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KAREN BERNAL for Progressive Caucus Chair

My Fellow Progressives, Based on my experiences as a current Officer of the Progressive Caucus, I am running for its Chair. I'm running on a platform of greater inclusion and enfranchisement for our rank and file members. My ideas for greater organizational discipline will make us a more powerful force and help us in our work advancing the Progressive agenda with the Party. My experience as an on-the-ground organizer for issues such as Workers’ Rights, Peace, Civil and Human Rights, Election Integrity, and campaigns of all types, gives me confidence to believe that I am the right person for the job. I will roll up my sleeves on Day 1 with the expectation that my job is to make sure WE win. I am not afraid to take the fight to whom and where it needs to go, and I will always work out of respect for the membership of this Caucus. It's important for all members to choose the best leadership for the Caucus, leadership that will respect work from the bottom up, addressing the concerns and needs of its members. As Chair, I would make sure that the Executive Board includes voices from all parts of the State, and other constituencies that have so far been underrepresented and underserved. We will build on our Progressive victories and expand our political power within the Party, from the bottom up. I believe we can do this by:

** Increasing active involvement in the Caucus and solidarity of members across the State, by including representatives in the leadership from all regions. These representatives would be chosen by members who reside in those regions. ** Facilitating input from caucus members throughout California via regional representation and as always, through individuals who know how to provide the sparks that light the flame – you know who you are! ** Mobilizing our numbers for action on the ground and on the General Assembly floor through education, consciousness raising, election work, lobbying, and full participation in clubs and central committees. ** Creating and maintaining a top-drawer media component that serves as a repository of great thinking, and serves as a vehicle for inspiration, creative expression, and effective mobilizing around action items.
I bring to this position a strong ability to work for the benefit of the whole Caucus, along with tested skills as an organizer and negotiator to help us work more effectively within our Party structure. I am firmly committed to working with you in creating a Caucus that is action-oriented and focused. We'll always know how to 'talk the talk' -- now let's walk the walk! I’m filled with gratitude for the support that I have received from electeds, individuals, committees, clubs and organizations that have endorsed me. I hope you will join them in supporting me for Progressive Caucus Chair. Please see the partial list of supporters that accompanies this letter. A full list of my supporters can be found on my website, In solidarity, Karen Bernal Officer-At-Large, Progressive Caucus, CDP 5th AD Exec. Board Representative ; Elected Member, Sacramento County DCC NorCal Coordinator, Progressive Democrats of America Co-Founder, Wellstone Democratic Club of Sacramento CWA, Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO; Former Organizer, ILWU Int’l
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KAREN BERNAL for Progressive Caucus Chair
Endorsements (* Titles for identification only) Partial List 4/22/09, for full list go to
                                            
Charlie Brown, Congressional Candidate, CA-04 * Mark Leno, State Senator, CA District 3 * Darrell Steinberg, Senate President pro Tem, CA Dist 6 * John A. Perez, Assemblymember, CA Dist 46; * Mariko Yamada, Assemblymember, CA District 8 * Pedro Nava, Assemblymember, CA District 35 * Aleita Huguenin, Chair, DNC Western Regional Caucus * Mayme Hubert, CDP, Region 2 Director, Co-Founder and Secretary, Progressive Caucus, CDP * Mal Burnstein, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, Prog. Caucus, CDP * Dotty LeMieux, DSCC E-Board Rep, Marin DCC; Co-Founder and Officer at Large, Progressive Caucus* Henry Vandermeir, President, California Democratic Council * Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder, CODEPINK; Co-Founder, Global Exchange; Board Member, PDA * David Swanson, Co-Founder,; Washington Director,; Board Member, PDA * Laurie McBride, Co-Chair, National Stonewall Democrats; Northern Chair, LGBT Caucus, CDP; * George F. Landers, Exec. Dir, UFCW Western States Council* Peter Olney, Organizing Director, ILWU * Kenneth Burt, Pol Director, California Federation of Teachers, AFT, AFL-CIO * Paul Scott, Political Organizer, Governmental Relations, California Teachers Association, CTA * Linda Tuttle, President, Sacramento City Teachers Assoc. * Lee Sandahl, NorCal Dist Council, Leg. Dir., ILWU Local 34 * Bill Camp, Executive Secretary, Sac. Central Labor Council * Cesar Diaz, Dep. Legislative Director, State Building and Construction Trades Council; AFL-CIO * Jeffrey Carter, President, ILWU Local 17 * Raquel Simental, Director of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte * Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald, 8th AD E-Board Rep; NorCal Vice-Chair, Chicano Latino Caucus; SEIU 1000 * Zak Ford, 10th AD Delegate; Mobilization Coordinator, Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO * Joe Louis Wildman, Mendocino Co DCC, UAW Local 2350 * Terence Montgomery, Vice Chair, LACDP; Region 14 Dir. * Carolyn Fowler, LACDP Co-Chair, Election Protection; Chair, 51st AD Committee; Member, Rule Committee, CDP; * Thomas O'Shaughnessy, Region 3 Vice Chair, LACDP; Chair, Irish American Caucus, CDP; Vice-Chair, SoCal Grassroots * Marilyn Grunwald, Regional Vice-Chair, LA Co Dem Party * Susie Shannon, 42nd AD E-Board Rep; LA Co Dem Party * Deana Igelsrud, 47th AD E-Board Rep, LA Co Dem Party * Melahat Rafiei, Exec. Dir., Democratic Party of Orange Co * Lori Vandermeir, Southern Vice Chair Rural Caucus, CDP; Member, Orange Co DCC; Comm. Chair, Orange Co NOW; * David Sonneborn, 71st AD E-Board Rep, Orange County DCC; CDC Rep, OC Central Democratic Club * Norman Chramoff , DSCC Delegate, 42nd AD; Member, Los Angeles Stonewall Democratic Club * Teresa "Jodi" Owen, Democratic Activist & Democratic Woman of the Year 2005, 43rd AD * Deirdre Des Jardins, Reg. Coordinator, MoveOn Pol. Action * Kerri Asbury, DSCC Delegate; Vice-Chair, Sacramento County DCC * Carole Dorshkind, Southern Vice Chair, San Mateo Co. DCC; Chair, San Mateo County Democracy for America * James Williams, DSCC E-Board Rep, Fresno County DCC; President, San Joaquin Valley Democratic Club * Martha Sullivan, 74th AD Delegate, Prog. Caucus Liaison * Ann Solomon, Co-Chair, Southern CA for Democracy * Kevin McCarty, Sacramento City Councilman; DSCC Delegate, 9th AD *

