My Lord and My God

Meditative Lessons on The Glorious Mysteries of Jesus

As given to The Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart From the Blessed Mary, the Mother of God through Interior visions and locutions from Pentecost To the feast of St. Thomas

Dear Father, there is so much joy within me tonight. Joy that is not of myself, nor for myself. It comes from God and it is a supernatural movement of the Holy Spirit Who causes my soul to rejoice in God, the Alpha and Omega. I am so happy, being nothing but a little baby who cannot leave her Father's arms. He does it all. How good God is. But the hour is very late and Our Heavenly Mother asks me to begin the Meditations/Lessons which She had said She'd give to me starting this day on the mysteries in the life of Jesus after His mortal death upon the cross. She asks me to tell you that in these simple lessons lie the profound truth of all the Gospel teaching and the Divine Will for mankind. Therefore, She asks all who read these Lessons and Meditations to begin and end them with a prayer to the Holy Spirit. She also says I must put here that I have been quite ill for several weeks and that this will only get marginally better, but from my bed, I love Him by joining all suffering to Him, thus, Father, the reason for my joy! And so, on this wonderful feast of Pentecost in the year 1993, I begin to write, having tested the voice and knowing in my heart it to be true. "And He saith to them: My soul is sorrowful even unto death; stay you here, and watch." Mark 14:34 O! Death! The mortal death of the human body The lifeless corpse of a loved one. This is where my interior vision begins as I see Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus carrying Our Dear Lord's body, so cruelly misshapen, to the tomb, as St. John guides the grief-stricken Mother, The Queen of Heaven and earth. I am given to understand that Our Lady begins here in order to bring to our minds and our hearts a very clear reality. The "Glory" of the Resurrection cannot be upon this earth; it cannot come before each one of us, individually, have climbed Calvary and died with Jesus. I am near to the tomb and it is difficult to see because of the rain which is now a mist and the coming twilight. I had not realized earlier that Mary Magdalene, Mary of Clopas and Mary of Alpheus have come, too. Their dark mantles and veils hid them in the gloom. Our Blessed Savior's lifeless, mutilated body is reverently placed in the cold tomb. I hear the movements of the men, the sobbing of the holy women, but do not enter. It is sufficient, our Heavenly Mother says, that I am here and that all her children recognize that as the Mother, she had to suffer the physical loss of her Son; as the Mother, she had to see Him wrapped in funeral linens, and His body hastily prepared. The Mother stood and watched as the men levered a heavy rock, a real slab of rock, in front of the tomb's entrance. The definition between mortal life and mortal death. Part of Our Blessed Mother's physical being died with her Divine Son. Only in Heaven will it be made known the full martyrdom she suffered when He was taken from her sight. How her heart was pierced. The group moves away from the tomb. Our Lady, always held by John, is the last. She keeps looking back. Her tears flow unchecked; her look gives both blessing and love to her Son as she, His Mother, must walk away – a walk of immense faith while the evil one tries every trick, wile and seduction to drive Our Blessed Mother to total despair. I am aware of this battle because I sense the presence of these demons. But, I am equally aware that there flows constantly from Our Lady's heart a prayer of praise, honor, reverence and glory to the Father, acknowledging always His Will that has been accomplished. The group moves on and I remain there in the gathering darkness. I feel the motherly feelings as if one or both of my own sons lay behind the slab covering the entrance to the tomb. I am aware that I must experience this pain if I am going to, in any meager way, put down the words I am given to describe the glory that is yet to come. I fall to my knees in the darkness. No soldiers yet guard the tomb. I feel like a piece of rock myself, for I have had a part in all of this. I am part of that thick, impenetrable slab of rock barring entrance to the resting place of my beloved Jesus' body. I am part of the darkness for all the times I have lacked in faith, in hope, and in love. I am part of the quietness which is that of death's shroud, because I recognize how many times by my own will, or lack thereof, I have shut God out and let Satan in. I weep. I cry in remorse for every offense ever committed against the Divine Will. And, interiorly, I "know" in the I intellect of my soul that this very remorse penetrates through the rock and winds about my beloved Savior's body its own shroud of love—however imperfect—that is balm for Him Who has given His life for me!

My little ones, as I begin to speak about the Glorious Mysteries in the life of my Divine Son, and of God's Plan for the Redemption and Salvation of mankind, I ask you each to pause now and meditate on this brief, but sorrowful scene. Will each of you not also remain alone here by the tomb of my beloved Divine Son, in the darkness of the coming night? I ask you to recognize that, for each of you, the darkness of your own sins has caused this long period of excruciating sorrow in the life of my Divine Son. I, His Holy Mother, by God's Holy and Divine Will, also underwent all the pains and fears of darkness, all the sadness and depths of grief of every human heart, from Adam and Eve until the last heart of man stops its mortal beating. All was necessary in order to perfectly fulfill God's Holy Will that the great act of redemption might be accomplished, and the path to salvation made ready for all souls to travel. This path, my children is often a lonely one, but never is it left unlit by God's graces, nor do you travel it alone. Where my Divine Son's life has led Him, so I, His Mother, also walked, and therefore I, too, am compassionate with you and seek to help you through your veil of tears into the glory of eternal life. Come, dear children. Kneel now by my Divine Son's tomb and ponder well all your acts which have been only from your weak, human will, which has sealed the Divine Will beyond the tomb entrance and has perpetuated the separation of your soul from God by lack of loving obedience to the Divine Will. Come, I will help you to examine your conscience. Then, together, I will help your heart make a perfect Act of Contrition. The n shall you understand better the glory of God's promise and you will leave behind all attachments to earthly life and seek only your true home – Heaven. Know that I love you. I hear your tears. I will help you dry them, for I will take you to Him Who dries all tears forever—my Divine Son, Jesus Christ.