feeds to television networks by connecting their news trucks to CCC’s studio to broadcast to millions of people and hundreds of media outlets. Not only did CCC donate the use of the FaithDome and church grounds; a large number of CCC staff and volunteers helped to execute the prodigious service. The solemnly beautiful music of bagpipes echoed throughout the sanctuary, leading the procession. Officer Simmons wife, Lisa, their two teenage children and other family mem-


t was an unprecedented event for an unprecedented tragedy.

bers followed behind the wooden coffin ceremonially draped with an American flag, carried by white-gloved members of Officer Simmons’ SWAT unit. It was a surreal experience to behold. Never before has there been such a police presence from so many different branches in one place. On that day, at that time, it was obvious that law enforcement and other emergency response personnel are a united family. Most of the officers sitting in the FaithDome that brilliantly sunny, late-winter morning, never even knew Officer Simmons. But they were family members; sharing a bond of life-saving commitment to the community they protect and serve, as described by LAPD Chief William Bratton. "Console yourselves knowing that he spent his last moments in the company of you, his police family," Chief Bratton told his grieving police force.

While Chief Bratton’s eulogy was moving, Pastor Alton Trimble, Officer Simmons’ pastor of Glory Christian Fellowship International in Carson, California, gave a message so powOfficer Simmon’s erful, it lead to hundreds of officers and ranking elected officials to give their lives to Christ. Pastor Trimble paid homage to Dr. Frederick K.C. Price by thanking him for Chrisitianity guided being a mentor. Drs. Fred and Betty Price were in attendance. The LAPD was the first police department in the world to develop the SWAT team as a result of riots in the 1960s. For decades, police departments from all over the globe have looked to the LAPD’s example when developing their own SWAT teams. Sergeant A.J. DeAndrea, a SWAT member from Colorado was among the thousands of out-of-town officers who made the trip to California to pay their respects. “It’s just important for us to be here—to show support," said Sgt. A.J. DeAndrea, a SWAT member from Arvada, Colorado.

his life, both on and off the police force.



"[When] You lose one, you feel it all across the country. I need to show my respect. He would have done the same if it were me." Officer Randal “Randy” Simmons lived a covenant life. His love for his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knew no bounds and was evident to all who knew him. Simmons, at 6’3 was well-known in the police department and the community for his extremely strong and well-built physique.

…a passionate man with a heart for spreading the Word children.

Simmons is credited for saving the life of his partner, James Veenstra, when he jumped in front of him during a barrage of bullets during the shootout. Officer Veenstra, who was in critical condition days before, insisted that he’d be in attendance of his best friend’s funeral and he was. When services at the FaithDome concluded, the funeral procession traveled over five miles to the Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City. Thousands of people lined the streets to view the impressive caravan of more than 1,000 police vehicles.

To his family, friends, and church, he was humble, a passionate man with a heart for spreading the Word of God to children. In 1981, Simmons began his career with the of God to LAPD. In 1988, he joined the elite SWAT that specializes in high-risk, often violent confrontations with criminals. When he wasn’t chasing gang members or negotiating with hostage takers, Simmons was a youth pastor at his church home. On February 7, 2008, Simmons was shot and killed during a hostage standoff in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. He was among the SWAT unit members who broke through the front door of a mentally troubled man's home, when he was struck in the neck by a round of bullets that lodged in his brain stem. The shooter was killed by a police sniper as he shot at officers and tried to flee his home which was on fire more than 10 hours after the standoff began.

The emotional day came to an end at the cemetery, as four LAPD helicopter flew in a “Missing Man” formation, shortly after a 21gun salute was conducted and taps was played by trumpet. LAPD Chief Bratton solemnly presented Simmons’ son with the folded flag from his father’s coffin. The sun set on a historic day, steeped in tradition and reflection. To the born-again Christians, the day was a celebration for we are comforted in the knowledge that Officer Simmons’ covenant life was not lived in vain. He is now in the presence of our God in glory.—EIF
Quotes and police information provided by the Los Angeles Times news reports. For more information about LAPD Officer Randal Simmons, please visit www.randysimmonsswat.com

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