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Introduction Nowadays ,English Language has grown to the most important language in the world.

Malaysia has grown rapidly in all aspects of life including the usage of English language in daily life. The main cause for this transformation is the rapid growth of Computer Science and electronical market. We live in fast world where speaking and learning English is a must. If we havent begun yet, we better start picking up basics of the language. So that we will not left behind. Modern English is sometimes described as the world lingua franca. English is the dominant international language in communications, science and technology, business, entertainment, diplomacy and internet. It has been one of the official language in the united nations and is considered by many to be on its way to becoming the worlds first universal language. In Malaysia, for example English is the main language of commerce and there are many signs advertisement found everywhere in the urban area. So, English can be a termed as second language in Malaysia. In the rural areas, however English is a foreign language because the rural child has very little environmental support in his learning of English. This because only a few people and institutions in the rural areas use English. There are many reasons why English language become so important in Malaysia and our pupils probably do so for one of these reasons. i. English language as a compulsory subject in curriculum.

English language is a compulsory subject in the Malaysian Curriculum. So, for many pupils their reason for learning English is because they have to. Pupils learn English as a second language. They have to learn proper English, so that they would be able to use it

for different purposes. For examples, ask for information, understand instructions, read textbooks or manual and write reports. That is mean they need to learn, listen and understand, speak and write accurately, fluently and appropriately. To achieve this, they need to learn about pronunciation, grammar and the language skills. English language is commonly used as a medium for the communication of information and news. Proficiency in English will open the door to greater opportunities for further educations, especially at tertiary level. It also enables pupils to gain access to the vast amount of literature and information in all fields of learning, especially in Science and Technology. English is the language of choice for teaching Mathematics and Science in school. The policy was implemented from January 2003. After 4 years of implementing Mathematics and Science in English, The Minister of Education should not hesitate about letting children carry on with the present policy. I believe that learning English itself will widen the horizon of our children. Most activities dealing with arts and culture held around city like Kuala Lumpur and even outside country are conducted in English. If the children are proficient in English, they will enjoy those activities to the fullest. At the end of the day ,this is their advantage to gain knowledge from the available sources. There is a lot of theories about oral communication. Based on the transactional model, it assumes that people are connected through communication that is mean they engage in transaction. Firstly, it recognizes that each of us is a sender-receiver, not merely a sender or a receiver. Secondly, it recognizes that communication affects all parties involved. So communication is fluid or simultaneous. This is how most conversation are like. The transactional model also contains ellipses that symbolize the communication environment. Then, how we interpret the data that we have been given. Where the ellipses meet is the most effect communication area because both communicators share

the same meaning of the message. For example, talking or listening to friends. While your friend is talking you are constantly giving them feedback on what you think through your facial expression verbal feedback without necessarily stopping your friend from talking. However, communication in English will help us in our social contexts. For example,

we can communicate between several people. That is about interpersonal communication. This form of communication may range from the impersonal to very personal. Interpersonal communication is when we talk with a person we do not really care about, there is often a coldness or an indifference in our attitude when we engage in this kind of communication.

Conclusion Based on the above even , I think English is very important for Malaysian. It is the second language and even use widely . The use of English language will make Malaysians ready to compete in the world. As for the student, proficient in English language is an advantage for them to reach the higher level of education.