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IEEE1588 Protocol Supported by Freescale Semiconductor
By Ionela Created Mar 31 2009 - 07:06

The objective of the IEEE1588 [1] standard is to specify a protocol to synchronize independent clocks running on separate nodes of a distributed measurement and control system to a high degree of accuracy and precision. The clocks communicate with each other over a communication network.

IEEE1588 Protocol Applications
- Powerline networks which synchronize across large-scale distributed power grid switches to enable smooth transfer of power - Industrial network switches which synchronize sensors and actuators over a single wire distributed control network for automated assembly process control - Time-sensitive telecommunication services which require precision time synchronization between communicating nodes - Test/measurement devices which must maintain accurate time synchronization with the device under test in many different operating environments - or video equipment which must ensure customers don't hear or see the effects of packet delay or loss from Ethernet-connected speakers and monitors The protocol generates a master-slave relationship among the clocks in the system. Within a given subnet of a network, there will be a single master clock. All clocks ultimately derive their time from a clock known as the grandmaster clock. Measurement and control applications are increasingly using distributed system technologies such as network communication, local computing, and distributed objects. Many of these applications will be enhanced by having an accurate systemwide sense of time achieved by having local clocks in each sensor, actuator, or other system device. Existing protocols for clock synchronization are not optimal for these applications. For example, Network Time Protocol (NTP) targets large distributed computing systems with millisecond synchronization requirements. Although IEEE1588 [2] allows software-only implementations, hardware-assisted implementations deliver more precise clock synchronization.

Freescale products supporting IEEE 1588
All ColdFire processors [3] and MPC83xx and MPC85xx PowerQUICC processors can run the IXXAT protocol stack with microsecond level clock sync accuracy with no hardware timestamping. The simplest IEEE1588 implementations include ordinary applications at the top of the network protocol stack and generate timestamps at the application level. Typically, this implementation incurs the largest

protocol stack delay fluctuation, thus yielding the least accuracy as the largest amount of error is introduced into the timestamp. Read the Italian version: Protocollo IEEE1588 supportato da Freescale Semiconductor [4] CONTACT REQUEST If you want to know more about this Freescale product, please submit your request to Arrow Italy using this form [5]. NOTE: this form is valid ONLY for Companies or Customers based in Italy and working in the Italian area. Technology Ethernet ieee1588 Trademarks

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