 Eden James, Managing Director of the Courage Campaign *  Jamie Beutler, Chair, Rural Caucus, CDP *  Karen Weinstein, Chair, Political Development, Women's                                                       

Caucus, CDP * Brigette Hunley, Chair, CDP Computer & Internet Caucus * Rob Haswell, CDP, Region 1 Director * Owen Jackman, CDP, Region 3 Director * Gary Robbins, CDP, Region 7 Director; Record. Sec., Stanislaus Co. DCC; Retiree IBEW 684 Exec. Board * Daraka Larimore-Hall, Chair, Santa Barbara Co DCC; Sec., Labor Caucus, CDP; VP, Tri-County Central Labor Council * Anna Molander, Chair, Sacramento County DCC; 9th AD Del * Jess Durfee, Chair, San Diego County Democratic Party; Southern Chair, LGBT Caucus; Member, DNC * Aaron Peskin, Chair, San Francisco DCC * Frank Barbaro, Chair, Orange County DCC * Gary Alford, Chair, Fresno County DCC * Susan Rowe, Chair, Madera County Democratic Party * Bob Schelen, Chair, Yolo County DCC * Larry Dubois, Chair, Placer County DCC * Becky Curry, Chair, Lake County DCC * Michael Burtch, Chair, Stanislaus County DCC * Debra Broner, Chair, Del Norte County DCC; Treasurer, Environmental Caucus, CDP * Richard Blackston, Chair, San Joaquin DCC * Tillman Sherman, Chair, Calaveras County DCC * Anita Fieldman, Chair, Progressive Dems of Marin * Vicki Cosgrove, DSCC Delegate, Alameda County DCC; Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club * Anna Givens, Sonoma County DCC, Progressive Democrats, Sonoma County * J Brian Washman, 4th AD E-Board Rep * th Gina Rowe, 5 AD E-Board Rep * Janet Stromberg, 14th AD E-Board Rep * Marie McDonald, 15th AD E-Board Rep; Chair, Contra Costa United Democratic Campaign * Mark Briggs, 16th AD E-Board Rep * Tom Brown, 13th AD Delegate; SF for Democracy * Alameda County Democratic Central Committee Alpine County Democratic Central Committee Calaveras County Democratic Central Committee Contra Costa County Democratic Central Committee Fresno County Democratic Central Committee Lake County Democratic Central Committee Madera County Democratic Central Committee Placer County Democratic Central Committee Sacramento County Democratic Central Committee San Francisco County Democratic Central Committee San Joaquin Democratic Central Committee Santa Barbara County Democratic Central Committee Yolo County Democratic Central Committee Region 7, California Democratic Party 4th AD Democratic Council 6th AD Democrats JFK Democratic Club, Sacramento Lake County Democratic Club Latino Democratic Club of Sacramento Sacramento City College Democrats Sacramento County Young Democrats Sacramento for Democracy Sacramento State University College Democrats Stonewall Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento Town & Country Democratic Club, Sacramento Wellstone Democratic Club of Sacramento (PDA) Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club, Alameda County Women Democrats of Sacramento County

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